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CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops 3000mg CBD

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CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops is Love Hemp's super strong CBD oil, carefully designed to provide you with a range of CBD's potential health benefits to support your active lifestyle. The product contains a premium formula that offers an extra CBD boost for smooth absorption and increased potency. This CBD oil is available in natural and peppermint flavours.

There is 3,000mg CBD in a 30ml bottle, which is great for those looking for a more potent and faster-acting CBD dose. The broad-spectrum CBD is blended with MCT coconut oil and is rich in valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This gluten-free and vegan-friendly formula may help achieve a healthy balance and calm your mind.

Potent CBD dose

Love Hemp's CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops have a super potent formula specially designed for regular users looking for stronger and quicker responses. This CBD oil is blended with MCT coconut oil and a high CBD percentage (10%) to deliver CBD and other vital nutrients into the bloodstream. The product is intended to be taken via the sublingual route. Thanks to the numerous capillaries in the mouth, the active compounds are quickly absorbed. This allows users to potentially enjoy the natural power of the broad-spectrum CBD and helps you to support a calm, balanced lifestyle.

CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops 3000mg CBD
CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops 3000mg CBD
Special Price £79.99 Regular Price £99.99

Product details

AlphaGreen Love Hemp CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops 3000mg CBD

Love Hemp CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops is made by blending premium broad-spectrum CBD with MCT coconut oil to create a super potent formula rich in vital cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, as well as ensuring you experience all the benefits of organic MCT oil. The product comes in an easy-to-carry 30ml bottle containing 3,000mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and no THC traces. The oil has been designed to be used sublingually, under the tongue, which ensures that most of the bioactive compounds get into the bloodstream through the capillaries. This ensures that your body absorbs as much CBD as possible.

The broad-spectrum extract has a rich and diverse profile of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and fatty acids. The interaction of all of these elements produces what is known as the 'entourage effect', where all of the compounds interact with each other to boost their effects. This oil is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, 100% natural and gluten-free, and can help maintain your overall health and well being. Love Hemp's natural and peppermint flavours are perfect for those who want a more concentrated dose of CBD on-the-go. It is a perfect health supplement that will easily fit into your wellness routine to help you feel more focused and balanced. 

What is CBD?

AlphaGreen Love Hemp CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops 3000mg CBD

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is a chemical compound belonging to the group of phytocannabinoids naturally found in cannabis. Even though many people associate cannabis with mind-altering effects, ongoing research found out that there are potential benefits from cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. 

Scientists have discovered that CBD is responsible for most of the healthful properties of the plant. Other well-researched cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), CBN (cannabinol), CBG (cannabigerol), and CBC (cannabichromene). However, the two most well-known among these substances are CBD and THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive, safe and non-addictive compound with a potential healthful profile. This property makes it an attractive option for people who want to experience the benefits of cannabis without THC-induced risks. 

In contrast to CBD, THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the "high" sensation associated with the recreational use of marijuana. It is the reason why cannabis is classified as a controlled substance in many countries across the world. CBD does not have psychoactive properties and will not get users' high'.

What is broad-spectrum CBD oil?

Broad-spectrum CBD refers to the type of hemp extract that contains multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active ingredients found in the hemp plant but no traces of THC. Some of the lesser-known cannabinoids in broad-spectrum extract include CBD, cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN). This type of CBD has a high CBD level and low amounts of minor cannabinoids. 

Even though this type of CBD has low concentration of minor cannabinoids, the overall potential impact leads to a potential entourage effect. This effect describes the increased efficiency when many cannabinoids work in unison.  

What makes MCT oil unique?

AlphaGreen Love Hemp CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops 3000mg CBD

Medium-chain triglycerides are a type of fatty acids. MCTs can be found naturally in foods including coconut, palm kernel oils and full-fat dairy products. In contrast with long-chain triglycerides (LCTs), MCTs have a lower number of calories per gram and are easily digested by the human body. 

Due to differences in the way MCTs are broken down in the body compared with LCTs, they are widely used as an energy source and less likely to be stored as body fat. 

Why coconut oil?

Love Hemp's CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops contain organic coconut oil, which adds to the health benefits. Coconut oil also contains medium-chain fatty acids, which are quickly absorbed by the liver to boost energy.

More Information
CBD FormatOil
CBD TypeBroad spectrum
CBD Percentage10%
IngredientsCBD, Hemp Extract, MCT Oil

Why we love it

Vegan Friendly

AlphaGreen Love Hemp CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops 3000mg CBD

Love Hemp's CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops are vegan-friendly. No animal-based ingredients were used in this product, so you can rest assured that it is safe for vegans and vegetarians so they can use it without any problems.

Natural ingredients

Love Hemp's CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops are manufactured with natural ingredients that are free from chemicals, artificial additives, herbicides, and other additives. The company provides only the highest-quality and natural products for your health and wellbeing.

Entourage effect

AlphaGreen Love Hemp CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops 3000mg CBD

Love Hemp's CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops are made using broad-spectrum CBD. This means that the product contains all the elements that are naturally found in hemp but no traces of THC. However, the hemp plant must have less than 0.2% THC. It is beneficial as it provides users with the potential entourage effect, which refers to an amplified action of cannabinoids in the body.

Fast-acting effect

Love Hemp's CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops are intended to be used sublingually (under the tongue). This allows CBD to be quickly and efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, you may experience the potential benefits of CBD in a short time by avoiding metabolism in the liver.


CBD Hemp Extract, Organic MCT oil (from coconuts), natural organic flavourings.

How to use

AlphaGreen Love Hemp CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops 3000mg CBD

Place three drops under your tongue, then hold for one to two minutes and you are good to go. Also, you can measure 0.1ml using the graduated pipette then increasing the dosage if required.


To improve shelf life, store this product in a cool, dark place. 

Do not exceed 70mg CBD per day.

Love Hemp's CBD Liquid Oral Oil Drops are not for users under the age of 18.

CBD is not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

If you have an existing medical condition and are taking any medications or supplements, it is advised to consult a healthcare professional before taking CBD as it is known to cause some drug interactions.

Lab reports

Love Hemp's products are all rigorously by a third-party laboratory.

The company uses only natural ingredients in its CBD products which reduces the risk of contaminants and unwanted chemicals. The test results also ensure that each product contains the precise amount of CBD as stated on the label. The company has made its certificates of analysis (COAs) available for you to view on our website.

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