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About Wunder Workshop

Who are they?

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Wunder Workshop is a unique story that is closely intertwined at the intersection of the latest technologies and the infinitely vast Asian latitudes. A fantastic couple of scientists, who set to create something unique as their goal, which was based on the ancient science of life — undoubtedly coped with their task, and presented something really extraordinary. Wunder is a «wonder»; the founders want each inch of the plants they use to provide humanity with a list of benefits and help people, almost like a miracle. Wunder Workshop, established in London, in the very heart of industrial Great Britain, was designed to bring something new to dull everyday life of the  office inhabitants. And as a result, Tom and Zoe managed to do that, inspired by the science of life, called "Ayurveda". The principles of this science are based on a preventive and holistic approach to health. Young guys supply functional ingredients to create products that meet all the norms and standards. They do not forget about people and reach out to absolutely everyone who is involved in their complicated production process, taking into consideration the interests of farmers, the environment and customers at each step. They promise that all their decisions are based on a set of ethical and sustainable values ​​that contribute to a transparent relationship between producer and consumer, and we have no reason not to trust them.

Where do they grow their ingredients? 

From the very beginning, the Wunder Workshop was aimed directly to family and community farms in the heart of Sri Lanka. Now they have expanded the network of suppliers and found new home gardens and farms according to their ideas.

  • Sri Lanka
 alphagreen About Wunder Workshop

Single-origin turmeric, invigorating tea blends, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, ginger and coconuts all come directly from Sri Lanka, disrupting the traditional spice trade, working directly with a small community and family farms.

  • India

Extracted Ashwagandha root powder, which comes from India, where it is traditionally harvested and extracted.

  • Peru

Raw cocoa is obtained from Auchanink people from the tribe who collect the pods in the lush tropical forests and then open them for fermentation. 

  • China

Organic mushrooms are sourced from traditional Chinese mushroom growers, and Chaga is harvested from birch in the Great Khingan Range, which is a volcanic massif in the Inner Mongolia region of northeastern China.

  • Spain

Organic liquorice at Golden Balance is grown wildly by local farmers in the Zaragoza region of northern Spain.

What do they aim for?

 alphagreen About Wunder Workshop

Each person launches a series of products to achieve his own goal. Someone pursues mercantilism, and someone is closer to the spiritual component. Guys from the Wunder Workshop set at least seven aims that they would like to share with consumers, so that they know for sure that they are treated not just as customers, but as beloved guests, who came to the territory of such a distant geographically, but close in spirit, Sri-Lanka.

  • The first task is to share with the global community those herbs, spices, mushrooms and medicinal plants, that are not available in large cities. They assure that they are ready to take care of their customers and provide the ingredients of the highest quality.
  • You can discuss the topic of unknown distant herbs for a long time. However, the guys from WW do not just tell you about something distant. They assure that if you find yourself in their distant lands, you will indeed find those farms and places where they grow organic products.
  • They promote the idea of ​​transparency, so that everyone could know where the food comes from, and always have the opportunity to regulate their nutrition.
  • They call for the destruction of an outdated system of trade in spices, which ignores the health of the planet, the welfare of farmers and harms the environment, for the sake of someone's mercantile purposes.
  • Only sustainable and ethical agricultural practices are used that are beneficial to the producer, the environment, and the consumer. Therefore, they only work with family farms of entirely natural origin and small community farms.
  • Humanity often destroys the traditions of the past, not sparing the historical sources. The Wunder Workshop team decided to take care of this, carefully following the old methods, they create their products, preserving the ancient and traditional wisdom of medicinal plants.
  • They set themselves the task of teaching people about food as a functional tool for enriching their own body. They believe that the body is not just a shell, but a whole bio complex that needs to be appropriately maintained and nourished with the right substances.
  • A very ambitious task, however, it is no less real. They want to change their attitude from curing diseases to preventing diseases.
  • The aim is to restore the planet to how it was once upon a time. Annually, 1% of WW's annual income is invested in environmental projects.

It is not just about the words:

  • 2017: WW donated part of their sales to the Grenfell Community Center after a terrible fire.
  • 2018: WW gave part of their sales to subsequent fire support in Malibu Canyon, a beautiful nature reserve with a lot of wildlife.
  • 2019: WW donated 1% of their income to Willow Elementary School and Broadwaters Children's Center in North London, one of Britain's most disadvantaged areas, allowing children to enjoy nature and activities during the summer holidays.
  • 2020: WW will support a charity that grows ancient English trees in Dartmoor.

Let us introduce the team:

Zoë Lind van Hof / FOUNDER

Zoe thought about her health, nutrition and the world because her mother had worked in this industry for more than forty years. The girl grew up having healthy diets, eating organic products, and devoted her life entirely to a healthy lifestyle. These seemingly banal things grew into something more, and Zoe started her business in this sphere. Having traveled with her mother to Sri Lanka to learn and discover more about Ayurveda, Zoe found out about turmeric and its benefits. A couple of years after receiving a master's degree in international relations with a dissertation on climate change, she returned to Sri Lanka to collaborate with suppliers of their most important WW ingredient: turmeric. After an eye to eye contact with the locals was found, the process of launching Wunder Workshop began.

Tom Smale / Co-Founder

After Tom finished studying as a pharmacist, he began to realize that life was far from being as simple as it seemed to him. However, he was employed in the medical field, and worked there for a couple of years. One day, he accidentally stumbled upon the benefits of turmeric in his research, and set out as his goal to teach people how to prevent diseases, rather than treating them when the damage is already done.


Chantal Di Donato is the ambassador of Wunder Workshop, a plant lifestyle expert, yoga teacher, nutrition author and diet consultant. She is currently studying mindfulness coaching as well as biomedicine. She previously graduated from Holistic Health Coach at the New York Institute of Nutrition. She helps guys from WW. She is also engaged in the approval and verification of products so that they get to the consumers in accordance with all the norms and standards of nutrition.