CBD Mixers

Interested in making a CBD cocktail? Get creative with these CBD mixers! In a range of flavours such as strawberry & basil and cardamom & chilli, these mixers are infused with all the potential benefits of CBD. Bring your next night of drinks and celebrations a little more relaxing with the possibilities CBD may provide. Not into drinks? Shop other CBD products, like- CBD Oil | CBD Skincare | CBD Vapes | CBD Edibles

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CBD Mixers: Here to Stir Things Up

CBD Mixers: Here to Stir Things Up

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New and innovative CBD-infused products are hitting the shelves all the time. From gummies, oils to coffee and soft drinks. CBD mixers are amongst this list as their versatile nature makes them a new favourite. This guide will cover what CBD mixers are, why they may be beneficial, and which hemp-infused mixers Alphagreen have available! Finally, we have also answered some frequently asked questions at the end of this article.

What are CBD Mixers?

CBD Mixers: Here to Stir Things Up

Cannabidiol (CBD) derives from hemp, a subspecies of the cannabis plant. Made using CBD extract, CBD mixers are a great and fun way to get your daily dose of cannabidiol! While CBD soft drinks have been in the spotlight for their convenient on-the-go nature and sweet taste, some people don’t want the added sugar that comes with them.

This is where CBD mixers come in!

Add CBD mixers to any beverage you like, from cocktails and tea to juice and smoothies; you can make any drink into a hemp-infused product. Its versatility means you can create healthier CBD alternatives if you wish (although we are impartial to a CBD mocktail now and then).

Whatsmore, when ingesting CBD as a drink, it enters your body through your digestive tract, making its way to your bloodstream. Here, the CBD is fast-acting as it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (a complex cell signalling system in the body), where it indirectly affects the body’s biological processes. Research shows that taking CBD might increase sleep quality and quantity, reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, and improve overall cognitive functioning. With a CBD mixer, the compound takes about 15-20 minutes to break down and start taking effect.

There are three types of CBD, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD uses the entire spectrum of cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant. However, it only contains trace amounts of THC (the potentially psychoactive compound), which is not enough to cause a high. Next, broad-spectrum CBD is similar to full-spectrum in that it uses all cannabinoids except THC. Both of these are popular choices because the presence of multiple compounds may cause an entourage effect. This theory states cannabinoids are more effective when taken together with other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

However, there is one more type called CBD isolate. CBD isolates are the purest form of CBD as it doesn’t contain any other compound, and although it won’t cause an entourage effect, it contains the highest concentration of cannabidiol between the three types. CBD Bitters contain CBD isolate for this exact reason - it creates a concentrated product that lasts longer!

What are the Benefits of CBD Mixers?

CBD Mixers: Here to Stir Things Up

Whether you’re an avid CBD user or entirely new to hemp products, CBD mixers are an excellent option for everyone! 

Super Easy and Convenient to Take

Hemp oils have a somewhat earthy taste, thanks to the terpenes and flavonoids responsible for flavour, smell, and colour. While this natural taste may be pleasant for some people, it may be a turn-off for others. The good news is if you don’t like the flavour of CBD oil, mixers are perfect for you! It couldn’t be easier to get your required amount of CBD; simply stir a CBD mixer into any beverage to get your daily dose of hemp oil.

Get Creative with Recipes

CBD mixers are desirable for their versatile nature! If you love to get creative, CBD mixers are for you. They mix perfectly into morning smoothies and coffees, and cocktails, so you’ll never get tired of taking your daily dose.

You may even enjoy mixing our unique Kolibri Botanical Infusions beverage with a few drops of CBD bitters to create a health-conscious sweet drink!

If you love trying new recipes, why not use our oral CBD drops in your next dessert recipes!

Concentrated CBD

The CBD market is arguably saturated with products that don’t offer a high enough concentration of hemp extract to have a significant effect. This is why CBD mixers are effective because CBD Bitters have a high concentration of cannabidiol. Its high concentration means each serving packs a punch, with a 100ml bottle designed for 50-75 drinks. You can trust one serving of a CBD mixer to provide the effects you need.

Quick absorption

As we have outlined, drinking CBD is a quick way to break down the cannabinoid compound and get it into your bloodstream. As it enters your body through the digestive tract, the CBD enters your bloodstream taking effect quicker. CBD drinks usually start taking effect after 20 minutes, meaning a mixer is a perfect addition to your morning routine or a delicious breakfast.

