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CBD Oil 10% 920mg

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Forest friendly
  • No Parabens / Sulfates
  • THC Free
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in EU
  • Organic
  • Non GMO
  • GMP
  • Full Spectrum
  • No Synthetics
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE RELIEF: Cibdol’s CBD Oil 10% is easy to use and shows quick results in less than 30 minutes!

    A STRENGTH FOR EVERYONE: This CBD Oil 10% is a medium-strength oil suitable for beginners and experienced users. Whatever you are using it for, Cibdol 10% CBD oil has you covered.

    ENJOY THE ENTOURAGE EFFECT WITHOUT THC: This CBD Oil 10% contains broad-spectrum CBD and includes all the goodness that the hemp plant has to offer without any psychoactive effects from THC.

    ECO-FRIENDLY EXTRACTION: Cibdol uses an eco-friendly extraction process that involves the use of CO2 to ensure it has a minimal impact on the environment.

    SMOOTH OIL: The brand removes chlorophyll, fats, and waxes during the filtration process to obtain a smooth, golden oil that is pure and strong.

    CBD FormatOil
    CBD TypeBroad spectrum
  • How to use


    CIBDOL CBD 10% oil (10ml and 30ml) is very simple in use. The oil appears in a convenient dropper bottle created with the advanced filtration method, hence users are able to dose it down to the last drop. Not a single drop of the oil will ever be wasted. CIBDOL CBD 10% oil (10ml and 30ml) easily flows and never clogs the dropper. 


    Each drop of CIBDOL CBD 10% oil contains 5mg of CBD. We recommend taking 3-4 drops of this concentrated oil three times per day (or 40-50mg of CBD daily). However, even experienced CBD users should abstain from consuming more than 12 drops of CIBDOL CBD 10% oil daily (or 50mg of CBD), even though CBD is well tolerated in larger amounts.

    How to use CIBDOL CBD 10 % oil?

    1. Shake the bottle well before use;
    2. Place the dropper below the tongue;
    3. Put 3-4 CBD oil drops under your tongue;
    4. Keep CBD oil for 60 seconds before swallowing.


    1. Store CIBDOL CBD 10% oil in a cool to room temperature.  Once opened, try to keep the bottle in the refrigerator;
    2. Store the bottle in a dark place and keep away from direct sunlight;
    3. Use the oil within 6 months since opening;
    4. Consult a healthcare professional in case you notice skin irritation.
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Product details


Product details


CIBDOL is one of the top European CBD producers, renowned for making one of the purest and cleanest CBD oils available on the market. The company produces its CBD ranges from the finest organic hemp grown exclusively in Europe. CIBDOL’s CBD oils do not contain GMO products, hormones, and synthetic chemicals.

CIBDOL CBD oil 10% is produced with the help of a proprietary filtration process and supercritical CO extraction to preserve only the most valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. Therefore, consumers receive an unadulterated dose of CBD, suspended in a nutritious olive oil carrier. Moreover, CIBDOL’s customers can always personalise their dose based on individual needs due to user-friendly packaging. 

CIBDOL’s CBD oils based on olive oil are available in three concentrations: 2.5% for novices, 4.0% for moderate and experienced users, and 10% for those willing to experience the maximum effect of CBD. The lines of CIBDOL’s CBD oils also differ according to the natural ingredients used, such as black cumin seed and hemp seed. CIBDOL’s lines of CBD oils work to improve well-being and to restore balance in the body. You can buy CIBDOL’s CBD oil of any concentration to feel the difference in every drop. 

Apart from CBD oils, CIBDOL produces CBD infused creams, capsules, soft gels, and supplements. Right now, the company works on a CBD product range for cats and dogs.

General information about CBD

What is CBD and does it stand for “weed”?


CBD stands for cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating natural compound obtained from the hemp plant. Nevertheless, CBD is frequently confused with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive compound derived from marijuana, also known as “weed”. While THC causes high behaviour, CBD facilitates relaxation and releases stress.

