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Rise & Shine

At Alphagreen, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We've hand-selected products in our exclusive Sunrise collection to encompass products solely you would take in the morning. As the saying goes, how you start your day is - how you're going to end it! Saying that - it's vital to have a morning ritual. Whether you're taking a moment out to stretch out your joints properly, having a moment of stillness, being present h at the moment, or even watching the news, with a bowl of cereal. Now we all have our morning routines that set us up for our day. Whenever introducing ourselves to a new habit, its key to think of a feasible way to integrate your new practice into your lifestyle witht thinking about it too much. The question is - how? 


If you make simple adjustments to everyday products you consume, you can easily change your diet - to even your lifestyle. For instance, if your trying to be a vegan but love milk in your cereal - you have many dairy substitutes, such as soya, oats, hemp milk - just to name a few. The same theory goes to CBD. You'll find that CBD has come along way from traditional oil tinctures. You see at present you can find CBD to be infused with virtually anything you see in your household cupboard. It's no secret when it comes to harnessing the real health benefits to CBD; it's only by taking your daily dose of CBD consistently. Our Sunrise collection aims explicitly at introducing you to CBD products you can effortlessly take in the AM. Whether with your morning breakfast or while you're on your morning commute to work. We got you covered! With further research and development - innovation has spearheaded the CBD sector. You're now finding that you can seamlessly integrate CBD at virtually any part of your day - so why not opt to have a CBD infused beans-to-cup beverage to activate your body! 


Calibrate Your Morning Routine 

There are countless benefits by merely waking up early in the morning - with recent studies biologist conducted a transformative study of waking up early in the morning. Discovering the advantages of waking up early in the morning - than people that tend to oversleep. The research primarily focussed on the circadian clock. Now the circadian clock is a biological meter which cycles around our bodies every 24 hours. This clock effects: 


  • Huger
  • Heart BPM 
  • Alerting Your Body To Sleep


Now not everyone internal body clocks are in sync. We have something called chronotype, which is a different schedule that tells us when we are feeling tired/fatigued. For instance, do you ever get an afternoon crash of energy? Your unique chronotype is the reason why. The biologist soon discovered the benefits of waking up early. Our circadian clock also alerts us when we're most productive by painting out two specific periods, which happens to effects every chronotype the same way. So to take advantage of having a biological sync sleeping pattern. Create a routine where you consistently start waking up earlier than usual - at first, it will be hard. But in time it will become much more manageable. Some researchers have even suggested that 5 am an ideal time to be awake. 



Don't Snooze! 

Tons of research has gone into sleep/waking up cycle - concluding that early risers are more productive at keeping focussed with tasks in the day. Simply because when you discipline your body to wake up early your conditioning your mind. Now for any of you that have had the pleasure of catching a flight very early in the morning or even in a profession that requires you to wake up early every day. You'll realise it's not so easy to just simply wake up - without having the urge to slam your finger on snooze. So it's important to note that if you consistently train your body to wake up early your conditioning your mind! It's also noteworthy to mention, small changes in sleep do not benefit you at all. When you hit snooze - you're going into a new sleep cycle—Thats why you find it much harder to wake up than initially expected. Sleep experts have stated there's a 90 min protocol - where you set your alarm 90 mins before you initially need to wake up. As you figured - it's like a long snooze button. Now during this 90 min slumber - you'll enter into a REM period, which is beneficial to you. So if you do tend to hit the snooze, this is an excellent method to try and integrate into your morning routine! 


Fun Fact: In old English, the first meal of the day was regarded as disner - which is where we get the phrase dinner from. Now disner came from old French' desjunare' - meaning to breakfast! In modern French with Déjeuner. Equally with Spanish - Desayuno. 


Waking Up

Though you might not think the process of waking up is nothing out the ordinary. A lot of methods start to activate in your body. For instance, your heart BPM gets faster, while your breathing increases slightly. Youll also notices your blood flow will increase and your brain will start producing different kinds of brain waves. Taking a look at your key organs - your liver and kidneys during the night stay in 'sleep mode', but when you wake up > they go back to 'waking mode'. The very moment your eyes open a lot of external stimuli will flood your bloodstream, however during the night when your body is in sleep mode. 


REM Cycle 

You might have just experienced something called - REM. Which stands for, rapid eye movement. Generally, you have about five of these periods when your sleep - which interlinked with - NREM sleep. It's during REM sleep, you experience dreams and when your most profound state of sleep. If you ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night because your thirsty, or simply need the bathroom you've woken up during REM. With REM sleep cycles being heavily researched, data now shows that it's essential that we experience these 'deep states' of sleep, to experience a blissful night sleep truly. You're allowing your body to restore and rest your bodily functions. 


Fun Fact: You should generally be getting up to 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night - to be running at optimum performance. 


Now you do tend to find people that suffer from sleep disorders, such as insomnia. That heavily rely on prescription medication to help them sleep. However, you'll notice upon consumption - with sleeping tablets. Your body doesn't get the opportunity to explore the realms of 'deep sleep' - so you bypass your NREM sleep cycle state. Now if you want to know if you had a good night sleep, specific indicators such as the mood is an excellent indication of the quality of sleep you experienced. If you find yourself quite irritable and sleepy then you most of likely had a disturbed sleep at some point. Now you can see why sleep is so essential when it comes to waking up in a good mood - as when you sleep, this is the only real opportunity that your body gets to repair itself. The best way to see it is similar to an electronic device - when were sleeping were charging up our battery cells. To then wake up feeling charged up! 


