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In Spain, cannabis products are illegal for commercial use but have been legalised for recreational purposes, including personal use or cultivation. Being a member of the European Union (EU), Spain has permitted its farmers to grow industrial hemp containing less than 0.2% of THC. Following the Novel Food Regulation, CBD products made in Spain must be labelled “for external use”. Despite the ban on CBD foods and supplements, CBD brands keep offering various CBD products, so you can easily buy CBD in-store. There are many CBD hotspots, such as CBD Alchemy, Canna-Cali Barcelona, The CBD Side, Hempvizer CBD and others. Make sure the CBD products are available with Certificates of Authenticity (COA)s, ensuring they are safe and pure.
 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona


Barcelona, the cultural capital of Catalonia, is a diverse and cosmopolitan, yet controversial and historical city. For a local citizen, Barcelona seems dynamic and entrepreneurial. For visitors, this city is a wonderful destination to relax and a perfect spot to switch off. Compared to its counterpart and capital, Madrid, for which we have also created a CBD guide, Barcelona is less traditional but more international, less Spanish, more European, less conservative and more liberal. But worth every penny!

The sun (almost) always shines, the food is good, the people are open-minded, and the culture is international. You are close to the mountains and closer to the beach - there are a myriad of reasons why you would want to visit Barcelona. If you are passionate about art, visit the city centre's Gothic churches or Gaudi's Sagrada Familia. If you like the smell of the sea, go to the Barceloneta harbour. And you definitely can't miss the enormous garden of Park Guell with its distinct architectural elements or the must-see Camp Nou Stadium if football is your passion. There are many well-kept green spaces for you to enjoy, as well as a number of amazing bars and restaurants.

Barcelona is also one of the first places in the European continent to culturally and semi-legally welcome the cannabis culture. This is a hot climate with a young population. It’s diverse outlook and entrepreneurial mentality are big factors that have recently influenced the growth of the cannabis culture in this Hispanic region. With the progress that the CBD industry has already made here in so little time, we can only predict great things to come in the future!

There are so many CBD shops in Barcelona that it is hard to know where to start. We know that, regardless of whether you are visiting the city for a night or a whole weekend, you don’t want to spend your whole time trying to pick the right shop to buy your CBD. So, to save you time, here is our guide to the top 10 CBD hotspots in Barcelona where you can try or buy CBD products.

Barcelona CBD Map

Cannabis status in Spain

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

Cannabis legalisation in Spain has been uncertain for a while now. It is illegal for commercial purposes but has been legalised for purely recreational ones, such as personal use or cultivation.

The complex and ever-changing Spanish judicial system has created a grey area, where "Cannabis Clubs" thrive. Cannabis social clubs are non-profit organisations for the purpose of people using their own legally-grown cannabis together in communion. However, the majority of them have turned into places of semi-legal cannabis redistribution with thousands of members. First appearing in the country in the early 1990s, they have since grown at an impressive rate in number and popularity, albeit undergoing some legal trouble.

Today they form an integral part of modern Spanish youth culture. This makes perfect sense because, in many ways, the inebriant and relaxing effect produced by cannabis embraces the lifestyle lived by a significant portion of Spain's younger population and cannabis clubs are well favoured. After all, they usually offer a high quality, professional, verified and reliable product. Today, there are around 500 of these clubs in the whole country, 200 of which are located in the Barcelona area. And the numbers are just expected to keep on growing in the future. However, these clubs try to avoid tourist intrusions by requiring a 15-day waiting period before accepting and granting access to new members.

The use of CBD as a natural alternative for the treatment of various ailments is becoming widespread in many countries around the world. But what is happening in Spain?

Spain is a member of the European Union (EU) and organises hemp production in accordance with EU regulations. It is permitted for farmers to grow industrial hemp with less than 0.2% of THC, but laws surrounding the buying and selling of CBD products have become stricter.

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

Until recently, purchasing CBD products over the counter didn't cause any problems. However, the situation changed in January 2018, after the EU confirmed the Novel Food Regulation. A novel food is any item that hasn't been significantly consumed in the EU before May 15, 1997, which includes hemp-derived CBD, sold as food products and supplements.

This regulation removed all CBD products and dietary supplements from the shelves, leaving CBD topicals and cosmetics as the only legal CBD products in Spain. Today, CBD products manufactured in Spain must be labelled “for external use”.

However, the regulations are poorly enforced and an array of CBD products can still be found in many health shops. Whilst we do not condone the purchasing of an illegal product abroad, if you are going to buy consumables, regardless of the restrictions in Spain, then at least you can be sure of the best shops to buy from.

