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Luxury CBD Balm 800mg - 60ml

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Made using only 100% organic ingredients this balm not only enriches your skin, but also ensures your skin is being nourished with key active ingredients to ensure you stay hydrated all day!

Support Your Recovery Process

This balm is packed with 800mg gh-quality CBD extract with other key ingredients to keep your skin nourished and protected. With a host of naturally derived ingredients to keep your skin enriched with all-day moisture. We advise to use after a shower or bath once your skin is clean and dry - apply!

Luxury CBD Balm 800mg - 60ml
Luxury CBD Balm 800mg - 60ml
As low as £62.00
alphagreen kloris luxury cbd balm

Product details 

The KLORIS Luxury CBD Balm 800mg is made using the best and purest CBD that is 100% organic and vegan. When manufacturing their products, they use only the best grown organic cannabis Sativa L. Hemp. This is one of the best products that KLORIS has in their catalogue. The KLORIS CBD balm permits the absorption of CBD from the skin to the tissues where it is needed. 

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It has become a popular term nowadays, but people often do not realise that we have been using this compound for ages. Cannabidiol is one of the thousand compounds found in cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that has been used by humans throughout history. It is one of those plants that has been passed down generations as a medicinal, spiritual, and recreational plant. In the past, people just knew of its effects but did not know of its composition or its properties. 

alphagreen kloris luxury cbd balm

Cannabis Sativa is a species made up of over 200 different plants that share common properties. All of these plants contain compounds called cannabinoids. Hemp and marijuana are the most popular of these plants. They are the plants that have been the most because of their high concentration of cannabinoids. As of now, the most studied cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Research has shown that these are the compounds that give cannabis its peculiar characteristics. Cannabidiol is found primarily in the hemp plant and provides the health benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effects. Tetrahydrocannabinol is found mainly in marijuana. This is the compound that gives cannabis the intoxicating effects. Basically, it is the reason why people get “high” when they take cannabis. 

Why use CBD topically?

The skin is a unique part of our body. It is the largest organ and performs a variety of functions. Also, it is a barrier between the environment and the delicate internal structures of our body. The skin is made up of three layers - epidermis, dermis, hypodermis. These layers are further divided sublayers that accurately depict their composition, but we don’t want to get into detailed anatomy here. All of these layers contain different structures or cells that help in its versatile functions. CBD on the skin readily gets absorbed into the body, and you can target specific areas that are of importance. 

The skin and ECS

alphagreen kloris luxury cbd balm

The discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the human body was the breakthrough that helped scientists to understand the properties of CBD and other cannabinoids. The ECS has receptors all over the body, and it was recently discovered that it also had receptors in the skin. In the skin, the ECS helps to keep the balance of skin cell functions such as differentiation, reproduction, and immune competence. Cells in the skin, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands secret endocannabinoids that bind to the CB1 and CB2 which are present on almost all the skin cells. This process contributes to the proper functioning of the skin by enforcing the epidermis’s defence barrier, providing anti-inflammatory properties, and moisturising the skin. 

More Information
SKULuxury CBD Balm 800mg - 60ml
CBD FormatBalm
CBD TypeBroad spectrum
CBD Percentage8%
Testing labPhytoVista Laboratories
IngredientsCoconut Oil, Vitamin E

Why We Love It

alphagreen kloris luxury cbd balm

The KLORIS CBD balm permits absorption of CBD from the skin (transdermally) into your ECS, targeting its receptors that are abundant in the skin and are known to affect inflammation and pain.

This high strength luxury CBD balm is suitable for directly targeting specific parts of the skin. It is made up of a beautiful mixture of natural butters and oils that provide many cosmetic and health benefits for the skin.  

The KLORIS CBD Balm is gluten and lactose-free. It is suitable for vegans and completely organic. Also, this product helps to enrich and nourish the skin, joints, and muscles. 


The KLORIS CBD Balm contains 800 mg of CBD extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction of organic Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp (industrial hemp) grown in Europe and sourced from some of the best suppliers available in the UK.

