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For a CBD buzz more significant than what you’d get with a basic balm or cream, try some CBD patches. Perfect for targeting specific problem areas for symptoms of arthritis and non-facial acne, CBD patches can be worn for a slow release of soothing feelings and more. Check out other popular product types - CBD Oil | CBD Vape | CBD Capsules | CBD Gummiess & Categories - CBD for Pain | Sleep for Sleep | CBD for Anxiety
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Our Ultimate Guide to the Best CBD Patches

Table of contents:

Our Ultimate Guide to the Best CBD Patches


Consider this article your guide to CBD patches. CBD patches stick to your arm and assure the highest efficiency in cannabinoid delivery; they even give vaping a run for its money! CBD patches come in a variety of doses, and this allows you to tailor your CBD experience to fit your specific needs. You can also increase the number of patches should you feel that you need to up your CBD dose to get the most out of your experience. So, make sure that you keep reading as we aim to answer the most frequently asked questions pertaining to CBD patches.


As technologies grow and advance, the CBD industry never stops surprising us with new products. In fact, it arguably grows along with it! Until recently, CBD patches have remained far less known compared to other cannabidiol-infused products, such as traditional CBD oils and capsules, and even CBD gummies. But CBD patches are worth knowing about for their tremendous benefits. They are one of the most discreet methods of CBD consumption, and they are easy and hassle-free to dose. What more could you want? We expect further growth of CBD patches' production as more people learn about their unique properties.

What Are CBD Patches?

Our Ultimate Guide to the Best CBD Patches

So, what are CBD patches? Actually, the idea behind CBD patches is not a new one. They look like typical band-aids used to stick to an ailing part of the body. The main difference is that the CBD patches contain a piece of plastic infused with cannabidiol (CBD).

Put simply, a CBD patch is a piece of plastic that contains a precise dose of CBD molecules carried on gel or oil, combined with permeation enhancers. Most CBD patches have a high concentration of CBD as this can help to create a long-lasting effect on your skin. One of the main differences between CBD oils, is that CBD patches are dry so they can attach to the skin. Most users stick CBD patches on venous parts of the body, such as ankles, arms, and wrists. This allows for a higher absorption rate into the bloodstream.

The body heat activates the patch and releases CBD molecules with other ingredients. As soon as the molecules get absorbed by the skin, they come by straight into the bloodstream, where the body processes the beneficial compounds. Afterwards, you can experience the potential benefits of CBD and other potential beneficial ingredients that have been included in the patch.

At the same time, transdermal delivery remains inefficient and slow since the skin barricades different compounds via its powerful protective layers. A well-designed CBD patch must bypass the skin’s protective layers before it can be absorbed. With this in mind, CBD manufacturers add the so-called "permeation enhancers" for an extra push of cannabidiol into the bloodstream. Today, CBD engineers consider permeation enhancers as a breakthrough in CBD delivery due to the way that they enhance the skin’s permeability in a short period of time.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Patches?

Overall, CBD patches demonstrate more efficiency compared to other CBD delivery methods. They can last for up to 4 days and take away the stress of calculating the right dosage. Besides, if you want to avoid the effects of smoke or vapour on your lungs and throat, or dislike the taste of CBD oils and other edibles, patches are an attractive alternative.

  • Very efficient at cannabinoid delivery
Our Ultimate Guide to the Best CBD Patches

Whenever you apply a CBD patch, you can be sure that approximately 50% of its contents will reach your bloodstream, even without permeation enhancers. CBD vaping, which boasts a similar bioavailability to that of patches at about 50-60%, is still less likely than CBD patches to guarantee the delivery of its CBD molecules to the bloodstream. Although the lungs are generally good at absorbing CBD, the quality of inhaling varies from person to person, and from puff to puff.

As for CBD patches, not only do they deliver cannabinoids directly to the bloodstream with minimal loss of potency, but they also activate the skin cells directly, which is especially valuable for people suffering from skin disorders.

  • Ultimate discreteness

If you are seeking a discreet method of CBD consumption, then you arguably cannot beat CBD patches. This is because you don’t need any other ingredients apart from the product, unlike water to consume CBD capsules for example. What’s more, you can apply it before you go out in public, and nobody will be any the wiser that you are consuming CBD. This is ideal for people coping with the symptoms of anxiety and don’t wish to attract any attention while in a public space.

  • Stable Long-Term CBD Effects

Unlike CBD inhalation, where the effects of cannabidiol rapidly peak and soon decrease, CBD patches release cannabinoids in a consistent and steady manner over time. Besides, manufacturers can create CBD patches with varying doses and timeframes for versatile therapeutic needs.

