Top 35 Products You Would Not Have Expected To Have CBD

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Every day, millions of people are beginning  to turn towards CBD products. Even if you are an exception, you would have probably seen amber glass bottles with a pipette, colourful gummies, capsules with natural herbs, or even vape pens that are filled with CBD and fruity flavouring.

Since CBD is now a new craze in the health and wellness sector, everyone wants to jump on board and get a slice of this huge pie. Like any business, the CBD industry is continually evolving, improving, and moving forward so that every customer can find the right product that suits his/her needs. As a result, this market is getting oversaturated with the ever-growing competition. This forces companies to think outside the box in order to find ways to take their CBD products to the next level. 

Many CBD companies use all their creativity and launch the most unconventional product lines to satisfy the most demanding consumers and to cater to their already-large niche. 

Are you excited to dive into the creative side of CBD-infused products? Let's shed some light on the top unusual CBD products that you never knew existed. 

P.S. You would definitely want to try some of them, so get your phone out and note down the ones that make you excited.

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First things first, what does CBD actually mean?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound that is gaining more popularity and supporters each day. People use CBD as a specific therapy for diverse medical conditions, thanks to its multiple health benefits, promising advantages, and healing properties. 

CBD is one of over 100 compounds that are extracted from cannabis sativa plants, though it does not produce any mind-altering side-effects. With an increasing number of studies being published each year, it's safe to say that scientists are only starting to discover the actual range of its therapeutic value.

alphagreen top 35 products

What makes CBD so attractive to various brands is that the benefits of hemp-extracted products can be experienced in different ways. Our body has a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors in every vital system and nearly all our major organs are a part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates essential bodily functions, including skin health, inflammation, hunger modulation, energy consumption, emotions, mood, hormone production, stress management, and pain (just to name a few).

How Does CBD Work?

The body's endocannabinoid system is like a chef that has his/her hands on every pot. The main goal of ECS is to promote a balance between internal, physical, and chemical conditions throughout an organism (known as homeostasis). As the ECS is highly involved in most processes, many brands developed an interest to add CBD in their products to alleviate chronic pain, pain, anxiety, regulate sleep, as well as improve mood and focus.

With the ECS throughout the system, like under the epidermis, and in the digestive tract, there are many possible methods to deliver CBD to your body, such as:

alphagreen top 35 products
  • Sublingual. By placing CBD oil under the tongue and leaving it for 1-2 minutes before swallowing, the active substances interact with the endocannabinoid system to provide more rapid and long-lasting relief. This method allows CBD to hit the bloodstream faster due to capillaries in the mucous membranes of the tongue that are present to absorb CBD oil. Remaining components in the composition can be swallowed and digested in the stomach 
  • Topical. Topical application of CBD allows cannabinoids to penetrate deeply into the skin layers to ensure fast healing, pain reduction, and improved skin condition
  • Edible. Oral intake activates the digestive system and gets metabolised in the liver before finally entering the bloodstream. Due to its low bioavailability and prolonged digestion process that can take up to 90 minutes, this method is the best approach for beginners to keep beneficial effects in the system for a longer time period
  • Inhalable. Inhaling CBD through vape pens and vaporisers is the quickest method to reap the beneficial effects of CBD treatment. Vaping allows CBD to be absorbed through the lungs, so its effects can be felt almost immediately. However, prolonged vaping might lead to severe lung and respiratory problems as well as chest pain or shortness of breath

CBD is a universal product that can be inhaled, topically applied, taken under the tongue, or added to your vape pen. Knowing all available ways of using CBD might allow you to try out different methods to find the most suitable and effective one. Before we list all the funny things the CBD market has to offer, let's first understand why CBD can be worth trying.

Is CBD Actually Beneficial For Your Health?

While CBD might seem like a cure-all remedy with its wide-ranging list of benefits and useful qualities, CBD isn't the key that fits into every lock.

