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About Dermactiva


Dermactiva is a UK lifestyle and wellness company that you can trust. Premium quality and efficacy are at the core of every step of the manufacturing process. The company sources ingredients from licensed and premium producers. All supplements are compliant with all UK and European Cosmetic standards and are registered with the European and UK Cosmetics Product Notification Portal.

Dermactiva's unique formulas are made through cooperation with their Colombian Development and Manufacturing Partner, who has almost three decades of experience producing top-notch quality CBD products that are perfectly combined with their complementary entourage botanicals.

When you use any of Dermactiva's products, you can rest assured that in-depth scientific research has been combined with the most powerful ingredients nature offers. The company's lab partners in Medellín, Colombia, have achieved a well-thought-out process that combines the latest innovations, studies, and mother nature's bounty to ensure Dermactiva's products are safe, legal, pure, and efficient.

Why we love Dermactiva

30 years of experience

All products by Dermactiva are manufactured through a combination of almost 30 years of experience and heritage from Hernan Patiño's proven base product, using certified, organic Cannabis Sativa seed oil. Having tested numerous products from across the world, the company was fortunate in finding its trusted Colombian supplier. They have almost three decades of expertise in researching, testing, and the supply of legal research - a truly unique position in the CBD market today. 

Constant quality control


Dermactiva achieves outstanding quality of its products by providing accurate information that is revealed by an independent third party in the UK. This process verifies the composition of each product, from ingredient checking through to testing and registration. In addition, Dermactiva offers all users to easily view and download the Certificate of Analysis (COA) online.

Advanced formulas

Dermactiva's CBD products are developed with advanced formulas that have a higher penetration rate and work with your body, not only your skin. These topics quickly get to work on the targeted areas while also being gentle on the skin, free from THC, and non-comedogenic. 

Non-GMO hemp plants

Since hemp plants tend to absorb all chemicals from the soil they are grown in and are the base of all Dermactiva's products, the brand ensures it chooses only premium quality plants from the finest farms that are grown without any chemicals. This means that when you use Dermactiva's topicals, you can rest assured that no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or any other amplifiers penetrate through your skin, as all compositions are clean and safe. 

Cater to all users

Dermactiva is passionate about creating natural solutions for all types of users by making its products suitable for different lifestyles, dietary and moral needs, and requirements. Every product is lab tested and verified as non-comedogenic, free from gluten, THC, and animal cruelty. 

Dermactiva's product range

Warming Muscle Cream


This topical product is perfect for users looking for relief after an intensive workout. The cream is infused with 2500mg of high-quality hemp seed oil, ginger, chilli, aloe vera, beeswax, and olive oil, and powered by other soothing plant extracts to gently warm your muscles while also keeping skin nourished and smooth. This product is manufactured using only premium-grade ingredients, is vegetarian, gluten-free, THC-free, non-GMO, free from fragrances, and non-comedogenic.

Cooling Muscle Gel

A cream is a go-to option for cooling and soothing effects for overworked muscles and aching joints. This formula contains 2500mg of Cannabis Sativa seed oil, menthol, arnica, aloe vera, and horse chestnut, providing almost immediate relief and long-lasting targeted effect. Being available in a travel-friendly 100g bottle, the gel easily slips into your bag for use on the go and is fast absorbing for ultimate convenience. The product has been used to ensure it is free from GMOs, gluten, and THC as well as being vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


How long do Dermactiva's products last?

All products designed by Dermactiva will last for up to 12 months after opening.

Are Dermactiva's products THC-free?

Yes, both products contain hemp seed oil, which is rich in valuable compounds and is free from THC.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, Dermactiva uses recyclable materials for its products except for the screw top, which the brand is still trying to find a solution for.

Are Dermactiva's products suitable for vegans?

Not all, as Warming Muscle Gel contains beeswax. But Cooling Muscle Gel is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Does Dermactiva test its products on animals?

No, the company tests its products on willing humans and never on animals, so the manufacturing process is cruelty-free. 

Does the company use non-GMO hemp?

Yes, Dermactiva sources its hemp seed oil from the highest quality hemp plants grown without GMOs or other chemicals.

Are lab results for products available online?

Yes, the brand strives to be transparent in every step of the production process and makes the Certificate of Analysis (COA) available online. 

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