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About Kanaco

 alphagreen About Kanaco

Today's modern-day world demands a lot from us. The digital age has led us to a point where each of us is constantly connected, directing our attention, concentration, and peace away from our physical selves. Our bodies have evolved to respond to fear, stress, and anxiety with physical speed, agility, and power. Without these physical exertions, worry can stay encased inside us and intensify.

Aside from regular exercise and a varied and balanced diet, many people are turning to CBD as an anxiety reducer, painkiller, and sleeping aid as it is showing promise in helping with physical and mental ailments that people usually face in day-to-day life.

One of the essential things in keeping fit and healthy is making sure you know what is going in and out of your body. Since there are many companies selling low-quality products without caring about the customer's needs, getting your head around CBD products can be overwhelming. However, a poor manufacturing process and harmful ingredients can lead to bad quality medicine and contamination of your circulatory system. That's why it is vital to purchasing CBD products from a trusted and pure source like Kanaco CBD.

Kanaco - Trusted CBD Products Since 2017

Kanaco (Kana-co) company was formed in early 2017 after the founders discovered the benefits of CBD first hand from US cannabis products. Marcus and Steve started selling only one CBD infused product in their brick and mortar stores located in Clapham Junction Station and Fulham Broadway. They noticed that many people were travelling from all parts of London because CBD was helping them with a wide range of health conditions.

At the time CBD wasn't as well-known and popular as it is today, so with true-hearted love for CBD, they saw the need for a trusted and customer-focused supplier of quality CBD products. Kanaco founders decided to find the most specialist hemp farms, which led them to the best organic hemp farms based in the USA. After thorough searching, sourcing, and sampling of CBD from around the world, the first batch of CBD-rich hemp turned into the first Kanaco products for the UK market. Today, you might know Kanaco as an organically farmed, lab-tested, and THC-free selection of CBD products delivered from a reliable team in South West London.

Why Should You Become A Part Of The Kanaco CBD Tribe?

 alphagreen About Kanaco
  • Legal & THC-Free Products. Kanaco product assortment is 100% legal in the UK and Europe and certified THC-free, giving consumers all the benefits of the plant without the potential intoxicating high associated with psychoactive THC compound;
  • Organically Farmed. Producing the best quality CBD products starts with terpene-rich plant genetics high in CBD and low in THC. The seeds are grown under the Colorado sun, USA, using bio farming practices without industrial fertilisers, pesticides, or chemicals;
  • Gold Standard Extraction. For production, the company uses broad-spectrum CBD oil packed with other minor cannabinoids and terpenes which have been known to work synergistically together to ensure better health and wellness advantages. Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil is extracted carefully by cutting edge supercritical CO2 extraction technology. The whole process is enclosed to save terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBDA, and CBC without keeping the THC compound;
  • Superior Absorption. Used nanoemulsion technology is an innovative method that allows increasing absorption into the human body by breaking down the CBD molecules into smaller particles and suspending them in water, making it water-soluble. This provides a faster supply of active components into the bloodstream and five times higher bioavailability of consumed CBD products;
  • Lab Tested. Kanaco products are tested for purity and heavy metals in a 3rd party laboratory for guaranteed CBD content. Though there are many advantages to the entourage effect that comes with full-spectrum CBD extract, it can cause complications for professional athletes and individuals subjected to drug testing in their jobs, due to the detected traces of THC. Lab results of each Kanaco product are available online for full transparency and customers peace of mind;
  •  alphagreen About Kanaco
  • Non-GMO & Vegan-Friendly. All Kanaco products are 100% natural, safe, and organic and made using non-GMO components. Also, the brand offers a range of products that are animal-free and suitable for vegans such as oils, teas, and vape additive;
  • GMP Certified. Kanaco products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical-grade facility and certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ensuring they are consistently made and controlled according to quality standards. GMP is involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process and is designed to reduce the risks connected with any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final item;
  • Attractive & Secure Packaging. The brand proudly offers a variety of high-quality products packaged in simple yet elegant packaging. With particular attention to small details and aesthetically appealing, each product is thoughtfully designed to make it very attractive for the consumer and easy to take with you on-the-go. Also, after completing the order, your products will arrive in plain, discrete, and secure packaging.

