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Unleash Your Bliss Bundle

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For those hectic weekday deadlines - or even recovering from an intense workout, the Blooming Blends Head Balm Facial Mist will have you not feeling just relaxed but in sync with your mind and body. Now that you're in a nice and calm relaxing state - why not sit back and relax while eating on some Wunder Workshop Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar - Golden Tumeric! If you want to experience a more fruitful experience - the Kanaco CBD gummies are a great alternative to your regular candy you might consume throughout your day when you feel like you need a pick-me-up.

CBD Treats Bundle

Besides beginners, even experienced users can get this sample kit to try out the power of Cannacares CBD products. Delightful chocolate bar with spices and mushrooms mix will nourish your body. Take pleasure of chocolate and caramel smell with a nutty touch while supporting your body with valuable nutrients.

Unleash Your Bliss Bundle
Unleash Your Bliss Bundle

The botanical blends get to work by soothing you just before your sharp pains evolve > into a headache or in some cases a migraine! Using natural and holistic ingredients - the Blooming Blends Head Balm Facial Mist works by the key active ingredients penetrating the skin with the essential oils and homemade flower water calm and nourishing your skin. What makes the Blooming Blends Head Balm Facial Mist even more-so handy - is the size at 50ml - it’s super convenient to pop in your bag and keep on stand-by just in case!

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

These aren't just any ordinary chocolate bars - but sourced from Peru and are harvested by the Ashaninka tribespeople. Then Pablo from Forever Cocoa puts the finishing touches, to give Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar - Golden Tumeric its distinctive taste! You’ll also notice the rich notes of cocoa are smooth and silky with the slight kick undertone of Turmeric. 

The Kanaco CBD gummies as the name gives away - is packed with CBD - 10mg to be precise! Made with real fruit extracts - the Kanaco CBD gummies are non GMO and gluten free! A great alternative to taking CBD on-the-go discretly - allowing the true wondrous powers of CBD to get to work. You’ll not only have CBD as a key active ingredient - but also CBG, CBN and CBC + terpenes! Kanaco CBD gummies are great to use at your desk, your commute to work or just before/after a workout.You’ll have a host of flavours to choose from, such as: luscious grape, zesty orange to a citrus lemon flavour CBD gummy. What makes the Kanaco CBD gummies a great addition to your CBD bundle is that it's derived from Broad Spectrum CBD - which means you won have any psychoactive experience taking it - nor will you feel drowsy! They also come in a resealable bag so you can share it with your friends and family without the risk of your Kanaco CBD gummies losing its freshness.

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Why We Love It

Head Balm Facial Mist

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

A lot of people are struggling with headaches, anxiety, and restlessness. Eliminating those things will significantly boost their quality of living and productivity. That is what HEAD BALM facial mist aims to achieve. Everyone should be able to and enjoy the marvellous things that the world has to offer without continually being in the state of worry and pain. HEAD BALM facial mist can help you experience that as it helps calm your mind and eliminate the headaches. Calming the mind and alleviating headaches can also significantly provide users with a good night’s sleep which is important for our overall health and wellness. 

This product is infused with lots of medicinal herbal ingredients that have numerous health benefits. It is created with natural and organic ingredients that do not have adverse effects on our health.

It comes in a 50ml container which is convenient to carry around.

Raw chocolate bliss bar - golden turmeric

"Chocolate is happiness that you can eat." 

— Ursula Kohaupt

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

It is a bar of organic raw chocolate made from natural products. Sweet caramel drizzles in every bite. RAW CHOCOLATE BLISS BAR - GOLDEN TURMERIC is a brown, creamy, delicious chocolate with a touch of Ceylon cinnamon. Finally, Ceylon cinnamon has the most robust flavour because of its organic dark chocolate. The fact is that chocolate consists of cacao butter. The molecules of this oil, when heated, begin to change their structure, and directly affect the appearance and quality of the chocolate. The very first thing a chocolatier does before creating his masterpiece is melting it. Therefore, he must know the desired heating temperature (even hundredths of a degree matter). Otherwise, chocolate during solidification can turn out to be "grey" or with cracks, Preparing chocolate properly is a difficult task, but even more difficult is to maintain its presentation. This depends not only on the manufacturing conditions but also on the storage and packaging conditions. The chocolatier knows about all the features and subtleties. According to a high raw chocolate bliss bar taste, chocolatier, who does his job while creating this bar, performs with subtle sophistication.


alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

At Wunder workshop, they ethically provide high-quality natural components essentially from their relatives and community farms from the heart of Sri Lanka. Their single-origin turmeric, invigorating tea blends, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, ginger and coconuts all come directly from Sri Lanka, disrupting the traditional spice trade, working directly with a small community and family farms.