Today, CBD is deemed to be a supplement that is commonly used to help treat numerous mental and physical diseases, including the following ones:

alphagreen top 35 products
  • Can Relieve Pain & Inflammation. CBD works by indirectly influencing the CB2 receptors associated with pain and inflammation management in the immune system. Also, CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties that might help to diminish pain and extreme inflammation. This makes CBD beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic pain such as headaches, migraines, muscle soreness, and arthritis
  • May Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. After consumption, CBD helps to reduce worry and gives you a sense of calmness and confidence. CBD can help to manage the feeling of concern, depression, stress, anxiety, and various anxiety-related disorders
  • Might Improve Mood & Focus. CBD might be useful in promoting better alertness and mood by naturally calming the overactive mind, which results in addressing mood swings and feeling more relaxed, peaceful, concentrated, and in control
  • Can Provide Better Quality Sleep. Thanks to CBD's ability to alleviate constant anxiety and pain, a dose of CBD before sleep allows the user to experience a more restful night
  • Might Reduce Acne. CBD is rich in antioxidants that may protect the skin from the sun and free radicals damage. It also helps to reduce wrinkles, improve skin cell growth, shed off dead skin, and control oil production to prevent various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other dermatologic issues
  • Other Uses. CBD can be helpful in preventing acute symptoms and slowing the progression for patients with Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, schizophrenia, and cancer
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Now that you have a better understanding of CBD itself, its benefits and potential uses, you are now ready to learn more about unexpected CBD products. 

Top Quirky CBD Products: Can CBD Surprise You?

For such a novel industry, CBD products have seen a radical transformation. At first, CBD oils and tinctures were the industry standard, and then capsules and topicals took over their places. 

These days, the methods of using CBD products appear to be endless. As the CBD sector continues to expand, more unique and interesting hemp-based items keep flooding the market. 

Edibles & Drinks

CBD Potato Chips (Jay's by Earthshine Organics)

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Price: 24.99$ (100mg), 39.99$ (200mg), 49.99$ (300mg)

For those of you who are craving for a relaxing day on the couch with a salty snack, there is a delicious and relaxing snack called Jay's CBD Potato Chips, which is made by Earthshine Organics. Each chip is infused with 99.9% CBD isolate, containing 100mg, 200mg or 300mg of CBD options per serving. 

Jay's Potato CBD Chips are produced with natural strain-specific hemp plants and provide the long-lasting effect to maintain consistent ingestion of CBD within a day. 

The company also offers Nacho and Ruffle Chips with different tastes, and you’ll be surprised to hear that they also offer CBD breakfast cereal, lollipops, and gum too!

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CBD Hummus (Themptation)

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Price: £26.95 (190g x 6)

Organic hemp hummus is a modern take on a middle eastern classic dish. The hummus is infused with 13 mg of pure CBD, raw hemp seeds and cold-pressed hemp oil with a raw sage leaf that adds a delicious herby kick to this product. 

You aren't just eating a tasty snack and receive beneficial effects from CBD, hummus from Themptation is also loaded with healthy ingredients for your health. Moreover, hemp hummus is vegan, nut and gluten-free, and rich in plant-based protein, fibre, omega 3, 6, and 9. 

CBD Honey Sticks (Virtue)

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Price: £59.99/40 Sticks

One of the novel and sweetest ways to consume CBD would be to spread it on toast, stir it into a beverage, bake it, or take on its own using CBD honey sticks. 

Delicious sticks provide an easy way to get your CBD dose anywhere and anytime. This sweet treat is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and provide the much needed relief.

Each Virtue honey stick is THC and GMO-free, vegan-friendly, and infused with 10mg of pure, high-quality CBD blended with natural honey which has mild caramel and fruity flavour.

