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Fully Equipped 

At Alphagreen, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We've brought together a selection of CBD brands that offer you tailor-made CBD solutions for the given scenario. Whether you want to use CBD in conjunction with Yoga, or even try a CBD sample kit - to see what all the hype is about. So why stay curious? We've hand-curated a selection of CBD kits, that can effortlessly integrate into your lifestyle. In our Kits collection, you'll find a multitude of CBD kits to choose from - which is essential, especially when you're making new health adjustments. Having a CBD kit can make your CBD routine - a smooth transition. Whether you're using CBD for sleep, anxiety, meditation - we got it all in our Kits collection! Now you may think, well what's the difference between your Bundles collection and Kits? Excellent question. You see with CBD bundles you're getting a selection of CBD products that will be working in different parts of your body. Also, you'll have the ability to explore more of the given CBD brand product range without being too financially costly. Prime example, you have Goodbody Botanicals that have a Personal Care Bundle, which includes: CBD balm, CBD oil tincture, CBG hand cleanser. This CBD bundle mainly consists of products that work in different areas of your body. For instance, the CBD balm will be used primarily for joints, CBD oil tincture is primarily used for overall general treatment - whether for anxiety, sleep disorders + much more. Then you have CBG hand cleanser - which not to state the obvious is for your hands! So you can now see how CBD bundles can be useful in not just making you aware of how broad CBD can be when it is utilised - when it comes to being active on different parts of your body, but also highlighting products you wouldn't usually opt to purchase. 


Fun Fact: when you have higher levels of CBD in THC - it slightly lessens the effects of THC > giving you a more balanced out experience 


Now with CBD kits, the theory is a little different. You see CBD kits are tailor-made for a given scenario. For instance, take Kloris x Piglet Ultimate Snooze Kit - as the title gives it away the scene here is - sleep! Now what makes CBD kits so beneficial is it takes away the guesswork you need, which is vital when you're looking for a feasible solution. So if you suffer from a sleep disorder or even find it hard to shut off in specific environments, like planes for instance - then the Kloris x Piglet Ultimate Snooze Kit might be the thing for you. As the kit comprises all the necessities you need for a perfect night sleep - or equally cheeky nap. With a - room and pillow mist spray your automatically awakening your senses and signalling it's time to unwind, complimenting the 5% CBD oil to get to work and release any tension - leaving you to snooze in no time! 



There's a lot of false beliefs surrounding CBD and equally cannabis. Our aim at Alphagreen is not only to educate our community - but also the wider community on the real health benefits using CBD as a substitute for traditional methods of treatment. We follow through our education with high-quality CBD brands that have been third-party lab tested to assure you not only of their potency but safety as well. It's important to understand that cannabis and CBD - are two completely different plant species. When it comes to cannabis it's generally high in THC % and naturally low in CBD % - you also have the main three categories when it comes to cannabis strains, which are: indica, sativa and even hybrid strains. In contrast, CBD majority of the time comes from the hemp species due to having a naturally low THC % > while maintaining a high CBD %.  


It's important to note that THC is the molecule that has the psychoactive effect, which typically is the reason why you consume products that contain THC you feel euphoric. However, CBD affects the body differently. You see CBD has more of a relaxing and calming effect - more so therapeutic effects. Cannabis and hemp have come a long way when it comes to discovering true potentials - of one of mother nature most prized possessions. Once farmers could breed cannabis and hemp at a much larger scale - more research followed through - with the help of law reform dispensaries opened, allowing people to treat themselves holistically through medicinal cannabis. It doesn't stop there though - through modern techniques; scientists were also discovering how to hybridise cannabis and hemp > to yield high levels of THC and CBD. 


