An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots



Cannabis is popular in Spain due to its relaxing effect, which embraces the lifestyle of Spain’s youth. Cannabis in Spain is legal for personal cultivation and use. There are also “Cannabis Clubs” where people can use their own legally grown cannabis together in communion. Madrid offers great shops that sell CBD products, ranging from exclusive to more budget-friendly ones. Among these shops are Flower Farm, Green Shine, CBD House Madrid, Eleva Space Madrid and others.
 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots


Spain’s capital, Southern Europe’s largest city and one of the region’s most developed economic centres, Madrid is today’s home to over 3 million people.

Madrid offers in many ways a perfect balance between different available lifestyles, climates and other variables crucial to someone’s well being. It is a balanced blend between being a work-oriented and a party/leisure-oriented city, for instance, having the 2nd highest ratio in the European Union of bars per 100,000 inhabitants (186 in 2018) while also being home to the Headquarters of 57 different companies including Iberia and Telefonica and hosting the subsidiaries of important foreign firms such as JPMorgan and BCG. The climate as well is pleasantly variable with tropical summers, breezy autumns, hot springs and fresh winters. These versatilities make up for what is arguably today the best-mixed reality between a continental, colder, capitalistic environment to a hotter, more relaxed and Mediterranean one. These characteristics, mixed with a number of other attributes, form the essence of this wonderful city. Madrid is home to a rich culture and history which can be seen through impressive museums such as the Museo Nacional del Prado, beautiful ‘Plazas’ such as Plaza Mayor or Plaza Cibeles, delicious local cuisine and a passion for sports (Real Madrid's stadium Santiago Bernabeu is considered as the most important temple dedicated to this sport on the planet). In the Spanish capital, you can also encounter a number of both national and international prestigious Universities which help in making Madrid an even more vibrant, young and dynamic reality than what it already is. This is all while giving it a perfect blend of local authenticity and internationalisation.

Madrid CBD Map

Cannabis in Spain

 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots

The legalisation of cannabis as a substance has been ambiguous in Spain for some time now. It hasn't been decriminalised for lucrative purposes but has been legalised for personal cultivation and use. The intricate and ever-changing Spanish judicial system has allowed for the creation of a grey area, where “Cannabis Clubs” thrive. Cannabis social clubs are entities present in Spain and other countries built initially as non-profit organisations with the purpose of people consuming their own legally grown cannabis together in communion, but the majority of them have turned into places of semi-legal cannabis redistribution. Establishing themselves in the country in the early 1990s, they have since grown exponentially in popularity and numbers, albeit undergoing through some legal trouble more than once, and today they form an important part of modern Spanish youth culture. This makes perfect sense because, in many ways, the inebriant and relaxing effect produced cannabis embraces well the lifestyle lived by the majority of Spain’s younger population and cannabis clubs are so popular because they often offer a high quality, professional, stored, verified and reliable product. Today, about 500 of these shops are present in the whole country, and the number is expected to keep on growing.

First things first: What is CBD?

Of course, it is no secret that a vast portion of today’s population, especially the younger one, likes partaking in the most often illegal consumption of cannabis in order to get the desired “high” feeling that the plant gives when broken down and smoked.

However, some recent discoveries have shown that this plant can be used for much more than just recreational purposes. The active ingredient which causes the famous “high” present in cannabis is called THC. Lately, though, further scientific research was done on the potential uses of Cannabidiol (CBD), another prevalent active ingredient of cannabis. It is also important to point out that while THC is found more in the marijuana plant, CBD is found in higher concentration in a close cousin to the marijuana plant, the hemp plant.  We discovered that CBD can, indeed, offer a much wider set of benefits than it was previously imagined. Some of these include reducing epileptic seizures, fighting insomnia, providing muscle relaxation, dealing with anxiety, stress and many others. CBD is also variable in the ways it can be manufactured and consumed. It can come in CBD pills, CBD oils, CBD creams and have a wide array of applications and methods of consumption. Namely, they include ingestible (ingesting CBD infused edibles or capsules), sublingual (consists of putting the product under your tongue for better absorption, such as CBD oil or a CBD lozenge), topical (applying directly on the skin, such as CBD creams and balms), and also through inhalation (such as inhaling vapour using a vaping device filled with CBD e-liquid).

 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots

The medical field is thrilled with this new discovery as thanks to CBD, and we are finding a set of completely natural solutions for a number of ailments, especially related to pain and stress relief, for which there were little to none effective natural remedies beforehand.

CBD products are available in three different compound concentrations: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolates. CBD isolates contain CBD only, with all the other parts of the hemp plant completely removed. Full-spectrum CBD products, on the other hand, contain most different compounds, terpenes, vitamins and minerals found in a hemp plant, as well as minor traces of THC (less than 0.2%, which is considered legal in most countries of the EU including Spain). Broad-spectrum CBD is similar to full-spectrum with the exception of having THC completely removed from the content. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD types are great because all the cannabinoids and terpenes work in synergy and enhance the therapeutic effect by creating the entourage effect.

Best CBD spots in Madrid

Madrid reflects the popularity of CBD in the number of great shops that sell CBD products, that range from high end to more budget-friendly, and everyone can find the perfect spot for one's taste.

Below, we have selected a list of the most interesting CBD shops in Madrid and redacted a short summary for each of them for you.

Here is a compilation of the best CBD spots Madrid can offer you!

Flower Farm

 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots

Calle del Espíritu Santo, 20, 28004 Madrid

Calle de Pelayo, 20, 28004 Madrid

This venture possesses a total of three shops in Spain, two of which are in Madrid. Both are also well-located, in the central part of the city, very close to each other. Farm Flower catches the eye due to its particularly attractive interior design. Modern, clean, minimalistic while expressive, especially through the flashy presence of the two main colours, which best represent CBD; porcelain white and parakeet green. This shop specialises in the selling of CBD flowers, CBD vaporisers and CBD vape oils to go with them. It might arise a bit more controversy in comparison to some of its counterparts enlisted in our guides since the shop specialises in the selling of products containing a particularly high amount of CBD. Meaning that people who consume these products do it with the objective of obtaining a soothing sensation stronger than what the average CBD product will give you (important to note though, different and much milder than the “high” effect produced by smoking cannabis with THC as the main component). We recommend this shop for people who have enjoyed the consumption of medical marijuana in the past and want to try a much lighter equivalent of premium quality while in the city of Madrid. Flower Farm uses the most advanced technology in order to grow its own CBD and all their products are categorically non-GMO and pesticides free.

Green Shine

 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots

C. de las Minas, 11, 28004 Madrid

Moving on to what might be ultimately the most peculiar stop tour to our whole list for this city. You might ask why. The answer is quite simple: this shop specialises in CBD products as well as in the trade of very particular and fashionable modern art objects; you will find original prints, Supreme vacuum insulated bottles and art toys, to name a few. This mystery box located in Calle de las Minas next to Noviciado tube station also focuses on products such as CBD oils, CBD vapes and CBD cosmetics (more precisely full cosmetic sets, balms and hydrating creams). While being on the artsy, “thinking out of the box” side of things, this place shouts excellence and reliability averaging a stellar 5 star on Google Reviews. Their seriousness as a business can also be perceived by a quick glance of their website which is extremely well-imposed and user-friendly, providing, for example, a detailed and informative list of medical issues that can be managed with the help of CBD by clicking on one of the many tabs displayed on their main page.

CBD Store Amsterdam, Princesa

 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots

Calle princesa 77-semiesquina, Calle de Benito Gutiérrez, 1, 28008 Madrid

Guaranteed product quality and very good customer service”, “I often go to the store and buy as much edible as CBD. Very attentive and kind staff. Open late. Very recommendable.”,”The deal is excellent. Very nice. They explained to me all types of products and the benefits of each of them. Highly recommended.”

These are just some of the reviews left to what seems to be an extremely appreciated place by its visiting public. CBD store Amsterdam is a chain that is present in many countries and cities all around the world. You would find their store in 7 different European countries and also set to launch in Ecuador and Mexico. Recently, it finally arrived in Madrid with a cool onsite store that sells CBD oils, CBD creams and CBD gadgets. As seen by the very positive comments, what seems to characterise this place is its very friendly, prepared and professional personnel that can consult you on choosing the best CBD goods for your needs. The place is also perfectly located, situating itself in a relatively central while also quieter part of the city, at a 3-minute walk to a beautiful park, Parque del Oeste.

 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots

CBD House Madrid

Calle de Fernández de los Ríos, 77, L40, 28015 Madrid, Spain

This little gem is located really close to the just previously mentioned shop, CBD Store Amsterdam. CBD House Madrid is currently celebrating one year anniversary since it opened its doors to Madrid’s citizens and visitors. This store offers a wide range of prime quality CBD products including CBD flowers, CBD oils, CBD solids and CBD vaporisers. To top it off, the store has a really stylish, modern aesthetic and is a joy to visit!

Eleva Space Madrid

 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots

Calle del Dr Cortezo, 9, 28012 Madrid

“Todo lo que cultivas, eleva”, translating to “All that you cultivate, elevate”. This is the motto of this CBD shop located close to Tirso de Molina tube station in the Southern side of the central part of the city of Madrid. This motto is also where this shop gets its name from and seems to be representative of the high-quality CBD product that it provides to its customers. This business prides itself on being an exclusively CBD retailer with strict THC-free policy for their range of products. We can also note that Eleva Space specialises in the selling of CBD flowers, and is exclusive in the selling of these particular goods.

Houseplant Grow Shop

 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots

Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 14, 28004 Madrid

Houseplant Grow Shop primarily focused on the selling of products related to the home-growing of cannabis, such as cannabis seeds, but possessing a wide range of types of other goods in-store too. Their assortment includes vaporisers and also CBD oils and CBD flowers. Houseplant  Grow Shop takes pride in great visitor reviews, reaching a total of 257 google reviews, while managing to maintain an average rating of 4.6/5 stars, suggesting a perceived consistency in general quality of products and service. It is based in a central location and is easily reachable by most means of public communication but also disposing of a very well equipped online store if failing to do so. Highly recommended.

Madrid Vapea

 alphagreen An Integral Guide to Madrid’s Best CBD Spots

Calle de Benito Gutiérrez, 10, 28008 Madrid

Madrid Vapea is a shop specialised in the serving of vapes and electronic cigarettes. This store has an outstanding level of public resonance, ranking first at 264 google reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars. When it comes to CBD, Madrid Vapea doesn't stop at supplying CBD vape oils but also provides CBD flowers and CBD balms.

To sum it all up…

For those of you CBD lovers already living in Madrid, we heartily hope that this guide can be a useful shortcut to what we consider to be the best CBD shops that this wonderful city has to offer. For those of you who are thinking of visiting this city, we hope that this read will motivate you to make that final step and buy those tickets to visit this beautiful, diverse place and enjoy its various monuments, restaurants, bars and of course, CBD stores.

Happy exploring!


Is cannabis legal in Spain?

The legalisation of cannabis has been an unclear point in Spain for a long time. Now, cannabis has been decriminalised for personal use and cultivation. However, there is a grey area where the number of “Cannabis Clubs” keeps growing. These are organisations where people can take their own legally grown cannabis and use it together. Nowadays, there are over 500 of these shops in Spain.

Where can I buy CBD oil in Madrid?

Many great shops sell CBD products in Madrid. Among them are Flower Farm, Green Shine, CBD House Madrid, and many others. They offer CBD products, ranging from premium to more budget-friendly ones, so everyone can find what better meets their needs. There you can buy CBD flowers, CBD oils, CBD solids, CBD vape oils and CBD vaporisers.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most well-known and prevalent active compounds of cannabis. This is a safe, well-tolerated compound known for its multiple healthful effects. CBD types include CBD isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD. It can come in CBD oils, CBD pills, CBD creams, and multiple ways of applications and consumption methods.

What are CBD benefits?

CBD has shown to be beneficial for various health conditions. Studies suggest that it may help with stress, anxiety, skin’s conditions, pain and inflammation. CBD comes in different product’s options, so you can choose what better suits your wellness needs. Prior consultation with a doctor is recommended.

Can CBD cause a “high” effect?

CBD is considered safe and well-tolerated for human consumption. Unlike THC, another cannabis compound, it cannot cause any mind-changing or “high” effect. Minor side effects are unlikely to occur if CBD is taken in recommended dosages. CBD can cause a soothing and relaxing effect, which is much milder and different than the “high” effect caused by smoking cannabis with THC.

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Anastasiia Myronenko

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