Our Ultimate Guide to Top CBD Candies in 2020

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

As consumers worldwide become more educated about the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the negative stigma surrounding CBD disappears, and the popularity of CBD-infused products grows. Since then, the sales of CBD edibles like gummies and candies have been on the rise in recent years. Indeed, they are very attractive for CBD beginners due to their delicious taste combined with a high affordability. 

In this article, we will talk about CBD candies and other delightful ways to consume CBD, such as CBD honey, CBD butter, and even CBD chocolate. Besides that, we will showcase the best available market proposals of CBD gummies in our top curated products list. 

What do you feel when you hear the word “candy”? 

Perhaps, it invokes the pleasant associations with something yummy and sweet. Since CBD is finding its way into almost everything, your daily CBD experience can also become a very tasty one. Whenever you feel nervous or have Sunday scaries, you could try a CBD candy, a slice of CBD chocolate, or take a sip of a CBD drink. By doing so, you simultaneously boost the happiness hormones and benefit from the effects of CBD.

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What are CBD Candies?

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Essentially, CBD candy means a regular candy infused with CBD. In a similar manner to CBD oils, CBD candies contain a healthy dose of cannabidiol from hemp extract. The infused CBD can likewise be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate, depending upon the manufacturer's decision. 

However, CBD candy remains a somewhat generic term, which refers to any sort of CBD-infused sweetener or any style of candy. CBD lollipops, fruit gummies, sugar bears, chocolate bars, honey jars of countless flavours and shapes can all be described as CBD candies. What’s more, some of them can even be halal-friendly and suitable for vegans. 

All sorts of CBD candies are legal in Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States, provided that they are made from hemp and contain less than 0.2% THC (or 0.3% THC in Canada and the USA). With the improvements made in the CBD legalisation, popular media brands and outlets have become more conscious of the benefits of CBD. Hence, numerous CBD products, including gummies, candies, and sweets, have already become mainstream. 

The premium CBD candies contain all-natural ingredients that perfectly add up to a healthy diet and complement CBD. Otherwise, taking a beneficial CBD compound together with unhealthy ingredients would be a waste of effort. Besides, many people follow a sugar-free diet and refuse to consume any sweeteners. Therefore, it is vital to check the list of ingredients beforehand and obtain CBD candies only from the respected manufacturers. 

Who Can Eat CBD Candies? Are They Suitable for Children?

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

In theory, anyone can buy CBD candies and other similar products as a non-addictive, non-toxic, and entirely safe food supplement of choice. CBD gummies and candies are ideal for beginners. They are delicious and have a very conventional method of consumption. Other than that, such products always contain a pre-measured CBD dosage. Moreover, many of them include beneficial organic supplements that complement CBD. Therefore, CBD candies can boost your health and be a valuable addition to a healthy diet.

Some parents may become tempted to give tasty CBD candies to their anxious or hyperactive children. Yet, dosing CBD to minors remains a controversial matter. Despite the promising research about the benefits of CBD, much of the existing postulations remain clinically unproven, although some caregivers in some hospitals administer CBD to children with autism or suffering from severe seizures. However, due to the complicated interaction between cannabinoids in the body, it is impossible to implement a uniform approach towards the consumption of CBD by minors. Overall, some parents are comfortable at giving CBD products to their children, while others are not. 

According to recent research, children may safely tolerate daily doses of up to 20 mg of CBD per one kilogram of body weight. Still, parents considering CBD products as a treatment for their children should consult paediatricians or cannabis specialists beforehand. 

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The Benefits of CBD Candies

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Delicious taste

CBD candies stand out as a very enjoyable and pleasant way of CBD consumption. Some people might not enjoy the taste of CBD oils and tinctures or find it too bitter. As an alternative, they might take delicious CBD gummies and candies instead. 

Proper CBD effect

One should not misunderstand that CBD candies are something light and unserious. On the contrary, CBD chocolates and lollipops are an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety levels, similarly to other CBD products. The effects of CBD candies depend both on their potency and the individual human reaction. Taking a couple of CBD candies per day equals dosing a couple of CBD oil drops.

Pre-dosed amount of CBD

CBD candies are very simple to take since they contain pre-dosed amounts of CBD. Besides, eating a CBD candy is much easier than swallowing CBD oil.

The novelty of CBD consumption

Eating CBD candy may be a refreshing way to try new forms of CBD for people used to more traditional CBD oils and capsules. In fact, changing a CBD routine can open new opportunities to increase your general wellbeing.

The Possible Downsides of CBD Candies

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Even though CBD products are generally reported to have very few side effects, we will mention some notable but rare negative points. However, bear in mind that the research on CBD effects is still actively going on, and we may expect new opinions. 

