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Skin healer CBD bath bomb (large)

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Take time to sit back and relax in the bath with this Skin Healer CBD Bath Bomb. You'll just wish you ordered two! Once you drop the bath bomb you'll see your bath come alive and release ingredients to stimulate relaxation! It's also great as a gift to your close friends and family members - just be sure to treat yourself to one too!

Time For Some,Me Time

Now bath bombs are something we can all agree is something we look forward to especially after a long week. Where your body has endured the heavy wear and tear from your commute to work - or simply keeping up with your active lifestyle. That’s why it's as important to take care of your body during winding-down and using products that are naturally derived to help the process of recovery. ensuring you can push yourself further at training. Now, these bath bombs are naturally derived and have key active CBD so it not only nourishes your skin but also helps stimulate your body to relax. Making sure you have a great night sleep.

Skin healer CBD bath bomb (large)
Skin healer CBD bath bomb (large)

Product Details

Cannabidiol has risen in popularity over the past few years, becoming one of the most researched phytocannabinoids of all time. Scientists believe it has the potential to treat a variety of conditions, and they hope to prescribe it as medication soon. The only drawback is that there haven’t been enough clinical studies to prove the efficacy and safety of CBD in treating specific diseases. This is why, at present, CBD is only used as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle.

Today, we see more and more governments gradually lifting the ban on medical marijuana. Even the World Health Organization approves that CBD is safe for use, to quote their words, “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.” 

Therefore, you can be confident that this Skin Healer CBD Bath Bomb (large) is totally safe for use. There is an increasing number of people using Skin Healer CBD Bath Bomb, among other CBD derivatives. This is owed to CBD’s promises of reduced anxiety and improved sleep quality. 

For many, CBD seems like a safe avenue for getting healthy and radiant skin without triggering other health problems, as with most beauty products. In some animal studies, the European Journal of Pain concluded that CBD applied directly on the skin can also help to lower the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. This can be a relief to patients suffering from a chronic disease.

The interaction of CBD with the endocannabinoid system gives it an urge in managing the internal processes effectively. Once in the body, CBD interacts with ECS receptors located in different areas, resulting in different (desirable) effects which may be felt through reduced pain or a restored circadian rhythm. 

It is believed that CBD addresses health problems at a cellular level by working on the DNA of the responsible affected areas. This may alleviate the symptoms and help to manage some of those conditions. There is also hope for individuals experiencing libido problems that through regular use, their condition can eventually improve.

Mr NICE sources its industrial hemp from Denmark. The country has better regulations on hemp farming, with strict no GMO policy, which has seen it’s hemp preferred by many top brands in the market. Furthermore, the country boasts of fertile soils and lower levels of contamination. The hemp plants are grown in environments free from artificial additives; no fertilisers or pesticides were used.


Mr NICE is GMP certified. That means it follows rigorous quality checks conducted on their manufacturing site. In order to obtain this certification, a company must demonstrate its ability to maintain high quality and safety standards in the manufacturing process of cannabis products.

To get a GMP certification, a manufacturer should document their manufacturing process, employ skilled workers, as well as assess the risk of product contamination. Mr NICE excels in all those areas and uses a standardised CO2 extraction method that is GMP approved. 

You can rest assured that no harm will befall you from using this product.


Mr NICE sources its industrial hemp from seasoned growers in Denmark, where there is strict regulation of cannabis farming. The country has fertile soils plus lower levels of pollution, which makes it possible for farmers to grow hemp while maintaining natural conditions. 

There is no use of chemicals (fertilisers and pesticides). This can be verified by lab tests conducted on the yield prior to the manufacturing of these Skin Healer Bath Bombs.

More Information
CBD TypeIsolate
CBD Percentage1%
IngredientsShea Butter

Why We Love It

It uplifts your mood

Cannabidiol interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain. These receptors are associated with mood regulation and help to counteract feelings of depression. This is why people who use the Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs report feeling a calming and soothing effect during and after taking a bath. The product helps especially individuals in stressful employment, who are prone to clinical stress and anxiety.

Improves your sexual health

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which links to several body systems, including one’s reproductive health. It is believed when combined with essential salts, it can help improve libido. The causes may vary between individuals; for some, it’s stress and hormonal imbalance — hence the need to blend the essential ingredients aimed at improving your system’s health.