  • CBD: 800 mg / 0.0282 oz.
  • Volume: 60 ml / 2.117 fl.oz. ℮
alphagreen kloris luxury cbd balm

Shea butter: Shea butter comes from the shea nut tree that is native to Africa. It is basically a saturated fat. It has a very earthy smell like that of roasted nuts and has a grey tan pale colour. Shea butter usually stays in a solid form, but when rubbed against any surface, it becomes liquid very fast. It feels smooth when rubbed between the palms. 

Shea butter has lots of fatty acids that create a protective layer around the surface it is applied to. It is also very moisturising and nourishing especially to the skin and hair. Some studies show shea butter can protect us from UV radiation. Also, shea butter contains lots of vitamin E that acts as an anti-ageing tool when applied to the skin. 

Coconut butter: As we all suspected, coconut butter is made from the coconut fruit, specifically the flesh of the fruit. The coconut fruit is explicitly found in tropical areas. The flesh of the fruit is dehydrated and made into a butter. Unlike the butter, coconut oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruit. Coconut butter has many health benefits and can be used in different ways. It is rich in protein, potassium, magnesium, and iron. This butter has many uses in the beauty industry, and many use it as a skin moisturiser, bathing cream, shaving cream, lip balm, massage oil, and rash soother.

alphagreen kloris luxury cbd balm

Mango butter: The mango fruit not only tastes good but is a healthy fruit as well. This fruit also grows in tropical areas and is rich in fibre, pectin, and vitamin C. The seed of the fruit is as useful as the flesh. The seed is used to make mango butter. The butter is extracted from the deshelled fruit kernel of mangoes. Also, it looks like cocoa butter in appearance and has a sweet smell. Mango butter can be used alone, but it is usually used in making skin care products like balms, creams, soaps, and lotions. There are many benefits to using mango butter. It acts as a moisturiser and smooths rough or tough skin; it promotes healthy rejuvenated skin and hair; protects against UV radiation; heals skin rash; used as a shaving cream. 

Cocoa butter: Yes, you guess right, this is butter that comes from the plant that your favourite desserts like chocolate. Unlike desserts that taste good, have nutrients, but make us gain weight, the cocoa butter can also be used as skin care products. Cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans that is native to tropical areas. The beans are roasted, stripped, and squeezed to create the cocoa butter. 

alphagreen kloris luxury cbd balm

Sweet almond oil: The almond oil is made from the sweet almond seed. This oil is commonly used as ingredients in hair and skincare. These seeds are very rich in fats, and that is why they are good sources of oils. They contain vitamin E, and a small amount of vitamin K. Almond oil has many health benefits such as keeping your heart health; controlling your blood sugar level; helps in weight loss. It is also used in the beauty industry as a moisturising agent. It also helps to prevent the spread of stress marks on the skin. 

Candelilla wax: This is a vegetable wax gotten from the Euphorbia Cerifera or Candelilla shrub. In the cosmetic industry, it is used for making skincare products such as balms, creams, lotions, soaps, etc. 

Vitamin A palmitate: This is a form of vitamin A found in animal products such as chicken, eggs, and beef. It is also known as retinyl palmitate and preformed vitamin A. It is a retinoid, meaning that it can be absorbed easily and readily available for use by the body. Vitamin A palmitate has many health benefits, such as sun-damaged skin, ance, and some eye problems. 

Vitamin E: This is a fat-soluble vitamin. It can be gotten from many foods such as vegetable oils, meat, eggs, cereals, fruits, and wheat germ oil. The health benefits of vitamin E are limitless, but here it is used topically on the skin. On the skin, it helps protect us from sunburn. When used together with vitamin C, it also protects against UV radiation. 

How to use

This product is meant only for external use. KLORIS recommends that it should be applied twice daily on the desired area for about 5-10 minutes. Should not be used if you are pregnant or lactating. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep in a cool and dry place. Once opened, it should be used within six months. If you have any history of allergy, make sure you consult your doctor before using this product.

It is important to note that this product is not intended to be used as a drug to cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease. 


KLORIS products are certified and independently tested for potency and purity by a CTA approved lab. They provide consumers with some of the highest quality CBD products in the UK. Some manufacturers do not care to test their products because they are not regulated by any governing body. So, it is vital to get your CBD products from a credible source.

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