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About Pure Ratios CBD

Nowadays, CBD treatment is becoming more prominent and sparking more interest online than other medications or alternative therapies. CBD provides a natural method to improve health conditions without causing severe adverse reactions and side effects, unlike most prescription drugs.

CBD is one of the affordable and widespread remedies designed to satisfy people's needs due to the broad-ranging list of CBD goods on the health market. CBD based products come in sprays, creams, vape pens, gummies, and even protein powders and bars.

From the professional playing field to everyday activities, CBD can help to relieve symptoms of various diseases and perform at maximum capacity. The pure composition and effectiveness of CBD allow customers to experience CBD benefits while complying with the regulations.

What Is CBD?

Cannabis, or hemp, is a plant that includes more than 400 compounds and more than 100 useful components called cannabinoids. One of the most beneficial and famous cannabinoids is known as Cannabidiol (CBD).

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CBD is a chemical compound naturally sourced from the resinous flower of the Cannabis plant. CBD is a safe and non-addictive substance, that can be extracted and mixed with various carrier oils to produce different CBD forms.

Also, CBD doesn't have psychoactive qualities, which means it won't cause 'high' or euphoric effects and any form of intoxication, unlike another well-known cannabinoid called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

After consumption, СBD interferes with the body through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and might help to prevent most physical and mental disorders. CBD is commonly used due to its benefits, positive effect on ECS and the ability to provide powerful and pure healing. Cannabidiol can be useful and worth considering in the following cases:

  • CBD for pain. CBD possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can help to ease the pain of joint, muscle and arthritis aches, sufferings from injuries, sores and wounds. Also, CBD has an analgesic effect and might decrease the perception of pain in the brain;
  • CBD for anxiety. CBD influences brain chemicals to reduce anxiety, stress and fatigue. Also, CBD may help to cope with symptoms of various anxiety disorders, mood swings, depression, and PTSD;
  • CBD for sleep. CBD can attach to sleep-promoting chemicals and affect the sleep/wake cycle. As a result, CBD can provide better quality sleep, regulate insomnia/hypersomnia and sudden awakenings at night;
  • CBD for acne. CBD may be useful in dealing with acne due to its impact on the immune system and the ability to reduce inflammation. Furthermore, CBD prevents skin overproduction of oil, which can provide relief from acne;
  • Other users. Cannabidiol can act as a more natural and effective painkiller for patients with epilepsy, cancer, Parkinson's disease, or diabetes. Also, CBD might help to spare multiple forms of addiction: opioid, cocaine, and psychostimulant.

Is CBD Legal?

While most cannabinoids are considered regulated substances under the Misuse of Drugs Act, the CBD is legal across the UK for medical purposes. 

However, CBD should be derived from an industrial hemp strain that is approved by the EU regulations. These raw-materials include low concentrations or completely THC-free.

For CBD infused products to be legal in the UK, they must contain no more than 0.2% of the THC component. If the product meets these limits, it can be sold and purchased.

Also, in 2018, Farm Bill deleted hemp from a regulated and banned compound to an agricultural raw-material in the United States. This means customers can buy CBD in the USA with approved levels up to 0.3% of the THC.

Furthermore, CBD is an allowed remedy for pain relief and energy restoration in sport. Since the beginning of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed cannabidiol from the list of strictly prohibited substances – in or out of the competition. All professional athletes may take CBD products without the risk of penalties or being disqualified from the competition.

CBD infused products have a vast amount of useful health benefits. Choosing the right and quality product can seem like a challenge for many customers. Many dishonest companies and manufacturers are making false claims about their products and add harsh chemicals in composition.

With Pure Ratios, you choose the natural and effective way to bring balance, maintain health condition and active lifestyle. 

Pure Ratios. Pure Relief.

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Pure Ratios CBD is a San Diego based health and wellness brand that takes a herbalist's approach to heal with Cannabis. The company was founded by two practitioners with over 45 years of experience in health medicine.

