Our mission

Alphagreen was created to simplify your entire experience with CBD and alternative healthcare products. From deciding your dosage to choosing a product you trust, Alphagreen exists to help you along every step of your journey.

Our Story

Alphagreen is the result of a love for health and wellbeing merged with a passion for technology and innovation. Founded in 2019, the company is the brainchild of Alexej Pikovsky and Viktor Khliupko.

As a proponent of using CBD to alleviate both psychological and physiological ailments, Alexej realized there was a gap in the market for trustworthy and effective CBD products that go beyond oil and vapes. His deep background in investment, finance and emerging markets was the catalyst that planted the seed that would become Alphagreen.

With this idea in mind, he reached out to an old friend and e-commerce development expert, Viktor, whose experience in tech and love of exercise and meditation made him just the man for the job. Viktor and Alexej meeting was a twist of fate in more ways than one. When Viktor saw an opportunity to work in Dusseldorf in 2013, it was a mutual friend who helped him make the move and set up his business.

The same friend would later introduce Viktor to many of Alexej’s childhood friends before later introducing the two to one another. Despite different professional and personal backgrounds, Viktor and Alexej often discussed ideas together, and finally took the plunge when they saw an opportunity that could help millions of people facing daily health concerns.

Alexej and his co-founders saw the need to help European customers access the best products in wellness and medical cannabis. Alphagreen Group operates a curated marketplace in the UK and separately imports and distributes medical cannabis to pharmacies in Germany.

Meet Alexej

Originally hailing from Russia, Alexej spent his childhood in St. Petersburg before emigrating to Dusseldorf, Germany. Alexej grew up playing water polo, going so far as to play in Germany’s 2nd National League and the varsity team at Loughborough, Europe's leading sports university. Thus, the importance of boosting performance naturally was something he has been interested in from a young age.

Prior to Alphagreen, Alexej worked as an investor for a large-cap private equity fund and a family office where he ran the venture capital operations. He gained operational and board-level experience and worked closely with Compo Expert, the largest European speciality fertiliser business, as well as leading their trade sale. Alexej started his career in M&A at Nomura where he worked on multi-billion transactions in Chemicals, Natural Resources & Power. Alexej has a Masters from Imperial College London and is a Fellow of the German National Academic Foundation.

His impressive track record in the world of finance and business laid the groundwork for building his own company and easily managing teams across different departments. When he isn’t putting all of his energy into making Alphagreen the best it can be, Alexej enjoys playing squash, fitness, making investments and discovering great places to eat.


Meet Viktor

Viktor’s story begins in Donetsk in the Ukraine, where he was born and raised. He went on to study software development but found the curriculum uninspiring, so he began working full-time by his second year at university. After graduation and ample work experience, he landed his first big gig with UpWork.

Viktor moved to Dusseldorf, Germany, in 2013, where he built his own agency, specialized in building e-commerce platforms and Magento 2 solutions. Parallel to this, he wrote books on Magento, built a 20 person team with a blog generating 25,000 monthly visitors, and worked with industry-leading companies and startups to provide innovative online shopping experiences.

Viktor balances his intense work ethic and free spirit with travels all over the world, making sure to stay in shape with daily exercise. He is a CrossFit enthusiast and yogi-in-training, having participated in both CrossFit competitions as well as yoga retreats in India and Bali. Daily meditation keeps him grounded and focused, and it shows in his drive to make Alphagreen the unrivalled CBD and wellness marketplace.

Alexej & Viktor
“Alpha because we want to give you an edge, green because we believe that the best is created by nature. Our team is at the forefront of innovation. We search for new brands that are using exciting ingredients that provide you with amazing benefits. Every day, in every situation.”

Our Team

Aman Ghataura Head of Growth
Airat Basyrov Project Manager
Julie Scheurl Brands and Clients
Elina Boradzova Head of Content
Andrey Nikolaev Full-Stack Developer
Rob Sloan Customer Relationship
Georgia Phasey Social Media
Valentina Soldatkina Digital associate
Shawon Das Head of PPC
Vladislav Yukhovich Developer
Bilal Sayed Gol Brand Associate
Panashe E. Marufu Head of SEO Team
Paolo Di Giovanni Investment Associate
Alana Rowman Email marketing

Our Alphagreen Family


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Our Advisors

Dr Patricio Stocker Chairman
Markus Hoffman
Axel Wehr
Neil Marotta
Cem Baydar
Ruth Zohrer

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