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Alphagreen CBD Marketplace: The One-Stop-Shop for Your Wellness Journey

 alphagreen Alphagreen CBD Marketplace: The One-Stop-Shop for Your Wellness Journey

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- The Alphagreen online marketplace is your one-stop-shop for all things CBD. It is one of the world’s largest CBD suppliers, so the products we have on offer will suit all the different lifestyles and people that include CBD in their wellness routines.

- We pride ourselves on only listing the highest quality CBD products the market has to offer. All products on the Alphagreen marketplace have been tested by a third-party laboratory and have a certificate of analysis.

- The Alphagreen shopping options on the online marketplace take into consideration that you want the flexibility to find products the way that best suits you. Our search options mean you can shop by CBD strength, product type, brand, price, CBD types, flavours, ingredients, and much more.

- Apart from providing a high-quality online marketplace for CBD, Alphagreen has also created a health and wellness journal, Alphagreen Academy, so we can educate and empower you before purchasing any products.


Alphagreen is the leading global marketplaces for CBD, alternative healthcare, and wellness products. We specialise in legal cannabis-derived products, alternative healthcare products, and innovative and functional supplements that are centred on supporting your cognitive and physical wellbeing. As your health is as individual and unique as you are, we focus on supplying you with the best products tailored to your specific needs.

The brands we work with are carefully selected and engaged in a comprehensive approach to ensure that their products are safe, effective, and of the highest quality available on the market. All the products found in the Alphagreen marketplace have been tested by third-party laboratories and come with a valid certificate of analysis.

We partner with global leaders in the health and wellness industry to provide you with the best products available and connect you with trusted brands. Through Alphagreen, you can discover new possibilities to improve your health and support an active lifestyle.

Personalised Shopping Experience

 alphagreen Alphagreen CBD Marketplace: The One-Stop-Shop for Your Wellness Journey

There is nothing more infuriating than spending hours searching for the perfect product. With more of us now turning to the internet as our go-to place for shopping, it is more important than ever to find online shops which suit your shopping style. Your e-commerce shopping experience should be enjoyable and informative.

Our shopping options take into account that you want the flexibility to find products the way that best suits you. Some of us love browsing through numerous options, while others prefer a quick search option. Whatever your style, we personalise your shopping experience to make it tailed to you. For example, on the Alphagreen marketplace, you can shop by:

  • Product type
  • Brand
  • Price
  • CBD content
  • CBD format
  • Certification
  • Country of origin
  • Individual flavours
  • Ingredients

You have the option to combine as many options as you like or require so that you can find what you’re looking for. This means you can spend as little or as much time on your CBD shopping experience. Simply select the brand and product you want and checkout, or take your time to discover the new innovative CBD products coming onto the market.

Ethically Sourced CBD Products

 alphagreen Alphagreen CBD Marketplace: The One-Stop-Shop for Your Wellness Journey

Unfortunately, not all CBD suppliers are offering trustworthy products. This means you may not know for sure that the product they are selling contains the ‘active’ CBD ingredient at the amount listed. Additionally, the product may contain contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and other unwanted elements. For these reasons, it is best to purchase CBD products that have been independently tested and have a certificate of analysis.

Alphagreen prides itself on only listing ethically sourced effective products. You are not going to get any unpleasant surprises with products bought from the Alphagreen marketplace. All our brands are in direct co-operation with trusted third party laboratories, so there is a guarantee of the reliability of the products. The testing of all products found on the Alphagreen marketing place has gone through thorough assessments. This ensures the products you consume are of the highest quality and safe to use.

The Certificate Of Analysis (COA) is a document that affirms that the product meets the necessary criteria to be sold to consumers. In other words, it guarantees that the product is safe to consume and the contents are what the packaging says it is. As CBD is still in the development stages of reaching mainstream markets and consumers, it is fundamental to establish good manufacturing practice which is supported by a universal regulatory system of testing.

We are fully committed to acquainting you with the top natural products available on the market. You are in safe hands when shopping on the Alphagreen online marketplace, and if you ever have any concerns, please contact us at any time. Our team is made up of professional, passionate people that put you and your health first.

Knowledge You Can Trust

 alphagreen Alphagreen CBD Marketplace: The One-Stop-Shop for Your Wellness Journey

Alongside our mission to provide the safest online CBD marketplace, we are also passionate about sharing knowledge so we can educate and empower you before purchasing any products. The Alphageeen Academy is a health and wellness journal supporting you through your CBD journey.

There is so much conflicting information and regulations on the internet regarding CBD and cannabis. Unfortunately, there are many unreliable articles and journals which are misleading readers and making questionable claims. The misinformation stream can cause huge confusion, so we launched the Alphagreen Academy as a solution.

The Alphagreen Academy tackles concerns surrounding CBD (including common misconceptions) and the emerging life-science field to provide you with an in-depth source of information. You can have confidence in us to present you with the latest news on CBD research, innovation in the cannabis industry, and global trends.

We strive to provide you with honest, fact-based content which is free of any bias. Alphagreen is making a stance to stop misinformation and provide a valuable knowledge centre. Through the Alphagreen Academy, you will discover the potentials of CBD and how it can help support you live a healthy lifestyle.

 alphagreen Alphagreen CBD Marketplace: The One-Stop-Shop for Your Wellness Journey

Your Marketplace

Alphagreen is your online marketplace for all things CBD, and we are continually working hard to bring you the finest products from the world’s most trusted brands. The CBD industry continues to develop and create more fantastic wellness supporting products so keep a close eye on the latest developments. To ensure you don’t miss a beat, join the Alphagreen Facebook group.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to reach out via online live chat. The Alphagreen team is here for you, so go on - Alpha Up Your Life with CBD!


What is CBD oil?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound located in hemp plants. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is known for producing the famous marijuana ‘high’, CBD is non psychoactive, so you will not encounter the adverse effects associated with cannabis. Instead, CBD can be included as part of a healthy daily routine to support overall wellness.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in the UK and several other countries around the world. There are, however, specific criteria CBD products need to meet to ensure they adhere to the strict guidelines. For example, CBD oil must not contain more than 0.2% THC to be legally sold in the UK. It is a good plan to check local CBD legislation to know what is and isn’t allowed.

Where can I buy CBD oil?

There are numerous places you can buy CBD, which is excellent for making it assessable to as many people as possible. When deciding where to buy your CBD products from, make sure it is from a reputable company with stringent safety measures. You want to ensure the CBD products you are using are safe for consumption. The products on the Alphagreen marketplace are third-party lab tested and have a certificate of analysis.

How long does delivery take?

We do all we are able to to get your order to you as soon as possible. Once an order is placed on the Alphagreen marketplace, we do our utmost to get it shipped the next working day. The standard delivery time is 2 to 4 working days in the UK and 7 to 15 for the rest of the world. Check out our Trustpilot reviews to see just how many customers trust the Alphagreen marketplace.

Does Alphagreen only sell CBD oil?

Alphagreen curates an extensive online marketplace featuring a vast selection of CBD products. You will discover top-quality CBD topicals, CBD edibles, CBD candles… pretty much any kind of CBD product you can imagine can be found on the Alphagreen marketplace. If you prefer the classic CBD oil dropper, we have a beautiful collection of those too.

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