The mission of Pure Ratios is to provide benefits of the Cannabis plant to maintain a well-balanced life through a mix of research, science and natural medicine. The company uses knowledge of herbalists, the latest scientific research, laboratory testing and modern design to produce safe and therapeutic goods.

Ancient herbalists weren't often able to standardise prescriptions for consistent results due to the genetic variation of the cannabis plant. Pure Ratios invested in research in advanced drug delivery science for years to receive more bioavailable medical properties of the plant. To manufacture products, the company accurately measures dosages that ensure long-lasting and more evenly sustained effects.

The aim of founders to work with patients one-on-one and see their health improve is satisfying, but being able to bring advantages for many people with just a single product has proved to be even more powerful and inspiring. 

Pure Ratios know for sure that modern science of cannabis has only started to show the high potential of this plant. This provides the company with more opportunities for an open-ended and ongoing investigation to design more useful CBD infused products and fulfil people's needs. 

Why Do People Choose Pure Ratios?

Pure Ratios is created in a perfect harmony of science, technology and natural medicine. For many individuals, Pure Ratios products are becoming a healthy and naturally pure addition to their lifestyle. Pure Ratios offers CBD based products that are chemical and additives-free and designed to keep overall balance. 

  1. Gold standard extraction. Pure Ratios goods are produced from extracting compounds from the entire plant, to save all beneficial properties through a proprietary CO2 extraction method.
  2. Safety and legality. At Pure Ratios, all products are tested by third-party laboratories to guarantee their risk-free composition. That's why Pure Ratios' customers take CBD with confidence in products while experiencing improvements in health.
  3. Unique formulation. Each product contains a blend of hemp extracts with carefully calculated ingredients of essential oils and herbs for therapeutic relief.
  4. Packaging. Products are packaged in simple but attractive and compact packaging, allowing you to carry your favourite CBD products everywhere with you.
  5. Variety of products. From patches to capsules and lip balms, the company produces CBD in different formats to help each customer find the right and effective CBD type.

Who Are Pure Ratios For?

At Pure Ratios, all product ranges are a combination of modern cannabis science with the beliefs of ancient Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine always uses herbal and natural ingredients to provide therapeutic properties of the formulation.

Also, the company has created a proprietary blend of essential oils, which contains terpenoid compounds with enhancing effects to activate the benefits of cannabinoids. This formulation was developed to boost the entourage effect and improve the overall wellness that Cannabis plant provides.

CBD products from Pure Ratios can be a beneficial treatment for the following group of people:

  • Anyone who wants to improve health and productivity while inhibiting aches and ailments with the proven CBD company and CBD products;
  • People with busy work schedules that are looking for an effective remedy to reduce stress and restore energy after an intense day;
  • Patients that are subjected to different physical or mental disorders such as joint and back pain, chronic aches, anxiety, depression, etc.;
  • Professional athletes that need natural pain-reliever without risks of forbidden components in product composition or positive result after a random drug test;
  • Individuals that aren't professional sportsmen but are still fighting with recovery after a tough workout.

Pure Ratios Products’ Range

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Pure Ratios' assortment is full of CBD infused products designed to help manage pain and discomfort due to long-lasting, consistent and accurately calculated dosage of cannabinoids.

Award-winning, practitioner-developed and patent-pending CBD products can help you to bring comfort, peace of mind and needed relief. All of the products are vegan and gluten-free, combining nature and science to restore balance in the body and mind.

The Pure Ratios CBD collection includes transdermal patches, lip balms, topical salves, hemp extract roll-on and adaptogenic capsule line. CBD concentrations, strengths, packaging and volumes vary in each product to provide customers with suitable CBD form. 

Also, the brand offers a special bundle box with four natural CBD based products to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, restless sleep, severe pain and inflammation. 

Choice of specific item depends on individual preferences, the concentration of CBD, advantages of each product type and disease severity. 

