1200MG CBD Tongue Drops - Cucumber Lemon Mint [Calm]

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Forest friendly
  • No Parabens / Sulfates
  • THC Free
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in UK
  • Organic
  • HELPING YOU TO RELAX: These 1200mg CBD Tongue Drops have been specially formulated by IGNITE for those times you want to relax, unwind, and chill.

    POWERFUL DOSE: Each 30ml bottle contains 1200mg of CBD - a powerful dose for when you need it most.

    NO HEMPY TASTE: As IGNITE uses CBD isolate, which has no flavour, this product is a great option for those who dislike the earthy taste of hemp.

    GUARANTEED PURITY: To guarantee purity, IGNITE’s CBD is processed in a highly-controlled environment.

    REFRESHING FLAVOUR: Blended with cucumber, mint, and lemon essential oils, these 1200mg CBD Tongue Drops have a refreshing flavour.

    CBD FormatOil
  • Hemp Oil, MCT Oil
  • How to Use

    Clean your hands and gently shake the contents of the bottle. Open the cap and use the dropper attached to place a few drops under the tongue. Hold for 30 - 90 seconds before swallowing. As well as the sublingual method, you can apply the product directly on the skin. You do this by putting a few drops on your palm, followed by rubbing and massaging on the skin.

    Potential side effects

    Although no reports of overdose and fatal side effects have been recorded so far, this product should be used in moderation.

    Additional information

    • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not use this product.
    • If you are receiving treatments for other diseases, consult your doctor first before using this product.
    • Stop immediately if you experience any undesirable effects from using this product.
    • Do not replace medically prescribed drugs for this product. IGNITE designed it as a supplement that can only be used to enhance a healthy and active lifestyle.


    Store the 1200mg CBD Tongue Drops – Cucumber Lemon Mint in a cool, dry place that is far from the reach of children. Remember to close the cap tightly after use, every time.

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Cucumber, lemon and mint essential oils

CBD and essential oils are a natural complement to each other and the ideal way for you to better achieve your health and wellness goals. By combining these three wellness agents, you can find the focus, relaxation, or energy you need to face any challenge.


Product details

You would be surprised what a few drops of the 1200mg CBD Tongue Drops can do to your day. While you enjoy the refreshing taste of the mint flavour; the infused CBD ingredient will readily provide you with mind relaxing and soothing effects.

What’s CBD?

CBD is an acronym that stands for cannabidiol, one of over a hundred phytocannabinoids that exist in cannabis hemp plants. In the 20th century, scientists identified cannabinoids as the organic compounds behind the medicinal properties of cannabis. Being one of the compounds to be investigated, Cannabidiol was found to be:

  • Health beneficial

This compound interacts naturally with systems of the body to produce health effects such as anxiety and pain relief. Although a lot still needs to be investigated, the phytocannabinoid has so much potential.

  • Non-intoxicating

While it’s true that CBD is psychoactive; it doesn’t mean it will intoxicate you. Researchers debunked the myth that cannabidiol can  get users ‘’high’’. CBD is totally safe to use and does not cause any intoxicating effects.

  • Side effects

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that CBD is safe for use and has a good safety profile. In normal doses CBD shouldn’t cause any side effects, however, some people may experience side effects like changes in appetite, diarrhoea, and nausea if they’ve taken too much CBD.

  • Drug interference

You should consult your doctor first if you are taking other medications as CBD can interfere with other drugs.


Also known as the Cucumis sativus, the cucumber is a vine plant that is rich in essential and antioxidant vitamins and minerals. In the body, it can boost your immune health as a result of the abundant antioxidants.



The lemon added is a flowering plant of the family Rutaceae. It’s prominent for its rich supply of vitamin C among other nutrients. It generally promotes hydration, weight loss and prevents kidney stones. Additionally, it aids digestion and improves the quality of your skin.


IGNITE added a mint flavour to the product. This allows you to enjoy a refreshing taste that leaves your mouth feeling clean. In addition to the great taste, mint is believed to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. These special properties can enhance the health of your gums and teeth.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

THC is a phytocannabinoid that’s also found in cannabis plants. It also has health benefits, just like CBD. However, this compound is intoxicating. IGNITE eliminates this compound from its range of CBD products.

