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CBD Milk Chocolate

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Silky smooth - Paso Milk chocolate leaves a creamy-like aftertaste in your mouth. Great as a treat to have on-the-go or maybe just to keep a secret stash in your draw! It's great accompanied with a nice rich black coffee!.

Milk Chocolate

Silky milk chocolate is packed with phyto rich CBD!

CBD Milk Chocolate
CBD Milk Chocolate

Products Details 

Enhancing the operation of the body’s endocannabinoid system provides the power it needs to heal itself. That is why so many CBD consumers report relief and improvement in their well-being and health after adding a hemp therapy to their daily lives. Paso CBD Milk Chocolate has no psychoactive effects and won’t get you “high”. Overall, Paso products are formulated for immediate natural absorption to support the endocannabinoid system, which brings numerous benefits to the entire body. 

Paso CBD Milk Chocolate is manufactured in small batches from the highest quality Belgian chocolate and carefully infused with CBD. All the CBD used by Paso has been extracted via a solvent-free extraction method from natural and pesticide-free hemp from US farms. This implies a Paso CBD product is free from various contaminants. Paso CBD Milk Chocolate is the best CBD chocolate which represents an excellent blend of two powerful ingredients. It is truly one of the most delicious desserts as the chocolate has a velvety texture and melts slowly in the mouth.

CBD is believed to have healing abilities, it can help with anxiety, but sometimes it can be stressful finding a CBD product that fits your lifestyle while delivering the desired effect. However, Paso CBD Milk Chocolate is an ideal option for people who are not sure of where to start. It can serve as a wonderful daily well-being supplement responsible for your further mood uplifting, heart-opening, improving the immune system, heightened energy and awareness, healthy cellular PH balance, activated cannabinoid receptors in the brain, increased absorption of nutrients, combating stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and overall well-being without imposing a “high.”

The body usually builds up storage of CBD. Unlike alcohol, which is typically absent from the bloodstream within one or two days after ingestion, CBD is fat-soluble and may stay bound to the cells of the human body for several weeks. This fact is good to know because, after a few weeks of using full-spectrum hemp extract, even a lesser amount may be as sufficient as the initial serving amount.                          

As a quick reminder, CBD is a counterbalance to THC. It means that CBD is not the psychoactive element that gets you “high.” Legal CBD products on the market, including chocolates, are an excellent source of CBD without THC. Cocoa, in its turn, can hydrate the body from inside out, thus providing natural moisture to the skin. It can also help those consumers who are currently on a diet and want to lose weight. Due to its MAO inhibitors, cocoa powder curbs the appetite naturally. It can also be a real and marvellous dessert. Most significantly, organic chocolate often makes its consumers smile, which radiates the natural beauty full force.

More Information
CBD FormatFood & Drink
CBD TypeBroad spectrum
CBD Percentage1%

Why We Love It

Paso CBD Milk Chocolate contains CBD, but it does not contain any THC and has no psychoactive effects. In general, CBD may be particularly useful in managing a wide range of symptoms, such as depression, stress, nausea, anxiety, pain and inflammation. We love this Paso milk chocolate because a bar of it provides a convenient dose of CBD designed for optimal health. Besides its mood-enhancing abilities, including the cocoa’s ability to elevate serotonin and dopamine levels in combination with CBD oil’s ability to soothe the mind and physical body, Paso CBD Milk Chocolate has a good and deep flavour profile. It leaves everyone wanting to savour just one more square. A few pieces of Paso CBD Dark chocolate can be a real treat at the end of a long day. 

We love it because Paso CBD Milk Chocolate Bars offer a delicious way to get a daily dose of CBD. CBD is extracted using unique nanotechnology so that it is more bioavailable and easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Due to its high absorbency, the effects of Paso chocolate bars will appear rapidly.