How to buy CBD in-store in Barcelona

While you can simply click the "purchase" button on the website that offers international delivery, shopping for CBD in physical stores provides a more pleasant atmosphere. You can touch the products, see them in the flesh, ask the sales assistant for advice and take your product home immediately!

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

CBD in retail stores is available in the largest Spanish cities as well as in Barcelona. Despite the ban on CBD foods and dietary supplements, many CBD brands continue to operate and supply customers with various CBD products, so you can easily shop for CBD in-store. However, you should be careful when looking for a suitable CBD infused product. It's not just about legality, but also about the safety and quality of the available products.

While most reputable CBD brands operate legally and offer high-quality CBD, you should always remember a few key factors, such as source, extraction method, concentration, added ingredients and Certificates of Authenticity.

CBD source

The great thing about physical stores is that they have qualified employees who can help you find the right product for you. Therefore, remember to ask where their hemp comes from and its growing conditions to be sure agricultural guidelines are being followed. Top tip - organically-grown hemp extract uses very limited chemicals, toxins and pesticides, making it even safer for consumption.

Extraction method

The CBD extraction method is a factor that impacts the purity of the final product. There are three common methods used to extract CBD:

  • Solvent extraction is considered one of the most effective and fastest methods. Solvents are used to dissolve plant wax, allowing for the extraction of CBD together with other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, which give the resulting CBD products a bitter taste and increase the healing properties by creating an “entourage effect”. However, it involves the use of different chemicals such as butane, ethanol, propane or alcohol to retrieve the CBD. These chemicals must be carefully evaporated to avoid being left with a toxic substance and studies have shown traces of naphtha can be left in the final product. Naphtha is a highly flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture.
  • Olive oil extraction is an easy, traditional, safe and cost-effective way to obtain CBD that involves heating raw plant materials or decarboxylating to activate the compounds in the plant. The plant material is then combined with olive oil and heated again to obtain the CBD oil. However, the extract does not have a long shelf-life and isn't as concentrated as those obtained from other methods of extraction, which can be a problem for many CBD consumers.
  • CO² extraction is a cutting-edge method and the standard for a quality CBD-infused product that allows for the retention of the purity of the end substance. This type of extraction uses pressurised carbon dioxide (CO²) to derive CBD oil from the plant, which is then squeezed into a cold liquid state while keeping the nutrient-rich cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

CBD and THC concentration

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

The strength of a CBD product is often listed on the product packaging or bottle in milligrams and shows the total amount of compounds in the composition. Knowing the concentration can help to determine how much you are getting and whether it will fulfil your particular needs. It is important to note that hemp-derived CBD products in Spain and in the UK should contain no more than 0.2% THC to ensure they are legal. This level will also ensure that you will not suffer any psychoactive effects.

Added ingredients

Be sure to check the full list of ingredients for allergies to specific ingredients, flavourings or additives in CBD products.

Certificates of Authenticity (COA)s

To confirm purity, many CBD companies provide COAs from an accredited third-party laboratory for all their product range. Such lab tests include detailed information about all components in the composition and the exact amounts of each detected ingredient. Remember to ask to see the COA so that you can be sure your chosen CBD product matches the ingredients against the claims on the label and is free from pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.

Come aboard for Alphagreen’s guide to the best CBD hotspots in Barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect environment for the CBD industry to thrive in. The city is already full of independent CBD ventures. These stop-offs are diverse, well stocked and exponentially growing in number in Barcelona, making it difficult to know where to start. We are here to help with a guide to the best CBD shops for maintenance of your body and mind.

We know it’s a little difficult for some of us to travel just now with Covid 19 restrictions but there is nothing stopping us taking a virtual tour. So, are you ready? Let’s go and explore the top 10 collection of CBD hotspots that Barcelona has to offer you!

  1. Aceite CBD - Flores CBD Alchemy BCN

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

From flowers and crystals to oils and pasta, CBD Alchemy brings you legal and high-quality CBD and hemp products. CBD Alchemy was created by Django Ramseyer, a pioneer in the cultivation of indica hemp in Switzerland in the 1990s. Ramseyer has added great value to the work and experience of growing CBD.

The company has its main base in Northern Italy where they grow CBD flowers (both outdoors and in greenhouses). They also have a company in Switzerland, where they have several hectares of greenhouses and now they have set up a store in Barcelona.

The company believes that the world of plants holds the key to our well-being and healing. They guarantee the best quality products by having their raw material and final merchandise analysed. This certification process confirms the legal THC values, the CBD profile and the absence of harmful substances.


