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About Beliebis

CBD treatment is becoming extremely popular and is generating more interest online than other traditional products and alternative therapies. CBD oil offer a natural way to maintain health without causing damage and side effects such as addiction typical of prescription drugs.

From the football field to everyday activities, CBD provides powerful and pure healing to restore energy and perform at maximum capacity. The clean composition and effectiveness allow customers to relieve symptoms of various diseases while complying with the regulations.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring botanical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant. It's an active and non-addictive component, which belongs to a chemical class. There are more than 100 cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant, and most of them are useful for medicine and health improvement.

Also, CBD doesn't have psychoactive properties, which means consumers can't get euphoric effects, or any form of intoxication. Such effects can be caused by CBD relative, known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

How Does It Work?

Cannabinoid compounds occur naturally in each person. They activate processes in organisms as they bind to cannabinoid receptors. 

When CBD oil enters the body, it stimulates the pharmacological characteristics of the receptor response, triggering a chain of intracellular biochemical processes in the organism.

This compound sustains the entire neural network and creates processes such as homeostasis, immune balance, and recovery from stress.

CBD consumption affects vanilloid receptors that are responsible for pain regulation, adenosine, that also influences aches and sleep cycle, and serotonin level that manages stress and anxiety.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a liquid that includes various concentrations of cannabidiol and has a lot of potential uses. The oil is extracted from cannabis using different ways. Each method has its pros and cons; however, some extractions provide cleaner oil profile and better effectiveness.

The primary purpose of CBD extraction is to produce concentrated cannabidiol infused items. The natural structure of cannabinoids is oily; that's why the finished product is a thick oily substance that people know as CBD oil.

Also, CBD oil includes both high concentrations of CBD compounds and a vast amount of other plant components.

Exploring CBD Benefits 

The potential effects of CBD are wide-ranging because cannabinoids work throughout the body, modulating a broad spectrum of chemical responses. CBD oil and it's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, offer a safe, natural alternative to conventional prescription medication.

Cannabidiol may help relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and anxiety symptoms, and even provide the extinction of unpleasant memories. Furthermore, CBD can handle the following problems:

  • CBD for anxiety. The components of CBD interfere with receptors in a human brain and reduce concern feelings, which has a positive effect on anxiety management.
  • CBD for depression. CBD works as a natural and healthy antidepressant that eases mental disbalances. 
  • CBD for insomnia. Regular use of CBD oil may provide better sleep quality. Also, it affects the sleep-promoting chemical, which helps spare insomnia/hypersomnia. 
  • CBD for pain. CBD oil is an effective alternative to painkillers after an intense physical activity due to the stimulation of anandamide production, which relaxes and calms the body. 
  • Other uses. CBD is a promising method of treatment and may also be useful in cases of the following illnesses and disorders: nicotine withdrawal, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, acne, and other skin problems, diabetes, etc.

Types Of CBD Oil Products

Nowadays, there is a wide range of CBD products available on the CBD market able to fulfill people's needs — tinctures, lotions, syrups, balms, and even food products.

The choice of a particular item depends on the individual preferences, the concentration of CBD, and the severity of a disease. Let's draw attention to possible forms of CBD products:

  • CBD Edibles. Candies, cookies, chocolate, or protein bars - every person will find a favourite product or a snack. Also, there are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options that have clean composition and contain useful CBD components;
  • CBD Vape Pens and Juices. This method ensures an instant effect and experience of cannabidiol benefits by inhaling oil or juice using a vaporiser. Also, you can purchase vape pens or vaping devices with a refillable tank and pod or use special disposable CBD vape pens. Keep in mind: prolonged vaping may negatively influence lung function; 
  • CBD Capsules and Tablets. They look like traditional pills, and help to provide the necessary daily amount of CBD to the organism. Capsules don't have any specific flavour and can be easily consumed without someone wondering why you place a dropper with oil in your mouth;
  • CBD Oils and Tinctures. Few drops of oil under your tongue help to experience CBD effects. Such products work as great food supplements in addition to any meals and beverages. Also, you can cook desserts, or any recipe with oil and add it to cocktails;
  • CBD Creams and Balms. One of the most effective and simple methods for daily use. It is especially suitable for direct application on inflamed areas to heal wounds and reduce muscle pain.

Furthermore, CBD infused products come in sprays, rubs, teas, gummies, and more. It's recommended to try out available methods to find the right and sufficient for your body needs.

Is CBD Legal?

Allowed hemp and marijuana levels of THC vary together with law regulations in each country.

In 2018, Farm Bill changed hemp from a controlled and illegal substance to an agricultural commodity in the United States. This means hemp is legalised for consumption if the CBD infused product meets the THC limit of 0.3% in the composition.

As for the EU regulations, it's possible to grow industrial hemp if it contains less than 0.2% of the THC component. Hemp or CBD based items must meet a strict list of standards; then, the product is permitted for selling and purchasing.

CBD products have a vast amount of valuable health benefits. Choosing the right hemp product can seem like a daunting task for many people.

Many companies are making false claims about the content of their products, and some aren't taking the necessary steps to safeguard their customers. However, not all CBD brands are born the same.

Choose Beliebis & Always Know What’s In Your Bottle! 

Beliebis UK is a Devon based organic brand that seeks to share one of nature's useful compounds in the health and wellbeing sector. CBD oil products with British quality at affordable prices, making Beliebis & its range of CBD items available to everyone.

