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15% CBD Oil

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Forest friendly
  • No Parabens / Sulfates
  • THC Free
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in USA
  • Organic
  • No matter what condition you're trying to address using CBD, it is critical to only purchase CBD from a trusted and reputable source. With that in mind, Naturecan offers 15% broad-spectrum CBD oil that is third-party tested to ensure that it is safe for consumption. This oil is combined with organic medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) carrier oil for added benefits. It is also vegan-friendly and derived from certified hemp

    SKUnaturecan 15% CBD Oil
    CBD FormatOil
    CBD TypeBroad spectrum
  • MCT Oil, Terpenes
  • How to Use

    The CBD tinctures are very easy to use, all you need to do is place a few drops under your tongue, wait 30-60 seconds, and then swallow. You can also add the drops to your favourite juice or tea as usual. The effects are usually noticeable within a few minutes after ingestion. Please note a drop is not the entire pipette but a single droplet of the liquid. 

    This is one of the most preferred ways of taking CBD, both for speed and effect. This is because there is a network of capillaries under your tongue. These capillaries facilitate quick absorption of CBD into the bloodstream and directed to the areas they are needed.

    alphagreen naturecan cbd oil broad spectrum natural usa


    Most people measure their doses using drops, droppers, or millilitres. It is important to take into account the CBD percentage strength in the oil. On average, the recommended dosage is 2-5 drops of the 15% CBD oil peruse. 

    The percentage given on the label represents the CBD concentration, which is the true drop-for-drop strength of a product. A full dropper is about 1ml, and this represents around 20 drops, though this may vary slightly amongst manufacturers. 

    A maximum of 15 drops for 70mg per day would be advisable. Please note, there is no optimal CBD dosage that would suit everyone since CBD affects everyone differently. Naturecan also has a table on their website to help with you understand how the CBD oil product strength stack up so that you get the ideal oil for your daily dosage to enjoy the best value for money.

    alphagreen naturecan cbd oil broad spectrum natural usa


    Keep the tincture bottle tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place out of reach from children.  


    Do not take CBD oil if you are pregnant or a nursing mother. Consult with a doctor first before trying any CBD products, especially if you are taking any other medication for other health issues. Do not exceed more than 70mg of CBD per day unless under medical direction. The 15% CBD oil is not a medication to be used to treat, cure or prevent any health condition. CBD is a food supplement that is used to improve or support a healthy lifestyle.

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Certified ingredients

Naturecan only uses certified ingredients to make sure that the end product is safe and delivers the expected results.

Product Details

alphagreen naturecan cbd oil broad spectrum natural usa

When it comes to cannabidiol (CBD) products, it comes with no surprise that the CBD oils are the most popular. Not to mention, Naturecan’s 15% CBD oil is one of the best on the market compared to the many products being advertised out there. 

It is distinguished by the fact that it is made from broad-spectrum CBD. This means that the oil retains all the phytochemicals naturally found in the plant cannabis plant, except for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the notorious psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. Nonetheless, it is filtered out so that you get to enjoy all the benefits of CBD oil without having to experience the adverse effects.

Tinctures come in either 10ml or 30ml, and you can choose the unflavoured or turmeric oil flavour. The CBD oil comes in different strengths, including 5% CBD Oil, 10% CBD Oil, 15% CBD Oil, 20% CBD Oil, and 40% CBD Oil. As a beginner, the CBD percentages might seem confusing, but it is important to understand the amount of CBD that you need for your individual purposes before purchasing them.

alphagreen naturecan cbd oil broad spectrum natural usa

Whether you choose the 10ml/1500mg CBD or the 30ml/4500mg CBD, the 15% CBD strength will not change. This means that the percentage concentration is far more important than the total overall when you assess the strength of a CBD product

The decision on how much oil to take will depend on the reason for taking CBD, your body weight, height and body chemistry. It will take a bit of time to find out what works for you before you rule it out.

The oil is made from CBD extracted from hemp, which is grown in the United States. In fact, the US is one of the most regulated CBD markets in the world. Moreover, the hemp plant has other additional compounds such as CBN, CBC, CBG, CBDA and CBDV. 

Each compound works to boost the therapeutic properties of the other simultaneously, whilst reducing any side effects. This is called the “entourage effect”, which essentially refers to the synergy between all the components in cannabis to enhance the potential benefits of the plant. 

There are three common types of hemp extracts: 

alphagreen naturecan cbd oil broad spectrum natural usa

Full-spectrum CBD contains trace cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenes and flavonoids, which are all the natural goodness found in the hemp plant. However, it also comes with negligible THC content (i.e. below 0.3%). This concentration is not psychoactive, but can give a false-positive result during a drug test if consumed in high doses regularly.

