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About Pollen

Pollen creates premium-quality CBD products consumers can trust and that can fit into anyone’s lifestyle and daily routine effortlessly. The brand’s state-of-the-art innovation team is continuously changing the game. Pollen understands that adulthood is complicated. Sometimes, even “wellness” feels like a weight. Pollen wants to ease the pressures of daily life to make people that little bit happier.

A note from the founder

Melanie, the founder of Pollen, admits that she hasn’t always felt “good”. After she founded her first company when she was 25, almost by accident, she was faced with the pressures of being an entrepreneur. She describes this period as the most exciting time of her life but also the most challenging. That’s when she discovered CBD. It supported her when navigating all the stresses and pressures that come with adulthood. Melanie's interest in food supplements grew as she found they can naturally make life easier and more balanced… and CBD is one of the most mysterious but effective ones available today.

Finding their own kind of good

We live in the twenty-first century, an age that praises duty, “busyness”, active lifestyles, and living the best life possible. Paradoxically, people have no time to focus on understanding what actually makes them feel good, healthy, and strong. Over the last few decades, more and more people worldwide have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, and their number is continuously growing. People are offered one-time solutions that are not supposed to bring constant relief. They are trying to deal with daily stresses by means of meditating, listening to podcasts or simply trying not to focus on them at all. For individuals looking for something extra to support their way to calm and focus, CBD is an excellent choice. That was a solution for Melanie too. Within a few weeks of consuming CBD, she started to feel balance and calm coming back. She was surprised to find that for the first time in a long time, she felt healthy and good.

How Pollen was born

Consequently, Melanie began to research CBD products, their pros and cons as well as essential things related to the use of CBD. However, she was shocked at how much unreliable information there was in the CBD arena. As a thoughtful consumer, Melanie wanted only high-quality CBD products that could effortlessly fit into her daily routine. Also, she wanted CBD products that felt like a treat and tasted amazing. Finally, she tried to take what she had already learnt developing products in her first business, and established an innovative CBD brand that CBD users could have confidence in. She wanted a safe space for the unique community of caring, curious, and open-minded people to feel supported and talk openly. As a result, Pollen was created.

Pollen’s mission

Pollen’s mission is to empower both experienced and new CBD consumers by providing access to CBD products that are refreshingly innovative, always organic, and lovingly manufactured to provide the purest experience possible.

Pollen is one of the leading CBD brands, offering only premium CBD products that have established the standard for quality throughout the entire industry. They take great pride in our CBD and work only the finest organically grown hemp in all of their unique CBD product offerings. Product variety is fantastic, but Pollen prefers to concentrate on delivering great CBD gummies that sets the brand apart from the crowd. They are innovative, fun and flavourful.

Pollen works hard to set the industry benchmark of safety, quality, and purity. Through their incredible level of dedication to product development and research, they continue to unveil exciting CBD products that pave the way for further progress and revolutionize the CBD industry. Extensive community work and cooperation helped increase public awareness of CBD research, as well as have earned Pollen a massive following of dedicated and loyal customers. They love and promote their CBD gummies and the care that has gone into their creation.

Core Values

Reading and exploring information about CBD for the first time can be frustrating as a lot of questions come to one’s mind. Does it make a user “high”? Is it legal? Also, there is much misleading information, confusing jargon, and, unfortunately, a lot of vendors just trying to earn a quick buck.

With those thoughts in mind, Pollen was founded to provide a retail hub that manufactures and distributes reliable, safe and trustworthy CBD products for consumers looking to try out the best CBD gummies. Importantly, when it comes to cannabis, quality and safety are the essential factors. All wellness and health-related claims connected with CBD are useless if the hemp manufacturing and growing processes are not conducted with a high level of integrity and precision.

These are the ways Pollen uses to show its core values:


These days, the CBD industry and market are constantly evolving. Pollen places a great emphasis on the companies contributing to research on CBD and other cannabinoids.

Strong Corporate Mission

Pollen is on a great mission to introduce CBD consumers across the world to the fantastic natural compound. It aims to deliver the very best and most reliable CBD products in the entire CBD industry. The company sets high standards and focuses on the core values of full traceability, trust and transparency.


Crafting quality CBD products is the number one challenge as well as priority altogether. As a CBD brand, Pollen values the premium quality of their products and carries regular third-party lab tests.

Inventive Formulations

CBD is a unique element, but it is not a miracle cure. When it is combined with other therapeutic ingredients, CBD can target various health conditions and symptoms more effectively than when consumed simply on its own.

Nowadays, the CBD industry represents an emerging arena, full of poor-quality products and misleading information. Pollen sets out to solve this problem with CBD-Infused gummies — a fantastic CBD product of premium quality.