  • Peru

Their natural cocoa is gathered from Auchanink, the tribe who collect seeds in rich rainforests and then open them for grain fermentation. Then comes drying on bamboo racks to pack them on a trip. Beautiful poppy, found in the Golden Lights, is harvested on small forest garden farms in the icy fields of the Peruvian Pune in Huancayo and Junin.

  • China

Mushrooms are sourced from traditional Chinese mushroom growers, and the first-class Chaga is harvested from birch in the Great Khingan Range, which is a volcanic mountain massif in the Inner Mongolia region of northeast China.

  • Spain

Their organic liquorice at Golden Balance is grown wild by local farmers in the Zaragoza region of northern Spain. They use forest gardening that mimics the natural biodiversity of the region's flora and fauna, planting canopies in the shade of trees to help replenish nutrition and soil moisture. This farming style goes beyond traditional monoculture practices and even beyond Wunder Workshop Organic logo. In addition to guaranteed production free of pesticides and chemicals, Forest Gardening helps restore a sustainable ecosystem and empowers rural communities.

CBD Fruit Gummies - 10 mg

We love Kanaco CBD gummies for its pure composition, discreet, fun, and convenient method to consume CBD.⠀⠀

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

Pre-measured dosage. Each sweet contains a persistent and effective 10 mg of CBD to track dose without effort during CBD treatment.

Tasty treatment. Gummies are easy to intake and provide the most delicious way to consume daily CBD dosage. 

Broad-spectrum CBD. The broad-spectrum distillate is THC-free and includes a mix of beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes for better results without intoxication. ⠀

Natural components. The gummies are non-GMO, 100% natural, sustainably sourced, and made with real fruit juice.⠀⠀

CBD stays longer in the body. Gummies intake can extend effects duration and help maintain a stable level of CBD throughout the day, which is perfect for sustaining a feeling of calmness.


Head Balm Facial Mist

The HEAD BALM facial mist comes in a 50ml container and can be easily carried around with you. It is made up of the ingredients below:


alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

Eucalyptus has a distinctive aroma but it also has many unrecognised benefits. The most common type of eucalyptus called the Bluegum tree grows mainly in Australia and Tasmania. There are more than 300 variations of this plant known. The leaves and oil of eucalyptus trees are usually used for medicinal purposes.

Eucalyptus is used in several over-the-counter medicines cleansers, air fresheners, and medicinal tea oil. Eucalyptus can be found in several forms such as Eucalyptus leaves in both fresh and dry forms. It is added to cough and cold medicines, dental products, antiseptics, and is used directly to treat fever. The oil is also used in industrial mining operations and as aromatherapy ointment applied directly to the skin as a pain reliever from insect bites or to relieve itching on the skin. Some people use Eucalyptus oils in the form of a spray, allowing it to be used topically in humans and pets.

Witch Hazel

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

It’s a 100% natural astringent that cleanses the skin without removing essential moisture. It cleans deep down to your pores and helps soothe the skin. It also helps with swelling. 

You can use witch hazel on cuts and bruises. It helps cleanse the cut and protect it against infections. It can be helpful for bug bites due to its anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties.

Witch hazel can be used for sunburns. Not only does it speed up healing but it also prevents the skin from peeling. You can also use it on varicose vein relief. Some people who stand up for extended periods experience pain in their legs due to varicose veins. If you soak your legs with witch hazel, it helps to tighten the veins relieving the discomfort temporarily. Applying it on the face can also refresh makeup and deplete under-eye bags. 

In this product, witch hazel is mostly used to preserve the blend.

Lavender Oil

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

Lavender essential oil is commonly used for its pleasant aroma around the world. It is also used as a natural remedy for many ailments. Lavender is a beautiful purple bush in the mint family.

It is among the most famous herbs in the world. The flowers are dried and infused into a carrier oil to make lavender essential oil. This is often used to make wonderful soaps, perfumes, and other cosmetic products due to its antibacterial properties.