CBD Isolate is the purest form, made by removing CBD from its natural environment and eliminating all other ingredients. It is the highest concentration of CBD per serving, however the "entourage effect" would be absent.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds in the plant except for THC, which is removed entirely at the initial extraction. This is the CBD extract used by Naturecan because it includes multiple cannabinoids that produce an enhanced overall effect by CBD.

The differences may not seem huge, but it just goes to show how far Naturecan goes to ensure consumers get the best of CBD. Not only do they use the extraction process that ensures you get all the benefits from its oil, but every product goes through a rigorous seven-step testing process to ensure that no toxins and THC are present in the final product.

How does CBD work?

alphagreen naturecan cbd oil broad spectrum natural usa

CBD is the non-psychoactive and naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants. The CBD is mainly extracted from hemp plants and plays a big role in regulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is found in the human body and uses cannabinoids produced by the body itself to regulate processes and functions like mood, appetite, metabolism, memory, inflammation, communication between cells, and immune response. 

The ECS has three components, namely enzymes, receptors and endocannabinoids. After the enzymes break down the cannabinoids, researchers believe the CBD does not attach to the receptors but influences them in some way. Activating the receptors is what then gives the health benefits that people associate with the compound, including:

  • Improve heart health
  • Improve sleep
  • Help with appetite
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Alleviate cancer-related symptoms

The benefits are not only limited to the ones mentioned above, hence it is essential to research and find out how CBD can help you individually. Do note that CBD is not a medicine but instead  a food supplement that should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. Also, always consult with a physician before using CBD products, especially if you are taking any other medications.

Why We Love It

Naturecan is one of the popular CBD brands. Their CBD oils have become a favourite among celebrities and athletes also. 

Here are a few valid reasons as to why:

alphagreen naturecan cbd oil broad spectrum natural usa


The 15% CBD oil is 100% derived from certified hemp. There are no artificial flavourings or preservatives, as there are just pure natural ingredients. Vegan-friendly means that the oil does not include any animal products. This even includes the farming process, whereby animal manure is not used to fertilise the soil.


Very few companies can produce all-natural CBD oil because the farming conditions are hard to maintain and also expensive. However, Naturecan’s CBD is extracted from hemp plants grown without the use of growth enhancers, stimulators, or hormones to enhance their crop. These enhancers can interrupt the natural secretion of the plant's hormones, which changes the phytochemistry of the plant and in turn affects the body negatively.

alphagreen naturecan cbd oil broad spectrum natural usa


Naturecan offers a zero-THC guarantee to all its customers for all of its CBD products. With extensive third-party lab testing, the oil goes through a seven-step testing process from the first extraction to the final product. With the 15% CBD oil, you get to enjoy all the benefits of CBD without the psychological effects associated with THC.

Fast absorption

CBD oil is very easy to use and it has a high bioavailability. Bioavailability is defined as the proportion of a drug or substance which enters the blood circulation. Having a high bioavailability means CBD can enter the body efficiently, which indirectly means that even smaller doses can be effective. All you need to do is place a few drops of the 15% CBD oil under your tongue. After a few seconds, it will be absorbed into the blood and directed to the targeted areas.


Cannabidiol (CBD) - key ingredient in the oil is the broad spectrum CBD with all its health benefits.

Broad-spectrum terpenes - studies show that there are more than 200 terpenes in the cannabis plant. These volatile molecules are responsible for the unique colour and aroma profile of plants, spices, vegetables and fruits. In addition, they also bind to different receptors in the body to provide several potential health benefits.

Organic MCT oil - MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, which are medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. They are easy to digest and offer many health benefits. These saturated fatty acids are typically found in coconuts, and are often used to aid weight loss or improve stamina/ energy and also improve heart health.

Lab Reports

The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a document generally associated with cannabis-derived products, authenticating its laboratory analysis of cannabinoids and other adulterants like pesticides, moulds or heavy metals. 

alphagreen naturecan cbd oil broad spectrum natural usa

The results confirm that there were no heavy metals or bacteria present in the product. This showcases that Naturecan is transparent, and this certificate of analysis can be viewed for each product for everyone to go through. 

The company also has the BAS Infused certification. This certification was launched by BAS research, a licensed manufacturing company developing advanced science-driven cannabis oil and extraction services. Products that carry the BAS decal thus confirm that they have met the intense testing and standards required to ensure the purity and safety of the product.

Furthermore, Naturecan is part of the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) and the Center for Medical Cannabis (CMC). As a result, their products are fully certified and regulated. This enables them to continuously manufacture high-quality CBD products that are not substandard.