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CBD Vape Cartridge - Sour Diesel

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Sour diesel is known to be gassy and potent. But that CBD cartridge takes the harshness of smoking it traditionally as the vaping experience is pleasantly cool. You'll just wish you ordered extra after your friends have a go on your new vape cartridge!

Sour Diseal

Taste great and vapes very smooth

CBD Vape Cartridge - Sour Diesel
CBD Vape Cartridge - Sour Diesel

Product details

CBD Vape Cartridge is presented in Fresh Scots pine with a citrus edge taste. It has been manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices in the UK. Paso CBD Vape Cartridge is totally nicotine- and THC-free. Significantly, all Paso vape cartridges can be used in most vape batteries with a “universal” or “510 thread.”

How to prevent leakage

Even though the brand offers the best cartridges in the business, sometimes annoyingly leakage can occur when vaping CBD e-liquids. In fact, leaking occurs when the central ceramic core of the vape cartridge, located inside the central metal tube in the cartridge, which is utilised to heat the e-liquid becomes filled with CBD e-liquid faster than it can vaporise it. However, there are a few preventative measures that can reduce the risk of leakage. First of all, it is advised to store it in a cool place. In general, CBD e-liquid is notorious for breaking down and thinning if it is left under intense heat, for example, direct sunlight. When thinned, CBD e-liquids are more likely to flood the central ceramic core of the vape cartridge and cause further leaking. Nevertheless, keeping the cart in a cool, dark place will help avoid this.

Secondly, the best way to store vape cartridges is in a vertical position. If a person has not been vaping for a while, it is recommended to unscrew the vape cartridge from the vaporiser battery, then place the rubber plug back on the bottom and finally, store the cart upright in a cold and dark place.

Can CBD in a vape cartridge change the colour?

As CBD is a naturally derived compound, it occasionally can oxidise, causing the colour change. This process is leading to brownish streaks appearing in the vape liquid. In fact, oxidation can happen at ambient temperatures, but things like heat and UV radiation can exacerbate the problem. Besides, other factors also play a part. For example, the plant-based terpenes consumers use in their e-liquids can also oxidise with time.

Moreover, the ceramic core in the vape cartridge will build up residue from use. Typically, it will pass slowly back into the cartridge leading to insignificant dark streaks toward the bottom of the cartridge. There are particular chemicals a manufacturer can add to prevent this, but Paso wants to stay clear of them for the benefit of consumer safety and health. In these circumstances, the vape cartridges are still safe to vape. However, please remember that once opened, the liquids should be consumed within three weeks.

Can a CBD vape cartridge crystallise?

What is more, some of the CBD in the vape cartridge can crystallise. As a result, there will appear clear shards clinging to the inside walls of the cartridge. This is typically when the cartridge has become too cold for an extended period of time. Nevertheless, a consumer can still use the Paso cartridge, but the brand recommends to warm the cartridge by placing it near a radiator. This procedure should warm the e-liquid and dissolve the CBD. Once this takes place, it is advised to reattach to the battery and take a few small puffs to redistribute the oil into the cartridge’s heating element.

More Information
CBD FormatVape
CBD TypeBroad spectrum
CBD Percentage10%
IngredientsPG, Terpenes, VG

Why We Love It

Public awareness of CBD has increased dramatically in recent years, with many individuals talking openly about the fantastic effects CBD has brought to their well-being and health. Significantly, CBD is no longer viewed as an alternative lifestyle product. Its worldwide acceptance has been promoted by numerous wellness experts and social media influencers promoting its amazing properties. Market demand for CBD as a liquid that can be vaped has grown significantly, yet the current set of CBD products available to the UK consumer vary in quality and flavour. 

We love Paso CBD vape cartridge because the CBD utilised in Paso products is thoughtfully extracted from industrial hemp that contains low levels of THC and high concentrations of CBD. The brand purifies CBD from the hemp extract to ensure that it does not have THC identified in the lab analysis that Paso regularly runs with independent laboratories.

