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About WholyMe


Alphagreen about WholyMe

Celine, the founder of WholyMe began exploring natural products when she saw how seriously stress affected her mother's health. Fuelled by a strong desire to optimise people’s wellbeing and armed with an expertise in genetics, Celine set out to design the highest quality, healthiest products to soothe daily pains, aches, and stresses. Modern life applies constant pressure to our minds and bodies, having a negative effect. WholyMe has a mission to revolutionise people's approach to wellbeing by providing highly effective, organic, and all-natural products to support your wellness routine.

WholyMe gathered a small group of people to help them to test and analyse existing natural products that were already available for sale. From these experiments, it became clear that users were interested in four key things:

  • Products that were effective;
  • Purity that doesn’t compromise their health;
  • Clarity of the ingredients they were applying or ingesting;
  • A community to be a part of during the entire process.

To satisfy these needs WholyMe sources all ingredients that have been grown in environmentally-friendly ways and continues to involve their early adopters by testing their in-house formulated products to evaluate satisfaction and effectiveness before mass production goes ahead.

The process from seed to shelf

All products made by WholyMe undergo the following processes:

  • Research: The brand carefully selects ingredients with soothing properties by reviewing available resources and traditional uses;
  • Review: After selecting organic and natural ingredients, the brand gathers its scientific team of advisors to discuss the formulations that they plan to create.
  • Alphagreen about WholyMe
  • Formulation: WholyMe uses the scientific evidence that they have gathered to create innovative formulas. Independent consultants verify each formula coming from the lab. 
  • Source: WholyMe searches for raw materials that can live up to their strict quality standards. The brand checks for organic certification, ensures the best cultivation and extraction techniques are used, and confirms the tests carried out on botanical extracts. This ensures they only get natural ingredients from suppliers who respect both human health and the environment.
  • Analyse: All raw materials are analysed and retested for potency and purity upon delivery.
  • Sample study: WholyMe manufactures a small batch of its formulas before starting full-scale production to gain feedback on its effectiveness with a committed control group. All feedback is considered to ensure the product meets users' needs.
  • Quality check and certification: The Soil Association conducts a review of the entire production process before approving WholyMe's application to their natural and organic certifications.
  • Packaging: WholyMe works with experts to use eco-friendly packaging.
  • Final validation check: Despite having been tested at many phases of production, the product undergoes a final check upon before being released to market to ensure that the finished product meets international standards.

The purpose of WholyMe products

WholyMe's products serve to soothe your mind and body with only safe and pure ingredients, nothing more. These products were formulated to help with daily pains, aches, and stresses related to tired or overworked muscles and joints. This range includes a body balm for relaxing sore muscles, recovery bath salts, and sublingual CBD oil.

Commitment to sustainability

WholyMe is dedicated to sustainable formulas, from seed to the final product. The company ensures that its entire production process is sustainable through:

  • Ingredients: All ingredients are organically certified, which means that they are cultivated, harvested, and extracted according to a strict, standardised process that is environmentally friendly. Certifiers regularly audit suppliers to maintain their certification. 66% of all ingredients used in their products come from Europe to ensure the best quality ingredients.
  • Alphagreen about WholyMe
  • Manufacturing: WholyMe's partners are accredited by professional bodies like ECOCERT and the Soil Association to make certified organic products. These certifying bodies verify every step in the production process, ensuring suppliers meet the strict standards with zero compromises on product quality. WholyMe also meets the highest manufacturing standards, with certifications, such as GMP and HACCP.
  • Packaging: WholyMe mainly uses violet glass to package their products, which is fully recyclable. Violet glass helps preserve the bioavailability of oils while boosting their products' potency and shelf life. Also, their secondary packaging consists of FSC certified paper. This certification is considered the gold standard designation for wood obtained for forests that are responsibly regulated, economically viable, environmentally conscious, and socially beneficial. You can rest assured that when one of WholyMe's products is used, trees are being replanted.
  • Shipping: WholyMe's fulfilment partner, that stores and ships products to you, is carbon positive. They accurately measure their carbon footprint and organise an independent audit to verify the results. They are committed to capturing 110% of their emissions.