Hemp Extract Red Wine (Canna Wine)

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Price: £13.50/50cl

For all the wine and CBD lovers out there, Cana Wine created a perfect product mix of wine aromatised with hemp extract, which makes it a great gift too. It's the first Spanish wine that is obtained from cannabinoids-enriched hemp, young red grapes, 50% Garnacha, and 50% cariñana. This wine is characterised with intense red colour, sweet and sugary flavour, with a touch of red and black fruits and the scent of Cannabis Sativa L.  

Drinking good wine while experiencing benefits from CBD can guarantee an unforgettable time that you can enjoy alone, with your friends, or your closed ones.

The company has also taken care of adherents of white wine and offers wine with hemp extract and refreshing exotic fruits, 50% white Garnacha, and 50% Macabeo.

CBD Beer (Green Times Brewing)

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Price: £30.00/12 pack (low-alcohol), £36.00/12 pack (4.1%)

As hops and cannabis belong to the same cannabaceae family, these components make great brewing partners and provide craft beers with the well-being benefits. Enjoy a new way to relax with unique and naturally chilled beers by Green Times Brewing.

Beers are infused with pure full-spectrum cannabis oil for a natural and balanced method to unwind. In addition, all beers are THC and gluten-free, vegan-friendly and made with high-quality ingredients from barley and hops. 

CBD Infused Hot Chocolate (Paradise CBD)

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Price: £10.99/150 grams

Hot chocolate, marshmallows, and CBD? Yes, please!

Belgian hot chocolate from Paradise CBD brings a comforting, indulgent and classy taste. This, combined with the relaxing power of full-spectrum CBD, opens the door to a delightful, rich, and smooth experience.

The chocolate is GMO and THC-free and contains 150mg of water-soluble CBD for a quiet evening or restful sleep.

Personal Care

Hemp Fluoride Toothpaste

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Price: 6.99$/113g

Since many CBD users usually start their morning routine with a few drops or capsules of CBD, why not use the cannabinoid’s benefits while cleaning your teeth? Fresh hemp paste from Happy Products rocks hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and Yakima Valley spearmint to prevent cavities, strengthen enamel, and promote the brighter teeth, moisturising and mind-blowing freshness. 

What's more, the company created the full line of hemp seed-infused oral care products to elevate your brush time routine. Hemp seed oil products include naked paste, fluoride-free toothpaste, two different types of mouthwash, floss, and floss picks.

CBD Toothpicks (Pure Kana)

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Price: 20$/10 picks

When you are done eating, you may also want to try out the CBD-infused toothpicks by PureKana. CBD based toothpicks are a quick, discreet, and tasty way to consume daily CBD dose. All you need to do is chew on either end of the picks to release hemp extract into the system for mind/body wellness, and it supports up to 45 minutes of CBD delivery. 

CBD toothpicks are infused with full spectrum 97% pure phytocannabinoid-rich oil, natural Spilanthes extract, and available in 10 different flavours.

CBD Hand Sanitiser (CBD Living)

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Price: £4.82/30ml

How to protect yourself from dangerous microbes and bacteria that surround you everywhere, especially during the spread of a hazardous virus? The answer is simple - practice hand washing even when you are on the go! CBD hand sanitiser by CBD Living is a great alternative to washing your hands with water and soap and thus removing all bacteria from your hands. 

CBD hand sanitiser is an organic and THC-free product that contains 50 mg of pure hemp grown in the USA with 62% alcohol to effectively sterilise hands. It also includes Aloe and Vitamin E to keep skin smooth and maintain moisture. 

CBD Living Company has also developed special Skin Retention Technology that provides better penetration of cannabidiol particles to your skin and ensures faster and longer relief. Additionally, such a compact travel size of sanitiser allows you to fit it in any bag, be safe and protected at any time and any place.

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Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo (HempTouch)

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Price: £17.00/250ml

When it comes to hair products, there appears to be no limit to the power of CBD. Hydrolate Shampoo from HempTouch is designed for the needs of individuals with sensitive skin that are prone to irritation and allergies. It is beneficial for dry, flaky, itchy, red and scaly skin as well as in treating dermatitis.

