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Spray A Fine Mist

At Alphagreen, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We've hand-selected our Spray collection for you to have a fine selection of sprays derived from plants that have been known to have relaxation properties. It's worthy to note CBD does not contain traces of THC. The whole concept of a spray that has the potentials of alleviating pain is something that you think has come out of a Holywood Sci-Fi film - you couldn't be further from the truth! The fact is CBD has come along way since coming onto the market and CBD is now starting to come in different forms. 


Pain Relief

Many people need pain relief, possibly down to having problems in the joint area, such as: 


  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Back
  • Neck 


Now there are many ways traditionally to handle pain relief such as with over the counter prescription to even surgical treatment - which is a little more evasive. In modern times CBD has come into the spotlight as being a strong contender in treating a range of health ailments. CBD is gaining more notoriety and being seen as a more effective course of treatment. Why? Because it gives you natural pain relief with anti-inflammatory properties. Some CBD sprays even have magnesium in it - which is a natural pain reliever. Still, it's also a muscle relaxant, so it mostly gets the muscles to relax before we get the inflammation and the pain. 



Sprays are beneficial when used in conjunction with ice and other treatment as well, such as massage therapy. Take one to two sprays in the affected area. People generally spray CBD on their knees, or there hands to get rid of arthritis pain. But of course, you can use throughout the body, for instance, your lower back or in the knees. 



Its been numerously said that CBD sprays don't have that medicinal sprays that you generally get with pharmaceutical sprays. Meaning that pleasant smell won't make you feel conscious if you smell 'chemically' depending on how much you have sprayed in the affected area. 



Whether you work out and get sore or directly from bad posture at work with lower back pains - you generally have some level of discomfort on your body from every day wear & tear. More-so if you lead an active lifestyle. CBD spray has been reported to have amazing results when it comes down to recovery, with users describing it as: 'cool at first, then it warms up' - in some cases. Penetrating straight into the muscles, you have no mess - no fuss applying CBD! 



The unique property blends in CBD sprays make the formulation of the spray unique and since it comes with a spray nozzle, it allows for that fine-even clean mist application of CBD - as opposed to using creams. Which has been reported as being a bit messy when applying liberally to the skin plus won't have any issues with staining any clothing or furniture you may come into contact with.  


Final Thoughts

Sprays should primarily be seen as a natural, safe, modern application method in treating pain relief without a prescription. CBD acts as an inflammation reducer with the magnesium, which is classed as a muscle relaxant. Magnesium is a natural mineral salt extracted from the brine of the Dead Sea which allows your body to relax. The CBD pray concentrations are natural yet powerful inflation and swelling reliever. CBD sprays are known to refresh the skin and also botanically boost and soothe the affected area.