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CBD Golden Flapjacks 30mg

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Golden flapjacks from The Wild Health Co contain real hemp leaf and 30mg of CBD that can help you to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a delicious edible form. These flapjacks are organic, free from GMO, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The CBD for this product is derived from especially grown hemp plants and extracted with a clean CO2 extraction process. The product contains less than 0.2% THC, which is the legal requirement for CBD products sold in the UK.

CBD-rich snack

These CBD flapjacks contain the same high quality CBD as the rest of The Wild Health Co’s  products - this CBD is made using a fully organically grown hemp crop that is grown especially for its high CBD content. Extensive lab tests are done to ensure that this CBD is of consistently excellent quality.

CBD Golden Flapjacks 30mg
CBD Golden Flapjacks 30mg
As low as £2.20

Product Details 


These CBD flapjacks are a delicious and convenient way of enjoying the benefits of CBD. Each flapjack contains 30mg of CBD, making it easy to ensure a consistent amount is consumed at a time. Some people prefer to take their CBD in edible form, especially those who are new to the world of CBD. Regular CBD users find that these CBD flapjacks are the perfect way of obtaining their daily CBD intake in addition to other great products, including CBD oil and CBD teas.

Many people include CBD (cannabidiol) in their wellness regime for various reasons - such as relieving aches and pains, managing stress, easing anxiety, alleviating insomnia, and reducing inflammation. Although it is not possible to make any medical claims about the therapeutic properties of CBD, it is believed to have many health benefits. CBD has shown to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which is important for regulating bodily processes, including sleep, metabolism, stress and pain management, immunity and more.


These CBD flapjacks contain phytocannabinoid rich hemp leaves and CBD isolate from the same source - this is then expertly baked into a tasty golden flapjack which is vegan friendly, organic and GMO free. The CBD used in the product is sourced from organically and sustainably grown hemp plants with no GMOs or pesticides at all, extracted using super clean large-scale extraction machines, resulting in a fully traceable, broad spectrum CBD which boasts 5 cannabinoids and 40 terpenes. Each batch is independently tested for quality and consistency.

The right dosage of CBD for individuals will vary with each person depending on their body weight, the issues they are planning to address by taking CBD, and their individual body chemistry. Many people take a note of their CBD dosage and adjust it to fit with their own personal requirements. 

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SKUThe Wild Health Co CBD Golden Flapjacks 30mg
CBD FormatFood & Drink
CBD TypeBroad spectrum

Why we love it

Various health benefits

CBD is becoming very popular lately, as many studies are being done into the use of CBD as a potential supplement used for a variety of health issues from insomnia and anxiety to chronic pain and inflammation. Research is still ongoing, but current studies have found that CBD could have potential benefits to health and wellness.

High-quality hemp


The hemp used in these flapjacks is grown at an ISO and GMP accredited facility from a cultivar of the Cannabis Sativa L plant which is high in CBD. The product is free of GMO ingredients, pesticides, solvents, and mycotoxins. Independent lab reports are available for each product. These reports show the CBD content as well as other cannabinoids which are believed to work synergistically and provide more benefits. According to legal requirements, the hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and cannot cause ‘high’ or psychedelic effect. 

Tasty and healthful snacks

The brand’s co-founder’s family background is surrounded by 200 years of baking experience. Professional bakers have carefully produced these CBD flapjacks, ensuring consistently good quality, flavour and appearance. All ingredients used in their baked goods are organic and GMO free. The flapjacks have a delicious taste and wonderful texture, and the CBD flavour is virtually undetectable, which is good for those who do not like the taste of plain CBD oil.


Oats, golden syrup, margarine (sustainable palm oil, rapeseed oil, water, salt, emulsifier E465, colours E100, E160b, flavouring) brown sugar, raw hemp and CBD

How to use

These CBD flapjacks can be enjoyed any time of day, and are perfect with a cup of the brand’s CBD tea!

Lab reports

The Wild Health Co have been making their own high quality CBD oils and capsules as well as tea, coffee and snacks since 2018.


The Wild Health Co was founded due to a need - the need to get back into the ‘wild’ - to reconnect with nature but in a way that works in the modern world. That’s why all-natural, whole ingredients are used to make the Wild Health Co oils, teas and other products. The health and wellness trend has inspired many products and brands, but not all are created equal. The Wild Health Co strives to be as authentic as possible in a modern world and embraces natural, holistic methods of healing the body and mind with plant based remedies. The brand uses recycled and recyclable packaging and eco-friendly inks, so you can be sure that The Wild Health Co lives up to its promises.

“I started The Wild Health Co after my own illness, to fight the rising tide of stress and anxiety, we live in a world that’s doing it’s best to stress us out and make us sick! A return to the wild and natural can go a long way to combatting that.”- Ryan Croft, co-founder of The Wild Health Co.

Independent lab reports are available for the CBD used in all of The Wild Health Co products.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration or the MHRA. This product is not intended to cure, prevent or treat any disease.

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