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CBD in Cosmetics: A Fabulous Foundation

 alphagreen CBD in Cosmetics: A Fabulous Foundation

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It’s the 21st century and CBD is unsurprisingly everywhere and in everything we can ever think of— whether it be in cocktails, clothing, bedsheets, and even love potions. There is, indeed, no shortage of fun and weird applications for CBD at the moment. And now the fancy ingredient is taking over the beauty world and skincare regimen, surfacing in almost every staple from oils and serums to sleeping face masks and chapsticks. Considering all these stunning developments in the CBD industry, here at Alphagreen, we like to do a double-take on CBD cosmetics to see if it’s not only effective in glamming up but also non-toxic and eco-friendly. Read ahead.

CBD Cosmetics: The Beautiful Beginning

 alphagreen CBD in Cosmetics: A Fabulous Foundation

The modern world of beauty is growing and developing with astonishing speed. New products appear on the market, old compositions are improved with the new components, and people are willing to pay any money to look aesthetically pleasing and postpone ageing.

We and our desire to look beautiful are the main drivers of the beauty industry, which has manifested a remarkable uptick in the past couple of years according to Statista (Annual growth of the global cosmetics market from 2004 to 2019). Rising up the ranks to take part in the beauty spotlight is none other than CBD.

A recent report published in Businesswire by Technavio has announced that the CBD cosmetics market was expected to grow into a three-billion-dollar industry by 2024. Holding an incredibly bright future, it is safe to say that the CBD beauty rage is not getting over any time soon.

Today, more and more indie beauty brands are incorporating CBD into their cosmetics, with much anecdotal evidence showing the potential health and beauty benefits of the hyped ingredient.

But first, what is CBD?

The three-letter-word, CBD, is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is one of the two main cannabinoids (or naturally-occurring chemical compounds) of the cannabis family, the other one being tetrahydrocannabinol (popularly known as THC).

The cannabis plant has primary strains, such as hemp and marijuana- both of which may contain CBD and THC.

CBD, however, is not synonymous with THC. No, not even close. The latter is mainly present in marijuana and responsible for its intoxicating effects. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce any ‘high’ sensation upon use, which makes it essentially safe and non-intoxicating.

This quality of CBD has gained a lot of attention in research surrounding the possible benefits of using CBD, as a non-intoxicating alternative to marijuana. Many preliminary studies have shown that CBD-infused products might act as potent supplements for alleviating symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and seizures associated with some rare forms of childhood epilepsy.

In addition, CBD is also seen as a potential supplement for many skin conditions with its purported antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. A clinical review of topical cannabinoids in Dermatology has proposed that CBD might help supplement some common skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Why CBD Cosmetics Might Be Good for Your Skin

The existing research and anecdotal evidence on CBD’s putative therapeutic value have encouraged some beauty brands to create an interesting addition to their product ingredients with CBD. While some claims, saying it might be beneficial in skin hydration, nourishment, and anti-ageing, may need a little bit more of a stretch, CBD is deemed safe to use topically, according to Dr Adarsh Mudgil, a double board-certified dermatologist in New York.

Furthermore, some of the possible benefits you may receive from adding CBD into your daily beauty regimen include:

 alphagreen CBD in Cosmetics: A Fabulous Foundation

Reduced Skin Inflammation

Inflamed skin is painful and embarrassing. It is characterised by redness and irritation that can be brought about by several factors, such as an immune response to environmental toxins, allergens, or infection. Any skin type may experience inflammation at some point, and it may range from acute to chronic.

As mentioned above, CBD may help with skin inflammation by possibly reducing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, a group of proteins that contribute to immune system dysfunction. Likewise, the inflammatory properties of CBD may help combat any toxins that are likely to accumulate on our skin’s surface due to external factors, such as UV rays or urban air.

Anti-acne Properties

One of our major worries when it comes to using various beauty products is the fear of experiencing an acne breakout triggered by cosmetics, also known as “acne cosmetica”. Excessive wearing of makeup is one of the primary causes of acne. While this may not apply to all makeup staples, it is an investment in your skin wellness to pay attention to the ingredients in your cosmetics.

Fortunately, CBD topicals may be effective in supplementing acne, as it is touted to reduce the production of sebum in the skin. Our body’s sebaceous glands naturally produce an oily substance called sebum. An excess amount of oil in the skin is what often causes the breakout.

