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High Strength Pure CBD Oil 20%

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The High Strength 20% (2000mg) CBD oil from Arima is a natural, potent product that will not only make you feel good; but convince you to believe in the true, healing powers of nature, and help you live a healthier life. 

No Stress

According to various sources, CBD activates adenosine receptors. It results in a decreased level of stress. Cannabidiol also stimulates the generation of endocannabinoids reducing anxiety and pain.

High Strength Pure CBD Oil 20%
High Strength Pure CBD Oil 20%
alphagreen arima pure cbd oil

Product details

This 20% CBD oil which comes packed in a 10ml bottle contains the highest quality and purified Cannabis Sativa L extract. These plants are 100% organic and non-GMO. While the existence of CBD was a phenomenal discovery, it is only through the introduction of high calibre products like the 20% CBD from Arima that people are now starting to embrace its beneficial properties.

Since the oil is designed for daily use, it has become the natural remedy of choice aiding in both mental and physical well-being. Nature is a gift that keeps on giving, and such a product is likely to take even future generations by storm with its health offerings.

This is not surprising, particularly since the list of the number of health benefits of marijuana and hemp infinitely continues to grow. These bioactive substances include cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids like CBG and THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the second most prevalent cannabinoid and although it has a few health benefits, it’s very unpopular.

CBD and THC: What is the difference?

alphagreen arima pure cbd oil

CBD is primarily found in hemp extract. It is easily incorporated into many products such as gels, oils, and extracts.

THC is the primary active component in marijuana. It usually enters the body to create a mind-altering effect when you smoke marijuana which is why any products containing THC are illegal in some areas. CBD and THC can both interact with the body, but their actions have markedly different effects.

CBD vs THC: Which one is a psychotropic substance?

Despite their similar structure, CBD and THC induce different responses from the body’s endocannabinoid system. THC directly affects CB1 receptors in the brain, causing a sense of euphoria. CBD interacts with the same receptor, but it has a "shut down" effect, which may prevent the THC from binding to the receptor. Thus, CBD reduces the impact of euphoria while creating a balance for a softer, milder, and relaxed feeling. CBD has no psychotropic components and does not affect the psyche. That means pure CBD does not produce mind-altering euphoria or a "high." Cannabis plants contain both these components in different proportions depending on the variety, a property which makes every species unique.

alphagreen arima pure cbd oil

Difference between marijuana and industrial hemp

Marijuana and industrial hemp are different species under the same umbrella of the Cannabaceae family. Although they have both CBD and THC in their composition, the concentration of these substances is very different. Marijuana has a higher THC concentration (up to 35%), and the industrial hemp has a higher CBD concentration (THC level is no more than 1%).

Average marijuana quality contains approximately 12% THC. Based on all the above, it is easy to conclude that today's popular cannabinoid additives and other CBD concentrates are produced from industrial hemp. Hence, the 20% CBD oil from Arima contains no more than 0.2% of THC, which is not enough to give a sense of euphoria and ensures the product is legal.

Benefits of 20% High Strength CBD oil

alphagreen arima pure cbd oil

The wide range of health benefits CBD offers, and the relief from unwanted conditions are, at this point, universally recognized and well researched. Here are just a few of them:

  • Seizure relief 

CBD oil is a beneficial treatment for epilepsy because of its ability to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures without harmful side effects, in contrast to more frequently prescribed pharmacological therapies. A new drug for epilepsy treatment, based on cannabidiol, Epidiolex, was approved by the FDA in 2018.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to potentially reduce anxiety and anxiety states, even for patients suffering from chronic anxiety. Taking CBD oil can improve the overall quality of life and promote healthy, daily functions.

A significant population of the world suffers from chronic pain. Some experience severe pain every day. Since the pain is often the result of inflammation, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD may be a natural way to reduce pain sensation, without the side effects inherent in painkillers.

  • Relief of neurological conditions

Neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's are often associated with debilitating side effects, including a reduced sense of recognition and a loss in overall cognitive functioning. Recent research has shown that CBD products can reduce these effects by strengthening the nervous system.

  • Tumour reduction potential 

Studies have indicated that CBD oil can be useful in reducing cancerous tumours in the body and helps stop the spread of malignant cells.

  • Nausea and appetite management

It is scientifically proven that CBD can reduce nausea and increase appetite in those who suffer from such disorders. They often appear as reactions to cancer treatment protocols.

  • Withdrawal effects when quitting on smoking

Withdrawal symptoms are a significant barrier to quitting a smoking habit. Recent research has shown that CBD oil can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. It leads to more successful results by reducing the body’s independence to smoking.

