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About Flora Fusion

Who are they?

Flora Fusion is one of the largest producers of organic and chemical-free CBD oil in Scotland and the UK. The company has an objective of producing high-quality CBD products from sustainable and ethical sources. Flora Fusion has a loyal customer base thanks to their effective and high-quality products. One of the company's key objectives is to support the health and wellbeing of their customers while educating the public about CBD and the endocannabinoid system.


Flora Fusion has been producing and selling CBD oil in Scotland since CBD became legal in 2016. The company ensures that it supplies its products as ethically and sustainably as possible. Also, their products are UKAS tested in the UK to ensure Flora Fusion meets the high UK government ethical and industry standards. The company believes that they have the best products on the market. The company supports local communities by giving 10% of their net profit to areas of need. The company manufactures products containing CBD isolates and full-spectrum extracts. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from cannabis, a plant that has been used in natural remedy for thousands of years. One of the earliest pieces of evidence for the use of marijuana for common ailments dates back to ancient civilisations in China and India. CBD is one of the phytocannabinoids existing in the cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive and does not cause the intoxication commonly associated with marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary intoxicating compound existing in the cannabis plant. It causes the sensation of being "stoned" or "high" that marijuana is infamous for.

Since CBD does not cause intoxication, is non-addictive and has no serious side effects, even when taken at high doses. Therefore, it has become an attractive option for many people seeking natural alternatives. Many pharmaceutical drugs can cause adverse side effects. CBD oil is manufactured by extracting CBD from the hemp plant and then mixing it with carrier oils such as hemp oil or coconut oil. Flora Fusion uses hemp oil and MCT oil. The use of CBD oil has gained a lot of momentum in the health and wellness industry because of its potential health benefits.

What is full-spectrum CBD oil?

Full-spectrum CBD oil refers to a pure extract from the hemp plant that contains a range of different phytocannabinoids, which are different natural compounds existing in the cannabis plant. Some of the main phytocannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD oil are CBD and THC. The therapeutic effects of the hemp plant are believed to be more powerful when all phytocannabinoids are available in an extract. The strength of the hemp plant lies in the presence of all its active compounds, and it is called the "entourage effect”. The THC content in their CBD oil is less than 0.2% and is insufficient to make you intoxicated. Some of the most important phytocannabinoids include:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – It is thought to have anticonvulsant and antioxidant properties. It can also relieve muscle spasms, anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and treat psychotic disorders.
  • Cannabinol (CBN) – It has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties. It is also an antibiotic and a sedative.
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) – It can relieve anxiety and induce a euphoric effect. 
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – It can relieve pain and cause a euphoric effect. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Cannabichromene (CBC) – It can relieve pain and has strong anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibiotic properties. 
  • Cannabigerol (CBG) – It can relieve pain. Also, it has antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. 

What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolates allow you to enjoy cannabidiol (CBD) in its purest form. It usually exists in the form of a fine and white powder that is approximately 99% CBD. This extract is also called CBD crystals because it has a solid and diamond-like form. The crystals are then carefully crushed into fine powder to improve consumption. Similar to other CBD products, CBD isolate is derived from the hemp plant using methods like the supercritical CO2 extraction technique. The method allows Flora Fusion to produce one of the purest products available in the industry. However, although the CO2 extraction method can be one of the highest quality extraction techniques globally, CBD isolates could contain trace amounts of flavonoids and terpenes.

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil refers to the oil derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. The protein content in hemp seed can only be compared to soybeans in the entire plant kingdom. About 80% of hemp seed oil consists of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. It has the perfect ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. The ratio is 3:1 and is believed to be the optimum ratio for maximum health benefits. Unlike CBD oil, hemp oil derived from seeds does not contain any significant levels of phytocannabinoids.

Flora Fusion uses organic hemp oil, and there is little risk of contaminants due to chemicals, pesticides, or other pollutants. In addition, hemp oil has a rich profile of vitamins, minerals, and other essential bioactive compounds. 

