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Pineapple Flavoured CBD Vape

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Forest friendly
  • No Parabens / Sulfates
  • THC Free
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in UK
  • Organic
  • Woodies Pineapple flavoured CBD is sourced from the hybrid of parent strains Hawain and Trainwreck. This product has a the taste of pineapple, cedar, and pine, and smells like fresh apple and mango. Together with its rich terpene profile, it contains 450mg of CBD.

    CBD FormatVape
    CBD TypeBroad spectrum
  • Terpenes
  • How to Use

    This is a vape pen that is intended to be used for inhalation. When you feel like vaping, bring the vape pen to your lips and inhale from its mouthpiece. This will take some of the vapour to your lungs. Now, you can exhale the vapour to the environment. You can repeat this process until you attain the satisfaction you need. 

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Keep calm

The Woodies Pineapple Flavoured CBD Vape Pen is the perfect product to calm your nerves and make you focused throughout the day. It will help you relax and open your senses.

Product details


Vaping has been on the rise for some time now. It is very famous among the new generation. Lots of people have turned to vape as an alternative to cigarette smoking. Most of them say it helps them quit nicotine addiction.  

Vaping is the term used for inhaling and exhaling smoke that comes from heating a liquid. The liquid comes in devices or cartridges that vary in size. When a person inhales using the device, there is a centre that triggers a heating element within the device to heat the liquid that is transformed into smoke. The liquid can contain different types of compounds and flavours to make it more delicious. 

The Woodies Pineapple Flavoured CBD Vape is one of the best you will find in the market. The major component of the liquid in the vape is cannabidiol (CBD). That is why it is beneficial to those smoking it. It puts together the flavourful and potent quality of the Hawaiian and Trainwreck parent strains. This vape has the scent of mango and fresh apple and also tastes like pine, pineapple, and cedar. Note that this product is marketed as a supplement and it is not intended to cure any disease. 

What is CBD, THC, and CBG?


Not very long ago, if someone mentioned the term “CBD”, many people would not know what it means, but if someone mentioned cannabis or marijuana, everyone would know. The reason for this is that cannabis has been used throughout history for various purposes, be it medical, reactional, or spiritual. At some point in time, cannabis became illegal and its use declined. Since it was illegal, studies about the plant were limited. 

As time passed, scientists began to study and know more about the plant. There are a lot of plants in the cannabis species. The most popular are hemp and marijuana, which we all know. Cannabis is very popular because of its use for recreational purposes. Also, people began to see some medical benefits with the use of cannabis. As studies about the plant persisted, it was discovered that cannabidiol (CBD) that is found primarily in the hemp plant produces the medical benefits while tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found primarily in marijuana produces the psychoactive effects. 

As a result, CBD became a centre of attraction. Scientific studies are still being carried out to find more medical benefits. As of now, some studies have shown that CBD is useful in pain, anxiety, stress, seizures, cancer, immunity, etc. 

Cannabigerol or CBG is another one of the many compounds that have been identified and isolated from the cannabis strains. It is the non-acidic form of the parent compound from which the other cannabinoid compounds are synthesized. It is found in very small amounts in cannabis when compared to the other compounds. This compound is converted to CBD and THC as the cannabis plant matures. That is probably why it is found in trace amounts. 

Is CBD legal?


Because of its sudden rise to fame, there is growing concern about its legality in different parts of the world. CBD in itself is not illegal because it has no euphoric or psychoactive effects. The compound that has euphoric and gets you “high” is called THC, which is found in high levels in marijuana. That is why marijuana is illegal in many countries, but medical marijuana is still used in a hospital setting to treat certain disorders. 

The reason why any CBD product may be illegal is that it contains high levels of THC. The accepted level of THC products in the EU is 0.2%. Anything above that concentration is illegal. The accepted level of THC products in the US is 0.3%. Anything higher is also considered illegal. Lots of people do not know the level of THC in the CBD products they buy. This is because some manufacturers do not test their products or put incorrect information on the label. So, you should buy your CBD products from a reputable source. 

Health benefits of CBD


Reduces pain: The endocannabinoid system or ECS in the human body helps to regulate appetite, pain, sleep, and the immune response. The ECS contains substances called endocannabinoids that act as neurotransmitters that control various activities in our body. These compounds bind to the receptors that mediate pain and block the release of substances that cause pain in the body. 

Reduces acne: CBD has some effects on acne. This is because it decreases the rate of production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. This helps to reduce the appearance of acne on the face. 

Has neuroprotective properties: Some research has shown that CBD can be used for seizures such as in epilepsy, especially in children. 

Cardiovascular disease: There has also been some research that shows the benefits of CBD in cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary artery diseases, and many others. Furthermore, research was done on animals showing that CBD may reduce inflammation and cell death associated with heart issues. 

Reduces anxiety and depression: Anxiety and depression are serious issues in our society today. Even though CBD does not cure these issues, it helps to decrease the symptoms. The endocannabinoids produced in our body act as neurotransmitters and help to regulate mood and anxiety. They bind to receptors in the brain and all over the body to produce their effects. They also activate the release of serotonin that has a significant impact on our mood and decreases stress levels. 

CBD vape side effect


Typically, there have not been serious reports of any side effects of vaping. Instead, there have been good reviews, and it has helped lots of people quit smoking tobacco which has more serious side effects. Some of the few side effects that have been reported are drowsiness, diarrhoea, nausea, and tiredness. The most severe side effect that has been reported is lung injury as a result of vaping (EVALI). If you have any history of allergy or chronic disease, make sure you consult your healthcare professional before using CBD. Also, CBD is not recommended in pregnant women. 

Why We Love It

Woodies Pineapple Flavoured CBD Vape provides a fast and effective way to get CBD into your body. CBD that is taken by inhalation exert their effects in less than a minute. The CBD is taken directly into the bloodstream from your lungs and carried to the tissues without passing through the liver. 


This product has many health benefits when compared to an ordinary cigarette. It can help relieve stress, pain, and depression. It can also help with addiction to nicotine and other drugs. 

It is very portable and comfortable to carry around. Also, you do not get the unpleasant odour of cigarettes. Instead, there is a pleasant mango and fresh apple scent, with pineapple flavour. Woodies guarantees your satisfaction, and if you are not satisfied within 48 hours of buying, then there will be a full refund. 

Jamie Wood founded this company to bring the benefits of CBD to people in the UK. This was because he was forced to give up smoking and his Rock “n” Roll lifestyle due to issues with his heart. He first tried CBD on a business trip to the US and fell in love with it. From then, he decided to bring it to the UK to save people the trouble of going through a heart attack before changing their lifestyles. 

Most other CBD products and vapes that are in the market contain an illegal amount of THC. This often gets people in trouble with the law. Woodies Pineapple Flavoured CBD Vape contains THC which is within the permissible limit. So, you won’t get high or have any issues with the law. 


This product contains 90% of broad-spectrum CBD, 8.7% of Terpenes, and 1.3% of CBG. 

Terpene profile: Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene, Humulene, Linalool, Ocimene, Alpha Pinene, and Terpinolene. Terpenes are aromatic oils that give cannabis varieties their colours and flavours. This product comes as a 0.5ml CBD distillate with 450mg of CBD.

Lab Reports

All of the products from Woodies are rigorously tested and controlled to keep the quality up to standard.

They practise the best extraction techniques and do not add any additives that could be dangerous to health. Some manufacturers do not test their products for quality since they are not regulated by the FDA, but Woodies perform all the tests.  It has not become difficult to know the quality products from the bad ones because no one regulates the information placed on labels. Woodies guarantees that if you are not satisfied with their product, you can ask for a refund within 48 hours.