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About Ho Karan

 alphagreen About Ho Karan

The stress and pollution of cities have negative effects on the daily lives of city dwellers as well as their skin. Ho Karan believes that your body, mind and skin are one and must be taken care of at the same time. To help all city dwellers who seek to make their life greener and stress-free, the Ho Karan’s team placed their expertise at the heart of their formulas to create natural skincare solutions, designed for both women and men.

Enjoy The Best Of Hemp With Ho Karan

 alphagreen About Ho Karan

Ho Koran, which means “I love you” in the Breton language, is a French brand that was founded in 2015 by hemp grower's granddaughter Laure Bouguen. With its many beneficial properties (regenerating, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory) and various uses (relaxes the body, soothes the skin, calms the mind and diminishes stress), Laure has always believed that the cannabis plant is healing.

To reveal the beauty of plants like hemp and cannabis all around the world, Laure Bouguen created Ho Karan - a range of natural cosmetic products, such as creams, serums, masks and other cosmetics intended to relax you and help fight urban stress and pollution.

Made In France

The company cultivates and processes hemp in Brittany, France and works in-depth with 7 laboratories located all over French territory. Also, the brand strives to use packaging made in France.

All-Natural & Vegan

 alphagreen About Ho Karan

High standards, innovation and naturalness, are the three main principles at Ho Karan. The company truly believes that natural care and beauty take into account its whole ecosystem: the health of the customers, the sustainability of the offered products and the environment that allows creating those effective solutions.

With special attention to small details and commitment to a natural and ethical development process, the assortment from Ho Karan doesn’t contain any animal material, is vegan and made with 96% to 100% components of natural origin, some of which are organic.

100% Legal

Products offered by Ho Karan are free from the psychoactive cannabis molecule tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and are guaranteed to have no psychotropic effects, meaning they won't cause a 'high'.

1% For The Planet

The brand believes in natural, ethical and healthy beauty that respects our planet and is proud to be a member of the "1% for the Planet" program. Ho Karan is committed to donating 1% of the company's annual income to environmental protection organisations for the attention of Colibris.

Good Planet Foundation

Just as cannabis can be used for various purposes from root to flower, the plant has inspired the company to produce ethical, cyclical and responsible products.

It became possible thanks to the support of the Good Planet Foundation in designing packaging that prioritises glass and recycled plastics when it is possible (pumps and covers).

The Ho Karan's Manifesto

Ho Karan is much more than just a cosmetics brand - it is a revolution designed to relax the world, regardless of age, gender or concerns. The company's mission is to tackle all sources of stress with holistic, natural and sustainable treatments based on the incredible power of hemp.

Breton Cannabis

 alphagreen About Ho Karan

Cannabis used in Ho Karan's formulas is unique because it is Breton, terroir cannabis that includes all the qualities of this region. The preserved soil, humid climate and temperature of Brittany - all help to enhance the unique nutritional properties of hemp. The seeds are cold-pressed all year round to produce a fresh oil of exceptional quality with its recognised deep green colour. Cannabis is sourced from organic farming and biodynamics while pure and robust hemp is powered by the sea air.

Holistic Approach

Ho Karan's research has discovered the parts of cannabis most capable of treating certain manifestations of stress and combined the best components: cannaflavins to help restore radiance, terpenes to detoxify the skin, CBD to regenerate it, and plant and essential oils to nourish it.

Ho Karan is the only cannabis brand that goes beyond CBD, exploring all the possibilities of the plant and using the plant from root to flower, from its soothing power in the Ho Karan's formulas to its fibre in the product's packaging. Since 2019 the company has been making its boxes from hemp cardboard, which makes Ho Karan the first French brand to introduce this technology.

Team Of Experts

Ho Karan's formulas have been developed by a dedicated team of experts: Breton cannabis growers, doctors in pharmacies and agronomists, French R&D and production laboratories that are located in Brittany and specialising in phyto-cosmetics.

Responsibility At Heart

Based on the science of Breton cannabis, Ho Karan products help to di-stress both men and women, in a daring and responsible way. From plant cultivation and laboratory to your bathroom: the company prioritises traceability and quality: local manufacturing, low environmental impact materials and eco-responsible packaging.

Ho Karan - A Daring Company

Even though today cannabis is a plant that can feed you, clothe you and heal you as well as benefit all types of soils and ecosystems, it is only tolerated in a few countries.

Instead of hiding behind the word hemp and being afraid to talk about cannabis, Ho Karan strives to share its love and commitment to this plant. As a French company, Ho Karan respects the current legislation and is working on its development to be able to offer consumers cannabinoids from organic and French hemp of the highest quality.

Aside from developing and manufacturing care products, the company provides a platform for spreading more about wellness and therapeutic cannabis. Ho Karan's product rage is living proof that cannabis is a plant with countless healing properties and they carry real messages to help recognise that cannabis is actually good.

This also means active participation in civic life as well. In addition to creating the French brand of natural cosmetics Ho Karan, Laure Bouguen is also a co-founder and representative of Syndicat Professionnel du Chanvre, whose main mission is to enable the development of promising sectors of the future in France.


What is hemp?

Hemp (also called industrial hemp) refers to the non-intoxicating, versatile plant of the Cannabaceae family. Unlike its cousin cannabis, hemp contains small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the infamous substance responsible for psychotropic effects, yet has high levels of CBD.

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is delivered by pressing hemp seeds and is very rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamin E, and therefore is commonly praised for its promising detoxifying, moisturising, soothing and anti-ageing properties.

What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?

Even though hemp oil and CBD oil are both derived from the cannabis plant, CBD oil is usually obtained from flowers, leaves and stems while hemp seed oil is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant. Also, the hemp seed oil is typically used due to its nutritional value and CBD oil is associated with promising therapeutic benefits.

How to take CBD oil?

Depending on your concern, you can take CBD oil internally as a sublingual oil by holding the CBD beneath your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing, apply it to the skin as a serum or mix the oil with your creams and use it topically.

For what type of skin intended for Ho Karan's products?

Products from Ho Karan's are suitable for all types of skin. The use of Cannabis sativa oil leaves a pleasant, dry sensation that penetrates the skin easily.

Are Ho Karan’s products legal?

Yes, the company respects French laws and regulations in every way while its products do not contain THC, the psychotropic substance found in cannabis that is considered illegal.

Where do Ho Karan’s Cannabis sativa crops come from?

To achieve the best possible quality, the company supports organic and ethical production practices. Ho Karan works in partnership with organic and local producers from Brittany, which means that hemp oil, terpenes, cannaflavins and floral waters are French.

Since the French regulatory framework prohibits cannabinoid extraction in France, CBD used in Ho Karan's products is Swiss. The company includes broad-spectrum CBD in products that can be ingested to provide additional therapeutic benefits due to the potential entourage effect while CBD isolate is used in topical products.

Are Ho Karan's products safe?

Yes! All Ho Karan's formulas are tested and approved by independent toxicologists. The product range is entirely designed and produced in France in accordance with specifications and applicable related standards.

Do Ho Karan's products contain allergens?

As concentrated extracts, different essential oils are loaded with a large number of active substances, some of which might be more allergenic than others. Therefore, perfumes from Ho Karan contain small amounts of compounds listed as allergens. In case you are very sensitive to it, make sure to opt for specially designed treatments.

Do Ho Karan use parabens?

No, the company does not use parabens in their products. Ho Karan formulates its hemp-based cosmetics with Ecocert certified preservatives, and are approved by inspections like Natrue or Soil Association.

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