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About Paso

Paso specialises on CBD-infused products of premium quality. CBD refers to the legal, laid back bit of cannabis that does not get consumers “high.” Paso believes it is essential to take a moment to enjoy some simple pleasures of life whether that is devouring a bar of chocolate, taking time to chill, or just hanging with the pals. In all these cases, Paso recommends to have fun doing the things people love, but with a little touch of CBD goodness.

 alphagreen About Paso

The brand’s story

The founders of Paso are Alex and Sophie, best friends and cousins with a shared view of the world. From being childhood neighbours and then separated by an ocean when Sophie moved to the US, they have never stopped their friendship. Now they are housemates back in London. No matter where they have been, they have always had the same outlook that life is best when a person takes a moment to enjoy its simple pleasures.

Why Choose Paso?

Many CBD products in the UK are weak, low quality, and contain little CBD. By using these poor quality items sold in high street stores, a person is missing out on the actual CBD benefits. Here are the reasons why consumers should choose Paso:

Highest Standards

The UK may be a little behind when it comes to taking all the advantages of CBD has to offer, but Paso is here to help pick up the pace. The brand’s products are better than anything any consumer will find in UK high street shops and are very useful because of their commitment to the highest standards. People’s health deserves nothing less.

100% Organic

Paso uses effective farming practices to preserve the quality of the CBD extract and hemp. Paso CBD oil comes packed with a variety of phytocannabinoids, is 100% natural, contains no preservatives, flavours, additives, and is non-GMO.

Premium CBD

 alphagreen Drink Novae Sicilian Lemon & Elderflower Tonic 10mg CBD

Paso strives to create the highest quality CBD items accessible to any person in the UK. Paso industrial hemp is grown on licensed farms in the US, and they only use crops with the highest cannabinoid content possible. No matter what strength a consumer chooses, he or she can trust that each of Paso products is crafted with a commitment to quality and care.


Doing something well one time is not what Paso is about. If Paso CBD oil worked well for an individual the first time, he or she could expect it to do the same every time it is purchased. Overall, delivering the same high-quality item with every batch they make is their top priority.

Customer Support

Paso customer service team can always be reached if someone has any questions. Whether a consumer needs a piece of advice on the best product to choose, or if he or she has questions about CBD, Paso team is more than happy to help. They also have a phone number and email available on their website so that consumers can speak to them directly at any time. Overall, they are here to help consumers on their CBD journey.


All Paso CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC. This implies there is not enough THC to produce any psychoactive or “high” effects, such as the head high, which is often associated with cannabis. With Paso, there are absolutely no “high” feelings at any point.

Europe Exclusive

Paso is exclusive to the European market only. They do not ship anywhere else. CBD is 100% legal in Europe and the UK as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC and is sold as a food supplement. Besides, when buying CBD in the UK, it is essential to carry out their research by reading customer feedback, reviews and comments online. One thing Paso prides itself on is knowing how to make and deliver a high-quality CBD product that is effective, safe, and strong.

The process of CBD production

Organic Farming

 alphagreen About Paso

If someone wants to make a good CBD oil, he or she needs to have the right ingredients. Paso does not just make good oil; they make first-class CBD oil. However, they wouldn’t be able to do that if they didn’t start with the right kind of hemp. In fact, the process begins well before anyone sets foot into a lab.                                                                            

In general, before Paso hemp ever hits the lab, it must be grown. Significant care must be taken to ensure their hemp is grown in the right conditions because it will absorb the toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals that surround it.

Importantly, different hemp strains have varying amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids. The quality of oil extracted from each plant is significantly affected by the soil and other conditions the plants grow in. Paso uses proprietary strains with only the highest CBD and other cannabinoid content as possible, making sure they are pesticide-free, 100% organic, and non-GMO.

Raw Hemp Preparation

After Paso hemp plants are cultivated and harvested, they are dried and stored in their warehouse. When production of plants begins, it is usually grounded into a coarse powder. Once this process is complete, the hemp powder is shipped to the manufacturing facility. The milling process the hemp undergoes adheres to the industry’s highest quality standards.

The next step usually involves removing the oil from the hemp plant and further preparing it for consumption. In fact, there are many different methods to do this, but some are better than others. Paso uses the supercritical CO2 extraction method, and they do not use harsh chemical solvents like butane or propane.

