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  1. Relief – 30% Hemp Oil 3000mg – 10ml

  2. Peace - 20% Hemp Oil 2000mg – 10ml

  3. Joy – 10% Hemp Oil 1000mg – 10ml


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About Jacana

Mankind has used cannabis for thousands of years for recreational, medicinal, and religious purposes, as evidenced by 2.500-year-old artefacts. It was later banned in many countries like Britain, Brazil, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Morocco in the 1800s.

The reasons for its ban were influenced by historical racist associations, countercultures against some ethnic groups and lack of scientific knowledge of the biochemistry of cannabis. Surprisingly, lawmakers classified cannabis in the family of heavy narcotics, the likes of heroin. They also believed that it was addictive.


The only reasonable concern that was provided was on safety. Cannabis could not continue to be used for medicinal purposes because it was intoxicating.

Cannabis and hemp have played an integral part of Jamaican culture and have endured times of misinformation and prohibition. Nowadays, hemp is changing the world and re-emerging as a natural and effective therapy supported by science. Changing attitudes around the world are breaking down long standing prejudices, while modern technology, ongoing research and development are paving the way for medical cannabis solutions for patients looking for anxiety or pain relief.

As we enter a new beginning backed by technology and research, Jacana is dedicated to offering its country's natural gifts and age-old, natural remedies to the people across the globe. Jacana believes in the powers of nature as the foundation of health and happiness. By mixing nature's medicine with science-backed research, Jacana formulations are created to help address the stress of modern-day life by boosting overall health and wellness.

Jacana - Bringing Nature's Medicine To The World

Jacana is a pioneering international medical cannabis company that harnesses the benefits of plant-derived components to transform your day-to-day life. The founders of the company grew up in Jamaica and saw firsthand how natural remedies could be used to reduce pain and suffering and wanted to help spread this ancient and potent remedy to others.

From plant to a patient, Jacana aims to manufacture one of the world's most effective products, sun-grown in harmony with nature, empowering not just individuals that use it but also those people who grow it. Jacana cultivates, creates and distributes certified medical cannabis internationally. In a historic move, it was the first brand to have received several international licenses and permits to make the first-ever global export of Jamaican medicinal cannabis flowers.


By leading the world's fastest-growing industry, Jacana is transforming what was once an unregulated market, into a powerful solution for all people looking for natural help. Jacana uses the highest quality, outdoor-grown cannabis with a strong focus on provenance, sustainability, research and development to bring its therapeutic properties to individuals in need with certified medical cannabis.

In a world more connected than ever, a variety of available research approaches and Jacana are shedding light on plant-powered resources as a viable alternative to prescription medicines and artificial products. Jacana believes that nature has the best answers. That's why the company provides the finest CBD formulations using pure and effective components, the way nature intended. Jacana CBD products from its spiritual home are designed to integrate into your daily routine to cope with the wear and tear of modern lifestyle the natural, sustainable and right way.

The Core Values Of Jacana

Natural & effective

Jacana's mission is to offer natural, safe and effective solutions that people can trust. Hemp formulations are nourished by rich soil, watered by the White River, warmed by the golden sun of Jamaica and made with care, passion and craftsmanship to bring you safe and effective products. All items are 100% natural, have been carefully designed and produced sustainably with natural components to ensure maximum efficacy. Jacana products are also vegan-friendly, wheat- and gluten-free and created with no added sugar or preservatives - truly plant medicine in a beautiful, Jamaica-inspired bottle.

High quality


Every Jacana CBD product contains the highest quality hemp extracts that are subjected to a third-party laboratory testing to confirm each of Jacana assortment. The company guarantees the quality and purity of its formulations through compliance with strict, internationally recognised quality standards.

Potent, full-spectrum CBD

While CBD is the most prominent hemp compound, Jacana's products include a full spectrum extract, which is loaded with other valuable compounds, minor cannabinoids, aromatic terpenes and flavonoids naturally occurring in the hemp plant. Use of a full-spectrum product ensures that users will receive all the therapeutic benefits from the potential entourage effect, meaning all compounds can work in unison.

Adherence to GMP regulations

It is known that countries across the globe use slightly varying GMP guidelines. However, on a fundamental level all, GMP regulations require manufacturers to:

  • Produce high-quality products that are consistent;
  • Produce safe products that are not a threat to human health;
  • Employ qualified and well-trained personnel;
  • Document all systems and procedures;
  • Guard against product contamination.

The brand fully cooperates with these requirements for the production of high quality and safe products that meet customer needs. When Jacana is your company of choice, you have nothing to be worried about.



Cannabis and hemp are usually associated with Jamaica – it's the gold standard. Jacana products are formulated with unique wellness components inspired by Jamaica to deliver infused CBD formulations with best flavour and efficacy. Janaca' goal is to celebrate and protect Jamaica's environment, land, heritage, and community in everything the company does.


The brand takes its responsibility to the earth and advocates for ethically and sustainability in everything they do. Chosen clean extraction methods and environmentally sustainable practices combined with a deep commitment to quality help to bring consumers the best natural products. During cultivating, the company doesn't use grow lights or temperature controls, which allow Jacana farm emitting 25 times less carbon and using 18 times less energy than indoor grows. Furthermore, Jacana farms are deemed to be one of the most sustainable cannabis farms across the world while the brand is constantly evolving in new methods to protect the natural beauty and bounty of Jamaica.


