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Hemp Tea – Natural Raspberry - 20

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Hempura Hemp Tea, Natural Raspberry, is on a whole new level. This tea comes in a natural raspberry flavour and is rich in cannabis terpenes plus vitamin C and B1. This is what you get with Hempura Hemp Tea. It's loaded with benefits that will help you towards your health and wellness goals.

Burst of deliciousness 

This tea has a unique taste that is a combination of terpenes and the raspberry flavour. These create an extraordinary treat for your taste buds as well as a boost for your health.

Hemp Tea – Natural Raspberry - 20
Hemp Tea – Natural Raspberry - 20

Product details


Hemp tea is calm, soothing and relaxing by supplying you with natural cannabis terpenes to help you through the day. It is a herbal infusion of hemp and plant matter. The arrays of different flavours are enough to tempt any tea-loving person. 

Tea is becoming increasingly famous for replacing morning coffee. It is a perfect way to help you kickstart the day. You can also take it at night to quickly drift off into relaxing sleep

Hempura hemp tea comes packed in an ornamentally designed small box that contains twenty herbal tea bags. It is THC free and loaded with vitamin B1. The tea is also rich in raspberry and natural cannabis terpenes flavours.

What's more?


Hemp tea is a combination of hemp buds, leaves and seeds of the hemp plant heated in water. This process results in the components of the plant dissolving in hot water, which will subsequently be consumed. Hemp tea is plant material that you can heat in water and drink. It can quickly become a part of daily life. This tea has been a part of peoples' diet throughout recorded history. Initially, people used it for medicinal and religious practices. Originating in Asia, the tea is harvested when the hemp plants are at their most mature stage. This increases its nutritional content. Interestingly, people used to do all this without knowing about the existence of terpenes. 

When you place hemp tea in hot water, there is an activation and release of the natural terpenes. This can be aided by adding a fat-based substance like cow's milk or almond milk. This works well since hemp terpenes are fat-soluble.

What about THC?


Hemp is a form of cannabis that carries minimal amounts of THC. It is, therefore, non-intoxicating.

Hemp Tea benefits

Hemp tea has an array of health benefits. Not only is it loaded with terpenes, but it also contains nutrients and vitamins. The tea contains vitamin B1, otherwise known as thiamine. It helps prevent complications in the brain, muscles, stomach, heart, and intestines. It also functions to regulate the flow of electrolytes into and out of muscle and nerve cells. Apart from this, thiamine helps to prevent some diseases.

Hemp tea can have a calming, harmonizing effect. It can support inner balance and restore a general feeling of wellness.

How are hemp varieties chosen?


Hemp cultivars are chosen based on several factors, including the following:

  • Stem quality;
  • Cannabinoid content;
  • Resistance to disease;
  • Time to harvest;
  • Hemp oil content;
  • Seed production per acre.

Is hemp tea for everyone?


If you are into health and wellness, then hemp tea will be the perfect product for you. It is packed full of benefits that any health enthusiast would desire. You should, however, keep in mind that this tea is only meant to support your health and wellness. It was not manufactured to treat any particular condition, and hence it should not be used for those purposes. You should also consult your doctor before you start taking this tea, especially if you are taking any medicine.

More Information
CBD FormatFood & Drink
IngredientsCannabis Sativa L

Why We Love It

Made from high-quality Cannabis sativa hemp

For a high-quality product, you also need high-quality ingredients. That is what you get with this tea. It was crafted with the best ingredients you can find. The chief element is a high-quality Cannabis sativa hemp that is free from impurities. 

Bursting with terpenes


The tea is loaded with terpenes. If you don't know why that would be an advantage, here is why: Terpenes may be able to supply the following physical effects:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Antibacterial properties;
  • Antifungal properties;
  • Assistance with muscle spasms.

They may also help to release stress and boost your mood. 

Made from organically grown hemp

Organic ingredients are the best when it comes to health and wellness teas. This means that the final product will be void of artificial chemicals and unwanted impurities.  


Tastes delicious!

This is a no brainer. Everyone loves taking delicious foods and drinks. It has a nice flavour and aroma that will get you looking forward to your tea break. 

Raspberry flavour

The raspberry flavour is lovely and combined with cannabis terpenes; you get something quite special. This tea will help you relax and ease your stress away due to its pleasant scent and flavour. 

Contains vitamin B1 

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, helps to prevent complications related to the nervous system, muscles, brain, heart, intestines and the stomach. It also helps in the flow of electrolytes into and out of nerve cells and muscles. 

20 herbal tea bags per box


With this product, you get twenty tea bags in a single package. Twenty tea bags is enough to last almost 3 weeks, with one cup a day.

THC free

This product is free of THC. This means you will not experience any intoxication from taking this product. The only thing you can expect is goodness and deliciousness, free from meat, dairy, gluten, nuts, fish and artificial flavours.

This tea is free from all of the above. If you are a vegan, you can therefore drink the tea freely knowing that you are not taking anything that goes against your dietary needs.



Hemp is a delicious variant of the Cannabis sativa plant, which can be separated into female and male plants. These plants have performed a wide variety of roles for more than 10,000 years. From being used for fibre (from the plant's stems) to protein (from seeds), oils and smokable portions (from the flower and leaves). Hemp fibres are used to make items including clothing, paper, furnishing fabric, building materials and rope.


The whole hemp plant, from seed to stalk, can also be utilised to make feedstock and fuel. For more specific uses, Hemp can be subdivided into four parts:

  • Bast fibres;
  • Hurds, or shives;
  • Leaves and flowers;
  • Seeds.

All of these have their specific uses as well. Hemp is the main ingredient in Hempura Hemp Tea - Natural Raspberry. 

Dried raspberry, natural raspberry flavouring

Sweet, dried red raspberries have that freshly-picked raspberry aroma. The flavour is a harmonious balance of tart and sweet. They are also a rich source of fibre, antioxidants, and minerals. Dried raspberries have many uses and benefits.  

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)


Vitamin B1 or thiamine is a water-soluble vitamin, as are all B complex vitamins. It enables the body to utilize carbohydrates as energy, and it is also essential for glucose metabolism. Furthermore, the vitamin also plays a vital role in the function of nerves, muscles and the heart.

Propylene Glycol

It is used to absorb the extra water and maintain moisture in medicines, cosmetics and food products. PG is also used as a solvent for food colours and flavours. 


Limonene is extracted from the peels of citrus fruits like oranges. People have used it for centuries. In modern-day applications, people use it to treat a variety of health issues. 


a-Pinene, b-Pinene

Pinene is an aromatic organic compound found in cannabis. It smells like pine trees, and it is present in a variety of other plants like conifer trees, orange peels, pine needles, rosemary, basil, dill and parsley.


This is a fragrant liquid found in citrus and lemongrass oils. People commonly use it in flavourings.

How to use

This tea is relatively easy to prepare, and it is a perfect addition to any health regime. All you have to do is boil a cup of water and throw a single herbal tea bag serving inside, adding milk is advised to help draw out the fat-soluble compounds from the hemp. You can then sip your way to health and wellness.

Lab Reports

Hempura recognizes that Lab reports are a legal requirement to distribute and sell any products in the UK.

The brand operates full traceability, and their process for managing batches of products ensures safety. All products are manufactured with unique batch codes and the corresponding lab reports to prove the critical THC and CBN content. You can view these certificates and lab results freely on the Hempura Database.

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