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CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Forest friendly
  • No Parabens / Sulfates
  • THC Free
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in EU
  • Organic
  • Non GMO
  • GMP
  • Full Spectrum
  • No Synthetics
  • IDEAL FOR REGULAR USE: This CBD Oil 20% from Cibdol is tailor-made for people who take CBD regularly.

    HIGH CONCENTRATION: This premium product allows you to enjoy a high concentrated dose of CBD while allowing room for tempering your dose to suit your needs. 

    HOLISTIC POTENTIAL: This unique formula, with full-spectrum CBD, gives optimum holistic potential benefits because of a unique selection of terpenes and cannabinoids.

    GORGEOUSLY GOLDEN: Cibdol's CBD Oil 20% has been seamlessly formulated with golden grade CBD and an olive oil carrier for improved absorption.

    TRUSTED BRAND: Cibdol is not only GMP-certified; they also craft this product without using GMOs, synthetics, or parabens.

    CBD FormatOil
    CBD TypeFull spectrum
  • Hemp Oil, Olive Oil, Terpenes
  • How to Use

     alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

    Shake the bottle well before use.

    Place three drops of CBD oil under your tongue using the pipette up to three times a day.

    Allow the CBD oil to remain under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. This allows the cannabinoids and other possibly beneficial nutrients to get absorbed into the bloodstream.


    CBD Oil 20% is highly perishable, and you should store it in a cool and dry place.

    Avoid keeping this product in areas receiving direct sunlight and heat.

    Store this product out of the reach of children.

     alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg


    Don't exceed 70mg of CBD per day.

    This product is unsuitable for children, pregnant or lactating women.

    It is highly recommended to seek advice from your physician before consuming CBD products, especially if you're taking health supplements or have an existing medical condition.

    It should be emphasised that this product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any health condition.

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CIbdol’s renowned pure, golden oil

This CBD oil is expertly blended with golden grade CBD and olive oil to offer a holistic and well-rounded experience. If you're looking for a pure, golden CBD oil with a high-strength dose of full-spectrum CBD, CBD Oil 20% is a perfect choice you have been waiting for!

Product details

 alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

CBD Oil 20% is a highly concentrated CBD product for possible fast and effective relief. If you're looking for a high-strength CBD dose, this product is ideal for your needs. This product is tailor-made for people who take CBD regularly. Cibdol ensures their CBD is extracted from organically grown hemp, and each bottle undergoes rigorous quality control. The company uses sophisticated CO2 extraction and purification techniques during the entire production cycle to ensure the final product is free from contaminants, toxins and other impurities. By combining essential terpenes and cannabinoids, Cibdol's full-spectrum formula is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids to capitalise on the potential benefits of the entourage effect. The company improves the taste and absorption by blending CBD with organic, nutritious olive oil carriers. This CBD oil is third-party lab tested, halal, and GMP certified and is suitable for vegans.

The 10ml bottle contains 2000mg of CBD, and each drop contains 10mg of full-spectrum CBD, so you'll get to enjoy a potent dose in each drop. Unlike some mainstream full-spectrum CBD oils that appear pasty, dark, and difficult to administer, CBD Oil 20% is an easy to use, pure golden oil. Cibdol employs the best extraction processes to ensure you get a product which is worth its weight in gold.

What is CBD?

 alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a naturally existing cannabinoid found in the resinous flowers or buds of cannabis plants. Although the research is relatively new, scientists and researchers around the world continue to analyse CBD in attempts to unlock its potential health benefits. CBD is considered a safe and non-addictive compound, one of more than 100 phytocannabinoids discovered in cannabis plants.

Cannabinoids are unique to cannabis plants and they give them their robust therapeutic profile. However, CBD is usually linked with another active cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical compound that induces the 'high' or intoxication effects that marijuana is known for. CBD and THC are the most studied components in cannabis plants.

CBD has many purported health benefits. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD won't induce a euphoric or high sensation. Some studies suggest that CBD may have the potential power to neutralise or suppress THC's intoxicative effect depending on how much of each cannabinoid is consumed. Since CBD oil is non-intoxicating and beneficial to health, it's becoming an attractive option for people who want to enjoy cannabis products without the high.

What is CBD oil?

 alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

CBD oil is a health supplement made by harvesting CBD from cannabis plants and then mixing it with a carrier oil. Cibdol manufactures CBD Oil 20% by diluting full-spectrum CBD with organic olive oil. Due to CBD oil's many potential benefits, it's gaining momentum in the health and wellness industry.

What is full-spectrum CBD?

Full-spectrum CBD means that the CBD oil contains multiple cannabinoids and other natural compounds found in cannabis plants. Cibdol harnesses the potential power of a wide range of cannabis constituents to manufacture versatile and effective formulas. These formulas contain a rich blend of terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and even vitamins and trace minerals.Cannabidiol is the primary compound in full-spectrum CBD oils. As opposed to CBD isolates, full-spectrum incorporates trace amounts of minor cannabinoids such as CBN, THCV, CBC, and CBG. Together, these cannabinoids can produce an entourage effect, which is the amplified therapeutic potential when multiple active compounds in the hemp work in synergy.