The shampoo is suitable for all skin types and conditions and can be used as a gentle body wash. It is made with finest Cannabis Sativa extracts and carefully selected herbs like omegas, clary sage, chamomile, and bergamot to gently cleanse, balance and soothe our scalp and hair. 

Hemp Toilet Paper (Hempies Paper)

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Price - N/A

Yes, you have read that right, you can literally wipe away your worries with a plant, not with a tree. Hemp-enriched toilet paper is soft, sustainable, and absorbent, so it can easily compete with traditional toilet paper. It is also antibacterial, biodegradable, and can help to save the land and decrease deforestation.

Though hemp-based toilet paper does not offer medical wonders, it's a big step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

CBD Infused Tampons (Daye)

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Price: Approx €0.53/tampon (Naked), approx €1.01/tampon (CBD)

What a time to be alive when each female can relieve menstrual cramps with CBD tampons, which are approved by physicians. Infused with 100 mg of potency full-spectrum CBD, the Daye's tampons have no psychoactive properties and are useful in soothing and lubricating.

These hygiene products are pesticide and GMO-free, made of ethically sourced and organic cotton fibres. Each tampon is packed with a protective sleeve to ensure the prevention of Toxic Shock Syndrome. What's more, Daye produces its tampons to pharmaceutical-grade standards to guarantee they are bacteria-free.

In fact, all of Daye's products come in compostable packaging, thus they are environmentally-friendly. 

Natural Arousal Oil With CBD & Botanicals (Foria)

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Price: 48$ (30ml), 78$ (50ml)

Foria Awaken was created to benefit women's health and wellness by providing natural, euphoric pleasure. It is formulated with synergistic essential oils, botanical extracts, and broad-spectrum hemp-delivered CBD without additives, preservatives or THC compounds. 

The world's first intimate massage oil is designed to enhance arousal, promote natural lubrication, improve tactile sensation and pleasure while reducing tension, discomfort, and dryness.

Beauty Products

Kush High Volume Mascara (Milk Makeup)

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Price: 24$/10ml

Still searching for your perfect mascara? Sounds like you may have found it. Big and impressive lashes are finally achievable with this hemp-infused mascara that enhances and thickens your natural lashes without fallout, clumps, or smudges. The tapered, tree-shaped brush includes crisscross bristles that help coat and lift every lash to create high volume. 

The hydrating formula and hollow heart-shaped fibres also lock onto lashes and add width and length for double volume and long-lasting curl. It comes as no surprise for this product to be trending on Instagram and even used by popular bloggers. It is also important to note that this product is also vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

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Forever Flawless Chilled Eyeshadow Palette (Makeup Revolution)

Price: €11.99/18 x 1,1gr.

It's time to chill and bring good vibes only with Forever Flawless Chilled that is filled with 18 earthy-toned matte, shimmer, and pressed glitter powder shadows. 

The powder shadows have strong buildable pigments, soft texture, and ultra-blendable formula due to infused nourishing CBD seed oil. The Makeup Revolution palette is long-wearing, vegan, and cruelty-free.

CBD-Enhanced Lip Glosses (Atomic)

Price: 26$/3.9ml

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Say goodbye to chapped lips and glow up with Atomic lip glosses enhanced with CBD to make your lips more moisturised and shiny. Lip glosses come in 10 different colours and are made of 99% pure cannabidiol isolate obtained from naturally sourced USA grown and THC-free industrial hemp oil.

Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help to keep lips supple and prevent chapped or tired lips with an added dose of shimmer, playful colours, and moisture. The brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and they have got CBD infused liquid lipsticks too!

CBD Cellulose Fibre Mask (Love Hemp)

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Price: £9.99

Many CBD products claim to provide instant relief from pain and anxiety. Thanks to Love Hemp's CBD facemasks, users can experience similar benefits, while also nourishing their skin with hemp oil. 

