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Golden turmeric chai - 70g

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A refreshing, Ayurvedic, Sri Lankan chai spice tea made with the highest degree flavourings from tiny community farms in Sri Lanka that use Forest Gardening methods. The exceptional tea that gives an incredible taste of turmeric will be invaluable to everyone familiar with the drinks of the Wunder Workshop product line. This type of product is suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of whether you are an experienced consumer or amateur.

Refreshing Taste

Spicy tea kick will warm you up and strengthen the immune system. A traditional taste of black tea, enriched with turmeric and aromatic spices, is ideal foran active start of the day.

Golden turmeric chai - 70g
Golden turmeric chai - 70g

Product Details


Tea is a drink obtained by brewing or infusion of a tea bush leaf, which is uniquely prepared in advance.

Tea is also called the leaf itself, which has been processed and prepared for the drink. This preparation includes pre-drying (curing), twisting, prolonged enzymatic oxidation, and final drying. Other operations are introduced into the process only for the production of certain types and varieties of tea.

More Information
CBD FormatFood & Drink
IngredientsGinger, Turmeric

Why We Love It

Tea with turmeric is one way to take full advantage of all its health benefits. The healing properties of this spice and the benefits it can provide for the prevention and treatment of many diseases are amazing.

According to numerous independent studies, turmeric can be beneficial for over 600 diseases and health disorders! Most of the studies that have been carried out to confirm the curative properties of this medicinal plant are related explicitly to turmeric. Turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anti-amyloid and antimutagenic properties. It benefits as a natural antibiotic and natural painkiller. It also helps in metal detoxification. Due to their unique features, these spices can be useful in various joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis and multiple types of arthritis. It can help with numerous chronic skin diseases, lesions of the mucous membrane and inflammation of the choroid of the eye.

The body poorly absorbs turmeric on its own because it has a low bioavailability. Bioavailability is significantly improved by taking turmeric with vegetable fats. Still, it works best of up to 2000% increased absorption if consumed with black pepper, which is why it is a constant ingredient in the recipes of drinks with "golden" spice.

Many people believe that having turmeric in its raw form retains the most significant health benefits of these herbs. However, studies have shown that when turmeric is heated, for a short period of time, some compounds are released that are poorly absorbed when spiced raw. The same applies to ginger, and studies have shown that not heating ginger for a long time significantly increases its antioxidant properties. This is why turmeric tea is more beneficial for the body than consuming it in a raw state. Furthermore, the curative properties of this drink are increased by adding additional ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, pepper, small coconuts, and honey. 


Turmeric did not immediately become a valuable plant on the market. Before it became known to the public, it was a long time consumable and used for inappropriate purposes. Traders fed the stems of turmeric to their horses and bulls, and farmers used the roots to supplement their cattle's food. Girls breed turmeric powder to use as a paint or a hair dye; some used it for cosmetics. Turmeric is a part of the ginger family, so it tastes hot. This often caused allergies in women who wanted to transform their appearance using turmeric masks.

Now laboratory research has revealed the properties of turmeric and its effect on the human body if brewed into tea:

  • Acne treatment. Pimples and black spots may disappear in less than a month of regular use in tea;
  • Alzheimer's development may slow down. If you take turmeric tea regularly, after a while it can potentially ease the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and stop the growth of cancer;
  • The treatment of emotional turmoil and depression. During the difficult period of life, turmeric may relieve anxiety and help to overcome depression;
  • It may strengthen the immune system. Within a month of drinking turmeric tea, the immune system can strengthen significantly;
  • Hair growth may be accelerated. Well-instituted tea will help to activate hair growth and prevent hair loss;
  • Teeth may be whitened. Turmeric is rich in zinc and calcium, which strengthen and whiten teeth. The first results can be visible in a month or regular use.


  • Black Tea*
  • Turmeric Root*
  • Ginger*
  • Cardamom*
  • Cinnamon*
  • Clove*
  • Black pepper*

*Certified organic ingredients.

Ginger is useful for digestion; it has a calming effect on abdominal muscles and facilitates the absorption of food. Turmeric stimulates bile production in the gallbladder. Both plants help with stomach disorders and nausea. Ginger tea with turmeric is considered an anti-inflammatory drink. Many cultures around the world use ginger and turmeric as a standard anti-inflammatory agent for joints and muscles. For example, this herbal tea can reduce symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and arthrosis. 

Ginger tea with turmeric is a delicious and healthy, low-calorie, decaf drink with healing properties:

Turmeric: The fresh root of turmeric contains biologically active compounds called curcumin, which has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. If you can't find the source of turmeric, organic turmeric powder is an excellent substitute;

Ginger, as a fresh root, has anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties;

Lemon juice: Lemon juice has a high content of vitamin C, antioxidants that increase immunity, and improve skin condition;

Black pepper: A pinch of black pepper is all it takes to clean the sinuses and keep your digestive system in order.

How to Use

This product is an integral unit and is not a food additive. You can use it as a regular tea, at any time of day or night. 

Tea can be consumed by persons of any lifestyle and will keep the drinker feeling good.

Keep Golden Turmeric Chai tea in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not keep it near anything that may cause it to lose its flavour and aroma, such as spices. Leaf tea should be stored in a room at constant room temperature. Temperature fluctuations can damage the tea leaves, so keep the tea in a place with approximately the same temperature. Do not store tea near heaters, air conditioners or windows.

As an official instruction, use at any time of the day! Add one teaspoon (2g) of Golden Chai Tea per cup. Use freshly boiled water and brew for 3-5 minutes, add milk/mylk to taste. For a more authentic mixture, bring to a boil in 220ml of milk/mylk and gently simmer for 5 minutes.

Disclaimer! This product is not medicinal and is not used for the treatment of diseases. A consultation with a doctor or a nutritionist is preferable before consumption. Turmeric as a spice is safe, which means that if taken in limited quantities, it has no side effects. However, the use of turmeric for a long time and in large doses can cause side effects, particularly on the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the use of turmeric in therapeutic doses is contraindicated for people who have gallstones or blocked bile ducts, for those taking blood-thinning medications, for people with diabetes who are taking sugar-lowering medicines. Pregnant women are advised to control spice intake because it can stimulate the uterus. Before starting to eat turmeric, read the complete list of contraindications for use, and we recommend that you discuss this with your doctor.

About the brand

The Wunder Workshop GOLDEN GLOW - Flawless Focus (40g) is certified by Chantal Di Donato, a food consultant.

She is a certified holistic mentor & plant-based lifestyle specialist, Yoga Teacher, menu and diet advisor, and originator of Live Lean Health and Eco Dharma Village.

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