100% organic and natural hemp extract ensures Paso CBD Milk chocolate is free from solvents, chemicals, and heavy metals. What is more, all of their CBD infused chocolates undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure proper dosing and consistency with every bite. Foodies love having their expectations challenged, trying new things, and talking about it! Paso CBD Milk chocolate can make all of that happen. Deservedly, chocolate has shock value, so why not exploit Paso CBD chocolate and have some fun with it? 


Product quality is more than a focus at Paso. It is an obsession. Paso customers can enjoy their CBD infused products with the confidence that they are getting the exact dosage listed on the package.  

Because Paso chocolates are handcrafted, fresh, and contain the best natural ingredients, they can reduce the artificial flavours, sugar content, stabilisers and other chemical preservatives. This means Paso chocolate tastes sensational, and fresh ingredients are best for taste and health. 


Rich cocoa with caramel notes, creamy, and a mildly floral finish

Product contains:  

- 42% cocoa;

- 75 mg CBD content;

- cocoa butter; 

- sugar;

- natural vanilla flavouring;

- soya lecithin;

- whole milk powder;

- Totally THC-free. 

Paso CBD Milk chocolate is handmade in small batches in London. As a result, consumers may find the authentic air bubbles in it. 

Allergy warning: Paso CBD Milk chocolate may contain traces of nuts, soy, and milk. 

How to Use

Dosage is an essential part of the CBD diet and entirely depends upon what a consumer is taking CBD for. It is a good idea to start by having one-two servings per day. It is also advised to increase or decrease slowly until optimal effects are experienced. Typically, what seems to be efficient may vary greatly depending on the consumer.

It’s important to mention that consumers should choose CBD edibles wisely depending on how specific a person needs the dose to be. In fact, dosing ranges widely based on many health factors and personal lifestyle. The recommended dosage could be from one to six mg per ten pounds of body weight. It is always best to adjust the CBD dose under the doctor’s guidance.

CBD edibles could take anywhere from one to two hours to start working. The amount of time is usually based on body weight, what else a person has eaten beforehand, the metabolic rate, and other personal factors. Nevertheless, CBD edibles often last longer than other forms of cannabidiol because they are processed slower by the body. This fact makes them convenient for CBD consumers who need a steady supply of cannabidiol to help manage their health conditions. 

As for Paso CBD Milk chocolate, it is best to keep it in a refrigerator. Paso recommends taking one piece three times per day. A bit of Paso CBD Milk Chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to your next cup of coffee or tea.  

CBD products are safe to consume and have been used as healing medicine for many years. However, as with any other potent plants and herbs, every CBD item needs to be tested to see the effects on an individual. CBD certainly does not work for everyone. Nevertheless, many people have been praising the ameliorative effects of CBD, which are said to be able to bolster productivity, calm anxiety, ease inflammation, relax sore muscles, and treat acne. Nowadays, there are no known cases of overdosing CBD. It is so because CBD is safe at any level, and there are no known harmful or adverse effects. However, if you are pregnant or taking other medication or breastfeeding, please consult with your health care professional before incorporating CBD into your diet. 


When buying a CBD product, it is vitally important to look for COAs. If a brand does not share a COA, it is advised to find a more transparent brand.

Unfortunately, until more self-imposed transparency or regulation becomes industry standard, CBD consumers will need to do a little research if they want to make sure the CBD product works perfectly. 

In other words, even with the brand holding themselves accountable and reliable, it is still consumers’ job to look through all of the long and cumbersome information provided. Though the label on the CBD product says there is a certain amount of mg of CBD, there might not be as much as advertised. A third-party lab test is an ideal place to verify the actual CBD and THC content. A COA provides more details on what is in the product to confirm the type of extract a person is purchasing. In other words, a cannabinoid profile gives a more in-depth look at the different cannabinoids within the CBD product. 

Paso believes in transparency. They work hard every day to ensure that their products meet the legal requirements and provide the customers with potent and pure products that work. People are all entitled to know what they consume and should be able to make an informed decision on what enters their body. It is always essential to understand the Cannabinoid profile and the potency of the product as well as the presence of any possible contaminants. 

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