What is MCT oil?

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are fats that are mainly found in coconut oil. The human body more easily digests them in comparison to long-chain triglycerides. As the name suggests, it contains medium-length chains of fats. MCTs can also be found in certain dairy products and palm oil.

MCT is believed to have several health benefits. It can promote weight loss by increasing the release of hormones that make you feel full. Studies suggest that it can significantly help reduce weight and prevent obesity. Furthermore, MCT oil provides an instant source of energy that can fuel your brain. Also, it prevents lactose build up during rigorous physical exercise among athletes. I can be used to treat autism, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease. MCT oil contains powerful fatty acids that can prevent yeast and bacterial growth. It can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing cholesterol levels. Moreover, it is beneficial in diabetes management by helping regulate blood sugar levels. MCT oil is used in CBD oils because these lipids are more readily absorbed by the first-pass digestion, meaning, more CBD can make it into the bloodstream.

How do phytocannabinoids affect the human body?

Phytocannabinoids, especially CBD, influence the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a large self-regulatory system that is found in humans, mammals, other vertebrates, and some invertebrates. It plays a primary role in physiological functions in the immune system and nervous system. The main responsibility of the ECS is to regulate important biological functions to promote your overall health and wellbeing. The ECS controls biological functions like response to pleasure, thermoregulation, motor control, reproduction, response to pain, immune system response, and many others.

CBD and other phytocannabinoids absorbed into your body influence the ECS by interacting with cannabinoid receptors. The ECS consists of two main receptors, CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are found in the brain, nervous system, and the immune system. Phytocannabinoids bind with receptors in your body to restore balance. Also, they can cause a series of effects that can affect how you function, think, and feel.

Potential health benefits

Can treat skin conditions

Full-spectrum oils are nutritious and can be beneficial to the skin. Fatty acids and vitamins can treat some skin conditions and prevent breakouts. Fatty acids can nourish your skin and protect it from oxidation, inflammation, and other causes of ageing. It has been reported to help with certain skin conditions, including acne, eczema, lichen planus, dermatitis, and psoriasis, although more studies are needed.

May improve brain health

The fatty acids in full-spectrum oils possess neuroprotective properties that may help protect your brain. One study found out that phytocannabinoids can protect the brain from inflammation, but again, more studies are needed.

Can boost heart health

The nutrient profile of full-spectrum oils may benefit the heart, and can prevent various health conditions, such as high cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and arteriosclerosis. CBD is also believed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  

It can offer natural pain relief

CBD may help with chronic pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the phytocannabinoids possess strong anti-inflammatory properties that may treat chronic pain associated with cancer, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

Can treat muscle tension

CBD oils  have been used to help relieve general tension and stress in the muscles. Similar to fatty acids, CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and is beneficial in relieving tension. You can rub CBD products onto tight muscles because it can help relax them and release tension.

Flora Fusion’s product range

  • Bio (10ml) – 400mg of CBD
  • Pro (10ml) – 500mg of CBD
  • Hemp + (10ml) – 400mg of CBD
  • Bio (20ml) – 800mg of CBD
  • Hemp + (30ml) – 1200mg of CBD
  • Raw (5ml) – 825mg of CBD
  • 99+% pure CBD isolate 1gr
  • 3 X 500mg, 10ml bottles of Pro


A certificate of analysis (COA) can be viewed for Flora Fusion’s products on our website. These reports have been prepared by an accredited laboratory. A COA is required to give all the necessary information about the product and its ingredients, making the customer feel confident about the content of the oil. In addition, COA is important when travelling to some countries.

Key takeaways

There are several ongoing human studies to confirm the health benefits of CBD. If you are using pharmaceutical drugs or have an existing health condition, it is advised to talk with your doctor about using CBD. All in all, Flora Fusion’s products are among the best in the industry. You can view their range on our website.