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    Spirited Euphoria by Edi is the world’s first non-alcoholic distilled spirit crafted from natural hemp and 280mg of THC-free CBD isolate. Spirited Euphoria won’t intoxicate you, but will help you to unwind. All thanks to its molecular blend of naturally uplifting active ingredients, including hemp, nootropics, and ancient adaptogens.

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    FIND YOUR INTIMACY: Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil is a lube that makes sex better, providing you and your partner with the all-natural moisture to soothe, arouse, and exhilarate your sex life.

    NOT JUST A LUBRICANT: Thanks to the magic of 400mg of broad-spectrum CBD, not only does Foria’s lubricant make sex slippier, but it also hydrates the skin and eases discomforts for the ultimate sexual experience.

    TWO INGREDIENT FORMULA: since your body absorbs anything you put on/in it, this lube contains only MCT oil and high-quality, broad-spectrum extract.

    RIGOROUSLY TESTED: Created in a GMP certified facility, Foria sends this Intimacy Sex Oil for third party testing.

    ALL-NATURAL EXPERIENCE: Foria strongly believes in providing lovers with an all-natural experience and formulates this vegan-friendly lube using organic ingredients.

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    SPICE UP YOUR SEX LIFE - Foria’s Awaken Arousal Oil supports female sexual wellness by enhancing pleasure, easing discomfort and increasing sensitivity. 

    ENHANCED BENEFITS: Each 30ml bottle contains broad-spectrum CBD to provide a range of bioactive compounds from cannabinoids to terpenes for your sexual wellbeing. 

    UNIQUE FORMULA: Foria hits the spot with a unique blend of cardamom, peppermint, Kava Kava, cacao, MCT coconut oil and CBD.

    BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS: This Awaken Arousal Oil contains broad-spectrum CBD to provide a wide range of bioactive compounds for your satisfaction.

    LEADING THE WAY: Foria leads the way by setting high standards when it comes to quality, sensitivity, and transparency, maintaining a commitment to creating harmony with people, plants, and the planet.

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    ALL-NATURAL: Experience an authentic and all-natural approach to health and wellbeing with this CBD Oil 40% from Cibdol.

    HIGH STRENGTH: This CBD Oil 40% is Cibdol’s high strength CBD with MCT oil, ideal for experienced users or those requiring powerful relief.

    NATURAL NUTRIENTS: Cibdol’s CBD Oil 40% contains full-spectrum CBD with a range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural hemp nutrients. 

    CONFIDENTLY TESTED: Each bottle of CBD Oil 40% is batch tested so that you can consume a highly concentrated product with confidence.

    STATE-OF-THE ART EXTRACT: Cibdol uses state-of-the-art extraction, purification, and filtration processes to ensure every CBD drop blends seamlessly with the MCT carrier oil.

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    • GREAT FLAVOUR, REAL EFFECTS: Zen Bear’s gummies offer a delicious way to consume CBD with no gimmicks. Pop a couple a day and see the effects in no time!
    • GUMMIES THAT PACK A PUNCH: each high-strength Zen Bear gummy contains 20mg of organically sourced CBD. That means one gummy bear is enough for an adequate dose for most people. (although, they are delicious so it might be difficult to keep your hand out of the jar!).
    • ORGANICALLY SOURCED, FULL-SPECTRUM EXTRACT: Zen Bear’s gummies’ full-spectrum CBD extract is sourced from high-quality, organically grown hemp in Oregon, USA. What’s more, the gummies are packaged in a recyclable glass jar.
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    CBD Brothers Blue Edition Oil Sativa is a high-quality CBD product containing full-spectrum CBD diluted in organic hemp seed oil. Each bottle has a pipette to help you measure doses easily and apply the CBD sublingually accurately. CBD Brothers use only natural and organic ingredients to manufacture its CBD supplements. This one is non-GMO and vegan friendly. This CBD oil is available in four strengths: 500mg, 1250mg, 1500mg or 5000mg of CBD.

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    The CBD Brothers Silver Edition Oil by CBD Brothers is created using the Cannabis Indica Whole-Plant Extract, which is diluted in organic cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil. This cannabis strain is cultivated in a well-controlled environment to produce the maximum cannabinoid content and yield. Each 10ml bottle contains 150mg of full-spectrum CBD extract, which equates to 1.5% per bottle.

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    Endoca's Raw CBD Oil contains premium full-spectrum CBD, which is rich in multiple cannabinoids and other beneficial hemp compounds to support overall well-being. The oil contains over 80 phytocannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBDa among many others. It is high in useful terpenes, and other natural molecules like vitamins, omega fatty acids, and trace minerals. Endoca's Raw CBD Oil is perfect for those looking for more balance in their lives.