Love Hemp's 100% cotton mask wraps the skin for deep penetration while improving the appearance of fine lines and pores, making skin appear supple and dewy and preventing active ingredients from evaporating.

A supercharged sheet mask with bio-cellulose second skin technology smoothes wrinkles, provides extreme hydrate, and improves dull skin for a healthy glow. The mask is designed with 10mg of advanced nano-emulsified and THC-free CBD content that is suitable for all skin types and for both men and women.

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Just Kinda Bliss Nail Polish Duo (Nails Inc)

Price: £15.00

Vital fatty acids, omega-3, and omega-6 in the hemp seed oil help to hydrate, nourish, and protect your nails from environmental stressors.

Polishes are also enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen to densify nails and ensure a healthy, smooth, and replenished look. They are vegan and cruelty-free, reduce fundamental nail stripes and uneven surface of the nails, and provide long wear. 

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Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum (Fresh)

Price: £41.00 (30ml), £76.00 (100ml)

Anyone wanting a new spring fragrance can't miss Cannabis Rose Eau de Parfum by Fresh. This sultry floral fragrance is infused with Bulgarian rose, bergamot, Brazilian orange, chocolate, vanilla musk, and of course - cannabis accord that adds an earthy-ness to the otherwise delicate scent.

CBD Tattoo Balm (CBD Queen)

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Price: £11.99/10ml

If you are a tattoo lover and want them to look as good as possible, then you can try out CBD tattoo balm by CBD Queen. CBD Tattoo Balm by CBD Queen is a natural topical that includes vital ingredients for your tattooed skin to protect, heal, nourish it, and maintain hydration. 

Using the CBD-based balm can aid in reducing the healing time of your new tattoo and keeping the skin hydrated and soothed. The balm also relieves irritation, prevents dryness and supports your tattoo look as vibrant as possible. CBD tattoo balm is THC-free and contains organic essential oils blended with 85 mg of CBD per jar.

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CBD Beard Balm (Hemp Bombs)

Price: 14.99$/30ml

We couldn't forget about men's beauty as well and found this effective all-in-one solution for your beard. CBD Beard Balm is formulated to groom and shape your beard with ease, improve its appearance, and help to alleviate redness, itchiness, and irritation.

The signature blend of premium and all-natural oils such as 25 mg of CBD, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and beeswax provides deep nourishment and accurate sculpting.  

CBD Hair Pomade (Malin + Goetz)

Price: £20.00/57g

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In case you are looking for a stylish and more naturally-looking hair, then Malin+Goetz's CBD firm-hold hair pomade might be a suitable option. This styling pomade is a vegetarian and cruelty-free product that provides volume, shape, and texture for all hair and scalp types, including processed or colour-treated hair.

It is made with natural components like beeswax and absorbent fatty acids that nourish your hair while creating volume, shape, and separation. Moreover, the soybean oils, meadowfoam, and cannabis sativa seeds help to moisturise and stimulate hair growth without leaving any residues. 


CBD-Infused Pillowcases (CBD Sleep)

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Price: 79.99$/2 Standard/Queen

CBD can also be infused in fabrics, which lead to CBD pillowcases. Two packs include two queen/standard size pillowcases that are infused with authentic THC-free, hemp-derived CBD isolates to provide a peaceful relaxation and restful sleep. The company claims that they can also help to alleviate anxiety, stress, aches, and discomfort usually associated with common health diseases. 

The CBD-infused fabric is made of 100% cotton percale and individually tailored and sewn to guarantee high quality. Pillowcases are fade- and pilling-resistant, machine-washable, and come in four elegant shades. 

CBD Mattress (ZBD Bed)

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Price: 499$ (Twin, Twin XL), 699$ (Full), 799$ (Queen), 899$ (King, California King) 

Since many people struggle with restful sleep, ZBD Bed offers the world's first CBD-based mattress. Each mattress is coated with microcapsules that contain 48 mgs of CBD isolate, and the used fabric is infused with 12g of CBD per square meter. Hence, to experience CBD benefits and sleep better, all you need to do is to just go to bed as ZBD mattress is able to deliver CBD by skin contact.