The company supports and strengthens the communities in which it operates, through job creation, education, and preserving the environment for future generations.

Jacana Capabilities

As a new industry created in the 21st century, Jacana uses the opportunity to embrace the learnings from the industrialisation of the past 100 years and build a truly green business. Founded in late 2017, in almost 3 years Jacana has established itself as a leading Jamaican cannabis brand with a global platform built for a changing landscape. Jacana's operations are vertically integrated from plant to patient that covers large scale cultivation, research and development, processing, laboratory testing, and distribution across both domestically and abroad.

From seed to store

Consumers can be confident when they choose any Jacana product. The company is aimed to provide the premium quality, sun-grown and organic cannabis from seed to store. Therefore, the brand uses original cultivars, techniques honed by generations, and sustainable farming methods unmatched in the industry.

The brand believes that all companies have a responsibility to leave a positive footprint in all that they do. Jacana is committed to equitable and sustainable business practices, that in turn allow developing prosperous communities and providing a better world for tomorrow.



The whole process starts on a 100-acre organic flagship farm that is GACP compliant, CLA Tier 3 licensed and located in the mountains of St. Ann, Jamaica. Jacana hemp extracts are organically grown by expert cannabis farmers under optimal conditions for a high-quality yield. Here, the company uses unique, proprietary cultivars with the ideal climatic and environmental conditions specially created for outdoor, equatorial cultivation of cannabis. Jacana cultivation methods include:

  • Alley growing system to preserve local biodiversity;
  • 100% organic plant growing materials;
  • Organic fertilisers, which do not interfere with soil ecology;
  • Organically-delivered fungicides and insecticides;
  • A bio-intensive soil formation programme;
  • Non-till farming methods intended to increase the holding capacity of water and reduce run-off;
  • Dry farm techniques to save water.


Manufacturing takes place at 10.000 square feet EU-GMP built CO2 extraction facility. The state-of-the-art processing facility is also CLA Tier 2 licensed and GPP & TGO93 compliant and includes an on-site laboratory with validated testing methods for microbial, aflatoxin and cannabinoids analysis. Here Jacana's suite of products is processed, tested, packaged and then distributed to the domestic and international markets. All Jacana products undergo chemical and microbiological safety evaluations to ensure they comply with stringent international safety specifications and requirements.

Wholesale Distribution

The company produces medical cannabis products that meet international quality standards. Jacana has global distribution and supply chain management of resin and flower APIs, distillates, extracts and finished products and wholesale of flowers, resins and extracts in the domestic market.

Branded Distribution


The first retail dispensary of Jacana company is located in Kingston, Jamaica and offers a unique experience suited for every kind of guest. The brand is committed to building a world where cannabis is well-known for its regenerative properties without stigma, and where everyone is able to deal with challenges of overstimulated modern life through the power of the world-leading branded and organic cannabis products. The brand also aims to provide domestic distribution by increasing the dispensary network with new locations planned in 2020-21.

Jacana's CBD Products Range

In a modern world accompanied by over-connection and overstimulation, Jacana proprietary formulations are designed to improve wellbeing, health and happiness and live a full, meaningful life through the power of plants.

When choosing Jacana products, customers can be confident in high quality and potency. Chemical and microbiological safety evaluations and third-party testing are conducted on all our products to ensure they meet stringent international safety specifications.

Jacana Hemp Oils


The collection of Jamaican inspired hemp oils includes 100% natural, naturally flavoured, vegan-friendly and GMP-certified products infused with full-spectrum CBD, ginger and curcuma extracts for added health benefits and potent anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties. Industrial hemp extract offers higher levels of CBD, and with allowed traces of only 0.2% of THC compound, Jacana full-spectrum CBD oils will not make you "high".

The hemp oils are available in 3 strengths 10%, 20% and 30% and come in compact 10ml bottles with a Jamaican inspired design to optimise your mind, body & mood. Joy is formulated to enhance energy, ignite the imagination and promote fun and laughter, Peace is to reduce stress and anxiety and experience deep, restful sleep, and Relief to manage pain and inflammation, whether from illness, injury, or the wear and tear of modern lifestyle.

  • Joy – 10% Hemp Oil (1.000mg) – 10ml


Jacana Joy oil is a full spectrum of pure hemp extract with 1000mg CBD and turmeric and ginger extracts per 10ml bottle created to provide the needed boost for your daily joy. This whole plant extract contains a full range of beneficial plant compounds to sustain your physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Peace – 20% Hemp Oil (2.000mg) – 10ml

Jacana Peace oil is infused with 2000mg of full hemp plant extract packed with a wide range of all-natural components formulated with the carrier as a hemp seed oil to promote added benefits for your daily peace.

  • Relief – 30% Hemp Oil (3.000mg) – 10ml

Jacana Relief oil is infused with 3000mg of sun-grown, whole-plant hemp extract rich in a vast amount of useful components and blended with the carrier as a hemp seed oil to bring added advantages for your daily relief.