The aroma of lavender contains compounds which have a calming effect on the central nervous

system. Inhaling this oil calms the mind and body by helping the body to regulate adrenaline.

The lavender essential oil can also be added to an oil burner and heated to produce a warm and inviting fragrance for homes, offices and businesses.

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is an aromatic herb in the mint family. It’s a mixed mint that’s a cross between watermint and spearmint. It can be found naturally in Europe and North America.

Peppermint essential oil can be obtained from the leaves of the peppermint plant and is used for a lot of different purposes. Peppermint oil has a wide variety of uses. For example, it can be used in the following ways:

  • Treatment for a variety of health conditions, such as nausea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other GI issues, as well as headaches and the common cold.
  • It is used as a topical application for relief from muscle pain, itching, and headache.
  • It can also be added to foods as a flavouring agent and in products such as mouthwashes.
  • It has a fresh, pleasing scent added to soaps and cosmetic products

Raw chocolate bliss bar - golden turmeric

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies
  • Cacao solids (55%);
  • Raw Criollo cacao paste; 
  • Cacao butter; 
  • Golden Mylk® blend (coconut milk powder, turmeric (2%);
  • Ceylon cinnamon;
  • Black pepper;
  • Coconut sugar.

CBD Fruit Gummies - 10 mg

Each package of Kanaco gummies includes ten pieces precisely infused with 10 mg of active cannabinoids per sweet. Also, gummies contain the following organic ingredients:

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies
  • Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil; it's a naturally occurring compound that contains whole-plant extract of the cannabis plant. It may reduce anxiety, depression, stress, relieve pain, promote better sleep, and healthy skin.
  • Corn Syrup; it's a liquid sweetener made as an alternative to sucrose for its stability in beverages and acidic foods. It's delivered from corn starch and possesses different amounts of maltose and higher oligosaccharides. Corn syrup is also used in cooking for softening texture, preventing crystallisation of sugar, adding volume, and promoting flavour. 
  • Refined Sugar; the sugars are obtained from processing plant materials. Refined sugars provide needed energy for the body for overall functioning. They are ingested and absorbed into the bloodstream to deliver the calories essential for muscle growth and recovery. 
  • Pectin; it's a fiber extracted from citrus fruits and apples used to make medicine. It's a form of soluble fiber, which draws water from the digestive tract and helps to slow digestion. Pectin is used for diabetes and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, stabilise blood glucose level, prevent colon cancer. 
  • Sodium Citrate; it's a sodium salt of citric acid that can act as an alkaline source in the organism. It can be useful in cases of cystitis or chronic conditions such as metabolic acidosis caused by a kidney disorder.
  • Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester; they are esters formed obtained from glycerol and fatty acids. They are usually used as lubricants, antistats, anti-fogging agents, processing and dispersing aids, plasticisers, defoamers, and other formulations that require biofunctional activity.
  • Lecithin; it's a component that naturally occurs in the tissues of the body. It consists of fatty acids, and has a vast amount of cosmetic and medical uses. It works as an emulsifier to suspend fats and oils and preventing their mixing with other substances. Lecithin can help treat high cholesterol, and ulcerative colitis, improve cardiovascular health and fight dementia symptoms.
  • D-sorbitol Solution; it's a sugar alcohol with a sweet, cool, and pleasant taste that occurs naturally in fruits and berries. It's used as a sweetening component in food products and as a humectant and texturising agent. It might help to protect against tooth decay and can be helpful for people with diabetes by reducing the rise in blood glucose and the insulin response caused by the ingestion of glucose.
  • Gelatin; it's a protein product obtained from collagen that is rich in protein and a unique amino acid profile. It can improve joint and bone health, brain function, sleep quality, mental health, and regeneration of skin and hair. It also may reduce liver damage and help lose weight.
  • Citric Acid; it's a compound found in citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes, and used as an additive in food, cleaning agents, and nutritional supplements. It can be useful in metabolising energy, enhancing nutrient absorption, and protecting against kidney stones.
  • alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies
  • Natural Lemon Flavor; it's made from essential oils of lemon skin and contains phytonutrients called flavonoid. It delivers concentrated lemon essence and is used to flavour products, such as beverages, sauces, baked goods, and main dishes.
  • Natural Grape Flavor; it's a high strength natural flavouring that has a light, sweet, and delicate nutty taste associated with the natural grape. It's used in bakery products, sauces, candies, ice cream, jellies, creamy liqueurs, sweets, and others.
  • Natural Orange Flavor; it has a bright and refreshing citrus scent and flavour used in medicine to mask or impart taste to various medications such as syrups, chewable tablets, suspensions, or gums. Also, it's a popular addition to baking products, sweets, and beverages.
  • Safflower Lemon Extract; the oil can help to lower bad cholesterol, inflammation, body fat, and enhance muscle growth, hair, and nail health. It's full of omega-6 and omega-3, which is helpful for the proper heart and brain functioning. It's commonly used in lotions and massage oils, in cooking oil, cosmetics, and as a salad dressing. 
  • Violet (Beet) Color; it's a high source of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin C, manganese, folate, and vitamin B-6, as well as dietary fiber. It can help to reduce blood pressure, improve heart health and cardiovascular system.
  • alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies
  • Carotino Color; it's rich in natural pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Lycopene known as potent antioxidants. It also includes essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, including Co-enzyme Q10 that may help boost energy and maintain vitality.
  • Lemon Concentrate; it's the fruit of a citrus plant that belongs to the genus Citrus lemon. It includes antioxidants, such as flavonoids and flavonol glycosides, which have antibiotic properties. It's a high source of potent antioxidant - Vitamin C. Lemon is a natural antiseptic agent that prevents harmful bacteria in an organism as well as a healing agent that helps in healing processes like blood clotting. 
  • Red Grape Concentrate; they contain Vitamins A, C, B6, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, folate, magnesium, and selenium, including flavonoids that contribute to ocular health, lower the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood clots, and heart-related ailments. Furthermore, red grapes might be useful in boosting the body's immune system and preventing obesity.
  • Orange Juice Concentrate; the juice includes vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, Folate, Hesperidin, and others. It helps to strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease, and promote good vision. 