Fun Fact: Indica strains generally have a high CBD & compared to other strains of cannabis


If you suffer from chronic pain - such as lower disc pain or even nerve pain, turmeric, ginger galangal to also fish oil are excellent natural remedies to look into as a course of treatment. However, these options don't necessarily target inflammation in the tissue. Which if you tore your ACL, for instance, you would need something a little bit more practical and could target that localised pain. CBD has been reported to hugely therapeutic for chronic pain - to even act on your central nervous system. Now we agree the main stigma of cannabis is how addictive it can be perceived. So if you have an addictive personality then opting to try THC products might not be the thing for you. However, because CBD contains no THC (or at times a very low %), you won't suffer the risk of feeling addicted. But if you look at the broader picture - you have pharmaceutical products that contain opioids which are far worse than cannabis or CBD, when it comes down to long-term use. To the many synthetic ingredients used in these pharmaceutical products that can have adverse effects on your health and key organs. 


Wellness Routine 

The magic question we always hear when it comes to CBD is - how can i maximise benefit from CBD? Part of that question heavily relies on what you are using CBD to treat accurately. Integrating CBD as part of your wellness routine is truly effortless, as you can take CBD literally at any time of the day! Whether part of your morning smoothie or mixed in with your oats for brunch, maybe a few drops in your afternoon coffee to even unwinding in the evening with CBD massage oil. The possibilities are endless. To successfully integrate anything new into your routine, you have to pay particular attention to make it part of your lifestyle. CBD should be treated no different. That's why CBD kits are proving to be so popular - they seamlessly fit into your daily routine without having to worry about the last time you dosed. So you can genuinely benefit from the miraculous health benefits associated with CBD. If you truly want to maximise your benefit from CBD, you have to take it every day - without skipping a beat. 


A rough guideline (which shouldn't be used as a scale system) - is roughly around 20mg-50mg of CBD. The theory behind CBD dosage is you want to start low > then incrementally increase over a given period. Now seeing that CBD is lipophilic meaning it likes fats - so it dissolves better in a fat-based product > like oil! As opposed to alcohol-based products, which you would find CBD to clump together and you would have to shake vigorously to distribute CBD evenly. However, in an oil CBD would always be evenly distributed, ensuring your getting a uniform dose each time! 


The beauty of CBD is that you can virtually take CBD at any given moment. Whether on an empty stomach or full stomach. But please keep in mind that CBD is lipophilic - going back to CBD loving fats! So the theory is > if you consume CBD + fats = increased bioavailability. Meaning the absorption into your body. 


Biphasic Effect 

Another essential mention when it comes to CBD is - there is a rough maximum threshold which we regard as a 'point of benefit'. Which also goes by the name - biphasic effect. So if you visually imagine a curve - as you start from a low dose and you add on incrementally > you get more benefit incrementally over a period of time - as you increase your serving size dosage. However, there comes the point beyond this sweet spot - once you keep adding more CBD > you'll consequently start losing the benefit, therefore going down the curve - now passing your sweet spot. At this point, let's be honest you'll just be wasting your CBD - as your body is not getting any additional health benefit from consuming so much CBD. 


Studies have been conducted that found with some users once they passed their sweet spot > they started to lose some of the health benefits associated with CBD. What that told scientists is that we should cross a threshold that we class as our - sweet spot! However, you'll see this a lot less in full-spectrum CBD products and more so in isolated CBD products. 


Final Thoughts 

It's important to understand that if you're already on pharmaceuticals medication, you should consider CBD interaction with any medication you might be taking to treat the given health ailment. Since CBD is primarily metabolised in the liver - including that combination with pharmaceuticals medication may cause side effects in some rare cases. We strongly advise speaking with a fully qualified healthcare professional about using CBD - how much you should be dosing daily. The reason being is that CBD can also be seen as an inhibitor of certain enzymes. In most cases, CBD can be taken, just that you might need to adjust the dosage of some of the other medications you might be taking. To ensure you got the perfect ratio! 


Hopefully, you now know the full benefits of CBD kits - designed explicitly for a given scenario. However, if you feel like there's nothing to tickle your fancy be sure to head over to our Bundles collection where we've hand-selected products across a multitude of brands ensuring you have an experience that can't be replicated.