Carrer d'Aribau, 43, PB, Puerta 1, 08011

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 12:00–14:00, 14:30–20:00

Sunday: Closed

  1. Canna-Cali Barcelona

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

Whether you are looking for a tasty local treat or simple CBD accessories, Canna-Cali Barcelona has got you covered with a wide range of cannabis products! Their stock includes Sensi Seeds and their CBD oil comes in strengths of 5, 10 and 15%.

Canna-Cali is a family-run company located in the heart of Barcelona and the perfect spot for all cannabis enthusiasts. The brand prides itself on quality, transparency and excellent customer service.


Cannabis Store, Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 20, Local 1, 08003

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 12:00–22:00

  1. The CBD side

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

The CBD Side is a space where you can purchase different CBD-infused products, get the most detailed information about CBD and receive advice from qualified staff all under one roof.

The company's main goal is to bring to the public the potential benefits, and healing properties of CBD. Since CBD responds to the needs of society to maintain wellness and support a healthier life, to this end, The CBD Side aims to offer the largest and best variety of hemp-derived products with different concentrations of CBD oil.

The CBD Side shop has flowers, vapes, resins, e-liquids, creams and many other products, all of which, you can find in the charming area of Barcelona - Barceloneta.


Carrer de la Maquinista, 44, local 2, 08003

Opening Hours:

Monday: 16:00–21:00

Tue-Sat: 12:00–21:00

Sunday: Closed

  1. Hempvizer CBD Shop Barcelona

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

Hempvizer CBD was one of the first CBD stores in Berlin, and now they not only have branches in 3 locations in Berlin but also in Milan, Italy and Barcelona, Spain.

The company stands for organic, and natural hemp and CBD-infused products intended to support your physical and mental well-being. In addition to the classic CBD flowers, there are oils, topicals and cosmetics with active ingredients. The company also offers various edibles like honey, biscuits or teas, vape products like vaporisers or e-liquids, and even CBD products for your dog!


Galeries Malda, Plaça del Pi, 4, 08002

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 11:00–15:00, 17:00–21:00

Sunday: Closed

  1. Off-Grass CBD Store

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

CBD flowers, CBD hash, oils, vapes, infusions, teas, topicals and again products for your fluffy friends. The Off-Grass CBD Store is happy to offer its clients this full range of products.

What's more, Off-Grass CBD Store does what no other CBD shop does. They invest in their own third-party laboratory testing to confirm every promise and every claim. The company also partners with top brands and offers exceptional prices to make sure its customers never have to compromise.

The shop even has an exhibition of cubist paintings and sculptures. What’s not to love?


Carrer d'En Bot, 11, 08002

Opening Hours:


Saturday: 11:00–21:00

Sunday: 11:00–15:00

  1. SensitiveCBD

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

SensitiveCBD is Barcelona's first CBD and hemp specialised store. The project was born out of the vocation to educate about the cannabis sativa plant and the enormous benefits of its components, especially cannabidiol (CBD).

SensitiveCBD opened its doors in March 2018, putting their first two stores on the map. The company is dedicated exclusively to CBD and hemp derivatives and can be found in central Barcelona, ​​near the Jaume I metro stop.

SensitiveCBD offers all kinds of products: CBD oils and e-liquids, natural cosmetics based on hemp, infusions with hemp, capsules, and many others. The stores include various products from large European brands, small local producers and products of SensitiveCBD’s own creation.

This is a very well-stocked store with plenty of edibles, such as their caramelized hemp seeds.


Carrer de la Freneria, 8, 08002

Carrer dels Corders, 3, 08003

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 12:00–20:00

Sunday: Closed

  1. Sativida CBD

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

Sativida CBD is a medical dispensary and the best shop for various CBD products such as CBD oils, creams, crystals and seeds. The company has a group of doctors, laboratory technicians and scientific advisors who specialise in cannabinoid treatments and ensure the quality of their CBD products. There are also commercial agents to help you find the most suitable product for your needs.

The company is committed to providing comprehensive support to its clients about the available types of CBD products and administration options to help treat some of the harshest diseases known and their adverse effects.


Carrer de Balmes, 129 BIS, 3-1, 08008

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 10–19:00

Saturday, Sunday: Closed

  1. Kaya Barcelona Grow Shop

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

If you grow cannabis at home, you will not regret visiting this place. At Kaya Barcelona Grow Shop you can enjoy 150m² of products where you can see, touch, examine and get advice on what is best for you and your indoor, outdoor, guerrilla, hydroponic or anything related to the self-cultivation of cannabis.

Kaya Barcelona Grow Shop is the leading company in the sector with more than 12 years of experience. They are always working to provide the best service and prices while maintaining excellent quality where the customer always comes first. Kaya Barcelona Grow Shop was created by great professionals, committed to the business and with a clear company philosophy: quality, competitiveness and trust. Kaya Barcelona Grow Shop works with leading distributors in the country and the world's leading brands to provide customers with a broad range of product lines as well offering its own distribution.