Consequently, the brand aims to demystify CBD for the world by specifying its limitations, uses, and to provide unbiased reviews on CBD gummies needed to make confident purchases.

The process of CBD production

Organic Farming

If a CBD producer wants to make a good CBD oil, first of all, they need to have the right ingredients. Pollen does not just make good CBD products; they make first-class CBD gummies. However, the brand would not be able to do that if they did not start with the right and safe kind of hemp. In general, the process begins well before anyone sets foot into a lab.

In general, before Pollen’s hemp ever hits the lab, it must be cultivated. Extra care must be taken to guarantee the hemp is grown in the right conditions because hemp plants will absorb all the pesticides, toxins, and heavy metals that surround it in the soil. Significantly, different hemp strains normally possess varying amounts of CBD as well as other cannabinoids. The quality of CBD oil derived from each plant is notably affected by the soil and other conditions the hemp plants grow in. Pollen uses proprietary strains with only the highest CBD content as possible, guaranteeing they are 100% organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO.

Raw Hemp Preparation

After Pollen’s hemp plants are grown and harvested, they are carefully dried and stored in a warehouse. When the production process of the hemp plants begins, they are normally grounded into a coarse powder. Once this step is complete, the hemp powder is delivered to the manufacturing facility. The milling process the hemp plants further undergo adheres to the CBD industry’s highest quality standards. The next step typically involves removing the CBD oil from the hemp plant and then preparing it for consumption. In general, there are many different extraction methods to do this, and some are better than others. Pollen uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method, and the brand does not use harsh chemical solvents like propane or butane.

Extraction and Separation

To make sure that the beneficial proteins, cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other valuable compounds are all preserved in the final product, Pollen has perfected a complete purification and extraction process for their hemp plants. Their process also removes undesirable compounds from the extract and, at the same time, protects natural molecules from being destroyed. Ultimately, what is left is CBD oil of the highest quality possible.

Pollen has taken much time to perfect this extraction process because of the obvious benefit of creating the oil that is abundant in phytocannabinoids, which represent the naturally occurring elements found in hemp plants. Therefore, preserving more than just CBD without THC means CBD oil is broad-spectrum, which brings amplified benefits to CBD consumers, known as the “entourage effect”.


In general, CBD represents one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. With the legalization of CBD in Europe and the UK, the demand for CBD has skyrocketed. As a result, it has made regulation difficult. In a few recent research studies, it was found that over half of all CBD products distributed in the UK have been mislabeled or contaminated. Some of those did not even contain CBD at all, while others had THC concentrations above 0.2%. Furthermore, some CBD products can contain dangerous and toxic elements that can cause severe illnesses.

As for Pollen, CBD users can be confident that they are provided with the range of reliable and potent options as the company strictly adheres to legal requirements when delivering pure and 100% natural CBD in their CBD gummies.

Third-Party Lab Testing

After each batch of CBD oil is manufactured, it is taken to an independent third-party laboratory for rigorous testing. CBD oil must meet the highest industry standards for potency and quality. By testing each batch, Pollen guarantees the levels of cannabinoids are consistent. Besides, it ensures that the CBD oil is pure and free of the harmful contaminants. After every batch has passed the rigorous third-party testing, it receives a Certificate of Analysis (COA). The results are available to the public so any potential customers can easily access and review the reports.

How Pollen Ensures Quality

Cultivation, Quality, Extraction:

Every CBD product the company lists comes with a third- party test confirming its ingredients. They also have lab reports confirming that the items do not contain microbiological contaminants. What is more, Pollen extracts its CBD via the supercritical CO2 process.

Unbiased Reviews:

CBD users are encouraged to leave their unbiased reviews on the brand’s products they purchase via Pollen. The company’s team keeps a close eye on all reviews and always reacts rapidly to rectify any issues as soon as possible.

Lab testing

In the modern hemp industry, there is a lack of predefined standards for manufacturers. As a result, lots of CBD products on the market contain pesticides, herbicides, mould, fungi, and dangerous mycotoxins. Pollen uses cutting-edge lab testing to guarantee their CBD products are healthy and safe. They test for microbiological contaminants to ensure the customers their CBD gummies are a reliable source of CBD.

They treat testing very seriously at Pollen and spend substantial resources and money doing quality control. Pollen hopes to raise the bar for the quality of the hemp industry products by setting an example. They also hope to stimulate other CBD manufacturers to raise the standards of their CBD products through analytics and quality assurance.

In fact, quality control is crucial to Pollen’s quest to bring CBD consumers the best CBD oil products. Therefore, they use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies as well as strict quality control to guarantee their products are of the highest possible quality and contaminant-free. Pollen begins by selecting the highest quality raw materials. The brand also selects the finest hemp grown organically in natural conditions. This fact allows them to achieve the highest quality CBD gummies offered on the CBD market today.