Beliebis UK believes in natural organic British quality and provides customers with the purest CBD available in the market. The company has strict quality assurance and follows the full product's journey from seed cultivation to bottle packaging. 

Beliebis UK is a clean & honest brand. Therefore, all CBD infused products are manufactured to the highest standards, certified by UK laboratories, and provide genuine information on the labels about the CBD content and dosage. This ensures you get a high-quality product without risks of harmful ingredients.

The company proudly offers high quality British hemp products at affordable prices for maximum benefits for every customer.

Why Choose Beliebis CBD Products?

Many dishonest companies may add pesticides, heavy metals, or additives in product composition and stick misleading information on the label. Beliebis UK is different. The company is registered as a Food Business and has worked tirelessly to ensure products are Food Standard Agency & EU Regulatory compliant. 

  • Safety and harmlessness. Belibis products are 100% safe & organic, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. All ingredients organically farmed and delivered from the Cannabis Sativa L plant in the EU and made in the UK;
  • Gold standard extraction. CBD oil is made from full-spectrum CBD and extracted using the CO2 fluid method to guarantee the quality and purity of CBD;
  • Truthful label. All products are lab tested to ensure there are allowed traces of THC that would not be detected even by the most advanced 3rd party laboratories. That's why athletes and people with an active lifestyle purchase Beliebis CBD with confidence in products while enjoying positive effects;
  • Legal assortment. Unlike most companies, each ordered bottle of CBD oil from Beliebis comes with a 3rd party and UK laboratory test certificate to ensure THC levels are below the 0.2% UK legal limit;
  • Fast delivery. UK Delivery takes one working day; outside the UK shipping times will take 3 to 7 days depending on distance travelled;
  • Free shipping to the UK. All CBD products are sent via Royal Mail 1st class Signed For, outside of the UK shipping is via Royal Mail, which is internationally tracked and signed.

Who Is Beliebis For?

The brand goes above and beyond to offer British quality hemp products that are years ahead of the rest of the CBD industry.

Customers can enjoy the peace of mind and stress-free purchasing and consuming experience of Beliebis UK CBD products. The brand can guarantee clarity, quality, and affordability to provide CBD benefits to everyone. CBD oil from Beliebis UK is a useful treatment for the following group of people:

  • Anyone who wants to improve health condition while choosing the right CBD company and CBD based products;
  • People with busy and intense work schedules, that are looking for a remedy to relax and restore energy after a stressful day;
  • Patients that are suffering from physical or mental disorders such as joint pain, chronic aches, anxiety, depression, etc.;
  • Professional athletes that need both effective and natural painkiller without risks of banned components in product composition or positive drug test;
  • Individuals that aren't professional sportsmen but are still struggling with post-workout recovery.

Beliebis Products’ Range

In 2019 1.100.000 Beliebis customers have already benefited from CBD based products. The company provides one of the best CBD products on the market with an assurance of commitment to high standards. The product assortment includes premium capsules and oils with different CBD concentrations, strengths, and packaging volumes. Choice of such items guarantees each person suitable CBD product to regain balance in life. 

  1. Premium 20 mg CBD Capsules | 600 mg CBD / 30 Capsules. CBD infused capsules offer the ultimate convenience for just £32.99. Full-spectrum premium CBD capsules are a perfect option for individuals who don't like the Hemp taste or who want to experience CBD advantages with the simple capsule form. Capsules are compact and vegetarian-friendly allowing users to consume capsules easily.
  2. CBD Oil | High Strength 5% | 500 mg CBD / 10 ml. High strength CBD oil is an organically produced natural tasting tincture, which provides effective healing. The oil contains a full spectrum CBD with optimal levels of THC (<0.2%). CBD oil is made from high quality and pure ingredients with 500 mg of CBD in a 10 ml bottle. The oil is additive-free, suitable for vegans, and not tested on animals. 
  3. CBD Oil | Max Strength 10% | 1000 mg CBD / 10 ml. Max strength CBD oil is an organically produced tincture, which includes a full spectrum CBD with allowed amounts of THC ingredient (<0.2%). CBD oil contains a massive 1000 mg of CBD in 10 ml jar and guarantees a beneficial effect of treatment without risks of getting high. The oil is cruelty and artificial additive-free, suitable for vegan consumers due to its clean composition. Max strength oil has a user-friendly and compact packaging, which you can bring with you everywhere.
  4. CBD Oil | High Strength 5% | 1500mg CBD / 30ml. High strength oil is an organically manufactured product, which includes a full spectrum CBD with proper amounts of THC compound (<0.2%). Eliminated THC traces ensure consumers won't get euphoric or high effects. CBD oil is produced under high standards and contains 1500 mg of CBD in 30 ml jar. The CBD oil is artificial additive-free, which confirms the product is safe for vegans.  
  5. CBD Oil | Max Strength 10% | 3000mg CBD / 30 ml. Max strength has a natural taste and ensures the best possible treatment. The oil includes a full spectrum CBD with the eliminated THC traces to exclude risks of getting a “high” effect. CBD oil is produced using high quality and pure ingredients and contains 3000 mg of CBD in 30 ml jar. CBD oil is additive and risks-free, which makes the product suitable for vegans. Intake of oil with such a clean composition contributes to faster absorption and sooner experience of CBD benefits.