Anti-ageing Benefits

Anti-aging benefits. The main reason for our aging is the collagen level decrease in our organism. As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen helps to provide structure and vitality in our skin, hair, nails, bones, and ligaments. CBD can slow down an aging process by improving collagen production and by limiting the damages caused by free radicals and inflammations.

So, how does CBD interact with the skin?

Our body has a specialised control system, also known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS), that manages a variety of processes in the body, such as immune functions, appetite, metabolism, and the interaction between cells that signal the brain. It consists of cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout the body.

A study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences has suggested a special bond between CBD’s active ingredients and the cannabinoid receptors of the ECS. It is believed that the cannabinoid receptors found in each layer of our skin might interact with any CBD topicals that we apply to our skin, targeting the affected areas.

CBD Cosmetics and the Environment

 alphagreen CBD in Cosmetics: A Fabulous Foundation

How often do we think about the environment when buying another mascara or face mask? Or maybe face scrub with “super soft particles”? By using cosmetics, we are actively polluting the environment.

Knowledge of how we influence such environmental problems and what we can do to avoid this can help to make daily skincare routine safer for nature. Here are a few issues between some cosmetics and the environment, backed with possible solutions.


Disposal of cosmetic packaging is problem number one for the environment as it can consist of different types of plastic, metal, and glass. Not all these elements are recyclable, while the option “take it back to the store” is available only on some brands for the moment.

The solution? It will be difficult to abandon wrapping paper and plastic completely, but we can go for cosmetics shopping with a beautiful string bag, and periodically take suitable empty cans to recycling points.

Oil Products

All hydrocarbon components that are contained in our cosmetics add environmental problems. They can accumulate in water and soil and disrupt the normal functioning of the environment and microorganisms.

The solution? Many organic brands try to avoid the use of hydrocarbon components. The main thing is that you are not allergic to the “natural” ingredients.


Glitter is made from aluminum and polyethylene terephthalate, elements that don’t decompose well and continue to travel on water. These particles are found in the ocean, in the stomachs of marine fish, as well as in tap water.

The solution? Start manufacturing and purchasing a biodegradable glitter ingredient that doesn’t have a negative influence on our environment.


Well-known parabens in small concentrations are not harmful to human health. However, being washed off from our faces and bodies and getting into wastewater, they remain preservatives (substances hindering the decay processes). While getting into the aquatic environment and soil in large quantities, they can interfere with the vital processes of microorganisms and natural chemical reactions.

The solution? Brands “bearing the banner of environmental responsibility” highly suggest switching to natural preservatives.

Our Final Verdict

 alphagreen CBD in Cosmetics: A Fabulous Foundation

The CBD cosmetics market is gaining popularity each day. Perhaps in the near future, with such a variety of possible benefits, CBD will become a “super ingredient” of the beauty industry. In addition, CBD has all the chances to start a new era of cosmetics without the harmful impact of synthetics and chemicals.

Nonetheless, it still takes time to adopt the new product in the global market and be sure of the results it may provide, especially with a lack of research. For now, you may wish to enjoy using CBD cosmetics, as long as they are of high quality and as long as you don't expect some miracles to happen over night.


What are CBD cosmetics?

CBD cosmetics, if you haven’t heard yet, are any beauty products that are infused with pure natural CBD vitamins and extracts. From oils and sunscreens to serums and gripping primers, the market is in flux with a wide selection of CBD cosmetics for every skin.

Is CBD legal in cosmetics?

Currently, the FDA orders no prohibition on using hemp-derived CBD in cosmetics production across specific countries, as long as they are safely formulated and provide only those claims approved by the FDA.

What does CBD do in cosmetics?

CBD is added to a wide variety of beauty products, considering its many purported health benefits. CBD-infused cosmetics are touted to supplement everything from inflammation to acne and other skin-related conditions.

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?

By applying CBD topically, the active ingredients are not directly delivered to the bloodstream,  but rather interact with the cannabinoid receptors found in each tiny skin layer through the pores.

Is CBD really good for the skin?

CBD does not work as a cure or treatment to any skin issues. However, studies suggest that CBD may act as a potential supplement for alleviating symptoms of various skin conditions that are triggered by inflammation.

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