CBD-infused mattresses are available in various sizes such as Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King. When you get into bed, the friction triggers the microcapsules to burst, spreading the CBD throughout the fabric of your mattress. 

CBD Oil-Infused Bed Pillow (CBD Pillow)

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Price: 99$

"Wake up feeling refreshed and balanced!" - said the CBD Pillow company. 

Their gel memory foam pillow contains millions of microcapsules that are filled with high-quality CBD to provide deeper sleep, relaxation, and a more refreshing day after a good rest.

CBD pillows release microdoses of active components all night long, so each customer can have a relaxing uneventful night's sleep, unlike CBD oil or ingestible products that can wear off after three hours. 

The company also guarantees that CBD pillows can improve your sleep quality due to CBD’s potential in relieving chronic pain and troubled sleep.

CBD Dream Blanket (Curfew)

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Price: 295$ (50x60 in)

Snuggling up the comfy blanket, watching Netflix and having a peaceful evening might seem like a perfect end of the day. With that in mind, Curfew has got you covered.

Curfew's Dream Blanket is an all-season, soft and cosy blanket that is an ideal way to end your day and start your night. The Dream Blanket is enriched with patented, micro-encapsulated beads that supply CBD to ensure ultimate relaxation while curling up on the couch or lounging in bed.

CBD Infused Candle - Lavender & Jasmine (Nay)

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Price: £37.99

Whether it is an element of decor, an addition to a long soak in the bathtub or relaxation massage after an intense day, an aromatic candle will always come in handy. Create a special atmosphere in your home with luxury, and decadent fragrance of CBD-infused candles, while improving sleep and reducing anxiety symptoms.

The candle is infused with lavender essential oil and premium grade, THC-free CBD oil blended with all-natural soy wax and essential oils.

Active Lifestyle

CBD-Infused Activewear (Acabada)

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Price: from 15$ to 137.50$

Yoga classes and fitness sessions just got more relaxing and less painful, because CBD-infused workout clothes are officially here. Acabada Active is the first athletic brand that uses the power of hemp to produce athletic wear.

Ranging from 5g to 25g of CBD content depending on the product, the company offers a high-end collection that includes sports bras, leggings, bike shorts, and jumpsuits for women. Such activewear allows her to feel the power of CBD from the moment she is dressed until the end of her toughest workouts.

CBD Sports Drink (Endosport)

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Price: £11.99 (6-pack), £21.99 (12-pack), £37.99 (24-pack)

Taking CBD oil pre- or post-workout is currently a new fitness trend. While many sportsmen prefer to drink water or their shakers before, during and after physical activity, you can maximise your workout regime and stay hydrated with one product.

The CBD-infused sports drink by Endo Sport is formulated with 10mg of CBD for optimal hydration while replacing lost electrolytes through intense physical activity. For high quality and safety, the product is GMO, gluten and caffeine-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

CBD Infused Compression Sleeve (Hemp Squeeze)

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Price: 33.99$ 

If you are an avid fitness lover or gym-goer, this product is a real must-have for your kit bag. The Hemp Squeeze Sleeve ensures support, improved circulation, and zoned compression with the advantages of 150mg active THC-free CBD that stays effective up to 25 washes.

The Sleeve is designed with Nufabrx technology, a patented and proprietary biomaterial platform that includes CBD into the actual yarn of the arm or knee sleeve, which provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain.

Organic Hemp Protein (CBD Sport)

alphagreen top 35 products

Price: £ 17.95/500g pack

Try a more natural approach to your fitness program with CBD Sport Hemp Protein that helps to develop strong muscle. It is easily accessible for the body with no side effects, unlike other popular protein brands. It's free from THC, GMO, foreign odours and flavours and suitable for vegans.