Carrer del Moianès, 24, Local 1 y Local 2, 08014

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 10:00–14:00, 16:00–20:00

Saturday: 10:00–14:00

Sunday: Closed

  1. Flavor Bar Vape & CBD

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

Whether you are a first-time vaper, advanced user or expert, it's crucial to choose the right equipment for your habits and needs. Find your perfect e-liquid, vaporiser, electronic cigarette or CBD product at Flavor Bar Vape & CBD. With a calm and relaxed atmosphere, and the best prices in town, you will find the bar just 5 minutes from Plaza Cataluña, right on the border between Sant Antoni and Raval.

Flavor Bar Barcelona was founded in April 2019 by Alfred and Gustavo, two fans of the world of electronic cigarettes with 3 years of experience in the manufacture of both artisanal vaporisers and e-liquids. The idea of a vaping shop is similar to the concept of a bar - you can sit quietly, immerse yourself in the world of flavours, talk to the trained staff and receive detailed information about all vaping options during your visit to the store.

The founders have experienced first-hand the many mental and physical benefits of CBD and want their customers to be sure that the product they buy is of the highest quality. Therefore, the company works with only 5 manufacturers that are among the most prestigious in the sector, such as Valeo (Germany), Greeneo (France), Marie Jeanne (France), Ignite (USA) and Diamond Mist (UK).


Ronda de Sant Antoni, 26, Local 2, 08001

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 10:30–14:00, 16:30–20:30

Sunday: Closed

  1. La Vaporería Vape Shop - CBD Store - Tienda De Vapeo Y Cigarrillos Electrónicos

 alphagreen Top 10 Hotspots To Buy CBD In Barcelona

La Vaporería Vape Shop is an electronic cigarette and CBD store located in the central area of ​​Barcelona. The company has been working in the electronic cigarette market since 2009. With so many years of experience, La Vaporería Vape Shop will offer you the best products and the best prices on the market.

The aim of the company is to bring vaping to the greatest number of people by offering the best variety of high-quality products. The vape shop has the most established brands in the market and offers various e-liquids, buds and atomisers, from cheaper options to the most premium on the market.


Carrer de la Diputació, 368, 08013

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 10:00–14:00, 17:00–20:00

Saturday: 11:00–14:00, 17:00–20:00

Sunday: Closed

End of the line

Barcelona is a unique city that offers an infinity of interesting places as well as an array of different stores selling CBD and hemp products. However, with a product as specific as cannabidiol, the best option is to go to a specialised store where an expert can inform you correctly, and the products are guaranteed to be of high quality with certification of their origin.

If you live in Barcelona and are looking for CBD shops or you’re considering visiting this city in future, we hope this tour of the best CBD hotspots in Barcelona will come in handy. Enjoy the beauty of the city, but don't forget to shop for your wellness products!


Is CBD legal in Spain?

As Spain is a member of the European Union, it allied its farmers to grow industrial hemp containing less than 0.2% of THC. The laws on CBD products are stricter. Following Novel Food Regulation, CBD topicals and cosmetics are the only legal CBD products in Spain. Now, CBD products produced in Spain must carry the label “for external use”. However, various CBD products are still available for sale in health shops.

Where to buy CBD in Barcelona?

Barcelona is full of CBD ventures for any taste. These hotspots offer CBD products for newcomers and experienced users and keep growing in number in Barcelona. Among them are hotspots, such as Canna-Cali Barcelona, The CBD Side, Hempvizer CBD and others.

How to buy the best CBD?

Choosing a safe and effective CBD product may be challenging. Make sure that CBD is received with a safe extraction method, such as CO² extraction. To ensure the CBD product is pure, THC-free and contains the stated amount of cannabinoids, ask for Certificates of Authenticity (COA)s. Check the label to see if there are any artificial additives.

Is cannabis legal in Spain?

Cannabis in Spain is illegal for commercial use but has been legalised for recreational purposes, including cultivation or personal use. There are more than 500 cannabis social clubs that were created for people using their own legally-grown cannabis together. Besides being a part of modern youth culture in Spain, they commonly offer  high-quality, and reliable products.

What CBD products are available in Barcelona?

CBD-rich products are available in retail stores of the largest Spanish cities, including Barcelona. Despite the ban on CBD foods and supplements, local CBD brands keep offering various CBD products. There you can buy CBD products for any taste, such as CBD oils, flowers, honey, biscuits, vapes, e-liquids, creams and many other products.

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