Fake products on the market

One possible downside of CBD candies and similar products is the potential presence of different impurities. In 2018, a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) alerted about the cases of poisoning from fake CBD products. Hence, customers should buy CBD products exclusively from respected and verified producers that provide third-party lab tests.

Interaction with other prescription drugs

Since many people react to cannabidiol differently, the interaction between CBD and other prescription drugs remains another potentially problematic issue. CBD newcomers should consult healthcare professionals and list all the existing medications as well as health conditions before buying CBD products of their choice. 

Physical side effects

Some people have observed physical side effects with taking CBD products, though in high doses. The Mayo Clinic confirms that CBD products might lead to fatigue, dry mouth, and loss of appetite. However, these side effects can be easily avoided if consumers try CBD products slowly, start with a small individual dosage, and carefully observe their reaction. 

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Possible sugar content

Though major CBD producers typically avoid adding sugar into gummies and candies, it still happens. Therefore, customers should carefully check the full list of ingredients.

Overall, CBD candies and other CBD products have very few side-effects and medical precautions. All the negative aspects can be mitigated by thoughtful behaviour and additional research. Customers should always inquire about the CBD company they are buying from, the full list of product ingredients, and double-check the compatibility of CBD with other medications.

Alphagreen's Curated List of Top CBD Candies in 2020

Here we present our most trusted CBD gummies and candies with different CBD concentrations that are suitable for CBD novices and experienced users.

Paso CBD Cranberry Gummies 

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Price: £15.95

CBD Content: 20mg CBD per one gummy, 240mg per tin

Test Analysis: On the product page

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, citric acid, broad-spectrum hemp extract (including CBD), gelatin

Allergens: The product may contain traces of gluten, nuts, peanuts, and sesame

Delivery: The United Kingdom, the European Union

Find Paso CBD Cranberry Gummies and more CBD candies on Alphagreen

Paso CBD Cranberry Gummies contain THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extract. The company grows its hemp in Colorado and Oregon farms. Afterwards, Paso tests the hemp extracts to comply with British manufacturing standards and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards of the European Union.

GMP standards ensure the production quality of pharma products and improve business processes. Each company must provide relevant procedural documents and guarantee a systematic quality control procedure to receive the certificate of compliance to GMP standards. All the production processes have to follow the established rules.

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

The ingredients of Paso CBD Cranberry Gummies include apple cider vinegar, citric acid, and gelatin among others. Apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. Moreover, evidence suggests that apple cider vinegar lowers blood sugar levels improves diabetes symptoms and facilitates weight loss. Gelatin is a popular ingredient in the pharma industry, which makes gummies easy to ingest. Citric acid helps to preserve the cranberry taste. 

We love Paso CBD Cranberry Gummies for the pleasant cranberry taste. The gummies contain beneficial cranberry juice, among other ingredients. While cranberry juice alone will not only treat a urinary tract infection, but it can also prevent one. Besides, cranberry juice improves digestion, reduces blood sugar, improves gut health, and supports glowing skin. Cranberries have a potent antimicrobial effect and reduce oral bacteria. Their high vitamin C level keeps germs away and strengthens the immune system.

We love the Paso brand for producing a range of delicious CBD edibles. Launched only in 2018, today Paso offers several elegantly packed CBD chocolates and gummies. The brand was established by cousins Sophie Morrison and Alex Pejasevich, former consultants. They have obtained relevant industry experience in California before entering the UK CBD market.

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

As Paso's co-founder, Alex notes: "We have developed a fantastic range of user-friendly products so that our customers can choose to take CBD in a range of ways that work best for them. Paso is all about delivering the highest quality, transparent CBD products, but where taste and all-round brand experience are held to equally high standards."


Infinity CBD Infused Honey 100mg 

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Price: £9.99

CBD Content: 100mg CBD per 40ml honey jar

Test Analysis: On the product page

Ingredients: Natural organic honey, broad-spectrum cannabinoid-rich CBD distillate 

Delivery: The United Kingdom

Find Infinity CBD Infused Honey 100mg and more CBD candies on Alphagreen

Infinity CBD Infused Honey 100mg is one of the few CBD honey proposals on the international market. The product has been properly lab-tested and contains negligible traces of THC. Customers may consume CBD-infused honey in any amount, at any time of the day. The only thing to remember is that honey is high in calories. The effects of CBD-infused honey include relaxation, stress reduction, and improved sleep. 

