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Craving a sweet treat to match your sweet tooth? Our delectable collection of delicious CBD brownies and cookies is made for you! With all the potential benefits of CBD alongside added flavour and protein, these CBD cookies and brownies are the perfect way for your to enjoy your health and treat yourself at the same time! Shop other types of CBD- CBD Oil | CBD Edibles | CBD for Sleep | CBD Vape | CBD for Beauty

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CBD Cookies And Brownies: A Fun Way To Support Wellness

 alphagreen CBD Cookies And Brownies: A Fun Way To Support Wellness

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Mientras que los aceites y las tinturas de CBD son la forma más habitual de introducir el CBD en la rutina del bienestar, las Cookies y Brownies de CBD representan otro nivel de disfrute del CBD. Aparte de su maravilloso sabor y apariencia, que te permite tomar una dosis diaria de CBD sin ningún problema, las Cookies y Brownies de CBD disponibles en el mercado de Alphagreen están infundidos con otros valiosos nutrientes. Así, puedes elegir entre varias opciones y descubrir lo mucho que estos comestibles de CBD pueden aportar a tu rutina de salud.


CBD is taking the world by storm after being reported to have many potential benefits for overall health. CBD-infused Cookies and Brownies are a creative and delicious way to introduce CBD to your daily wellness routine. They represent a fetching treat that caters to every CBD lover's needs. Not only does it taste delicious, but some of them come with protein for boosted athletic performance and CBD for feeling better on a day-to-day basis. While CBD is thought to have anti-inflammatory, stress-relieving, and anxiolytic properties, chocolate can uplift mood, enhance cognitive functions, provide potent antioxidants and lower the risk of heart diseases. This is why this mouthwatering duo is genuinely excellent.

Alphagreen strives to offer the best products for your health and wellness. Thus, we have created this collection of CBD Cookies and Brownies that may help people find a non-obvious way to stay relaxed, focused and happy with the help of CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, widely known as CBD, is one of over 100 compounds belonging to a phytocannabinoid class identified in the hemp plant. It is the second most well-researched cannabinoid after tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the predominant cannabinoid in marijuana responsible for the euphoric and intoxicating effects. This is why CBD is extracted only from EU-approved industrial hemp strains with a THC level of less than 0.2% by dry weight. Since CBD has been reported to be safe, non-addictive and non-psychotropic, it has become the go-to alternative for many people seeking cannabis therapeutic benefits. Today's market is filled with various forms of CBD-infused supplements. They include tinctures, oils, capsules, vape liquids, lotions, CBD-infused edibles, wellness shots, and many more.

CBD is available in three spectrums. The full-spectrum oil targets all the bioactive terpenes and flavonoids naturally found in hemp plants, including traces of THC (below 0.2%). The alternative option is broad-spectrum CBD, which is similar to the full-spectrum oil but with THC completely removed during the complex refinement process. These two spectrums are believed to have the encashed beneficial effect thanks to the entourage effect that they can provide. The last one is CBD isolate, which refers to pure Cannabidiol. It is named isolate as all other plant elements are extracted, leaving behind pure Cannabidiol (up to 99.9%) in a crystal or powder form.

CBD is gaining popularity due to its many potential therapeutic benefits, including pain-management, stress-relief, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and mood stabilising effects. In addition, CBD can work with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body to maintain and restore homeostasis, thus supporting overall well-being.

What are CBD Cookies and Brownies?

 alphagreen CBD Cookies And Brownies: A Fun Way To Support Wellness

Simply put, CBD Cookies and CBD Brownies are edibles infused with different spectrums of cannabis extract. One of the key differences between CBD edibles and CBD oil is that the oil represents a more raw form. For consumers who want to take their CBD without a hempy aftertaste, counting drops or smoking CBD vapes, CBD edibles, like CBD Cookies and Brownies, are the best option for them.

Furthermore, they are simple to dose since each manufacturer lists the accurate amount of CBD included per cookie or brownie. This is why CBD edibles can also be a perfect starting point for newcomers to CBD-infused supplements and dosage guidelines. Although the daily CBD amount is usually provided by the manufacturer, you can easily take away or add a cookie or brownie depending on how the CBD affects you.