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    Premium 1000mg CBD Oil by Beliebis is a natural tasting CBD oil that provides consumers with a large amount of full-spectrum CBD in a 10ml bottle. Each bottle contains 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD oil that has been CO2 fluid extracted. CO2 is the gold standard method of CBD extraction which ensures purity and safety while maintaining various cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBDV, and beneficial terpenes.

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What is CBD oil?
CBD oil is a mixture of Cannabidiol (CBD) and a carrier oil like MCT oil, olive oil, or hemp seed oil. It is the most commonly-used CBD product, widely favoured by those who are conscious of their own health and wellbeing and who are looking for a natural addition to their self-care routines.
What is CBD?
CBD or Cannabidiol is one of more than a hundred known cannabinoids that can be extracted from hemp plants. Unlike THC, which is the culprit to the psychoactive and intoxicating feeling that Cannabis users get, CBD does not cause these effects hence will not make you feel high.
What is CBD oil good for?
CBD oil has become popular due to its powerful reputation, many customer reviews and anecdotal reports purporting that it may come with certain benefits for those of you who are interested in taking your health into your own hands with the use of natural products. It can make a welcome and intriguing addition to many self-care routines.
Where to buy CBD oil?
You can buy CBD oil in many places, including grocery stores, CBD shops, and online marketplaces. Keep in mind that to ensure you are getting a safe and high-quality CBD oil, only buy from trusted sources and brands with Certificate of Analysis.
How to use CBD oil?
Using CBD oil sublingual is a convenient way of getting your daily CBD dose. All you have to do is drop it under your tongue, where it can get absorbed through your oral tissues into your bloodstream, and hold it for 60 seconds before swallowing.
What does CBD stand for?
CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is one of the many known cannabinoids that are extracted from the Cannabis variety that yields high amounts of CBD and minimal THC contents called hemp plants.
How to make CBD oil?
To make CBD oil, extraction of CBD from hemp plants is done first using extraction methods such as CO2, alcohol, or oil extraction. Afterwards, CBD is then mixed with a carrier oil to make it fat-soluble and improve its bioavailability. Some CBD oils are infused with adaptogens, essential oil, and vitamins to provide additional potential benefits.
How long does CBD stay in your system?
The duration of how long CBD stays in your system depends on several factors such as dosage, frequency, body's metabolism, food, and CBD form. Because each individual has a different body response, the amount of CBD taken and its route plays a big role in how long it gets broken down and absorbed in your system. But according to some research, CBD stays in your system anywhere from 24 hours to a week.
What is CBD vape juice?
CBD vape juice, also known as CBD e-liquids, are solutions infused with CBD specifically designed to be added in vape pens to produce smoke. Unlike regular e-liquids containing nicotine, most CBD vape juices are nicotine-free and do not cause harmful effects. Instead, it delivers the highest bioavailability.
What is the best CBD oil?
To make sure that you are only using the best CBD oil, look for brands with Certificate of Analysis (COA) to guarantee that they are third-party laboratory tested, ensuring its safety, quality, and label accuracy. In addition to this, it should be GMP-certified to prove that the brand adheres to GMP manufacturing practices from hemp cultivation up to the manufacturing process itself. Lastly, the best CBD oil should be made using high-quality ingredients that are ethically sourced and sustainably farmed.
How much CBD oil should I take?
There is no standard dosage recommendation for CBD oil as there are many factors to consider, including each person's metabolic response and the endocannabinoid system. But, it is suggested that the safest way to start your CBD oil journey is to start on a low dosage of 1-2 drops, preferably 2-3 times a day, using a low to medium strength CBD oil, and assess how you feel. If you think you need more, you can slowly increase the dose every five days until you reach your optimal dose.
What strength of CBD oil to choose?
CBD is a very personalised compound, and the body’s potential reaction to it varies from person to person. For beginners, it is suggested that you go low and slow when it comes to determining the right CBD dose for you. The safest way is to start on a low strength CBD oil and work your way up.
How to vape CBD oil?
Many CBD preparations are available for vape consumption, like CBD e-liquids that you can add to your rechargeable vape pen tank. CBD cartridges and CBD pods are also available to purchase depending on the vape device you have. In addition to this, disposable CBD vapes are also available, which are easy to use and do not require any preparations.
How to vape CBD oil?
Many CBD preparations are available for vape consumption, like CBD e-liquids that you can add to your rechargeable vape pen tank. CBD cartridges and CBD pods are also available to purchase depending on the vape device you have. In addition to this, disposable CBD vapes are also available, which are easy to use and do not require any preparations.
What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?
CBD oil and hemp oil differ in their contents. Although both are from hemp plants, CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from leaves, flowers and stalks and containing other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds until an omega-rich culinary oil is produced.