If CBD oil isn’t your thing, or you want to switch things up, why not try some CBD capsules? They’re easy to take, look just like any other pill or capsule, and often come infused with all sorts of goodness - like turmeric, ginger, and other plant-based sources of power. A CBD experience doesn’t have to leave you messing around with a pipette - you can simply swallow these capsules and enjoy all the benefits of CBD. Explore the most popular products - CBD Oil, CBD Vape, CBD Gummies. CBD Oil | CBD Vape | CBD Gummies

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A Guide To CBD Capsules

A Guide To CBD Capsules

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This article discusses the pros, cons and various qualities of CBD capsules - from bioavailability to benefits. Since CBD capsules have a ‘slow-burn’ effect on the system, due to passing through the digestive system and getting metabolised by the liver, before entering the bloodstream, we conclude that CBD capsules can be great for those who want to feel the long-lasting, low-intensity effects of CBD.


CBD capsules can be a great way of taking your daily dose of CBD. We, at Alphagreen, love that the way CBD-infused capsules can make life convenient - with little to no fuss with pipettes or vape cartridges, capsules are simple and efficient.

We also offer a range of CBD capsules, for those who want to find the right daily supplement for them. Our personal favourites are the capsules infused with other superfoods and micronutrients, such as turmeric, ginger and various plant extracts or herbs.

Let’s have a look at how CBD capsules work on the system, their benefits and why you might find them suitable for you.

CBD Capsules: How Well Do They Absorb?

A Guide To CBD Capsules

CBD capsules have a predetermined dosage of CBD, so you don’t have to worry about calculating concentration or volume once you’ve bought your product. Simply follow the instructions on the back of the packaging, which will advise you on how many capsules to take per day. Once you take your capsule, the effects of the CBD might not be felt immediately - this is because of our digestive tract, which tends to slow things down.

Once the CBD is ingested, it takes time to pass through our large, complicated digestive tract and then into our liver, where it is metabolised. Often, this digestion process takes about 1-2 hours. But, this process allows CBDs effects to last a lot longer. Once digested, the CBD is broken down by the liver, before it can enter the bloodstream and begin to activate our endocannabinoid system into action. When the CBD is metabolised by our liver, it goes through a ‘first pass effect’.

This happens with any drug or supplement which is taken via the oral method. The CBD, essentially, decreases in concentration because enzymes in the liver break it down. While the CBD eventually does make it into the bloodstream, due to the ‘first pass effect’ the amount of CBD we first tend to take doesn’t quite correlate to the amount that finally acts on our system. This means that, while CBD capsules are more long-lasting, they tend to have a lower bioavailability than methods meaning that less CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream.

What CBD Dosage Is Good For Me?

We do recommend that you check the dosage of CBD oil in the capsules you buy pre-purchase.

For CBD newbies we recommend going for 10-15 mg of CBD a day. This is to get used to having CBD in your system, without overwhelming yourself. It also allows you to test out any potential side effects. CBD typically doesn’t have any serious side effects, but for those who are sensitive to cannabidiol, it has been known to cause fatigue. If you’ve tested the waters and would prefer a stronger dose (especially since CBD capsules have a lower bioavailability than other forms) 30-60 mg of CBD might be a better bet.

According to studies, there is a myriad of ways to determine whether a high CBD dosage is suitable for you or not:

A Guide To CBD Capsules
  1. Consider the source: CBD capsules have lower bioavailability, meaning, you can take a higher dose without necessarily experiencing the effects, in full.
  2. Consider your age, weight, sex and health: people with higher body weight and more fat tend to require higher dosages. But if your metabolism is quick (you tend to digest food and drink a lot quicker) you might want to take a lighter dosage. Women and older people also tend to require smaller doses of CBD for the same effect.
  3. Consider your sensitivity to CBD: usually, you can play this by ear with the number of capsules you take in a day by starting off with a lighter dosage and working your way up. 
  4. Consider what you’re using CBD for.
  5. Consider a dosage calculator: you can find these online and, while they might not be fully accurate, they can be a great way to start your CBD journey.

The Benefits of CBD Capsules

Many people love a good CBD-infused capsule, and the CBD capsule market is still alive and thriving. For the most part, this is because CBD lasts way longer in duration when taken orally than any other method. According to research, the ‘mean residence time’ that CBD stays in the system was 4.2 hours which is an hour more than the CBD that was injected into the test subjects.

Within this time limit, the CBD is taking effect on our ECS; which means oral CBD’s effects can linger for some hours. According to other studies, CBD’s effects can be felt for 6-8 hours, and sometimes longer. With CBD capsules, studies tell us that CBD’s half-life (which is the time that a molecule falls to half its original value) is pretty long, lasting 1-2 days.

So, while the first-pass effect can render CBD’s bioavailability as low as 6%, this is offset by how long CBD actually lasts in the system, when we take it orally- allowing it to be perfect for those of us who prefer to bask in the slow, long-term effects of cannabidiol.