What is olive oil?

 alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

Olive oil is a health supplement harvested from the olive trees' fruits. The natural oil is rich in fatty acids like omega-6, omega-3, oleic acid and other beneficial compounds. Other than the essential fatty acids, it contains moderate amounts of vitamins K and E. furthermore, the natural oil is packed with powerful antioxidants, which are natural compounds that may help neutralise free radicals in the body. Free radicals are unstable compounds that lead to oxidative stress in cells.

Where does CBD come from?

Although CBD is found in all cannabis species, hemp plants have the highest CBD concentration. Hemp describes a subspecies or variety of Cannabis sativa domesticated by man several thousands of years ago. Hemp has been used to create materials like paper and cloth. More recently, hemp plants have also been cultivated because they are naturally rich in CBD, and have low concentrations of THC.

CBD vs THC. What's the difference?

 alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

As mentioned earlier, THC is the intoxicating compound in cannabis plants and the primary reason why cannabis plants are outlawed in almost every corner of the world. THC causes the high or intoxicating effects associated with recreational use of marijuana. Cannabinoids have a different chemical structure, and bind with receptors in the brain and the body. CBD doesn't interact with receptors the same way as THC. Ultimately, CBD is a non-intoxicating and non-addictive substance that is safe for human consumption.

Why is CBD so popular?

Although CBD research is relatively new, CBD is believed to support the body's ability to keep metabolic functions in balance. Some studies do suggest that CBD may impact several body functions and influence a wide range of biological systems and processes. According to the report released by the World Health Organisation, CBD is a safe organic compound that is well tolerated by humans without causing any public health concerns. However, it is crucial to know that CBD's potential benefits may vary because everyone has a different endocannabinoid system (ECS). The key to ensuring CBD oil works for you is identifying the right potency and supplier with verifiable results.

How does CBD work?

 alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

CBD and other multiple cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD work in the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex receptor system consisting of endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors (CB1 and CB2). The ECS is found in humans, reptiles, fish, and other mammals. The ECS plays a significant role in regulating many biological processes in the body, such as immune system activity, growth, reproduction, thermoregulation, energy levels, and many others. Furthermore, the ECS ensures that all biological functions work optimally. It also impacts how you experience hunger, stress, pain, and many more.

Recent studies suggest that there are negative health consequences when the ECS isn’t working optimally. The ECS is imbalanced in many health conditions. Hence, it stands to reason that restoring balance could potentially have therapeutic benefits. While some research and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD may help reduce the breakdown of endocannabinoids and support the ECS in restoring balance, more research is needed since a lot remains unknown.

Is CBD oil legal?

Yes, CBD products are entirely legal in the UK and most European countries if it's derived and extracted from hemp strains that are EU approved. In the UK, CBD is legal if it's harvested from hemp plants with no more than 0.2% THC content by dry weight. CBD the suppliers must comply with the highest UK agricultural directives. Furthermore, CBD products shouldn't contain more than 1mg of THC.

Why We Love It

Contains full-spectrum CBD

 alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

CBD Oil 20% is carefully formulated with full-spectrum CBD diluted with organic olive oil. This product contains a unique blend of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and even vitamin and trace minerals. Ultimately, you could potentially benefit from multiple nutrients found in the hemp plant through the entourage effect.

Vegan friendly

CBD Oil 20% (2000mg) is suitable for vegans and can be consumed by almost anyone. This product excludes honey, gelatin, dairy products, eggs, meat, and other animal-derived ingredients. Most vegans also avoid foods made using animal products, including some wines and refined white sugar.


 alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

CBD Oil 20% is halal certified. Halal describes the preparation of food per Islamic practices. In this case, it means that Cibdol complies with the strict Islamic dietary standards.


CBD Oil 20% is gluten-free, and you won't experience side effects associated with gluten after consuming this product. Gluten refers to a protein usually found in grains, including barley and wheat. 50mg of gluten is sufficient to trigger an immune response that affects your small intestine's inner lining. This could impact the absorption of nutrients and lead to other health issues.

GMP certified

 alphagreen CBD Oil 20% 2000mg

CBD Oil 20% is manufactured in GMP certified premises. Good manufacturing practices (GMP) refers to the minimum quality and safety standards that manufacturers should meet in their production processes. Any CBD manufacturer intending to sell their products in the UK market should comply with GMP guidelines which require that CBD oil be appropriate for its intended use and be of consistently high-quality.

Natural ingredients

CBD Oil 20% is manufactured with natural ingredients that are free from chemical fertilisers, herbicides, and other additives. Cibdol ensures that their suppliers comply with the strictest UK agricultural directives. The company monitors the entire production process to ensure you get the highest quality and natural product.


Terpenes, olive oil, hemp extract

Lab Reports

Cibdol is committed to formulating high-quality and unparalleled CBD products that can fit into your active lifestyle.

The company preserves the beneficial hemp compounds, filters out additives and impurities to manufacture golden oils of the utmost effectiveness and purity. CBD has taken the health and wellness market by storm as more consumers, manufacturers, and researchers realise the potential untapped benefits of this natural compound. Cibdol manufactures all its products with consumers in mind and provides fantastic customer service. Unlike mainstream CBD products in the industry that appear pasty, dark, and challenging to administer, CBD Oil 20% is easy to use and worth its weight in gold. After manufacturing the product, Cibdol sends samples of this product to an independent lab for rigorous testing, content accuracy and quality assurance. The lab analysis evaluates terpenes and cannabinoid profile and ensures that the product is free from impurities and toxins. You can find the certificate of analysis (COA) on our website.