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The ingredients of Infinity CBD Infused Honey 100mg include natural organic honey and broad-spectrum cannabinoid-rich CBD distillate. Broad-spectrum CBD products have a full profile of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, except for THC. They also generate the famous entourage effect, though it is not as strong as full-spectrum CBD products containing THC traces. Hence, people with occupations that require drug testing can buy broad-spectrum CBD products without any worries

We love Infinity CBD Infused Honey 100mg for the remarkably powerful combination of honey and cannabidiol. The two potent ingredients have a double positive effect on human health and wellbeing. CBD stimulates the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), involved in a variety of processes, including appetite, immune function, memory, metabolism, mood, pain, sleep, and stress, among others. When interacting with the ECS, CBD promotes homeostasis, decreases inflammation, and improves sleep. 

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Natural honey also possesses plenty of benefits. Since ancient times, people have used honey as medicine and food. Honey is rich in antioxidants, linked to the reduction of heart attacks and lowering down cholesterol levels. Besides, honey remains one of the best natural alternatives to sugar and unhealthy sweeteners. Moreover, honey has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, which is extremely useful in soothing sore throats, helping to treat digestive issues, and healing wounds.

We love the Infinity CBD brand for their innovative approach when creating CBD products. Right now, the company offers artisanal gourmet chocolates, bath bombs, massage bars, and gummy bears at democratic prices. Infinity CBD develops its original products in cooperation with experienced CBD users and market professionals. In particular, the company creates its CBD chocolates together with Master Chocolatier. 

Besides that, Infinity CBD remains one of the few eco-conscious CBD brands and addresses vital environmental issues. Recently, Infinity has started the environmental project "InfiniTree" intending to plant more trees. 


Kanaco CBD Fruit Gummies x 3 Pack

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Price: £26.90

CBD Content: 100mg CBD per every pouch

Test Analysis: On the product page

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, Carotino Color, Citric Acid, Corn Syrup, D-sorbitol Solution, Gelatin, Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester, Lecithin, Lemon Concentrate, Natural Grape Flavor, Natural Lemon Flavor, Natural Orange Flavor, Orange Juice Concentrate, Red Grape Concentrate, Refined Sugar, Pectin, Safflower Lemon Extract, Sodium Citrate, Violet (Beet) Color

Delivery: The United Kingdom, the European Union

Find Kanaco CBD Fruit Gummies x 3 Pack and more CBD candies on Alphagreen

Kanaco CBD Fruit Gummies x 3 Pack are the fast-acting 100% natural CBD-infused gummies. The product is allergen-free, gluten-free, GMP-approved, sustainably sourced, and lab-tested. Moreover, the gummies contain real fruit juice and broad-spectrum hemp oil. 

The gummies are sealed in a pouch and come in grape, lemon, and orange flavours. Each pouch contains ten gummies with 10 mg CBD each, and customers can eat one to three gummies twice a day. Kanaco Fruit Gummies are an easy and delicious way to calm yourself down.

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

The ingredients of Kanaco CBD Fruit Gummies x 3 Pack include minor beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBG, and CBN, among others. Some research suggests that CBC (Cannabichromene) can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and treat a range of inflammatory conditions. 

CBG (Cannabigerol) is believed to increase dopamine levels through the interaction with the human endocannabinoid system. Furthermore, several tests suggest that CBG has the potential to treat glaucoma and swelling.  

The research on CBN (Cannabinol) has shown promising results in the stimulation of bone tissues and activating brain cells. Besides, CBN has powerful analgesic properties. 

We love Kanaco CBD Fruit Gummies x 3 Pack for the excellent combination of price and quantity. Buying thirty CBD gummies in one pack saves time and money. Customers can forget about running to the shop or waiting for online delivery.

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We love the Kanaco brand for the quality approach to the production process. All the CBD products by Kanaco are organically farmed, lab-tested, GMP certified, non-GMO, and THC-free. The company uses the most advanced carbon dioxide extraction technology to preserve minor beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

Kanaco should also be credited for dedication to organic farming practices, considered to be the future of modern agriculture. Such practices deny the use of antibiotics, herbicides, GMOs, pesticides, and fertilisers for crop production. Organic farming develops sustainable agrarian communities and protects the environment. Right now, organic products are exceptionally popular with health, fashion, food, and wellness industries.


Mr Nice CBD Gummies (40) 

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Price: £25.00

CBD Content: 5mg CBD per gummy, 200mg CBD per gummy pack

Test Analysis: On the product page

Ingredients: Broad-spectrum cannabidiol, EU-certified organic hemp extract 

Delivery: Worldwide

Find Mr Nice CBD Gummies (40) and more CBD candies on Alphagreen

Mr Nice CBD Gummies (40) turn CBD consumption into a pleasant experience. Not only chewing CBD gummies is discreet but also a tasty way to take a daily dose of CBD. Each Mr NICE CBD gummy contains 5 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. In total, the gummies pack contains 200 mg CBD. The 40-gummies pack is an excellent price-quantity offer for customers wishing to save their money and time. 