The role of CBD in the body

In 1963, a famous research scientist Dr Raphael Mechoulam discovered the effects of individual cannabinoids on the human body. People finally realized the essence of CBD in the human body. After several years, Dr Raphael Mechoulam also found that the human body has a signalling system called the Endocannabinoid System.

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

The ECS is a biological system of the human body that’s made up of cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitter substances called endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are fundamentally similar to phytocannabinoids. The major difference is that they are produced by the human body while phytocannabinoids originate from plants.


What does the ECS do?

The ECS is responsible for a number of health effects in the body. The CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors that are located in the central and peripheral nervous systems bind with endocannabinoids to regulate the body’s physiological processes.

Some of the regulated factors are immune function, temperature, heart rate, mood, appetite and glucose levels. This is done to attain a stable internal environment. In biology, the process is called homeostasis. Phytocannabinoids such as cannabidiol are similar in function to endocannabinoids. They are also capable of interacting with the ECS to facilitate homeostasis and other health effects. From the studies conducted on CBD, it was found that using this chemical substance can benefit you with:

Pain alleviation

The powerful anti-inflammatory property of CBD may minimise chronic pains and body aches. This enables you to cope with daily routines that involve strenuous activities.

Improved mental health

Cannabis has used to minimise anxiety and depression. The bioactive ingredient cannabidiol promotes the release of serotonin in the brain. This neurotransmitter is known for moderating mood.



Scientists believe that the ability of cannabidiol to interact with various signalling systems of the brain makes it capable of providing neuroprotection. Neuroprotection, in simple terms, is the prevention of cognitive degeneration of the brain.

NB: You should not use this CBD product to treat any of the diseases mentioned. The CBD Tongue Drops is a supplement that’s intended to promote a healthy lifestyle.


This product was manufactured using a high-grade hemp extract. IGNITE obtains its hemp from the USA - Pacific Northwest. Only natural farming methods are employed in the cultivation of this hemp to yield organic produce. There is no addition of pesticides or GMOs.

Why We Love It

IGNITE manufactured a premium quality product that is safe and reliable. It was designed in a way that allows you to choose your preferred method of application. While you can apply the CBD tongue drops sublingually, you also have an option of applying the product topically – on the skin. After taking the product, you can freely enjoy its benefits because it’s:



Scientists found that CBD is a balancing, non-intoxicating compound. Since THC; the compound responsible for the intoxicating effect of cannabis products was eliminated, you will not get ‘’high’’. That means this product is suitable for individuals who undergo routine drug tests.

Agrochemical free

Since IGNITE wants to produce products that are not a threat to human health, it uses hemp that’s grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. If ingested, these chemicals may cause short term effects such as rash, diarrhoea, nausea and death.



The 1200mg CBD Tongue Drops – Cucumber Lemon Mint product was formulated from all-natural ingredients. The CBD was extracted from hemp that is grown naturally without the use of GMOs.


IGNITE uses a formulation that does not infringe vegan dietary requirements. There was neither animal cruelty nor use of animal-derived ingredients.

Versatility of application

This product can be taken orally using the sublingual method or topically by applying on the skin. Users have the ability to choose what works best for them.


IGNITE used portable premium quality glass bottles to carry the product. Each container has 30ml of the 1200mg CBD Tongue Drops – Cucumber Lemon Mint. Generally, the product is easy to carry around and easy to administer.


  • Cannabidiol hemp extract

  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT)

  • Essential oils

  • Stevia

Lab Reports

IGNITE records everything in the production of its CBD products.

This includes its operating procedures and lab results. Certificates of Analyses (COA) and Quality Control/Assessment documents produced by IGNITE labs are available to any client who wishes to see them.

To improve customer confidence, IGNITE also allows its products to be tested by third-party laboratories. The labs test for odour, microorganisms and other phytocannabinoids. Their results are also available to the public on our website.