Why we love WholyMe


WholyMe believes in the efficiency and ability of nature to support your wellbeing. With hundreds of nutrients that work with one another to provide health benefits, it makes sense to draw on their natural power that cannot be mimicked by synthetic compounds or chemicals. The brand makes products that provide quick relief through the use of natural ingredients and innovative formulations.


Alphagreen about WholyMe

By providing you with everything you need to know about its products, WholyMe empowers you to take control of your own health and wellbeing. With Certificates of Analysis (COAs) and clear labelling, you are able to make educated choices about what you use in and on your body.

Sustainable manufacturing

WholyMe recognises the importance of sustainable manufacturing using economical processes that have a minimal impact on the environment. As well as improving the local community, enhancing the product itself and protecting the safety of the company’s employees, sustainable manufacturing also protects the ecosystem and conserves energy. Since the brand draws on nature to provide solutions, they are committed to protecting nature and take steps to minimise waste while ensuring the packaging can be reused and recycled.

Certified organic

These products have achieved organic certification because they meet the high standards required by the certifying bodies. The ingredients were grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or fertilisers and no genetic bioengineering was involved at any stage.

State of the art manufacturing process

As well as using the best ingredients, WholyMe also makes use of the best extraction techniques and complies with the highest quality standards. The organic, industrial hemp seed oil that they use is tested by an independent lab to ensure that the final product can be enjoyed by you safely.

Key takeaways

WholyMe is committed to the undeniable power of nature and the building of a strong community to develop products that support your wellbeing. This is the reason they develop natural products using the highest quality ingredients, which are organically cultivated. Also, they make every effort to reduce waste by ensuring their packaging is reusable and recyclable. All their products are carefully designed to ease your daily aches and pains. The Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for WholyMe products are available on our website.


Are all of WholyMe’s products organic?

Yes, all the ingredients in WholyMe’s products are organically grown. The brand has a fundamental commitment to protecting the planet while providing wellbeing solutions that can be found in nature.

Are WholyMe’s products developed by scientists?

WhollyMe has a scientific advisory board that backs all research carried out. Their cannabis health expert is Neurologist Professor Mike Barnes and their expert in the study of plants for health is Pharmacologist Dr. Nicolette Perry.

Where does WholyMe source its hemp from?

WholyMe sources its hemp from Austria where the soil is fertile. Production takes place in France where WholyMe is based.

Which method of extraction does WholyMe use to obtain its CBD?

The CBD used by WholyMe is obtained using CO2 extraction. This method is amongst the most highly regarded in the industry as it does not involve the use of harmful chemicals and causes the least damage to the environment. WholyMe uses the leaves, stems, and flowers of the hemp plant.

Which type of CBD does WholyMe use in its CBD products?

WholyMe uses full-spectrum CBD. Their CBD contains 12 cannabinoids and terpenes as the brand believes that the synergy they provide by working together can deliver the theorised entourage effect. Despite being full-spectrum, WholyMe’s CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC, keeping you safe from the possibility of becoming intoxicated.

What product does WholyMe have for my aching muscles and joints?

For your aching muscles and joints, WholyMe has Relief Balm which is clinically tested to soothe. This non-greasy balm contains arnica and eucalyptus oil and no CBD.

What product does WholyMe have to help me unwind at the end of the day?

To help you unwind, WholyMe has 1kg of Relief Salts that can be added to your bath. These vegan bath salts contain hemp seed oil, eucalyptus, and frankincense to relieve tension.

What product does WholyMe have to help me maintain a balanced wellbeing?

To help you to keep your wellbeing in balance, WholyMe has Relief Drops. These oral drops contain 600mg of CBD blended with hemp seed oil to act as a carrier and to enhance absorption. Hemp seed oil also contains protein and fatty acids that are beneficial to your health.

Does WholyMe have any bundles?

Yes, WholyMe has two bundles. Relief Range contains all three of the brand’s popular products, including Relief Balm, Relief Salts, and Relief Drops. Relief Duo is the perfect pairing for an active lifestyle with Relief Balm and Relief Salts.

Are WholyMe’s products tested?

Yes, WholyMe’s products undergo extensive testing before they are released to market. Among the many tests that they run are an ingredient test, a stability test, a compatibility test, and a patch test, as well as a clinical study. As Relief Drops contain CBD, these undergo batch testing by an independent laboratory to confirm the strength of the product.

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