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At Alphagreen, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We've hand-selected products in our exclusive GMT collection, as you're already aware when you travel abroad whether for business or pleasure - your body is thrown totally out of sync when trying to adjust to the given time zone. Even a small increment change of +1 or -1 in time, can have a significant impact on not just your overall mood - but equally your focus. If you're a frequent flyer and travel across multiple time zones, you might have even experienced jet lag - which is normal. You see the reason why you feel jet-lagged is simply because of the temporary sleep disorder in which your body has been inflicted by. In layman's terms - your internal body clock falls out of sync! That's why you'll find our GMT collection not just handy - but essential in making sure you have a good night's rest, ensuring your body gets into an NREM sleep cycle. So you wake up feeling not only refreshed - but in sync - mind and body.  


Internal Clock 

Suppose you've never heard of an internal clock, not to worry. You see, every individual has an internal clock - sometimes even referred to as the master clock, which is powered by an astonished 20,000 nerves cells! The supra-chias-matic nucleus (yes it's a real word) - in the hypothalamus, use nerve cells for a variety of different external cues. For instance, when it's the day or when you're just about to eat - these nerve cells send signals of alertness and sleepiness to the body. So it helps when you have a routine - as your body becomes accustomed to the given schedule. A will then set a strict set of internal cues to support this bodily function. The best way to think of it is - your master clock is a physical tool - who knows precisely how to control bodily functions > to keep things running in perfect harmony! Now just imagine if you throw that all out of sync. Your body no longer can control your bodily functions - well that confusion your body undergoes is primarily the reason why you feel - the way you do. You see it takes a period (sometimes a good night's rest) - for your body to reset and adjust to the new timezone and environment. Especially if you travel across multiple time zones in quick succession. 


Let's say you're travelling from Stockholm to Los Angeles - when you first arrive at LAX - your body is still going to be responding to signal cues from Eastern Standard Time (EST). You being 9 hours ahead travelling from Sweden > to the States - is the primary reason why you might start to feel lethargic. Or even hungry at times of the day you usually wouldn't be. For instance, in the middle of the night. Thankfully your body can combat the effects of your body being thrown out of sync once your body acclimates to the new schedule; hence why jet lag is technically categorised as a temporary sleep disorder. 


What's The Symptoms? 

When it comes to sleep disorders, it varies from person to person. Most common symptoms are: 


  • Disturbed Sleep - insomnia
  • Daytime Fatigue - excessive sleepiness in the day
  • Trouble Focusing - having issues concentrating
  • Stomach Issues - ranging from constipation to nausea 


It's noteworthy to state - the onset feeling of jet lag is not so extreme in most cases. Especially if you're not travelling across multiple time zones, the general theory is that - the further ahead in time you go > the worse your symptoms will be. Simply because you're advancing your internal clock as opposed to delaying it. You could even compare it to daylight saving times - where you find it's easier for people to fall back and gain an hour of sleep than to spring forward and lose one hour of sleep.


Jet Lag Solution

Now there isn't a so-called 'cure' or 'remedy' to treat jet lag - however, there are a few neat tricks you can implement. You are softening the adverse effects of jet lag. It might be hard at first - but you want to get into the daylight as soon as possible. Yes, we agree it might be smart to have a quick nap and freshen up before heading straight out. We strongly recommend getting out in the sun, for your body to pick up on the new cues of the new environment. Another essential key is to keep hydrated. You might think about how drinking water keeps me from feeling sleepy. Well, Fatigue is directly linked to dehydration, so we advise to keep some water by your side when travelling - even for the shorter journeys! Finally, you want to integrate into the new timezone ASAP fully! The hard part might be - eating when you're not hungry or even forcing yourself to sleep when you don't feel sleepy. No matter how annoying this may be in the beginning, in the sense of changing your routine. These small steps will have a significant impact on how you feel overall. 


Our Advice: When it comes to travelling - try booking your flights, so you depart at night > and arrive at your destination in the morning. That way you can sleep on the flight and then hit the ground running when you visit. The two birds - one stone theory! 


Final Thoughts 

Now, as you're aware, we're not stating that following these steps is a cure-all of resisting the onsetting effects of jetlag. But what we are saying is that following these steps may not mitigate jet lag in its entirety. However, it will help shorten the effects! So if you ever tend to find yourself a bit out of sync. Body feeling heavier than usual. Mind feeling foggy. To even feeling like your digestive system is working against you. Now taking a look at our products in our GMT collection might be the thing for you! However, CBD is not the only thing that can help support your body to be thrown back into sync. You see adjusting to set meal times in the new environment, goes a long way. The same as going to sleep at the arranged time of your new environment. Placing an order and scheduling your day will help to configure your internal clock. 


Fun Fact: The reason why jet lag is worse travelling from East to West - is that when you travel East, you're moving ahead of your time zone. However, when you're moving time forward of your internal clock - you're permanently losing a certain amount of hours of sleep, which you will gain. But in the short term - it can cause Fatigue and in some cases, exhaustion. 


A great tip is to prepare in advance - if you know that you'll be travelling to a destination for an extended period, whether six months or a year. Try and train your body in advance to sync with the new time zone - so when you land your body won't struggle as much as it would - if you never trained it. When travelling in groups, you might even notice that people suffer from jetlag uniquely to others - that's simply down to the biology of how jet lag can affect us - or travelling in general. Roughly speaking, it can take up to 2 - 3 days for jet lag to go entirely, but this also depends on the new adjustments you make in your daily routine. However, there are contributing factors that may cause you to take even longer to recover. If you suffer from a sleep disorder already - then adjusting to sleep in different time zones might become a struggle. That's where CBD comes into play and ensures that your body absorbs the relaxation and calming effects - so you can get a peaceful night sleep and awake the next day fresh-faced - feeling like yourself again.