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About TRIP

TRIP is a new CBD beverage brand from the United Kingdom. At present, the company offers three CBD infused beverages, lowest-calorie CBD drinks available in the UK. They include two lightly sparkling drinks and a cold brew coffee. The Peach Ginger and Elderflower Mint sparkling drinks are ​powered by natural adaptogens, such as chamomile, ginseng, ginger, lemon balm, l-theanine, and turmeric. Cold Brew Coffee gets brewed for 24 hours to achieve a perfectly smooth taste. The drink is dairy-free with no calories, so it is possible to enjoy the natural caffeine combined with the power of CBD. 

Each drink by TRIP is infused with 15mg organically Europe-grown CBD, extracted exclusively in the UK. All the drinks are vegan, with no added sugar. The drinks are the lowest calorie CBD drinks available in the UK. They come in recyclable packaging. 

TRIP fully complies with the British and the European Union's regulations on cannabidiol. In particular, each CBD infused product must not contain more than 0.2% THC. All CBD drinks by TRIP contain 0.0% THC. The company extracts its cannabidiol in the United Kingdom, exclusively from the premium quality Europe-grown hemp plants. The company uses advanced extraction technologies to remove THC and other harmful compounds.

Though TRIP launched in the UK, its drinks are already available in the Netherlands. The company plans further expansion within the European Union.

What does CBD mean? Does it stand for "weed"?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a natural non-intoxicating obtained from the hemp plant. However, CBD is frequently confused with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive compound derived from marijuana or "weed." While CBD eases relaxation and releases stress, THC instigates high behaviour.

Despite both marijuana and hemp belong to the Cannabis family, only "weed" contains high levels of THC. Organic hemp, on the contrary, holds high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. 

Is CBD legal?

CBD products are legal in the United Kingdom and the European Union. The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 does not mention CBD among the "controlled substances." The European Union permits the industrial cultivation of organic hemp to produce CBD.

CBD products are freely sold across the United Kingdom and the European Union. Yet, the maximum allowed level of THC should not exceed 0.2%. 

Does the use of CBD bring any side effects?

Based on the 2017 World Health Organization report, animals and humans tolerate CBD extracts well. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that adults can safely consume up to 1500 mg of CBD on a daily basis within a month.

However, clinical research on CBD effects continues. The potential side-effects of CBD are also studied. Therefore, we recommend abstaining from taking large daily doses of CBD (100mg and more), especially for inexperienced users. 

Why choose a CBD drink?

CBD drinks have become very popular in recent years. Currently, they remain among the fastest-growing CBD products around the world. Some people do not enjoy the taste of a sublingual CBD oil or tincture. Hence, they buy full-spectrum CBD oils or tinctures and pour down a few drops into a regular beverage. Others buy ready-made drinks, such as Peach Ginger by TRIP, already infused with CBD, based on their preferred dose.

At present, one may find a large variety of CBD-infused drinks. The most common types of CBD beverages include beers, cocktails, energy drinks, sodas, sparkling water, and teas. 

How are CBD drinks produced?

Generally, manufacturers follow a standard procedure, though some details depend on the type of a CBD beverage. While water is filtered, tea and coffee are regularly brewed. Afterwards, CBD oil or tincture is added to the liquid. 

CBD oils typically have good integration with "foamy" or "fizzy" drinks, such as beer or sodas. CBD tinctures, on the other hand, tend to work better with non-fizzy drinks.

What are the benefits of CBD beverages?

CBD drinks are considered to possess anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects, similar to probiotic drinks. CBD beverages are recommended for relaxation after a stressful day and sleep improvement. Since cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, CBD beverages do not make anyone feel "high."

What do I feel after taking a 15mg CBD?

It depends on the individual bodily reaction to CBD. Certainly, one may start feeling more relaxed. Alternatively, one may not feel any effect at all. A similar comparison can be drawn to individual reactions to morning coffee. While some people remain sleepy after a cup of cappuccino, others immediately feel excited. 

Where to buy CBD beverages?

In the United Kingdom, many cafes and restaurants serve CBD drinks so that people can legally taste the benefits of cannabidiol while having a meal. Customers might also add CBD to regular drinks, such as coffee or tea. One should remember that consumers have a full right to inquire about their THC levels. In accordance with the British CBD regulations, it should not exceed 0.2% THC.

How did TRIP start?

Olivia Ferdi and Daniel Khoury started TRIP in 2018. They have experienced the benefits of CBD for the first time after Daniel suffered from an ACL injury requiring knee surgery. During subsequent rehabilitation, Daniel tried CBD. He was particularly impressed by reduced pain and swelling, as well as by significant sleep improvements. In less than eight weeks, Daniel was able to dance at his wedding with Olivia and get back to playing competitive tennis and football.

Daniel's experience led the couple to start researching the history of cannabis and CBD. Olivia started using CBD herself for anxiety treatment due to a highly intensive job as a solicitor in the City. First, she used CBD tinctures but later felt the need to create a convenient and enjoyable CBD product that could be easily included in the everyday routine. Olivia's dream CBD product had to look natural both on a work desk and at a bar. In 2019, Daniel and Olivia launched TRIP, a low-calorie CBD soft drink brand. 

Daniel's and Olivia's goal was to give people light and refreshing CBD flavours to find calmness, reset, and relax. They designed TRIP drinks for customers with different lifestyles, willing to improve their wellness, battle anxiety, or simply relax over CBD cocktails. Right now, TRIP drinks are especially popular with millennials and Generation Z pressured by busy lifestyles, needing to have a CBD break throughout a day. 

