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Emma Chaplin is a 23-year-old studying to be a solicitor at City, University of London and has been struggling with insomnia throughout her student life. She found it difficult to get to sleep quickly and woke up frequently throughout the night, which directly affected her ability to study for long periods. Emma found Alphagreen when she was looking for a natural alternative to help improve the quality of her sleep and now uses CBD regularly. Emma thanks the knowledgeable team at Alphagreen for finding the right product for her so quickly, and says she will continue to purchase from Alphagreen due to its variety in selection, speedy delivery and prompt customer service.

How long have you been suffering from Insomnia?

I have struggled with sleep, getting to sleep and staying asleep for a few years now. It came hand in hand with my anxiety which I have had since the last year at school and it got worse when I went to university. My insomnia has been worse over the past year as I am doing a high-pressured postgraduate course to train to be a solicitor.  This makes it hard for my brain to switch off at night and means that I am often not refreshed in the morning and struggle to get through the morning without a coffee!

Can you describe what struggling with Insomnia feels like?

It's just a struggle to get to sleep, I can often be lying in bed for hours before I finally get to sleep. The sleep that I do get isn’t very good quality. I can often wake up a lot in the night too and even if I do get 7-8 hours of sleep, I still feel tired after waking up. I also used to nap a lot especially at uni and the lack of sleep would make me irritable during the day. I have tried changing my sleeping pattern and reading before bed but not much was helping me to consistently get a good night’s sleep.

Have the CBD products you have purchased from Alphagreen helped with your anxiety?

I have purchased a vape pen with a cartridge from Paso and have continued to buy these off the marketplace. I use the pen in the evening while I am winding down. It has really helped me, I still take a while to get to sleep – but that is probably as I overthink a lot! But once I am asleep, I stay asleep and feel a lot more refreshed when I wake up in the morning.

What would you say to other people who are sceptical to take CBD?

I would urge people to try it if they are suffering with sleep! It has definitely helped me and combined with a good routine it has really helped my quality of sleep. This has made it easier to concentrate on my uni work during the day and made me less irritable. I also suffer from anxiety and using the pen in the evening has also helped with that, making me feel a lot more relaxed before bed.

Would you recommend Alphagreen marketplace and its service?

I definitely would recommend it. I have only used the Paso pen, but I am thinking of branching out and trying different cartridges from different brands. It is so helpful having lots of brands in one place so you can compare the prices and ratings of different products, the website is really good and I find it easy to find what I want. I also get discount codes to my email which make my shopping slightly cheaper which is definitely helpful being a uni student. The live chat is really good, and I always get my questions answered quickly and to the point.

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