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Cool, Calm, Collected: Why You Should be Using CBD Gel

Cool, Calm, Collected: Why You Should be Using CBD Gel

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With the vast world of CBD products available to you, it’s inevitable that there are some methods of consumption that will suit you more than others. For some it’s the enjoyment of edible CBD, while for others they prefer a more traditional CBD oil or tincture approach. In this article we are putting the focus onto topical CBD, more specifically, CBD gel. We will be explaining why this is a great option for people who exercise and need to take care of their sore muscles. Keep reading to discover why CBD gel could make a fantastic addition to your recovery routine.

What is CBD Gel?

To answer this question, we first need to address the common query ‘what is CBD?’ CBD is the shortened term for cannabidiol, and it is a compound from the hemp plant. There are hundreds of other compounds in the plant, including various other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. CBD is arguably the most famous cannabinoid, along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The latter cannabinoid is the most famous for its psychoactive effects, which can cause the user to feel intoxicated or ‘high’. The good news is that CBD belongs to the category of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, which means people can enjoy the potential benefits without it altering their state of mind.

So, now that we know the basics, what is CBD gel? Well, it belongs to the category of CBD topicals, which means that it is a product that you apply directly to the skin. The gel can be a muscle rub or gel-like cream that is infused with CBD. It is typically used to help soothe sore muscles, and it will likely be packed full of other natural beneficial ingredients, such as tea tree oil. As opposed to other methods of CBD consumption, the gel will be absorbed via the skin, as opposed to the bloodstream. This means that it can take longer to take effect.

The Potential Benefits of Using CBD Gel

Cool, Calm, Collected: Why You Should be Using CBD Gel

So, what are the benefits of using a CBD gel? Why not choose any of the other methods? Well, CBD gel is ideal for people who exercise, as there’s evidence that CBD could help to soothe inflammation and soreness. For example, one review published in 2018 in Frontiers in Neurology examined the current literature into the matter. It reported that the studies indicated that CBD was able to help improve mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and helped to improve pain. They also stated that CBD has demonstrated itself to be an antioxidative and anti-inflammatory cannabinoid.

Following exercise, it’s common for people to suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), especially if you are new to exercise or increase the intensity of your workout plan. It can inflame your muscles, make them sore, and prevent you from getting back to your exercise routine. CBD could aid in managing the pain following an intense workout. For example, one animal study published in the European Journal of Pain directly examined the effects of CBD gel on rats with arthritis. They applied the gel to their affected joints for a total of four days. The gel was able to significantly improve the condition of the rat’s arthritis symptoms, as it lessened inflammation, swelling, and pain. There were also no additional negative side effects to report. While further study is necessary, this is some encouraging research into CBD gel for managing pain and inflammation.

Additional CBD Gel Benefits

Aside from the possible post-exercise benefits, why choose CBD gel? There are many reasons! For example, the gel can provide a targeted form of relief. This is especially useful for people who want to target a specific area for pain relief or to help minimise inflammation. There will also be different cooling and warming options open to you, meaning that you can tailor the experience to best suit your needs. One great example from our curated CBD gel collection is 365CBD Arctic Gel Cooling Topical. The combination of CBD, and menthol (which aids in soothing tired muscles) and camphor can help to cool your inflamed joints.

Following on from this, you can purchase CBD gel in different CBD concentrations. This means that you can buy a gel that will best align with your needs. In terms of dosage, this can be a bit tricky to get right the first time. The best approach would be one of trial-and-error to discover what best suits your goals. Of course, your goals don’t have to be fitness recovery oriented, as CBD gel can also make a fantastic addition to your skincare or self-care routine. Check out J'TANICALS’ Deep Sea Rebalancer CBD Gel. It contains 500mg of CBD isolate, in addition to other natural ingredients like aloe vera and broccoli extract. It’s ideal for sensitive skin, and it can help to remove dirt, make up, and impurities – keeping your skin happy and clean.

Final Thoughts

CBD gel can make a wonderful addition to both your exercise recovery routine, in addition to your skincare (or self-care) routine. There are many products geared towards different needs, and our collection is the perfect example of this! We would advise you to use a minimal amount of gel in the first instance, to monitor how it affects you. This way you can get the most out of your CBD experience and ensure that your dose suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is CBD?

A: CBD is the main cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. There are many other compounds found in the plant, but CBD is arguably the most well-researched. It’s a non-psychoactive substance, meaning that it can be included safely in many different products.

How do you take CBD?

A: There’s a variety of ways to consume your favourite cannabinoid. For example, there’s oils and tinctures which can be consumed sublingually (under the tongue). You can also consume edible forms of CBD, capsules, or vape CBD. Finally, topical CBD application is popular as you can use them after exercise to soothe sore muscles, or combine them with your self-care routine.

What is CBD muscle gel?

CBD muscle gel is a topical form of CBD. It is a gel-like substance that has been infused with CBD, and likely other beneficial natural ingredients. You apply it directly to your skin, and this is how the CBD will be absorbed.

Does CBD gel work for pain?

There is evidence to suggest that CBD gel could potentially help to manage pain. This is particularly relevant to specific areas, such as muscle soreness and inflammation following exercise.

How much CBD should you take?

The CBD dosing process is extremely individual. You should consider factors like your height and weight, metabolism, the concentration of the CBD, and the method used. Dosing topical CBD can prove tricky for some; however, a trial-and-error approach is recommended. Begin with a low amount of CBD gel and work your way up if needed.

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