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About Cannuka

Cannuka is the name of the first legitimately new brand belonging to the beauty and health category in decades. The company combines both modern and ancient elements on Earth to bring some of the purest, most natural products that cover consumers' changing needs and interests. Cannuka is a pioneer in blending two natural, skin-loving ingredients to create something truly unique and effective.

The company believes it can deliver health and well-being through nature while also boosting your beauty and health. With a mission to legitimise the cannabis industry and a cleaner environment, the brand strives to provide new opportunities for customers throughout the world.

Why we love Cannuka

Made with passion and science

The founder of Cannuka, Michael Bumgarner, grew up on a farm in rural Ohio. As an adult, he started to learn more about industrial hemp cultivation and was passionate about the health benefits behind it. While his main focus was CBD, Michael also learned about skin issues from his wife Kelly - a dermatologist PA-C. Cannuka was born through deep analysis, passion, and science blended together.

Safe and natural

All Cannuka products contain CBD, which is sourced from industrial hemp. This makes supplements safe, legal, and non-psychoactive for all adults. In addition, the brand ensures it always puts extra effort into choosing every ingredient to bring unique benefits to its formulations and to guarantee they're safe. Purity and simplicity are key to the whole manufacturing process for Cannuka.

Combines modern and ancient

Cannuka is a modern company that always stays informed about the latest invitations in the health and wellness industry while also conducting deep research into ancient times to find the most potent ingredients for all its formulas. This is why the brand mixes CBD with manuka honey - the former is a buzzword in the wellness industry, and the latter has been used for centuries due to its health benefits.

Sustainable sourcing

Since Cannuka understands the importance of users' health and satisfaction with every product, the brand follows sustainable sourcing. This helps the company to build strong, long-term relationships with suppliers, meaning all ingredients come from only trusted sources and are of the highest quality.

Cannuka product line

CBD Skin Balm

Featuring a potent and effective formula that has been expertly designed to help soothe all skin types, the product combines the power of premium-grade hemp seed oil rich in CBD, Mānuka honey, rosehip oil, and orange peel butter. This balm comes in a compact 48ml tub and can be used as a daily moisturiser, face mask, and all over the body, depending on your personal needs.

CBD Hydrating Lip Balm

This balm is specially crafted to help you deeply moisturise your lips, keeping them healthy and protecting them from environmental stressors, like dry air or cold weather. Being infused with CBD isolate, Manuka honey, shea butter, and coconut oil, the product is a THC-free lip smoother or a night repairing mask for hydrated lips in the morning.

CBD Harmonizing Face Cream

Being available in a compact 96ml bottle that can easily fit into your bag, this face cream is well crafted with a blend of powerful and best skin-loving ingredients like CBD isolate, Manuka honey, hyaluronic acid, and hemp seed oil. Rich in essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory agents, and featuring nourishing properties, this harmonising formula helps you maintain a youthful skin glow.

Ultra Nourishing CBD Body Cream

This product is the perfect addition to your skincare routine with its nourishing, soothing, and brightening skin effects. Use during the day, after a bath, or gently massage its thick texture onto your body for deep moisturising. Available in an easy-to-use squeezy bottle, the product contains CBD isolate, Mānuka honey, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid, with a hint of citrus.


Where does Cannuka source its CBD?

Cannuka's CBD comes from 100% USA-grown hemp.

Where does Cannuka source its Mānuka honey?

The Māanuka honey for every product is harvested exclusively in New Zealand and Australia and takes its health properties from tea trees that grow near the bee colonies that produce it.

What type of CBD does Cannuka use?

Most Cannuka products contain pure CBD isolate that is free from all plant elements, including THC. Some products also contain hemp seed oil.

Is Cannuka cruelty-free?

Yes, Cannuka is PETA-certified as cruelty-free, made with natural ingredients and without being tested on animals.

Are Cannuka products safe for all?

Cannuka strives to bring all-natural and safe products for all adults and skin types by eliminating sulphates, parabens, and gluten from all its formulas.

Does Cannuka add other ingredients besides CBD and Mānuka honey?otein?

Although CBD and Mānuka honey are two active ingredients in all Cannuka products, the brand also powers them with other beneficial and skin-loving ingredients, like coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter.

Does Cannuka test its products?

As a responsible manufacturer of CBD products, Cannuka sends its products to a third-party lab for unbiased testing and provides test results online.

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