Why CBD Capsules Might Be Suitable For You

There’s a number of reasons why people decide to go the CBD capsule route. Here are some great benefits to keep in mind:

Slow-Burn Effects

A Guide To CBD Capsules

CBD capsules might be beneficial for beginners, who want to ease their way into the world of CBD and its slow-burn effects. Often, when absorbed too quickly, CBD can have an alarming effect on a system that isn’t used to it. While CBD isn’t intoxicating, it has a relaxing effect on the system- in particular, the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

CBD’s presence in our body allows higher levels of two endocannabinoids - anandamide and 2-AG. While these endocannabinoids never flood the system to the point of shifting perception, memory and cognition (in the way that THC does- due to its high affinity for CB1 receptors in the brain), they do have seriously great therapeutic benefits. Anandamide, known as the ‘bliss molecule’ and 2-AG tend to lower pain levels, boost cognition and concentration and, most importantly, promote relaxation in the body and brain by binding to CB1, CB2 receptors and TRPV1 receptors in the central nervous system. Anandamide is also the endocannabinoid responsible for lowering fear levels, decreasing stress and promoting mood enhancement. Anandamide is also responsible for our concentration and memory- it promotes the formation of nerve cells in the brain and encourages memory and learning.

While this all sounds great, when CBD is taken too quickly, its therapeutic effects might overwhelm the system. We’re not making this up- studies and accounts have shown the CBD newbies tend to react intensely to a sudden stimulus, like CBD.

Vaping CBD, for example, is one method that has been shown to induce side-effects- which have been proven to be more likely to suddenly affect the system. Due to the fact that CBD vapes have such a high bioavailability, users might notice a sudden decrease in blood pressure, a lowering of the heart rate and even an onslaught of drowsiness.

All these factors occur because CBD helps to inhibit the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for ‘fight or flight’ and, therefore, assists with engaging the parasympathetic system, responsible for ‘rest and digest’. But CBD capsules bring on these effects in slow, dim waves, giving the body a chance to feel the effects over a stretched out period of time.

Fixed Dosage/Discreet

CBD capsules are also easy to take, with a fixed dosage. This can be really convenient for those who want their daily dose of CBD with limited time, effort or interest in making up their dosage for the day. CBD capsules are also discreet, portable and can be taken anywhere- which might suit you, if you’re in a rush, want to spread your dosage out during the day or simply to keep your capsules on you.

Can Contain Other Ingredients

Often, CBD capsules are infused with other herbs, superfood extract or micronutrients. This Is perfect for those who want to take more than one supplement in their daily dose. Not everyone tends to prioritise CBD as a daily supplement, and you might be happy with having your CBD with some turmeric, ashwagandha, vitamins, terpenes or herb extracts, to help with other ailments. To put it simply, a dose of CBD alongside other beneficial ingredients might be exactly what you need. And CBD capsules, especially the ones sold by us, here at Alphagreen, provide just that.


Whether you’re looking for a slow and gentle therapeutic effect, which can stretch throughout your day, or you simply want convenience over anything else CBD capsules might be the ones for you.

With additional ingredients, a wealth of different flavours and all the variety of spectrums and concentrations to choose from in your CBD capsules, with Alphagreen, you’re sure to find the right capsules for you.


What Can CBD Capsules Do?

CBD capsules can do a number of things - in a nutshell, CBD balances the inner system. Many people use CBD to find more calm in their life and to boost to their overall wellbeing. 

Can I Take CBD Capsules Everyday?

While we always recommend you to check the dosage instructions on the back of every CBD product you buy, the general consensus is- yes. Because oral forms of CBD get absorbed over a long period of time, typically, CBD can be treated as a daily supplement. Some instructions may recommend taking 2 capsules a day, some will give you an estimate.

Can CBD Capsules Get Me High?

Not if you buy it from a legal, reputable source - such as the Alphagreen website! Even a full spectrum CBD capsule (with trace amounts of THC, always under 1mg) can’t get you high. There’s simply not enough THC to intoxicate you- brands will add THC to a CBD product for added therapeutic benefits. Studies have shown that even small amounts of THC improve the product’s  ‘entourage effect’- making each cannabinoid present in the capsule stronger and more potent.

How Long Can A CBD Capsule Stay In My System

When taken orally, CBD can stay in the system for a few days - between 2 and 5 days is a general belief. But, of course, it’s all dependent on your metabolism and how quickly your system can get rid of the CBD.

If you’re asking how long orally ingested CBD’s effects last - the general consensus is between 4-8 hours. Pretty long!

What’s Contained In a CBD Capsule?

A CBD capsule will typically contain about 10-25mg of CBD oil (although this varies- please do check the ingredients on the back to see what suits you). The CBD oil is encased in, either gelatin or vegetable cellulose- we do recommend that if you’re vegan/vegetarian or do not consume pork that you check for the vegetable cellulose shell.

When Is The Best Time To Take CBD Capsules?

CBD tends to roll with the flow- meaning, it suits a variety of different times of the day. CBD tends to be great for the morning or evening- respectively helping us remain alert and wind down for the night, according to what you want to gain. And since CBD capsules can come infused with other herbs or nutrients, which can be best suited for certain times of the day, it might be best to shop with intention.

For example, if you want to improve your sleep, you might benefit from a CBD capsule that’s infused with CBG- because CBG is known for its sedative properties.

If you want your CBD capsule to keep you concentrated and alert for the day, you could go for a CBD capsule with added ginseng, ashwagandha or omega-3 - ingredients that have been proven to promote energy, clarity and concentration.

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