Additionally, CBD Cookies and Brownies often come with other beneficial ingredients, like protein. This is great, as it can be a two-in-one product for your sport and wellness goals.

Benefits of CBD Cookies and Brownies

There are, as we mention, many benefits of CBD Cookies and Brownies. Not only do they taste like regular treats, but they also provide many therapeutic properties provided by cannabis extract in their composition. Here are a bit more details of why you should choose CBD Cookies and Brownies:

Long-lasting relief

 alphagreen CBD Cookies And Brownies: A Fun Way To Support Wellness

CBD Cookies and Brownies are designed to be used orally. This method of consumption offers a long-lasting effect with an onset time of 30-60 minutes and a duration of action between 6-10 hours. Consumers should also remember that factors like weight, age, lifestyle, body fat percentage and others may affect these times. Although many people seek a fast-acting effect, like with tinctures, CBD edibles can be a perfect option for pain relief and similar purposes. This is because CBD oil releases active compounds in chunks, and you will feel more relaxed for a longer time.

Easy consumption

When using CBD oil, it might be confusing to find out the perfect dosage for your needs. But CBD Cookies and Brownies already come with a fixed amount of CBD in each bite. This gives ultimate convenience, as even newcomers can easily measure and consume their daily CBD amount based on their needs, wellness goals and CBD's effect.

Boosted athletic performance

Some of the CBD Cookies that we have at Alphagreen are also infused with protein. An intensive workout at the gym requires muscle fibres so they can be rebuilt stronger. While protein will be an excellent fibre source, CBD can help reduce the discomfort of post-workout inflammation by triggering the production of hormones that soothe aching muscles.

Your one-stop-shop for CBD

If you are looking for high-quality CBD products from the world's reputable brands, Alphagreen has got you covered. We pride ourselves on our carefully chosen supplements that come in various forms, CBD strengths, options and flavours. All of the products at Alphagreen are certified, laboratory tested for safety and purity. We make sure that all of our partner companies follow strict quality standards and that all products are accurately labelled.


Cookies and Brownies have long been associated with delicious treats for better mood due to their high sugar content. However, when manufacturers started adding CBD to well-crafted edibles, people turned to them as a tasty and fun way of supporting wellness. CBD edibles that we offer at Alphagreen not only have an excellent taste but are also infused with beneficial compounds that may help you relax, prevent heart diseases, ease pain, and maintain homeostasis essential for overall health.


What is CBD?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids unique to cannabis plants. It is a close sibling to another famous compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), that causes a "high" sensation associated with consumption of marijuana. Although they have similar chemical structure, CBD is a safe and non-psychoactive cannabinoid which is purported to have many therapeutic benefits like pain-relief and anti-anxiety properties.

What are CBD Cookies and Brownies?

CBD Cookies and Brownies are edibles that are infused with CBD. They will be an ideal option for customers who don't like natural hemp taste or don't know how to count the right dose with CBD oil but still want to experience the potential benefits of CBD

What is the difference between cookies and brownies?

The main ingredients taken to create cookies and brownies are the same. The only difference is the ratios of chosen ingredients used to prepare these edibles. Cookies mainly have a higher flour content as they're formed from a dough. On the other hand, Brownies contain a higher liquid/fat content as they're primarily created from a batter.

How much CBD should I eat?

Even though most manufacturers provide information concerning dosage, it is a rough guideline as it depends on each customer's needs. However, the best recommendation for all users is to start from a small dosage (one cookie per day, for example) and gradually work your way up until you find the perfect dosage. It is vital to give your body time to adjust to a new supplement and see how it works.

How long does it take for CBD edibles to kick in?

CBD edibles have lower bioavailability compared to oils or vapes. This is because CBD needs to be broken down by the digestive system, just like the food we eat. The onset time and the duration of action depend on many factors, but it may usually kick in after 30-60 minutes after consumption.

Are CBD edibles legal?

CBD edibles and other CBD-infused supplements are legal as long as CBD has been extracted from EU-approved industrial hemp strains and contain less than 0.2% of THC per container. At Alphagreen, we provide only quality and safe products that come with a certificate of analysis (COA) to ensure accurate cannabinoid content and legal THC level.

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