Mr NICE produces CBD gummies with the use of premium hemp grown in Austria. The company makes sure that their hemp is ethically sourced. Austria has excellent conditions for hemp cultivation due to the mild climate, sufficient humidity, and fertile soils. As a result, cannabis plants get rooted and can germinate seeds easily.

The premium ingredient of Mr Nice CBD Gummies (40) is broad-spectrum cannabidiol, which generates the entourage effect without the presence of THC. CBD products containing broad-spectrum cannabidiol retain the highest popularity so far. They are considered as the most beneficial and also the safest option for CBD consumption. Firstly, they preserve minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Secondly, the absence of THC guarantees negative results at occasional or regular drug tests. 

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

We love Mr Nice CBD Gummies (40) for the excellent third-party lab tests results. In particular, Mr NICE cooperates with the top-rated European and American independent cannabis laboratories, Fundación CANNA and Steep Hill. These organisations test for the presence of the listed cannabinoid compounds, the exact percentage of CBD, and the absence of contaminants. The test results can be found on the company's website.

We love the brand Mr Nice for outstanding branding in the international market. The brand's name honours Howard Marks, the famous cannabis activist and the controversial personality. At some point in his adventurous biography, Marks used the alias "Mr Nice." 

Unlike other CBD brands, Mr NICE has a broader vision for their development strategy. In addition to CBD products, the company sells thematic accessories and streetwear for both genders online. The fashion apparel includes hats, jackets, joggers, tops, and t-shirts, in the informal style. In October 2019, Mr NICE launched the cooperation with Selfridges' flagship Oxford Street store. Besides, the company regularly hosts public events and Q&A sessions about CBD. 


Naturecan CBD Nut Butter – Milk Chocolate With Cacao Nibs

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Price: £4.99

CBD Content: 90mg CBD per 180g butter

Test Analysis: On the product page

Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, Chocolate, Broad-spectrum CBD oil, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins), Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Palm Oil, Peanuts, Preservative (Sorbitan Triasterate – Soya), Sugar, Whey Powder (Milk)

Allergens: Peanuts, may contain traces of other nuts

Delivery: The United Kingdom

Find Naturecan CBD Nut Butter – Milk Chocolate With Cacao Nibs and more CBD candies on Alphagreen

Naturecan CBD Nut Butter – Milk Chocolate With Cacao Nibs benefits everyone from pensioners to professional athletes. The potent nut butter is an excellent source of protein and contains 90 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil. The product makes a great addition for healthy breakfasts, desserts, protein shakes, and post-workout snacks.

Though the nut butter tastes delicious; the maximum dosage should not exceed 12 servings within 24 hours. Besides, the product is not suitable for lactating or pregnant women. 

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The ingredients of Naturecan CBD Nut Butter – Milk Chocolate With Cacao Nibs include cacao nibs and chocolate. Cacao nibs are highly nutritious small pieces of crushed cocoa beans with a bitter chocolate flavour. When cocoa beans get dried after harvesting, they are subsequently fermented and cracked to cacao nibs, beneficial for health in many ways. Cacao nibs have a low sugar content and make a good source of healthy fats, fibre, minerals, and protein.

Chocolate also brings certain health benefits, in particular, concentrated dark chocolate without sugar content. Dark chocolate obtained from the seed of the cocoa tree contains plenty of antioxidants and lowers the risk of heart disease. Besides, dark chocolate is very nutrient and contains vital minerals, such as copper, iron, and magnesium.

We love Naturecan CBD Nut Butter – Milk Chocolate With Cacao Nibs for the use of the premium US-grown hemp. Naturecan utilises a whole plant extraction that allows efficiently drawing the CBD from the plant material and filtering out unnatural substances, thus maximising pure CBD concentration. All of the CBD by Naturecan contains 0.0% THC. The company conducts third-party lab tests and publishes certificates of analysis (COAs).

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

We love the Naturecan brand for the inspiring expansion story and the CBD-related product ranges. Established only in 2019, Naturecan already delivers its products to more than 20 countries across the world. The company's founder is Andy Duckworth, the CEO of sports nutrition brand Myprotein in the past. Besides standard CBD products, Naturecan produces CBD edibles and innovative health-related supplements, including minerals and vitamins, ready for integration into different food regimens.