What CBD Mixers Do Alphagreen Sell?

Alphagreen has an abundance of CBD products that mix into your beverages; here are some of our favourites!

CBD Bitters - This new product has been a hit with our CBD customers, with one describing their experience, saying they will “never look back”. As CBD Bitters have a high concentration, a 100ml bottle containing 2500mg of CBD is designed for 50-75 drinks. Alongside high-quality CBD, this unique product contains herbal extracts, including liquorice, cardamom and cacao, all of which have the potential to relieve anxiety, improve mood and promote calmness. To administer CBD Bitters, add three large dashes into your beverage of choice twice a day.

CBD Bitters and Rumish Cocktail Pack - Our cocktail pack is perfect for social butterflies, as it brings together our unique CBD Bitters with an alcohol-free rum called ‘rumish’. Containing premium herbal extracts to aid relaxation and stress relief, this cocktail pack is THC-free, non-alcoholic, non-intoxicating and makes a perfect gift!

CBD Oil Drops - Our most versatile option, the classic CBD oil, can be taken under the tongue or mixed into food recipes and drinks. CBD oil is fast-acting as it enters the bloodstream and gets to work on your endocannabinoid system!

One-stop-shop for CBD

Alphagreen is the one-stop shop for all your CBD needs. We bring together the highest-quality CBD brands in one place so that you can find your perfect match. Our brands will have a certificate of analysis (COA) to ensure each product is safe for consumption, as we believe health and wellness are not a privilege. We are proud to bring you premium CBD, which we test in an independent lab.

CBD Mixers: Here to Stir Things Up

Final Thoughts

CBD is taking over the wellness industry for its long list of potential health benefits. Interestingly, there are endless forms of CBD on the market, making it challenging to choose the best one for you. Thankfully, here at Alphagreen, we have bought together the best brands in the industry to make your decision making a little easier. Among these premium products are CBD mixers - a new, revolutionary idea that makes taking your daily dose of CBD a breeze! In particular, our CBD Bitters have been a massive success as they are versatile, easy to consume and make a tasty addition to any beverage.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is curated using high-quality hemp plants that contain high levels of CBD and low levels of THC (the compound that may cause intoxicating effects). The potential benefits of CBD oil are still under research; however, it seems to aid the sleep cycle, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

What are CBD Mixers?

CBD mixers are versatile products that you can add to any beverage. Our favoured CBD Bitters contain CBD isolates and a blend of natural herbal extracts to aid stress relief, relaxation and reduce symptoms of mood disorders.

Will CBD Mixers Cause a ‘High’?

Our short and sweet answer is no! It’s common for people to mistakenly assume CBD oil causes a high; this is because of THC - a potentially intoxicating compound found in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not cause a ‘high’. During production, manufacturers will remove the THC to create a safe and pure final product.

Can I Add a CBD Mixer to Alcohol?

CBD mixers are a great addition to alcohol, in particular cocktails! However, if you’re not keen on alcohol, you can add them to any drink of your choice. Alternatively, you may enjoy a mocktail (a cocktail without the alcohol) or our favoured rumISH cocktail pack. Please be mindful that excessive alcohol consumption can cause health complications. Consequently, we encourage responsible drinking. 

How Much CBD Should I Add to My Drink?

If you’re using CBD Bitters, we recommend three large dashes into your drink, twice a day. As it is such a high concentration of CBD, one bottle will last between 50 to 75 glasses. Moreover, if you’re adding CBD oil to your recipes, check the product for directions. Most CBD oils will recommend 2-4 drops three times a day.

Are There More CBD Drinks?

We’re proud to say yes! Alphagreen is your one-stop for all CBD needs, including those all-time favourite CBD drinks. We have CBD-infused tea, perfect for bringing an extra dose of calm to your morning routine, delicious CBD coffee, soft drinks and alcohol mixes. Our extensive range of CBD products means there is truly something for everyone.

What is the Best Way to Take CBD?

Deciding which CBD product is the best is a personal choice! All CBD variants have their benefits, but it’s up to you which one best suits your lifestyle. CBD mixers are versatile options for anyone, from beginner to long-term user. This is because you can mix it into any beverage of your choice, which suits all diets. You’ll never be bored of taking your daily dose of CBD.

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