CBD protein can also be used for weight management in case the consumer is undergoing a calorie-controlled diet, by replacing high carb or fat meals. Thanks to delicious nutty flavour, you can simply add hemp protein to your shakes or smoothies.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Recovery Bar Floyd’s of Leadville

alphagreen top 35 products

Price: $3.49 (single bar), $30.00 (12-bar box)

Now you can recover easily, faster, and enjoy Floyd's Recovery Bar. Pint-sized superfood bar can be useful for refuelling from your ride, run, tough workout, or everyday life. 

Each bar contains 25mg of THC-free CBD isolate and all-natural organic components like honey, chocolate, chia and flax seeds, gluten-free rolled oats, peanut and almond butter. It is also formulated with 10g of plant protein and only 6g of sugar.


CBD Calm Peanut Butter For Dogs (Honest Paws)

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Price: 29.95$/425g

As our fluffy friends also have the endocannabinoid system, many people prefer to buy CBD pets-specialised products to calm anxiety, relieve pain, support joints, mobility, and overall health. While you can easily find CBD based oils and treats, peanut butter can provide a tasty way to administer medication and an effective method to entertain your dog when added to an interactive toy. 

Honest Paws Calm Butter contains 160mg of organic full-spectrum hemp Oil with real peanut butter. This product can help your pet relax, promote better behaviour and healthy brain function with a delicious taste your dog will love.

CBD Nasal Spray EmergenSeize (King Kanine)

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Price: $89.99/18ml

When your pets consume CBD capsules or pills, the active ingredients will go through your liver before finally being absorbed. Not to mention, oral intake slows down and diminishes the beneficial effects of CBD. Thus, a higher dosage is required, which can increase the cost.

Nasal delivery of CBD offers immediate systemic absorption and in turn faster and more effective relief for your dog or cat. Such intake of CBD can help to increase bioavailability and CBA intake at much smaller doses for the same effects in order to calm anxious pets or severe aches faster.

CBD Hemp Salve Nourish (CBD Dog Health)

alphagreen top 35 products

Price: $39.99/150mg

You can also take care of your pet's paws, elbows, and nose with an all-natural salve that is safe for your pet to lick. Nourish topical combines full-spectrum CBD, premium quality ingredients, and essential oils for a refreshing, soothing, and healing effect for your pet. 

With pure and chemical-free CBD combined with a smooth blend of coconut oil, vanilla extract, and Vitamin E, you can nourish your pet's dry elbows, paws, belly, and ears, which is especially important in winter and cold seasons.

Final Word

alphagreen top 35 products

In the face of fierce global competition and the struggle for existence, desperate times require desperate measures.

Manufacturers are forced to be game-changers and more creative in order to stand out among well-known brands, be remembered by the customer, and to bypass direct competitors. As shown, the CBD industry is a clear example of the realisation of the most bold ideas.

CBD is such a versatile cannabinoid that is formulated with different components in thousands of products. Many CBD concepts and ideas are practical, while others don't necessarily make any sense. However, it is clear that CBD businesses are attempting to make CBD available in every way possible.

The world of unusual CBD products is still at its infancy stage. Plus, because there are still so many things to explore about CBD and the future of its industry, companies will continue to come up with new ideas and to produce anything that they think customers would want or need.

alphagreen academy

As you can see, we have covered lots of exciting CBD-infused products and have discussed some surprising ways of taking CBD. Hopefully, CBD brands will introduce fresh new ideas of using CBD to bring something exciting to their consumers.

Well, the sky's the limit, right?

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Anastasiia Myronenko

Anastasiia Myronenko

Anastasiia Myronenko is a Medical Physicist actively practicing in one of the leading cancer centers in Kyiv, Ukraine. She received her master’s degree in Medical Physics at Karazin Kharkiv National University and completed Biological Physics internship at GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Germany. Anastasiia Myronenko specializes in radiation therapy and is a fellow of Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists.