CBD in Edinburgh: Our guide for the best places to try and buy CBD in the Scottish capital


Edinburgh is the gorgeous, hilly capital of Scotland. It is home to more than 480,000 people making it Scotland’s second-most populous city. As Edinburgh has three universities, including the prestigious University of Edinburgh, it also hosts a significant student population. It is, therefore, no wonder that CBD has become quite popular here.

The Edinburgh Castle is one of Edinburgh’s most prominent attractions as it looms over the city and across the Skyline. Seated on Castle Rock, the castle is of substantial historical significance- not just as a fort, but archaeologists have also found evidence of human occupation on the rock since the Iron Age! Edinburgh’s historical and physical significance has led to it being declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This CBD Edinburgh guide will introduce you to different CBD shops, restaurants and cafes in Edinburgh where you can try and buy CBD. However, before we begin, let's quickly revisit what CBD is, in case you’re new to CBD and are unsure of where to begin.

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, it is one of the many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Still, it is one of the most famous and most researched cannabinoids along with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Although CBD and THC are both found in the cannabis plant, CBD is found in much greater concentration in hemp than marijuana. CBD and THC both have some similarities such as they’re both psychoactive and anti-inflammatory; however, CBD is non-intoxicating. This means that unlike THC, CBD won’t get you high. CBD is also associated with multiple therapeutic benefits. There is a growing body of research as well as a plethora of anecdotal evidence which supports CBD’s therapeutic benefits. CBD has been shown to aid relaxation and help regulate sleep patterns. It is demonstrated to have a calming effect which can boost mood. Furthermore, it has also proved to be beneficial in aiding any physical and muscular discomfort, including chronic pain.

CBD products are available in three different compound concentrations. These are full-spectrum products, broad-spectrum products and isolates. CBD isolates solely contain CBD. Full-spectrum products, on the other hand, contain most different compounds, terpenes, vitamins and minerals as well as THC (in legal quantities which is less than 0.2%). Broad-spectrum products are similar to full-spectrum products and so contain all the same compounds, terpenes, vitamins and minerals except for THC. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD are great because they enhance the beneficial effects of CBD through the entourage effect.


Along with the different types of compound concentrations, CBD is also available in various product formats with varying routes of administration. There are four different ways of consuming CBD:

  • Oral/Ingestible - These include any edible products such as CBD-infused food and snacks as well as capsules which are ingested and then absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Sublingual - This involves placing a few drops of CBD oil or a CBD-infused gummy under the tongue so they can be absorbed sublingually into the bloodstream. This is how CBD oils and tinctures are consumed.
  • Topical - This involves applying CBD-infused products directly onto the surface of the skin so it can be absorbed by the peripheral nervous system in your skin. CBD creams, balms, salves and some mists are to be consumed topically.
  • Inhalation - Products such as vapes and pillow mists/sprays are inhaled and then absorbed by the lungs where CBD enters the bloodstream.

Given the general stigma surrounding cannabis, some of you may be wondering if CBD is allowed for consumption legally. You would be assured to know that it is entirely legal in Edinburgh. Similar to the laws in the UK, all CBD products with a THC level of less than 0.2% are completely legal for use.

Now that we’ve got all this information on CBD and its remarkable benefits, we bet you’d like to try it out! Read ahead to see where you can try and buy CBD in Edinburgh.

Let’s get you Healthy and Happy!


First Stop:

The Hemp Community

11 Great Jct St, Edinburgh EH6 4EA

There are many reasons why we recommend this shop. First and foremost being that is a not-for-profit business. The Hemp Community was founded by Dan Collins after he used CBD to recover from a family tragedy. Upon discovering the true potential of CBD first-hand, Dan set out on a mission to spread awareness about this magic compound so he can help save lives. By buying your CBD here, you are not only benefiting from its goodness but also contributing to supporting the community. Secondly, the Hemp Community’s customer service agents are very knowledgeable about CBD. This is great if you are new to CBD or if you’d like general advice about dosage and personalised recommendations for your needs. They also have a 4.6-star strong rating on Google Reviews, so you can be assured that you are in great hands!




64A Cumberland St, Edinburgh EH3 6RE

MHemp4Life is located conveniently near the city centre (13 min walk from Premier Inn in the city centre). This is great as you can pay a quick visit when you are on the go or if you are in town for your weekly/monthly shop. MHemp4Life sell CBD products from a distinctive CBD brand called Milagro CBD. All of Milagro CBD's products are lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan. This enables them to cater to a niche of people that are lactose and gluten intolerant or just for those living a vegan lifestyle and also avoiding lactose and gluten as part of their lifestyle. Their oils are also organic and 100% cold-pressed, which means most of their natural nutrients, fats, vitamins, and minerals are retained in the product. This further appeals to those trying to live a health-conscious lifestyle. Are you still sceptical? Sound too good to be true? Well, rest assured as their products are also third-party tested. If still in doubt, simply ask for their Certificates of Analysis (COA’s). That will confirm and reassure you that their CBD is high quality and contains what it claims to.

Lastly, they also offer excellent customer service as confirmed by previous satisfied customers on Google Reviews, so you can go in confident that you will be in good hands.

Ethos Nature’s Remedies


31 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9JR

Here’s another shop located close to the city. It is a 14-minute walk from the Premier Inn in the city centre, making it very convenient to find and pay a quick visit. You can be assured to have the ultimate CBD shopping experience thanks to their great and knowledgeable customer service agents as well as their relaxing and modern shop interiors. They offer a variety of CBD products from CBD oils and CBD teas (in some exciting flavours) to distillates and CBD-infused hair products- so you have a good selection of products to pick from.

Apart from their CBD products, they also offer takeaway CBD coffee and tea but have some seats indoors where you can sit and enjoy your CBD beverage. The beverages on offer are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and lactose-free (as alternatives of Almond Milk and Oat Milk are also offered) - hence catering to a variety of preferences and lifestyles. They are also conveniently located just opposite Subway in case you wanted to grab a healthy snack or sandwich to go with your CBD beverage. However, if Subway is not your thing, then you can also enjoy your drink with some Mexican food at ‘Taquito’ (also located opposite Ethos). But feel free to explore further as Ethos is in a great location with a wide variety of different restaurants around. It is also situated right next to the Cameo Cinema, where you can have the ultimate, relaxing cinema experience with your CBD beverage!


Pvre Organics


353 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SD

Pvre Organics not only sell CBD products but they also have a range of oils on offer - including essential oils, therapeutic grade oils, carrier oils, floral water as well as full-strength fragrance oils. If you are a fan of CBD oil but are looking to explore flavoured CBD oils, then Pvre Organics is just the shop for you. They offer 7 unique flavoured CBD oils. Their flavours include Heisenberg, Strawberry Milkshake, Blueberry Muffin, Cherry Bomb, Vanilla Delight, Rhubarb + Custard and Menthol. Pvre organics has different types of CBD products on offer such as full-spectrum, broad spectrum as well as CO2 extracted CBD isolate products. They also sell CBD Gummies, CBD Whey Protein as well as CBD Vape Liquids.

Another unique offering that Pvre Organics has is their CBD refill station! This means that every time you finish your CBD, you can simply go there and ask them for a refill. This could not only prove cheaper but would also reduce your environmental impact as you will be reusing the same package/bottling- it’s a win-win. Ask the manager at the shop for more information about CBD refills.

Real Foods


37 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3JU

8 Brougham St, Edinburgh EH3 9JH

Real Foods have an established presence in Edinburgh as the key provider of healthy, organic foods. They have expanded to two locations in Edinburgh - both of which are conveniently located around the city centre. The shop in Broughton Street is just a 7 minute drive from the city centre while their shop in Brougham street is just a 15 minute walk away from Premier Inn in the city centre. Since CBD was legalised in 2018, they have begun stocking a wide variety of CBD products on their shelves. Their selection includes CBD tinctures, sprays, creams and edibles. Some unique offerings include CBD-infused water as well as CBD products that are infused with other superfoods, for example, a CBD drink infused with ginger and turmeric. Both of their locations are open seven days a week, so you can give them a visit any day you are free.

Hanover Healthfoods


40 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 2DR

Hanover Healthfoods is an independent health shop located in the New Town in Edinburgh. It is conveniently located close to the city centre - just a seven minute walk from Premier Inn on Princes Street. This also makes it a fabulous place for visitors and tourists. They are one of the city’s oldest retailers within that niche. They also specialise in natural healing solutions and have customer service agents that are knowledgeable about their products. So they can offer you free advice if you are not sure where to start with CBD. With a Google Rating of 4.6 stars, rest assured that you are in good hands and can trust Hanover Healthfoods to provide you with high-quality products that will get you healthy. They stock a variety of hemp products as well as CBD tinctures and sprays.


Next Stop: Vape Specialists

The Vapour Lounge


74 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3SA 

6 Hamilton Pl, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH3 5AU

97 Lauriston Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9JB

The Vapour Lounge was founded in 2013 and as the name suggests, it specialises in Vape products. Vaping has grown to become extremely popular in recent years, so it is no wonder that CBD has found its way into the vaping world. Vaping is one of the most popular ways that people consume CBD due to the rapid onset of effects experienced via inhalation. This increase in the popularity of vaping has clearly benefited the Vapour Lounge as it is reflected in their growth over the years. Which has also led to them opening two other branches within Edinburgh, pretty impressive! Their shops in Lauriston Place and Hamilton place are in close proximity to the city centre, each being less than a 15-minute walk from Premier Inn on Princes Street. Their Broughton Street shop is also in a convenient location - just a 7 minute drive from the city centre and is closer if you are in the New Town. If you are closer to/in the Old Town, however, their Lauriston Place shop will be the closest for you to visit.

Among their wide selection of other vape products, you will also find an abundant selection of CBD e-liquids on their shelves. They have at least 12 different lines of e-liquids, each of which has different CBD concentrations, doses as well as a variety of flavours such as lemonade, menthol, blackcurrant etc. This makes the Vapour Lounge incredibly brilliant as they can cater to all levels of CBD users- whether you are a beginner or a long-term CBD user. Apart from CBD vapes and e-liquids, they also sell CBD oils, tinctures, CBD-infused juices and edibles such as CBD-infused lollipops.

Their Google Reviews from many previously satisfied customers confirm the high quality of their products as well as their customer service. So feel free to go in and ask any questions and they will guide you!

Aqua Vapour


33 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2BU

47 Elm Row, Edinburgh EH7 4AH

Aqua Vapour is another shop that specialises in Vaping Products. Since launching recently, Aqua Vapour have grown rapidly and expanded to a second location in Edinburgh. If you are in the city centre, their shop in Dalry Road would be the closest as it’s only a 15-minute walk from Premier Inn on Princes Street or you can take the Route 44 bus from the city centre too. If you’re a student travelling from the University of Edinburgh, you can catch the Route 2 bus. Regardless of which store you choose to visit depending on the convenience of each location to you, you will be impressed with their massive assortment of e-liquids and vapes (in a variety of flavours). They also offer a variety of flavoured CBD e-liquids (lush cherry, mango fusion, raspberry-apple, strawberry etc.) which is great for those users who are not a fan of CBD’s natural, earthy taste. Aqua Vapour is also a great place to drop by if you’d like to pick up some CBD goodies to give to your friends and family as they also sell CBD chocolate, CBD gummies and CBD cookies.


Aqua Vapour offers its customers excellent service, which is also reflected in their reviews on Google. If you’re new to vaping altogether or want to experiment with flavours, Aqua Vapour is the place to do that as they let you try as many flavours as you want so you can find and buy something you truly love!

The Smoking Fox


59 Home St, Edinburgh EH3 9JP

The Smoking Fox is located in the Fountain Bridge area, just a 15-minute walk from Premier Inn on Princes Street too. Although they primarily focus on e-cigarettes, they also stock a wide choice of CBD products which includes an array of CBD e-liquids, CBD crumble, balms, tinctures and edibles. They also sell unique CBD chocolate muffins and CBD lollies which you can grab as a snack for yourself or even give to your friends and family members. They also boast a 4.4-Star rating on Google with previous customers speaking praises of their products as well as their brilliant customer service.

That concludes our Edinburgh CBD guide on the various shops you can try and buy CBD from. We hope this helped and inspired you to explore the best CBD spots in the Scottish capital. If you live in/travel to Edinburgh and would like to try CBD, make sure to give one of these shops a visit. Make sure to keep this article in mind before exploring CBD spots in Edinburgh and put your favourite shops on your itinerary!

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