Wake Up With A Spring In Your Step 

When it comes to eating food in the evening - you should pay particular attention to what you're consuming. You shouldn't tend to eat a lot before you sleep and if you've found yourself snacking a bunch of junk food, carbs before you go to sleep. You will find your blood sugar levels are going to be significantly high. Which in some circumstances can prevent you from have a tranquil night sleep. 



When it comes to water and sleeping - they go hand-in-hand. You should try and drink plenty of water. Try and even keep water by your side, just as a reminder to drink before you go to sleep and first thing when you wake up! If you wake up sluggish, more time its because your body feels dehydrated, causing you to feel fatigued. 

Stay Active

Were not saying wake up and do a 10-mile run. Moreso, try and aim to get your blood pumping around your body. The primary reason is when you exercise; a reaction takes place in your blood. Your blood starts to oxidise, which, in turn, feeds nutrients to your brain and heart. 


Our Advice: During the night put your phone on Airplane Mode or simply turn on Mute. You may not think your hearing the notifications or vibrations. But each buzz or beep can disturb those deep sleep cycles we were discussing. 




Initially, when you wake up in the morning, you want to have a perfect body stretch. A great tip might even be some smooth Yoga moves! The primary reason why stretching is so important is simply that when you're in a deep state of sleep as you can imagine, your body is profoundly relaxed. This state also goes by the name atony. To come off this state of haziness - doing a few light exercises and stretching can help stimulate your body to feel activated and release those endorphins in your brain. Youll soon notice your mood will become lifted and you become energised! 



Fun Fact: Use cold water on your face first thing in the morning - never hot water. The cold water will shock your body - so you're more alert and attentive. 



You are considered one f the most important meals of the day and when your officially breaking your fast. We don't recommend to skip this meal - but ith the mounting research that states that consuming a healthy breakfast will provide you with enough energy throughout the day. However, if you're going to have breakfast opt away from eating refined sugar-based cereals. More natural selections and unrefined processed foods like whole oats, for instance. If you have breakfast thats high in sugars - you'll soon notice that your blood levels are going to spike > then dropdown. Which let's be honest - is not the kind of hit your body wants to feel. 


Is That Coffee To Go? 

When it comes to caffeine - studies have revealed that a lot of caffeine can do the opposite > and wear you down. We're not stating that you should drink coffee, far from the contrary. We're merely saying that you shouldn't over consume coffee and try and test out a range with measuring out how much caffeine you can consume and still feel on top! Not to state the obvious - but please don't drink caffeinated product before bed. We even hear the myths that drinking coffee a few hours before bed is okay - which take our words is furthest from the truth. You see a regular cup of coffee can stay in your bloodstream for up to 5-8 hours. So if you have a drink of coffee at 3 pm - in theory, it will still be present in your blood by 11 pm! So just plan before you opt to have a drink of coffee. If your like many and only just like the taste of coffee, why not opt for the Decaff CBD coffee blend - which will give replicate the feeling of regular coffee without caffeine is present. 


Final Thoughts 

It's essential to understand your morning routine s going to be quintessential of how the rest of your day is going to run. Yes we admit at times the hard part is waking up, but by following some of the steps we've stated you'll find it in time waking up will be much easier. Especially once your internal clock - integrates to the new cues of waking up at an earlier time. Simple steps, such as opening your curtains/blinds as soon as you wake up, have a significant impact on your alertness. Being exposed to sunlight does not just make you feel refreshed, but it exposes your skin to increased serotonin activity. Most importantly, stick to a set routine to make sure that you're in sync with your circadian rhythm. You want to ensure your sleep and wake cycle don't get continuously interrupted. 


Fun Fact: Drinking alcohol before you go to sleep isn't always the most significant thing for your body. You see as alcohol can help you loosen up and help you unwind in the evening. Alcohol has also been linked to contributing to your throat muscles to relax > causing you to snore. Which is not suitable for sleep as this can also disturb your deep sleep state for not just yourself but equally others by you. Surprisingly - alcohol also feels your bladder, which is also a contributing factor of you waking up. 


We strongly recommend an hour before you go to bed do something relaxing, whether have a steam sensual CBD hot bath, CBD and meditating or simply relaxing with your loved ones. You just really want to stay away from screens right before you think of going bed. As this exposure of light can also keep you up longer - as the light you're exposed to can influence the production of melatonin in the brain > which is the byproduct that helps you go to sleep. It's also noteworthy to states smoking a cigarette before bed isn't the greatest choice, as nicotine increases your heart rate and alertness. If you find yourself craving for a cheeky cigarette, then takes a look at our transdermal CBD patches. Usually, try and apply it an hour before any onsetting effects overcome you. So, in summary: 


  • Watch What You Eat Before Bed
  • Don't Smoke Before Bed 
  • Try Stretch In The Morning With A Light Workout
  • Wash Your Face With Cold Water
  • Open Those Curtains & Soak In The Sun Rays! 


So those are our tips for a perfect nights rest - so you wake up ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you! Just make sure you stay one step ahead and be prepared. As the saying goes - Fail To Prepare - Prepare To Fail!