We also love Paso CBD vape cartridge because vaping CBD offers various advantages. First of all, vaping CBD is the fastest known way to get the element into the bloodstream, allowing a person to experience the effects of CBD without having to wait a few hours for the body system to metabolise and absorb an oral CBD tincture.

Secondly, if a consumer is already used to vaping e-liquid, using CBD vape cartridge is a simple, convenient, and quick process. This can be done using a rechargeable vape pen. Therefore, there is no need to buy new equipment. Thirdly, most CBD e-liquids come in a wide range of strengths, letting a consumer tailor the dose just like he or she would with a nicotine e-liquid.  

Overall, having listened to the consumers and their needs during the product manufacturing process, Paso has crafted a CBD vape cartridge of a sector-leading quality. It sets the standard for CBD as a vape liquid which is manufactured by a trusted UK supplier of CBD vape products.


Non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD), vegetable glycerine, botanic terpene-based flavourings, propylene glycol.

Vegetable glycerin brings light and sweet taste when vaped. In fact, it is more viscous than propylene glycol and accountable for the amount of vapour during consumption. Vegetable glycerin is widely used in food products, beauty, and vaping.

Propylene glycol is frequently used as a base in various e-liquids. It has no odour and is non-toxic. Propylene glycol is responsible for the “throat hit” sensation that individuals may have heard about. Paso utilises propylene glycol in vape cartridges to dissolve CBD. Besides, the substance also helps to deliver different complex aromas found in each peculiar flavour.

How to Use

Once a person has taken a CBD vape cartridge out of the packet, it is recommended to remove the rubber plug and then screw clockwise into the top of the Paso vaporiser. Significantly, the vaporiser and cartridge should be screwed together firmly. However, please do not make it over tighten as this can damage the vape cartridge and cause leaking.

How to remove excess CBD e-liquid from the central ceramic core 

Since leaking occurs when the central ceramic core of the vape cart becomes filled with CBD e-liquid faster than it can vaporise it, the essential process of fixing leaks is often just a process of removing this excess CBD e-liquid from the central ceramic core. Importantly, there are two main ways of doing this. First of all, it is advised to remove the vape cart from the Paso vaporiser as well as take care to turn the cartridge sufficiently upside down to stop the liquid running out as the vaporiser battery is removed. Then it is recommended to wrap a paper towel around the end of the cartridge which normally screws into the Paso vaporiser and blow through the mouthpiece but without turning it upright and spilling liquid. Consequently, the excess e-liquid in the central airflow tube will come out onto the paper towel as a person blows. He or she may need to blow a few times to ensure the tube is absolutely clear.

Secondly, this can be done by increasing the power setting. In other words, a consumer will need to switch to a voltage setting or higher power. This will definitely vaporise more juice per puff and hopefully, help rid the ceramic core or excessive CBD e-liquid. However, it will also lead to more vapour and can bring out different elements of the flavour of the e-liquid.

Shelf life

In fact, all Paso CBD vape cartridges come with expiration dates marked on their packaging. Thus, for the best quality and flavour of the vape cartridge, it is recommended to use them up within three weeks of opening. However, if they get older and start to turn brown as a result of an oxidisation process, but are still within their expiration date, the cartridges are still in a usable condition and safe.

Lab Reports

Nowadays, the manufacture and supply of CBD vape are legal in the UK.

To comply with The Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 and Home Office guidance, CBD products must contain less than 1 mg of THC. Thus, one of the first things an individual will notice on the packaging of the Paso CBD vape cartridge is that it does not contain nicotine and is totally THC-free.

According to a report published by Public Health England in 2018, vaping was at least 95% less harmful than smoking. This being said, Paso does not advocate continual vaping and believes that moderation is essential. Besides, Paso reminds consumers to remember that CBD products are not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any disease.

Ensuring that customers have a high-quality product is very important to Paso. That is why all of the brand’s products which contain CBD have been rigorously lab-tested to prove the absence of any THC.

Paso CBD vape cartridges are all produced in the United Kingdom in compliance with stringent GMP and the strict accordance with the European Tobacco Directive even though the CBD products do not contain any tobacco or nicotine to ensure a high quality of the product. Paso vape cartridges are plastic-free and are made from glass with a ceramic core.

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