Wunder Workshop Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar Turmeric x CBD 

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

Price: £5.99

CBD Content: 16mg CBD per chocolate bar

Test Analysis: On the product page

Ingredients: Cacao solids (55%) with Criollo cacao paste and cacao butter, Golden Mylk® blend (black pepper, coconut milk powder, Ceylon cinnamon, turmeric 2%), coconut sugar

Allergens: May contain nuts

Delivery: Worldwide

Find Wunder Workshop Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar Turmeric x CBD and more CBD candies on Alphagreen

Wunder Workshop Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar Turmeric x CBD is a pleasant way to recover from daily stress without medications. The chocolate bar contains 16 mg of CBD, a sufficient dose to experience the effects of cannabidiol. CBD-infused chocolate is a perfect way for CBD beginners to get accustomed to cannabidiol. 

The ingredients of Wunder Workshop Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar Turmeric x CBD include cocoa solids and turmeric. Cocoa solids are components of cocoa beans, which remain after the extraction of cocoa butter from chocolate liquor. A bar of quality dark chocolate typically contains 50-70% of cocoa solids. However, a 100% presence of cocoa solids provides a bitter and dry taste. A high percentage of cocoa solids is essential since they contain plenty of nutrients such as calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Wunder Workshop sources its turmeric from Sri Lankan organic farms. People have used turmeric since ancient times to maintain joint mobility. Moreover, turmeric contains curcumin, a potent anti-inflammatory component. Therefore, turmeric facilitates the healing of wounds and promotes the regeneration of affected skin. Other than that, turmeric stabilises weight since it also metabolises fats.

We love Wunder Workshop Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar Turmeric x CBD for the use of Golden Mylk® blend, a popular recipe based on Ayurvedic kitchen traditions. The recipe requires the three basic spices – black pepper, cinnamon, and turmeric added to milk or coconut milk. Golden Mylk® blend has a comforting and soothing effect on the body. It is still prevalent among other drinks in India.

alphagreen guide to top CBD candies

We love the Wunder Workshop brand for inspiration from Ayurveda and dedication to a holistic approach to health. The London-based brand was established in 2014 and became famous for producing organic ethically sourced CBD products. Wunder Workshop focuses on harvesting the power of CBD following ancient wellness rituals. 

Moreover, the company adheres to the principles of eco-friendliness. Wunder Workshop packs its goods in 100% recyclable outer cartons and makes the prints with vegetable inks. The company sends 1% of the sales revenue to support environmental projects across the world.


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Bottom Line

CBD gummies and candies have recently become very popular among CBD users. They are delicious and easy to consume. CBD candies show the same effects for the body and mind as more sought-after CBD oils and capsules. Besides, CBD candies are pre-dosed and have an attractive look. 

In fact, CBD candy is a broad term describing tasty CBD edibles. They can include CBD infused cakes, chocolates, cookies, honey, fondant, toffee, and other products. Right now, many CBD brands work on the creation of new exciting edibles beyond the imagination.

However, buying CBD edibles remains as risky as purchasing any other CBD product. As, unfortunately, not all CBD brands are trustworthy. The research performed by the UK Centre for Medical Cannabis and PhytoVista has shown that more than 50% of the thirty analysed cannabidiol-enriched products made in Europe contained at least twice more THC than the allowed 0.2%. Besides, the actual amount of cannabidiol has also differed, and 38% of the product samples had smaller CBD content that stated on the label. The reason behind such an appalling situation lies in the fact that numerous companies have rapidly appeared in the attractive industry, including shady brands. 

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Therefore, CBD users should do additional research to check the purity of the product rather than fall for a shiny wrapping. Firstly, it is essential to look for proper labelling and the presence of COAs from third-party labs. In many instances, the lack of a COA implies the availability of harmful compounds. In case a brand refuses to provide a COA upon request, it would be better to choose a product from a different CBD company.  

Secondly, buyers have to look carefully into a full list of ingredients, especially when purchasing CBD gummies and candies. Sometimes manufacturers add sugars and other ingredients for consistency, odour, or taste. Many customers might find such additions unacceptable. Furthermore, the label should also provide the information on the exact dosage of CBD, the source of origin of hemp, and the extraction method. 

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Anastasiia Myronenko

Anastasiia Myronenko

Anastasiia Myronenko is a Medical Physicist actively practicing in one of the leading cancer centers in Kyiv, Ukraine. She received her master’s degree in Medical Physics at Karazin Kharkiv National University and completed Biological Physics internship at GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Germany. Anastasiia Myronenko specializes in radiation therapy and is a fellow of Ukrainian Association of Medical Physicists.