Though both hemp and marijuana originate from the Cannabis family, only “weed” possesses high levels of THC. Organic hemp, on the contrary, contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. 

CIBDOL obtains its CBD from the finest hemp crops grown exclusively in Europe. The company employs sophisticated testing and extraction technologies to remove THC and other harmful compounds.

Why is CBD great for health?


The human body has two cannabinoid receptors named CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are mostly detected in the brain and influence coordination, emotions, and mood. CB2 receptors are predominantly located in the immune system. They affect inflammation and pain

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) attaches to CB1 receptors and thus instigates “high” behaviour. CBD (cannabidiol), on the contrary, doesn’t connect directly to any of the receptors. Instead, CBD indirectly affects CB1 and CB2 receptors. As a result, both of the receptors generate non-psychoactive mild responses, such as pain relief or sleep improvement. 

Apart from that, CBD triggers TRPV1 receptors that affect body temperature, inflammation, and pain perception. Moreover, CBD increases the presence of the so-called “bliss molecule” anandamide. This molecule boosts the neural generation of motivation and pleasure.

Are CBD products legal?


CBD based products are fully legal in the European Union and the United Kingdom. CBD is not listed among the “controlled substances” under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. The cultivation of industrial hemp for CBD production is legally allowed in the European Union. 

CBD oils, creams, tinctures, foods, and beverages are widely available in the United Kingdom and the European Union. However, the maximum permitted levels of THC of such products should not exceed 0.2%. 

Is it safe to take CBD products with other medications?

Each human organism is unique, therefore responds to cannabidiol in a different manner. Consequently, when mixed with other prescription drugs, CBD products might stimulate an unpredictable bodily reaction. We recommend seeing a healthcare professional before adding CBD to your list of healing agents.

Why we love it

How is CIBDOL’s CBD oil made?


CIBDOL produces its CBD oils in the sophisticated Swiss laboratories. The company’s employees carefully filter out the oils’ impurities through a complex purification process. At the same time, the powerful active ingredients remain intact, and every possible measure is taken to ensure transparency and precision. Due to the process of complete decarboxylation, CIBDOL produces full-spectrum CBD oil devoid of fats, chlorophyll, and waxes. CIBDOL’s CBD oils are always smooth and golden, devoid of sticky residue.

Picking natural ingredients is another important aspect of CBD oil production. CIBDOL ensures that its CBD oils contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids to reach the maximum quality. Unlike competitors solely relying on isolates, the company enriches its CBD oils with terpenes that generate the so-called “entourage effect”. This is when combined natural substances produce a stronger influence through interaction with the human body compared to what they would produce individually. The “entourage effect” enhances the therapeutic potential of CBD.

CIBDOL is famous for maintaining years of advancing its product ranges. The company uses innovative scientific methods to uphold high production standards and strictly follows the European Union’s regulations on CBD. 

According to Mario van Herpen, CIBDOL’s CEO, “This helps make regulators confident that there is a genuine need for CBD products to be available on the health product market, in health product shop. CIBDOL has provided quality and results from the start. CIBDOL is the only company that produces pure CBD oil. We don’t call it our ‘golden’ CBD for nothing.”

What is CIBDOL’s CBD oils’ golden standard?


CIBDOL is renowned for setting the golden standard with CBD oils in order to maximize the effectiveness of CBD. The company’s employees eliminate all the oils’ impurities with the help of a proprietary filtration process. As a result, CIBDOL’s CBD oils never appear in black colour or pasty consistency; they are devoid of waxes, fats, and chlorophyll. 

According to Mario van Herpen, CIBDOL’s CEO: “That’s why we set the bar high. CIBDOL is setting a golden standard for CBD oils. It is therefore important not to tread CBD as a fad. We have to ensure its regulation, and this can only happen if reputable brands take the lead in the market”.

Does CBD oil have any side effects?


