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CBD Oil 5%-24%

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Happy Garden fabricates all of its oils using a full-spectrum process. The meaning is that the entire oil line contains other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG and CBC to enhance the effect of CBD usage. Happy Garden’s CBD oil is the ideal, safe and natural way to get relief from pain or anxiety at any time of day. There are CBD oils of different strengths, such as 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 24%.

Ultimate user experience

Happy Garden CBD puts a lot of time and effort so that the consumer will enjoy everything about the product. So not only are the oils made of organic CBD flowers, but they are also mixed with the best coconut MCT oil, and the result is stunning. The most neutral and natural CBD oil taste out in the market.

CBD Oil 5%-24%
CBD Oil 5%-24%
As low as £24.90
Happy Garden CBD Oil

Product details

CBD is suitable for the treatment of a wide range of conditions. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effect on the user, and it does not have any side effects. CBD’s calming properties help to counteract the high effects of THC when using medical cannabis. The extract of cannabis can be used to make CBD oil. Under laboratory circumstances, the extraction procedure is carried out in a regulated manner.

Drops of CBD oil blended with another vegetable oil will be the final result (usually olive oil). The CBD oil extraction method employs modern technology and tight quality control to ensure proper doses of the active ingredient.

CBD Oil has potent qualities and causes a beneficial effect on the whole body. The oil can be placed under the tongue or evaporated on a designated (Maeda Vaporizer) adapted for oil evaporation. It is effective for pain reduction, anxiety treatment, nausea and vomiting alleviation, migraine relief, and various other uses. CBD oil has a lot of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Take CBD oil with a THC concentration of less than 0.2 % for general use; it’s legal and doesn’t require a medical cannabis license.

Happy Garden applies a process of refinement which removes the tantalizing effects and viscous characteristics of oils. As a result, Happy Garden’s clients have testified to tasting the wonderful aroma of cannabis and its intoxicating drop.

Happy Garden CBD Oil

CBD Oil is highly effective and has a broad influence on the entire body. The oil can be ingested or evaporated using a special (Maeda Vaporizer) designed for oil evaporation.

The oil is effective for pain reduction, anxiety treatment, nausea and vomiting alleviation, migraine relief, and various other uses. CBD oil has a lot of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Use CBD oil with a THC concentration of less than 0.2 per cent for general treatment; it’s legal and doesn’t require a medical cannabis license. Happy Garden goes through a refinement process that reduces the oil’s tempting effects and viscosity. Clients of Happy Garden have benefited as a result.

Happy Garden CBD Oils are made in the United States of America in a top-quality laboratory. Therefore, all of Happy Garden’s products are GMP Certified (good manufacturing practice). Also important, the hemp used to make the oils is all 100% organic and grown indoor, thus ensuring complete control over product quality. The oils are full-spectrum based on MCT coconut oil. No other artificial (or any other tastes) are added to keep the oils as natural as possible.

More Information
SKUHappy Garden CBD Oil 5%-24%
CBD FormatOil
CBD TypeFull spectrum
Testing labGreen Scientific Labs
IngredientsCBD, Hemp Oil, MCT Oil

Why we love it

Happy Garden CBD has become a leading brand in the European CBD market thanks to its high-quality product and unique branding style. Created from a smooth mix of organic, natural hemp oil and coconut MCT oil, Happy Garden’s CBD oil is perfect for an easy, moderate and up to strong effect. Happy Garden’s oils are made using a full-spectrum process, resulting in a natural, high-quality product rich in cannabinoids to enhance the CBD effect. Made from 100% natural, organic ingredients, this is a safe and simple way to relieve pain and anxiety.

Those searching for a solution to stress, anxiety, sleep issues, focus, and concentration problems would benefit from this product.


Cannabis oil extract, cold-pressed coconut oil (MCT), vitamin E.

How to use

How to correctly consume CBD oil?

Happy Garden CBD Oil

Because taking the oil directly into the mouth can contaminate the nozzle, it’s best to drip it on the spoon’s metal before ingestion. Squat the fluid under your tongue after dripping the oil into a spoon. Many capillaries and mucous membranes beneath the tongue allow CBD oil to be absorbed quickly and efficiently into your bloodstream. Allow the drinks to sit for a few moments under the tongue before swallowing them altogether. Drops of CBD oil on the top of the tongue can degrade the quality of the product’s consumption experience. To retain the taste of cannabis and allow for improved CBD absorption in your bloodstream, do not eat, drink coffee, or smoke for half an hour after intake.

CBD oil is the most popular form of consumption because you can measure the exact amount of CBD to consume.

How many drops of oil is it recommended to take?

You should consult your physician before taking your first CBD oil. When it comes to CBD doses, it’s vital to note that each person is unique and will react to the effects differently depending on their weight, build, and medical history. Happy Garden recommends that all new users start with a lesser dose (about -10% -15%), assess the effect, and then decide whether to increase or decrease the dosage. Keep in mind that CBD oil is not a medicine that gives rapid results but rather a plant-based product with long-term effects. According to reports, it takes anywhere from a few days to a week to achieve a result that is superior to the CBD’s qualities.

Happy Garden CBD Oil


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, the brand strongly advises that you seek medical advice before using CBD products. Happy Garden does not sell any items to children under the age of 18. It should not be used if you are allergic to cannabis, CBD, or THC. This product should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. THC is present in this product in a concentration of less than 0.2 per cent, which is much below the legal limit. Allergen Information: Happy Garden products are packaged in a facility that may include peanut residue, wheat, soy, or dairy products.

Lab Reports

CBD Oils by Happy Garden are third-party lab-tested. Test results are available on our website.

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