Who Can Benefit from CBD Patches?

Our Ultimate Guide to the Best CBD Patches

A variety of people will arguably benefit from CBD patches (and CBD in general). Most CBD patches are created for the treatment of pain, post-work recovery and intense training. Therefore, CBD patches can help the following groups of people:

  • Busy people with tight working schedules looking for efficient methods of stress reduction;
  • Patients suffering from chronic pains, joint aches and arthritis;
  • Professional athletes looking for restorative treatment without any prohibited compounds after tough physical exercises;
  •  Amateur athletes in need of post-workout recovery treatment;
  •  People who are looking to increase body and mind productivity.

What Are the Types of CBD Patches?

Today, CBD markets offer different patches, depending on the materials and structure. The two most common types of CBD patches include matrix patches and reservoir patches.

Matrix patches typically contain five layers: a peel-off protective layer to safeguard CBD, a CBD-infused "matrix" layer, a separating layer, an adhesive layer holding the "matrix" to the skin, and finally, a backing layer. In matrix patches, the rate of CBD release is not accurately controlled. The released dosage will depend on the size of the patch and the amount of CBD contained inside the matrix.

Reservoir patches have only three layers: a peel-off layer, an adhesive layer, and a protective backing layer. However, the permeable release membrane remains the key element of reservoir patches. In particular, manufacturers fine-tune the release membrane to control the rate of CBD delivery at a steady pace. Compared to matrix patches, reservoir patches are better at controlling the pace of CBD release.

How to Use CBD Patches

Our Ultimate Guide to the Best CBD Patches

Though the description of the layers of CBD patches may sound complicated, their use is extremely easy. To apply a CBD patch, all you need to do is to take away the protective film, put the patch to the skin, and wear it for the indicated timeframe, typically ranging from 6 to 96 hours. Furthermore, there are a couple of tricks to get the maximum efficiency of a CBD patch.

The majority of patches work on venous parts of the body where capillaries and blood vessels are located underneath a thin layer of skin, close to the surface. These parts include ankles, shoulders, wrists, upper arms, as well as the back of the neck. However, in certain cases, CBD patches work better when applied directly to the problematic area affected by inflammation or pain. If you need to increase the CBD dosage, you can apply more CBD patches. Equally, you can take away any of the patches at any time if you want to stop the CBD flow.

Whenever you apply a CBD patch, make sure that you thoroughly wash and dry your skin as well as remove any oils or dirt. The important thing to remember is to keep CBD patches away from chlorine and saltwater. To ensure the correct use of both matrix and reservoir CBD patches, follow the below instructions.

  1. If possible, remove any hair adjoining the aching skin area.
  2. Clean the skin, preferably with a disinfectant wipe.
  3. Afterwards, dry the skin.
  4. Put the patch close to the source of inflammation or pain. If you are a CBD novice willing to try a CBD patch out of curiosity, it is possible to cut a patch into several pieces. In fact, it may be advisable to start with a quarter of a regular dose.
  5. If the aching area is around an elbow, joint or knee, apply the patch to the less bending body part.
  6. If the source of inflammation is spread out across a large area instead of being tightly concentrated, place two or three patches for optimal results.
  7. If you want to use CBD patches for mood and sleep improvement, the site of the patch is unimportant. You can apply a CBD patch anywhere; however, areas where the skin is thinner have faster absorption rates.

Bottom Line / TL;DR

Let’s take a final overview and benefits of CBD patches.

