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1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates 20

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The 1000mg refined extract CBD white chocolates from Hempura are an easy and convenient way to take your daily CBD dose. These chocolates are not only healthy but a delicious treat as well. You will get the maximum benefits of CBD in a fun and easy way. Each chocolate is packed with 50mg of CBD.

A healthy treat

Almost everyone loves chocolate, but most people end up avoiding it due to health concerns. This is precisely why this product is fantastic. Imagine having your favourite treat and getting a health and wellness boost at the same time. That is what this chocolate has to offer, a tasty treat delivering 50mg of CBD per piece.

1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates 20
1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates 20
alphagreen Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates broad spectrum uk

Product details

The CBD White Chocolates from Hempura are a convenient and tasty way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Hempura combines refined Cannabis sativa hemp extract with white chocolate to make this pleasant treat for your tastebuds. In this Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates, you will find 20 x 50mg chocolates. These CBD chocolates are ideal for use by both experienced and first-time users. Since each chocolate contains 50mg of CBD, it’s also very easy to keep track of the dose.

The CBD used for Hempura products is sourced from selected EU farms which are compliant with the CBD regulations. The farms have put in place organic farming practices, thus they do not use herbicides, fungicides or pesticides or any other harmful contaminants. Furthermore, Hempura does not use GMO seeds. After the harvest, Hempura makes it a point to test its hemp before sending it for processing. The tests are done at various stages throughout the manufacturing process, which helps to produce high-quality CBD end products. 

alphagreen Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates broad spectrum uk

All Hempura products are manufactured in the UK, thus the brand strictly follows all the safety regulations required, including the Good Manufacturing Practices. These are procedures that are put in place to ensure the production of high-quality products. They aim to eliminate the possibility of contamination which might occur from the ingredients, or during processing. GMPs can vary depending on your location. However, they are all based on the same fundamental principles. The basic principles include the following:

  • Documentation and record-keeping of procedures and records.
  • Site maintenance.
  • The hiring of competent personnel and on the job training.
  • Continuous monitoring of products.

CBD functions and mechanism of action

alphagreen Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates broad spectrum uk

CBD or cannabidiol is the medicinal compound found in the cannabis plant. It has become increasingly popular in recent years. A lot of researchers are currently working on discovering more of the benefits of CBD. Various studies have also revealed that CBD has lots of beneficial effects on the human body. Besides CBD, the cannabis plant also contains another compound called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is also widely studied by different scholars and while it also has various beneficial effects on the human body it is also psychoactive. That means it causes euphoric intoxication when consumed. Please note that the CBD extract used in making this product is a refined extract that contains less than 0.03% of THC. Therefore, you won’t be intoxicated from using this product.

alphagreen Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates broad spectrum uk

Many researchers have set out to try and understand how CBD works. While the exact mechanism of action is not yet clearly known, different theories are available. CBD is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a biological system that is responsible for the homeostatic function in the body. It is composed of different neurotransmitters, enzymes and receptors, including CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are mainly found in the nervous system and the brain. Their primary function is the control of mood, memory, appetite and pain. The second type of receptors, CB2 receptors are mainly found in the immune system, and their primary function is in the regulation of inflammation. CBD interacts with both CB1 and CB2 receptors thus giving rise to the various therapeutic and beneficial effects to the body. Apart from its interaction with cannabinoid receptors, this versatile compound also interacts with other receptors in the body such as serotonin, opioid, nuclear and vanillin receptors. The capability of CBD to interact with various receptors enables it to provide a wide range of benefits.

alphagreen Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates broad spectrum uk

Some of the proposed benefits of CBD include the following:

  • Mood enhancement;
  • Reduction of inflammation;
  • Sleep enhancement;
  • Stress soothing;
  • Pain relief.

For this product, Hempura used a broad-spectrum refined extract. The extract is winterised and filtered, allowing for the removal of unwanted compounds. The end product is a highly active product containing only cannabinoids and terpenes. Refined extracts have a lighter taste and a high concentration of CBD, making it the perfect ingredient for chocolates. In addition to CBD, the extract also contains some cannabis terpenes. Terpenes are found in all plants, and they are responsible for the aroma and colour of the plants. In the human body, terpenes enhance the effects of CBD through a phenomenon known as the "entourage effect”. This is when the effects of CBD are amplified due to the presence of other phytochemicals, in this case terpenes. 

Please note that these chocolates are food supplements which should not be used to replace medicinally prescribed drugs. These CBD chocolates should be taken in combination with a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

More Information
CBD FormatFood & Drink
CBD TypeBroad spectrum
Testing labBritish Cannabis

Why We Love It

alphagreen Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates broad spectrum uk

These CBD White Chocolates are made from a refined CBD extract, rich in natural cannabinoids and natural terpenes. Furthermore, this product:

Contains <0.03% THC

The CBD extract goes through a winterisation and filtration process in order to remove THC. Additionally, the final product is tested, and it will only be approved for distribution and sales if the THC content is less than 0.03% THC.

Made with organically grown hemp

Hempura sources its hemp from EU farms that follow strict organic farming practices. It is a contaminant-free product which is non-GMO and free from herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.


alphagreen Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates broad spectrum uk

Hempura has put in place stringent quality control measures to ensure that the end product has a consistently high quality. The products undergo a series of testing throughout the production process. Customers are guaranteed a high-quality product always.


Hempura used the following ingredients to make this product: Cannabis sativa hemp extract, sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, milk fat, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), flavouring.

How to Use

alphagreen Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates broad spectrum uk

These chocolates can be eaten like any other regular chocolate. For maximum CBD benefits, it’s best to place the chocolate under the tongue. The area under the tongue contains a lot of capillaries and blood vessels. Consequently, these allow the CBD to be absorbed quickly. With this route, some of the CBD does not pass through the digestive system, and hence it becomes more bioavailable.

CBD dosages may differ according to your preference, experience and how you react to the substance. First-time users should try using a lower strength CBD dose. This will help to build up to an optimum dosage with time. You can start low and increase until you find the dose that suits your needs. Each chocolate provides a CBD dosage of 50mg, and you can break it down into smaller pieces for lower doses.

You should consult with a doctor before trying out a CBD product, especially if you are taking prescribed medications. This helps prevent drug interactions that may occur with other drugs that you might be taking.

Storage instructions.

To maintain and preserve the quality of the product, you should store it at room temperature away from direct sunlight. You should also keep it away from strong odours.

Lab Reports

Quality is one of the core values of Hempura as a brand. Hempura sources their hemp from EU farms that are regulated and compliant with CBD rules and laws. Also, the farms use organic farming methods, and all the products produced do not contain GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

alphagreen Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD White Chocolates broad spectrum uk

Hempura processes the raw materials in state-of-the-art facilities, following Good Manufacturing Practices. This helps to ensure that all products are free from contamination. Furthermore, the products are tested at various points during processing to ensure that high-quality end products are produced. 

The company also documents all of the test results obtained from both in-house and third-party labs. They keep them COAs (Certificates of Analysis). A COA is a document that is released by a laboratory, and it shows specific results for the tests done. All of Hempura's products are traceable, with batch numbers that correspond to specific lab reports. The COA can be freely viewed on our website.

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