How to Use

Head Balm Facial Mist

This facial mist can be used as many times as possible and whenever you feel like it. All you need to do is to hold the bottle about 30cm from your face and spray towards the centre of your face. If you want additional effects, you can apply it on your wrist which will give you continuous effects for the whole day. 

Please note that this product is not intended for medical use.

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

Raw chocolate bliss bar - golden turmeric

  • Is it possible to eat Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar - Golden Turmeric every day? — Yes. However, refrain from eating more than 30 grams of chocolate per day. 
  • Can I eat Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar - Golden Turmeric on an empty stomach? — Yes, if you have no problems with high blood pressure and high blood sugar. 
  • Is it possible to eat a whole bar of Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar - Golden Turmeric? — Yes, if there are no health problems, and the calorie content of the product "fits" into your daily calorie allowance. 

CBD Fruit Gummies - 10 mg

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

The Kanaco CBD gummies are simple in use and allow users to fit CBD into a daily routine easily. It's recommended to start treatment by chewing 1-3 gummies as a standalone product two times throughout a day. 

CBD gummies taste great as an independent product, allowing users to experience CBD benefits while eating a yummy treat. Also, CBD gummies make the best addition to cocktails and cane consumed with other food for higher bioavailability.

The time of experiencing the first effects after CBD gummies intake depends on different factors, including metabolism, bodyweight, disease severity, CBD strengths, and method of consumption. Some people are reported about the improvements after one use, while others can notice positive effects after using CBD for a few days. Be patient and consistent during CBD treatment to get relief from symptoms of various ailments and maintain healthy conditions.

Special Precautions & Warnings

alphagreen unleash your bliss bundle raw chocolate turmeric cbd head balm fruit gummies

It's strongly advised to refrain from CBD gummies use for women planning a pregnancy, pregnant, and breastfeeding. Also, consult your doctor or healthcare provider before using these CBD infused gummies, especially if you are taking other medicaments during the same period or have pre-existing disorders. Doctor’s visit can help to prevent negative fall-outs and allergy reactions to particular ingredients or the CBD compound.

Furthermore, pay attention to CBD companies and sellers that provide misleading information about their products' composition and add potentially dangerous impurities, heavy metals, pesticides, and artificial additives. Such goods can cause unpredictable acute responses and lead to general wellness worsening.

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