  • CBD patches are less known to the public, yet they have plenty of great benefits. Firstly, they provide the highest efficiency in cannabinoid delivery, even when compared with vaping – the most famous method of fast CBD delivery. Secondly, CBD patches are extremely discreet – ideal for people who don’t like to show off their CBD consumption, particularly in public.
  • CBD patches will suit people who dislike the taste of CBD oils or wish to avoid inhaling smoke or vapour. Studies also show that patch technology maximises the number of absorbed nutrients.
  • CBD patches may appeal to the following groups of people: busy overstressed people with tight working schedules; patients with arthritis and chronic pains; professional athletes looking for recovery treatments without prohibited compounds and fitness lovers looking to wind down post-workout. Also, CBD patches suit new users of cannabidiol, merely wishing to calm their minds and bolster daily productivity.
  • CBD patches contain a piece of plastic infused with CBD molecules carried on gel or oil, combined with permeation enhancers. This means that CBD patches can ensure a long-lasting effect through a high cannabidiol concentration.
  • CBD patches are dry and this means that they can be easily attached to the skin. Most users stick CBD patches on venous parts of the body, such as arms, ankles and wrists to achieve faster absorption.
  • As soon as a CBD patch gets attached to the skin, the heat from your body will serve as a way of activating the CBD. The molecules start flowing straight into the bloodstream. Permeation enhancers speed up the CBD release process.
  • CBD patches can last for up to four days. Plus, you don’t need to spend the time calculating the right dosage for you. This is due to the cannabidiol being consistently released over time. Unlike CBD inhaling, with rapid peaks and decreases of CBD effects, the effect of CBD patches remains stable. Manufacturers can create CBD patches with diverse timeframes and doses for various therapeutic purposes.
  • There are two types of CBD patches: matrix and reservoir. Matrix patches usually contain five layers. The released CBD dosage depends on the size of the patch and the amount of CBD contained inside the matrix.
  • Reservoir patches have only three layers, with the permeable release membrane serving as the key ingredient of the patch. Manufacturers fine-tune the release membrane to control the pace of CBD delivery. Compared to matrix patches, reservoir patches are better at handling the speed of CBD release.
  • CBD patches are one of the simplest methods of CBD use that you will find on the market today. If you wish to apply a CBD patch, then all you need to do is take away the protective film, put the patch on the dried skin, and wear it for the indicated timeframe. This can range from 6 to 96 hours.
  • CBD patches work better when applied directly to the area of your body where you’re experiencing pain or inflammation. If you need to you can add an extra patch or tow to see if this helps to improve your symptoms.
  • Whenever an inflamed place is close to the knee, elbow, or joints, users should apply the patch to the body part that does not bend.
  • In the case of inflammation covering a large area, users can place more patches and see if this helps their symptoms.
  • Customers who intend to use CBD patches only for mood and sleep improvement can place patches anywhere on their body.
  • In some instances, matrix patches fail to provide a controlled and steady dose. CBD patches may not suit people with pains characterised by quick changes.
  • There are potential minor adverse effects, similar to other CBD-infused products, such as dry mouth and nausea.
  • However, the interaction between CBD and other drugs might bring additional side effects. For this reason, we always recommend consulting a healthcare professional before adding CBD to a daily regimen of prescribed drugs.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out CBD patches today and bask in the simplicity and ease of use.


What is CBD?

CBD is a completely natural substance that is derived from the cannabis plant. Once the CBD has been removed from the plant, it can be added to other products. This could be CBD patches, edibles, shampoo, and so many more.

Is CBD illegal?

Although CBD is a Cannabis derivative, it is important to know that it is extracted from an industrial hemp variety that does not contain high amounts of THC. As a result, CBD is legal in many parts of the world, and it is sold and consumed in the UK and US. CBD is legal for as long as the product does not contain more than 0.2% of THC per container.

What are CBD patches?

A CBD patch is a great way of adding CBD to your lifestyle. You place the patch on your skin (preferably a hairless area) and the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream.

What are CBD patches used for?

People use CBD for a range of reasons. For example, for sleep, for calm, inflammation, pain management and more. If you are new to CBD, then it’s a good idea to begin with a lower dose and see if it works for you. If you feel you need to up the dosage you could purchase a higher dose or apply another patch.

Do CBD patches work?

CBD patches work through transdermal absorption, where it is delivered to your bloodstream through the skin. The skin contains endocannabinoid receptors which are responsible for many physiological processes, including pain response. Hence, when CBD patches are applied, they can cause therapeutic effects in the targeted area where the pain is being experienced.

How to use CBD patches?

CBD patches should be applied on a dry and clean affected area. Depending on the duration indicated on the product label, CBD patches can be left for 12 to 36 hours to provide targeted pain relief. Take note that some patches are not water-proof, so it is important to read the product label for additional information.

How do CBD patches make you feel?

CBD patches provide relief from the nerve, muscle aches, and joint pain. It is also beneficial in the management of localized inflammation and stiffness in many areas of your body.

How long does it take for CBD patches to work?

It could take up to one hour for you to feel the effects of CBD from the patch.

What is the best CBD patch?

Any of the CBD patches on our list are great options for you! You may wish to try out these patches for yourself, so that you can gain some first hand experience and knowledge of CBD patches.

Are CBD patches addictive?

CBD patches are not addictive. Although CBD is a cannabinoid like delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is abundant in marijuana and is the compound responsible for the high and euphoric feeling people who use weeds get, CBD does not provide the same mind-altering effects. CBD is non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating, so it shouldn’t make its users addicted to it like how recreational cannabis causes.

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