  1. 96 Hour Transdermal CBD Patch. The transdermal patch is the easiest method to support an active lifestyle with less discomfort and pain. Pure Ratios patch will help you receive prolonged relief, which stays tightly on the skin surface for up to 3-4 days. This product can help to manage different illnesses and disorders from anxiety and stress to aches and wounds. 
  2. 96 Hour Transdermal CBD Patch 5-Pack. The patch is the Pure Ratios' flagship product that lasts longer than any other patch on the worldwide CBD market. The topical reservoir patches help to manage discomfort by targeted and long-term relief through the skin for up to 96 hours. The patches include natural herbs to enhance the power of cannabis and reduce imbalances from discomfort to stress.
  3. Hemp Extract Topical Salve. The Pure Ratios Salve is a fast-acting help to heal minor discomforts and body stress. The topical salve infused with essentials oil and herbs such as meadowsweet, elder, arnica, calendula, and rose petals. The product is designed for inflamed body parts, aching joints and tight muscles to heal the root of the pain while nurture skin and provide conditioning effects.
  4. Hemp Extract Roll-On. Pure Ratios Topical Roll-On is quickly absorbed and compact help for people that are searching for a therapeutic experience. Roll-On is a rapid relief in a stick that can help to reduce extreme inflammation, relieve pain from bruises, wounds, sore joints, and general aches. The roll-on includes ancient all-natural herbs, quality hemp extract and essential oils to penetrate the system faster.
  5. Hemp Extract Lip Balm. Pure Ratios CBD Lip Balm is produced with high-quality and organic ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and full-spectrum hemp CBD oil. This product provides effective help for dry and cracked lips due to the healing qualities of CBD. The Lip Balm is designed to moisturise, prevent and restore chapped or sun-damaged lips, inflammation, and soreness. The product has a compact package that you can bring with you in every bag and a small pocket.

Furthermore, in 2019 Pure Ratios announced the launch of a new CBD capsule line in four formulations: Boost, Think, Move, and Calm. The Pure Ratios Essentials line is based on herbalist's approach to CBD Hemp. Each capsule is infused with Chinese herbs, mushrooms, and 15 mg of water-soluble CBD Hemp to support general well-being while promoting health and vitality.

The Pure Ratios Capsules can be taken whenever you need to improve productivity, restore energy or relieve stress and pain. The capsules have a compact 300 mg jar with 60 capsules.

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  1. Calm Capsule. Sleep, stress, tension - if you struggle with these three words, then Calm Formula can be the product you have been looking for. The Calm formula is made from a mixture of four adaptogenic Chinese herbs with one functional mushroom. This combination is created to provide calm and improve overall well-being. The capsules contain natural components such as albizzia, polygala root, schizandra, salvia root, and reishi mushrooms. 
  2. Move Capsule. Post-workout recovery, muscle tension or joint pain - if you struggle with any of these three discomforts, then Pure Ratios Move Capsules can be the option to improve mobility and overall wellness. The capsules are made with nature's most profound components such as turmeric, red peony, Schisandra and ginger. The Move formula includes a mix of four natural and adaptogenic Chinese herbs. 
  3. Think Capsule. Pure Ratios Think Capsules is designed to elevate normal cognitive and neurological function while stimulating focus and vitality. The capsules are complemented with natural and effective ingredients such as white peony, salvia root, bacopa, Schisandra, and lion's mane mushrooms. The Think formula includes a mix of adaptogenic Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs with functional mushrooms.
  4. Boost Capsule. Pure Ratios Boost Capsules is an organically produced capsules, which are made to provide relaxation while restoring energy and increasing immunity. The Boost formula is designed of adaptogenic Chinese herbs and three funguses to maintain the immune system and general well-being. The capsules contain a mix of pure components such as Schisandra and eleuthero with functional reishi, cordyceps, and Chaga mushrooms.