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Looking for a hemp-derived addition to your upcoming spa day or skincare routine? CBD masks are infused with all the possible benefits of the plant, in addition to a whole host of natural ingredients thought to have potential effects for many skin types. Likewise, a CBD face mask may affect acne caused by wearing masks on a daily basis. Other possibly-useful selections- CBD Hand Sanitiser | Topicals | CBD Bath Bombs

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Introducing Our CBD Mask Collection, The Hottest Skincare Trend is Here! 

 alphagreen Introducing Our CBD Mask Collection, The Hottest Skincare Trend is Here!

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Alphagreen is dedicated to promoting healthy skin inside and out. That’s why we wanted to share with you our CBD mask collection, which may help keep your skin looking and feeling its best while also preparing it for any unwanted (yet inevitable) effects of ageing down the road. With tons of skincare fads circulating the beauty market these days, finding the right product to truly suit your skin could be a struggle. But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll be holding a magnifying glass to CBD masks, exploring the true potential of cannabidiol (CBD) when it comes to elevating your skincare and overall wellness routines. So, sit back, relax, and make yourself at home— of course with your clay masks on!


 alphagreen Introducing Our CBD Mask Collection, The Hottest Skincare Trend is Here!

Good skincare is becoming more essential than ever. Lucky for us, there’s a slew of different skincare products - making their own way to our daily life routines. Today, CBD is the most celebrated compound in the health and wellness rooms. With its rapid surge in popularity, it is no surprise that CBD mask has now become a promising therapeutic gem in the skincare market as well.

Facial masks are somewhat having a moment right now. If you try to scroll through your Facebook or Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ll come across several mask reviews and posts from your friends. For sure, there’s nothing quite like a facial mask that can step up your beauty regimen! Depending on what your skin might need, there are a plethora of mask options out there - be it clays, gels, creams, or go-to sheets.

Just like a moisturiser, a face mask is a skincare instrument that aims to deliver nutrients to the skin in order to enhance its natural glow and overall health. However, there’s a big difference between facial masks and regular moisturisers. Masks are occlusive, which means they tend to blanket the skin. This way helps create a physical barrier that locks in all the beneficial ingredients within the product, allowing your skin to absorb them more fully and effectively.

There’s more to masking than just keeping your skin glowy and catering to a number of skin concerns. In addition, this skincare habit may also give you an opportunity to spoil and pamper yourself every once in a while. Most facial masks are typically infused with aromatic essential oils (such as lemon, peppermint or rosemary), which may help inspire a sense of calmness and even lift your spirits high by essentially stimulating your senses.

Now, cannabidiol is an added component that might offer even more zen! From being an oral supplement, it has evolved into the most boasted-about beauty product of the year. We understand that you’re just as curious as we are, so let’s find out what’s the real buzz about CBD face masks in the following section!

What is a CBD Mask?

 alphagreen Introducing Our CBD Mask Collection, The Hottest Skincare Trend is Here!

As the name suggests, a CBD mask is simply a facial mask infused with cannabidiol (also known as CBD) being the primary ingredient. When compared to other traditional masks, those that are blended with CBD may provide a natural and non-toxic alternative for your skin.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound that comes from the hemp strain of the cannabis family. This plant variety lacks the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - another chemical component that produces the ‘high’ sensation in some cannabis products. While there are people who like to use THC for their psychotropic effects, others prefer to obtain some essential relief without any possibilities of intoxication. Since cannabidiol is commercially sourced from hemp, it deems to be the main component that, unlike THC, acts without any stimulating impacts to the brain. The natural yet non-intoxicating properties of CBD are what makes it a safe and interesting ingredient in many skincare products.

Moreover, CBD has been reported to have some beneficial effects on our skin. According to a recent study on the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, this natural compound may have the ability to influence the free radicals that are well-known triggers of many skin impurities as well as the skin ageing onset.

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, you’ll know how the words ‘antioxidant’ and ‘anti-inflammatory’ can be music to our ears. CBD for skincare is now making sense to us for having been a natural antioxidant itself. At the same time, the anti-inflammatory properties being associated with CBD are thought to influence the natural healing process of our skin, which may possibly shorten the lifespan of acne breakouts, eczema flare-ups, and other common skin issues caused by inflammation.