The 2017 World Health Organization report confirms that animals and humans tolerate CBD extracts from hemp well. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), adults can safely consume up to 1500 mg of CBD by mouth daily within a month. 

However, clinical research on how CBD affects the human body continues, and the potential risks are also studied. At present, scientists mostly focus on CBD’s possible effect on digestion and hormones. Therefore, we do not recommend exceeding the daily norm of 20-50mg of CBD, especially for inexperienced users. 

Can I get an allergy when using CBD oil?

CBD oils produced by CIBDOL are all-natural and free of toxins, suitable even for hypersensitive skin. However, theoretically, it is possible to develop an allergy against any of the oils’ natural components. In case you mention skin irritation, immediately contact a healthcare professional. 

Which concentration of CIBDOL CBD oil should I take?


To ensure that all CIBDOL’s customers, both novices and experienced CBD users, meet their needs, the company offers oils with different CBD concentrations: 2.5%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 10%, and 20% per bottle. At the same time, choosing the right CBD concentration is solely a matter of personal preference. There are no superior CBD products or CBD concentrations among CIBDOL’s products. 

Furthermore, CIBDOL offers unique 2.5% and 4% Liposomal CBD Oils. These specialised products use pharmaceutical-grade liposomes to advance the efficiency and potency of CBD. In addition, CIBDOL offers a variety of CBD soft gels in 4% and 10% concentrations for customers who find it difficult to incorporate CBD oils into their daily routines.

What feelings do I get after taking CBD oil?


It depends on the concentration of CBD oil. For oils with higher CBD concentration, for example, 4% or 10% CBD, it might take you between 5 to 15 minutes to start feeling more calm and relaxed. Your mood should improve as well. For oils with lower CBD concentration, for example, 2% or 3% CBD, it might take you between 20 to 30 minutes to feel the CBD effects.

Nevertheless, we recommend abstaining from taking another dose of CBD oil until you have waited at least half an hour since CBD makes a cumulative effect in the body.

Lab reports

Laboratory testing is crucial to provide accurate information about the levels of CBD in different crops of hemp plants since cannabinoid concentration varies throughout a crop.

CIBDOL extensively tests CBD concentration in its Swiss labs to guarantee that it stays consistent from bottle to bottle.

In addition to testing raw materials, CIBDOL conducts regular tests of the soil where the hemp is grown for microbial agents, contamination, and heavy metals concentration. The company makes sure that its carbon footprint remains limited, and only safe environmental practices are applied in production. No herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, growth hormones, pesticides are added during the production process. 



CIBDOL is renowned as one of the top CBD producers in the European Union. The company is located in Basel, Switzerland, in the centre of the European pharmaceutical industry. CIBDOL’s manufacturing and research facilities use a number of sophisticated technologies to produce quality CBD ranges.

The company is praised for its “Swiss Approach”, encompassed by reliability, precision, and absolute compliance to the European Union’s regulations on CBD. CIBDOL uses only the finest ingredients from prime European hemp and employs a stringent quality control process. To back up its claims of excellence, the company conducts mandatory third-party testing of each batch. Each CBD oil bottle by CIBDOL lists an accurate CBD concentration on the batch. 


CIBDOL’s oils always come pure. The company tests raw materials and extracts for chemicals, contaminants, impurities, and microbial agents to avoid dark substance and pasty consistency. Customer feedback is paramount to CIBDOL.

According to Mario Van Herpen, CIBDOL’s CEO, educating customers about the benefits of CBD oils is crucial for the company’s future success. “There are many different rules about CBD products, and they vary by country,” he explains. “Many of our customers don’t know what CBD does, and because there are a lot of different oils on the market, they don’t know what constitutes quality. We hope to show them.”

At present, CIBDOL produces a wide range of CBD oils, creams, beauty products, and supplements in various volumes and concentrations, suitable for both experienced users and novices. The company continues to uphold to the highest production standards and supply customers with the finest CBD products.

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