  • Pancreatic CBD benefits for type 1 diabetics

Type 1 diabetes is an immune disorder that occurs when the human immune system attacks the pancreas.

CBD oil is a useful aid in the treatment of type 1 diabetes by reducing the inflammation of the pancreas that occurs, which allows for better management of the disease.

  • Acne treatment 

Acne, like many other conditions, starts with inflammation and overproduction of certain chemicals in the body. CBD oil can treat acne, helping to balance your internal system, so it operates on an optimal level. 

These are just a few advantages of CBD oil. To help you learn more about the many other benefits of CBD oil, Arima has compiled a definitive guide to the benefits of CBD oil.

More Information
CBD FormatOil
CBD TypeFull spectrum
CBD Percentage20%
Testing labPhytoVista Laboratories
IngredientsMCT Oil, Terpenes

Why We Love It

High, purified CBD concentration

The High Strength Pure CBD Oil (10ml) from Arima contains 2000mg of CBD which approximates to a robust dose of 10mg in every drop. This way, more CBD molecules are absorbed into the bloodstream and eventually bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. This kind of positive stimulation has been proven to bring a host of health benefits.

alphagreen arima pure cbd oil

100% Organic

Organic is a label that is synonymous with purity when it comes to this CBD oil. This is engineered by monitoring the cultivation process and ensuring that no fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals are added to the cannabis plants. These harmful contaminants compromise the quality of the product and are strictly avoided.

Less than 0.2% THC

In the past, due to its intoxicating effects and illegal status, THC may have prevented most people from experiencing the health benefits offered by CBD and other cannabinoids in cannabis. Fortunately, the 20% CBD oil contains less than 0.2% THC, which means you get all the CBD benefits without any of the problems associated with THC.

Vegan-friendly formulation

This 20% CBD oil contains a strict plant-based formulation harnessed from nature. No animal products or by-products have been incorporated into its ingredient profile. Therefore, it is the perfect complement for vegan diets as it provides wholesome plant nutrition that promotes internal homoeostasis.  


This 20% CBD High Strength Pure CBD Oil contains the following active ingredients in each 10ml bottle:

Organic Olea Europaea fruit oil 

Israeli scientists Rafael Mehulam and Dr Ethan Russo were the first to come up with the concept that cannabis compounds can interact with each other in oil form. They discovered that when combined in oil form, these components reinforced each other's advantages and ultimately increased the effectiveness of the product. The organic Olea Europaea fruit oil, therefore, acts as a suitable carrier for these compounds enabling you to access more health benefits.

Cannabis Sativa L Seed extract

High-quality hemp extract that is fully organic and contains a potent and concentrated 2000mg of CBD for high strength action.

How to Use

Each 10 ml Arima CBD oil bottle contains approximately 200 drops. The regularity of consumption and the dosage per each serving may vary with each user, but generally, the product can last up to 2 months.

As a general rule the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends that the maximum dosage be limited to 70mg of CBD in each 24 hours. 

To get the full benefits, place between 2 and 5 drops of 20% CBD oil under your tongue twice a day. We advise that once you have the drops under your tongue, wait at least 60-90 seconds before swallowing.

Always read the label that comes attached before using any CBD product. 

Arima’s High Strength Pure CBD Oil 20% is not to be used by pregnant or lactating women as well as anyone below the age of 18. Always consult a doctor before using any new dietary supplements. 

CBD oil is not intended to treat, diagnose, or prevent any illness.


Please ensure the product is kept in a dark place, out of direct light, and away from young children.

Lab Reports

Arima is a UK based company. For years, Arima has been a reputable supplier of high-quality CBD extracts in different forms

Arima partners with Sativa Group PLC, an organisation that focuses on the cultivation of high-quality cannabis plants. This partnership allows Arima to produce superior and pure CBD oil, which is thoroughly tested by a professional lab in the UK. 

Arima checks CBD products for phytocannabinoid content and possible contaminants during the examination of raw materials and also when checking the final product before shipping to customers. Thus, Arima CBD products include a lab-verified, full-spectrum content of phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. 

All Arima products are produced by extracting only the purest cannabidiol (CBD). Most importantly, the entire Arima CBD product range has been approved as suitable for consumption by British laboratories.

The Arima family consists of a team of experts who are passionate about finding the right natural power that CBD has. This passion is complemented by state-of-the-art testing equipment and rigorous testing procedures that ensure that all incoming raw materials and consumables used in the manufacturing process are impeccable.

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