Helps to ease muscle tension

This is common for people suffering from chronic conditions, such as arthritis. Muscle tension can result in disturbed sleep and pain. When untreated, a patient may end-up taking sleeping pills (most of which are prone to side-effects). The product can help to ease muscular tension and relieve you from the associated pain, thereby allowing you to rest and relax without using painkillers.

Improves the quality of sleep

Whether one is in a depressed mood or is experiencing muscle tension and pain, they all can be sleep impediments. If this is experienced for a long period of time, it will result in an altered circadian rhythm, and that can have detrimental health effects. It only takes a regular bathing schedule with the Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs to reclaim your beautiful sleep quality.

Improves skin health

Mr NICE Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs delivers the essential nutrients for healthy skin. Usually, these nutrients are often lacking in most diets, which leaves the skin thirsty, dry and chapped. Through blending ingredients with complimenting properties such as wound healing, anti-inflammation and softening properties, your skin can return to a radiant, youthful look.


Mr NICE Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs are manufactured using 100% organically grown ingredients, sourced from certified growers. There is no use of chemicals and fertilisers, during the cultivation stage, and that is carried across the succeeding stages of production. This follows the specified GMP regulations and guidelines in producing and maintaining high-quality standards.

Helps in detoxifying the body

Mr NICE Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs contains bicarbonate and citric acid, which are known for their deep cleansing action and fizzing sensation. This can help to clean, repair and deodorise your body, thus reducing the chances of developing skin problems associated with increased levels of toxins. A pleasant body odour comes as a bonus to using these Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs. 

Creates an aromatherapy

With Mr NICE Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs, your regular bath session can be easily transformed into a magical spa, creating an aura of luxury and opulence. Every breath delivers an aromatherapeutic experience that reaches deep into your soul, creating a pleasant sensation.


35mg CBD isolate & Base Oil & Salt, Shea Butter & Himalayan Pink Salt, Essential Oils (Helichrysum & Bergamot) are the main ingredients responsible for greater therapeutic effects.

Essential oils and Base oils are linked to numerous skincare properties. They help to reduce inflammation, assist in wound healing, and maintain water balance. This is one of the key ingredients for hydrated and supple skin.

Salts have a long history of use in rekindling sexual libido in Philosophy and Greek mythology. These special salts were included to help you keep the spark in your romantic life. 

Additional ingredients include Sodium bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aqua, Batch, Certified colourants Fragrance and SLSA.

How to Use

The Skin Healer CBD Bath Bomb can be used at any time of the day. Whether in the morning or at night, the soothing feeling can set the perfect tone to your next event. The directions for use are quite simple. Simply place the bath bomb in the water and allow it to dissolve. This short waiting time allows for vital nutrients to saturate the water, ready to infuse your skin with the rich ingredients.

After dissolving, the water will be ready for your pleasurable bathing experience. The Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs is suitable for use in most of the bathing situations and environments such as tubs, jacuzzi or even in a shower. 

These bath bombs have been formulated to suit even the most sensitive skin types, which makes it usable by almost all groups and races. Nonetheless, prior to using them for the first time, consult your doctor to avoid any negative effects. Though CBD is considered safe for use, different people react differently, as with any medication or health supplement. Your physician can help you identify any allergies, among other bad effects (if any).

The Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs are sold in two sizes; the large and small. There is no difference in their product composition except for quantity; therefore, they can be used interchangeably without any side effects.

Mr NICE considers Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs strictly for external use. The product is not meant for oral use, and if accidentally swallowed, drink a lot of water and seek medical attention. Do not induce vomiting. 

Avoid applying the bath bombs to broken, sore or irritated skin. In the case of skin irritation, discontinue use and visit your dermatologist or any other healthcare professional. 

Storage: for a prolonged shelf-life, keep Mr NICE Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs under a cool, dry environment. Avoid placing it in areas receiving direct sunlight. Once opened, use the product within six months, to obtain the best results.

NB: Unless your medical practitioner advises you, Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs should not be used to replace clinical medication. This product remains a beauty-care product.

Lab Reports

Mr NICE Skin Healer CBD Bath Bombs are considered safe and dependable products that live up to their standard. Before they are released to the market, they undergo internal quality checks which include conducting lab tests.

The lab reports are verified by third parties and are made accessible to any interested individual, all in the interest of public health. The Skin Healer CBD Bath Bomb is manufactured in compliance with the UK and EU guidelines and regulations. This makes the product usable within most countries that legalise cannabis-based products. To make an informed decision, compare the THC percentage printed on the label, against your country’s requirement.

Any customers in need of the lab reports and all other quality documents may simply get in touch with Mr NICE.

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