On top of that, hemp-based CBD is classified as non-comedogenic - meaning it doesn’t clog your pores and cause oiliness or dryness (which seems to be fitting for all types of skin!) Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘maskne’ has been prevailing amongst the general population. Some people even refer to this condition as the new acne breakout, brought on by prolonged wearing of protective face masks. Hence, the use of natural and hypoallergenic face mask equipment has never been more crucial for those with more sensitive skin.

You’ve asked for it, so we’re giving it all to you! Our CBD mask collection will never be complete without our CBD protective face mask made of natural antibacterial properties of CBD, moisturising attributes of aloe vera, and relaxing aroma of lavender - all of these nutrients providing you with maximum protection from potential virus transmission without hurting your skin.

CBD masking 101: the best time to use + how to apply

Once you have your CBD mask of choice in hand and you’re ready to give it a chance, it’s time for an ultimate skincare routine! Basically, the ideal time for masking will boil down to the ingredients found within your mask. If these are designed for hydrating and preparing your skin for the day ahead, you may wish to apply your mask in the morning. Otherwise, if the ingredients are used for clarifying or exfoliating the skin, it may be best to use your mask at night.

Likewise, there are different ways to use a facial mask - depending on the type of mask you’re using. Most skincare products are generally applied after cleansing your face to help remove the dirt and oil buildup from your skin’s surface. If you are to use a clay mask like our Purify CBD Clay Mask from Naturecan, all you need to do is spread a thin, even layer all over your face with your clean fingertips (if you don’t mind getting a little messy). However, if you’d rather keep things neat and clean, you may apply it using a mask brush (if there’s any) or a repurposed foundation brush alternatively. Dip the brush into the mask as gently as possible, and paint a thin, even layer onto your face and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Avoid waiting for your mask to reach the ‘flaky’ stage. Wash it off with room-temperature water, ensuring all the mask layers have been removed. Finally, pat your skin dry with a clean towel. After incorporating this essential masking step into your daily skincare routine, both you and your skin might just feel revived and rejuvenated all day and all night!

Final thoughts

CBD face masks are currently the most innovative (and luxurious!) way to experience many potential benefits of CBD. These products may be best utilised along with your existing skincare essentials and of course a healthy lifestyle routine. Although CBD has been reported to offer many skin health benefits, more clinical studies are still needed to fully understand the long-term effects it might have on our skin and overall health. We are excited to explore a lot more about CBD and its therapeutic potential - and while waiting for scientists to dig a little deeper, it may never hurt to spend a little time for yourself while trying out some new face masks to spice up your skincare regimen.


Can CBD help treat my skin conditions?

As with any mainstream product in the beauty industry, CBD is not intended to treat or medicate all skin problems instantly. Studies suggest that the natural properties found within CBD may help influence some common symptoms of skin conditions, including dryness, itching, and inflammation. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing any other worse symptoms, it’s best to consult your doctor before including CBD face masks or any other CBD-infused topicals in your skincare routine.

Are CBD face masks safe for sensitive skin?

CBD is thought to influence a variety of symptoms associated with skin inflammation due to its natural soothing properties- which make CBD a potentially beneficial supplement for sensitive skin types. However, it always pays to run a skin test when trying out a new skincare product to ensure its safety.

How often should I use a CBD mask?

We make sure that all of our products are suitable for every skin type. However, when it comes to CBD face masks, we have a few recommendations for extra care. For instance, you may wish to use a CBD face mask every day if you have natural skin. For drier skin types, we advise using it at least three times a week. But if you have acne-prone skin, dermatologists suggest using face masks only once a week.

What is the best CBD skincare?

From face masks and moisturisers to lotions, serums, soaps, and even bath bombs - we’ve got all the products you might need to include in your skincare regimen. However, there’s no such product that is better than the rest, as each of them has its own potential benefits and specific uses. In a word, the best CBD skincare product is all up to your preferences and needs.

Can CBD face mask stop ageing?

None of us can halt the ageing process, but there are multiple ways to at least slow down the effects of skin ageing. For instance, incorporating CBD into your daily skincare regimen in conjunction with some healthy lifestyle changes (such as exercising more often, eating a well-balanced diet, and quitting bad habits like smoking and drinking) might be an effective natural way to make your ‘golden years’ much healthier and your skin younger-looking.

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