Why is TRIP unique?

Daniel and Olivia have designed TRIP for people with different lifestyles, requiring a simple CBD remedy without any sort of prescriptions. 

TRIP is unique for three reasons:

  • TRIP offers one of the highest CBD contents on a product level. In addition, CBD drinks by TRIP have the lowest calorie available on the market. TRIP is uniquely powered by natural adaptogens with no added sugar to support anti-anxiety and other wellness benefits. Thus, TRIP customers easily make the optimum choice for flavour and functionality.
  • TRIP has created a lifestyle brand popular with hospitality, grocery, retail, and fitness industries. TRIP's unique brand message and aesthetic have created a loyal community.
  • TRIP has positioned itself as the only premium CBD drinks brand that champions quality and appeals to the millennial consumers. By delivering results to its clients, the brand's fan base is full of return customers. It challenges both incumbent brands and others moving into the market.

TRIP products' range

Currently, TRIP offers three CBD infused drinks with a different flavour. They include Cold Brew Coffee, Elderflower Mint, and Peach Ginger.



Cold Brew Coffee is carbohydrates-free and fat-free. The drink is worth 0.1 kcal of energy (0.3 kJ), excellent for any dietary requirements. The drink has been brewed for 24 hours to obtain a perfectly mild and smooth taste. Cold Brew Coffee is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, entirely dairy-free and sugar-free. 

Brewing coffee is a long, gradual process. Such coffee is brewed in cold water over 12 to 24 hours, depending on the recipe. It results in a very smooth drink, with a low level of acidity, excellent for sensitive digestive systems. Typically, cold brew coffee tastes sweeter and milder, compared to a regular iced coffee.



Elderflower Mint is a lightly sparkling CBD infused drink with the elderflower extract. The drink's ingredients include water, 0.2% mint, 2% of the elderflower extract, chamomile, lemon balm, rooibos, fruit juice from concentrate (grapefruit, apple juice), l-theanine, and ginseng. Elderflower Mint is 100% dairy-free and contains a 100% vegan formula. Apart from that, the drink contains natural sweeteners – erythritol and steviol glycosides. 

Elderflower Mint is fat-free. The drink does not contain added sugar, just naturally occurring sugars. In total, Elderflower Mint possesses 31.5 kJ or 7.5 kcal of energy, and 2.4 g of carbohydrates (of which 1.6 g goes for naturally occurring sugars). 

Elderflower Mint is crafted with natural adaptogens, rich in antioxidants that support immunity, improve focus, and relieve stress. The drink's ingredients have been particularly blended to boost health and mindfulness.



Peach Ginger is a lightly sparkling CBD infused drink with ginger and peach flavour, 100% dairy-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The drink's ingredients include water, chamomile, lemon balm, turmeric, l-theanine, ginseng, 0.3% of ginger, as well as fruit juices from concentrate with 3% of peach and passionfruit. The ingredients of Peach Ginger have been blended to provide an anti-stressful effect and to improve the human immune system. In addition, the drink contains two natural sweeteners – erythritol and steviol glycosides. 

Peach Ginger is fat-free, worth 7.5 kcal of energy (31.5 kJ). There is 2.4g of carbohydrates, where 1.6g goes for naturally occurring sugars. The drink does not contain added sugar, just naturally occurring sugars.

Which ingredients does TRIP use for the drinks?


  • Chamomile


People have consumed chamomile for centuries for better digestion and sleep. At present, scientists assert that chamomile extract could be used as a treatment against the development of certain forms of cancer. Other potential health benefits of chamomile include reduction of menstrual pain, lowering blood sugar, and slowing osteoporosis.


  • Ginger


Ginger is widely used in culinary and medicine. It is highly advised to use ginger to treat colds and digestion problems. Also, ginger is packed with powerful bioactive compounds that benefit the body and brain. In particular, ginger treats nausea, reduces muscle pain, helps with osteoarthritis, and lowers blood sugars.


  • Lemon balm


Lemon balm is a lemon-scented herb. It comes from the same herb family as mint. Lemon balm has been long used to improve cognitive function and mood, yet the potential benefits do not stop there. Lemon balm is known to facilitate relaxation, soothe symptoms of stress, and boost mood. Lemon balm may also be used to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, such as excitability and nervousness. 


  • L-Theanine


L-theanine belongs to amino acids and is most commonly found in tea leaves. According to recent research, L-theanine helps relaxation without causing drowsiness. In addition, L-theanine improves immunity and blood pressure control. 


  • Turmeric


Turmeric is a dynamic anti-inflammatory compound that protects the human body against foreign invaders. Moreover, turmeric improves brain function, increases the antioxidant capacity of the body, and lowers the risk of heart diseases.


  • Rooibos


Rooibos is infusion obtained from the dried leaves and stems of a broom-like shrub native to the mountains of the Western Cape in South Africa. Rooibos leaves have important dihydro-chalcones that exhibit antibacterial, anti-tumour, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

How does TRIP sell its drinks?

Each drink by TRIP is sold in 6 packs and 24 packs. The drinks are also sold in a mixed format. UK delivery is free of charge. 

How many cans of TRIP beverages might one take a day? 

According to the WHO report, one might safely consume 1500mg of cannabidiol by mouth. Each TRIP can is infused with 15mg of full-spectrum CBD from the premium quality hemp grown exclusively in Europe. In theory, it is possible to take up to 150 cans of TRIP drinks a day, though, obviously, there is no need to. 

Does TRIP conduct lab tests of its products?

TRIP Ltd. fully complies with the UK legislation on CBD drinks production and conducts all the necessary lab tests.