Extraction and Separation

In order to make sure that the beneficial flavonoids, proteins, cannabinoids, and terpenes are all preserved, Paso has perfected an exclusive purification and extraction process for its hemp. This process also removes undesirable elements from the extract and at the same time, protects natural molecules from being corrupted. Consequently, what is left is an oil of the highest quality possible.

Paso has taken the time to perfect this process because of the overwhelming benefit of creating the oil that is rich in phytocannabinoids, which refer to the naturally occurring compounds in hemp. Thus, preserving more than CBD implies the oil is full-spectrum, which leads to amplified benefits, known as the “entourage effect.”

Third-Party Lab Testing

 alphagreen Drink Novae Sicilian Lemon & Elderflower Tonic 10mg CBD

After each batch of CBD oil is created, it is sent to an independent third-party lab for testing. CBD oil must meet the highest standards for quality and potency. By testing each batch, Paso ensures the levels of cannabinoids are consistent, and the CBD oil is pure and absolutely free of the compounds they have thoroughly filtered out.

Then, every batch that passes the rigorous third-party testing receives a Certificate of Analysis. The results are always posted on the Paso website for all of the customers to see. Besides, for added assurance and transparency, they can also provide a copy of their lab result certificates with every order that is shipped out.


As a matter of fact, CBD is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. With the legalisation of CBD in the UK in 2018, the demand has skyrocketed, thus, making regulation difficult.

In a research study, it was found that over 60% of CBD products distributed in the UK have been contaminated or mislabeled. Some of them didn’t even contain CBD at all, while others contained THC levels above 0.2%. Besides, some CBD products can contain dangerous, synthetic compounds causing severe illnesses.

As for Paso, consumers can be confident that they are provided with the assortment of safe and potent options as the brand adheres to legal requirements while delivering 100% natural and pure CBD in their products.

Philosophy and Guiding Principles

Paso is committed to being a great well-known company of choice for CBD products. To fulfil and maintain this essential position, Paso governs every business decision or solution with a philosophy that aligns with its core values. The most important values that guide Paso include:

Expert Product Development

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Paso develops products that have been thoroughly tested and provides unique delivery mechanisms. When a product is manufactured and sold with a Paso label, the consumers know that the brand has researched and developed the most potent blends of various naturally sourced ingredients.

Paso never rushes an item to the market. When the brand introduces new products, Paso customers know that they will be getting the highest quality items with guaranteed product potency and consistency.

Commitment to Excellence

The Paso team represents individuals who share a strong commitment to excellence and standard company’s values. They also create an environment that allows each team member to grow, personally and professionally, while creating a life aligned with their unique purpose.

Paso team representatives are always empowered to have open communication and motivate the entire team to become self-driven leaders. Because of the great influential culture, Paso attracts like-minded and successful individuals and entrepreneurs to partner with them. Overall, they value long-term relationships.

Clear Vision

Paso vision is to educate, inspire, and empower other individuals throughout the world to live naturally healthy and happy lives. Paso does this by providing the highest quality of naturally sourced products, ensuring information and education about ways to support health, and by contributing to organizations that align with their core values.

Superior Product Sourcing

Paso has a strong commitment to manufacturing only the highest-quality hemp products. Through strong relationships with industrial hemp farmers all over the world, Paso sources locally-grown hemp from the finest US regions and from farmers who are strongly committed to the same quality-control standards the brand has.

Paso cultivates the highest-quality strains of hemp, which is organically grown and naturally processed. Paso has developed its own high standards that exceed those of the most discerning representatives in the entire hemp industry.

Strong Channel Partners

 alphagreen About Paso

The brand’s success is built with the great help of others. They make relationships with reliable channel partners who always actively support the distribution of Paso items around Europe. They work only with those channel partners who share the brand’s constant commitment to core values and excellence.

Paso supports the channel partners by providing excellent world-class marketing materials, customer service, product training, and fulfilment. Moreover, they partner with bulk-purchase consumers and offer incredible full-service manufacturing, fulfilment, sales and marketing support.

World-Class Customer Experience

Paso strives to deliver a world-class experience to each of its clients. The brand’s commitment is to pleasantly surprise every customer and treat them the way they deserve to be treated, like members of their own family.

Besides, the primary goal is to meet or even exceed their expectations both in the overall experience with Paso and the quality of the CBD items.