Buy Kanaco - Save The Planet

We all have an impact on our environment and we’re knocking it out of balance. The resulting changes in the earth's climate lead to a range of risks, from deaths in more violent weather phenomena to changing patterns of infectious diseases. Climate change is mainly caused by an increase in CO2 (carbon dioxide) linked to population growth, emerging economies, increased transportation volume, and use of fossil fuels. Since trees and vegetation play an essential role by taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and using it for photosynthesis, the global climate is made worse by deforestation.

To help climate change, Kanaco has started with the actions that have the biggest positive impact - tree planting. By supporting the Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar, the company will plant a tree on your behalf with every order of their products. What's more, Kanaco company has planted 986 mangrove trees to help offset climate change.

Who Can Benefit From Using Kanaco Products?

Kanaco brand puts the customer and high product quality above all else. Before launching a new product, the brand considers science and bioavailability of the CBD and takes their time and care. Use of nanoemulsions allows avoiding wasting the potential of CBD benefits through lack of absorption, unlike many other products on the CBD market do. CBD products from Kanaco can be worth trying for the following groups of individuals:

 alphagreen About Kanaco
  • Professional athletes or a person that is subjected to regular drug testing at work as Kanaco products do not contain THC;
  • Individuals that aren't professional sportsmen but still struggle with acute pain, inflammation, injuries, or muscle soreness, and want to speed up recovery time between training sessions;
  • People with an active lifestyle and increased workload that are seeking for a natural aid for relieving stress levels, relaxing body and mind, and reclaiming energy after a long day;
  • People that suffer from physical or mental disorders such as chronic aches, joint, knee, or back pain, depression, anxiety and anxiety-related disorders, insomnia/hypersomnia;
  • Anyone who wants to get a helping hand for health and wellness from a trusted and reliable CBD company and top-quality CBD products.

What Products Kanaco Can Offer?

Kanaco believes that each person deserves to enjoy the health of the mind and body through the power of cannabinoids. The company sells CBD as a nutritional supplement and doesn't make medicinal claims about Kanaco products to follow strict guidelines.

Kanaco CBD produces a broad selection of oils, soft gels, gummies, teas, balms, and vapes to give each customer a choice of CBD products best suited to him or her. Such a range of CBD infused products can fulfil the needs and preferences of any user while providing beneficial and safe CBD treatment.

 alphagreen About Kanaco
  1. CBD Oils - The company offers CBD oils with peppermint and different concentrations of CBD: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, extra-strong option of 3000mg, and innovative nano oil with 250mg of CBD. Such a variety helps to find support for people individuals that only start their CBD experience and for individuals that seek stronger CBD impact.
  2. Softgel CBD Capsules - A selection of easy-to-use CBD soft gel capsules (10mg or 25mg) simplifies daily dose calculation. Each capsule comes with a consistent and pre-measured CBD dosage and contains proprietary nanoemulsion CBD which improves the bioavailability of the cannabinoids, unlike regular capsules. Also, there are CBD capsules infused with 10mg of curcumin known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Fruit Gummies - For the sweet tooths out there, the company is pleased to offer fast-acting CBD gummies naturally flavoured with tasty grape, orange, and lemon flavours. With 10mg of CBD in each sweet, they are delicious, easy to take and dose, and are made from 100% real fruit juice. There is also a bundle deal of three packs of CBD gummies, which are delivered in a resealable bag to save freshness and cannabinoid content. And just like all of Kanaco products - CBD gummies are THC-free, lab-tested, organic, and sustainably sourced.
  4. Balm - Kanaco Skin & Muscle Balm is an ideal combination of a natural and organic blend of essential oils like lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, beeswax, and coconut oil mixed with 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil. The balm is designed to aid in recovery and inflammation management, relieve sore and stiff joints, headaches, and treat mild skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.
  5. Tea - Kanaco Hemp Tea is a healthy way to enjoy CBD advantages with the added benefits of natural herbs and botanicals. Hemp Tea Bags by Kanaco are available in three thoughtfully created CBD hemp tea blends: Daytime | Pure Hemp | Nighttime. Each option is made with a specific purpose and contains the best organic, sun-grown hemp flowers formulated together with ceremonial grade tea.
  6. Vape - To provide the most fast-acting CBD benefits, the brand has created vape additives in collaboration with the London cannabis club. Citrus, Blackcurrant, and Mint blend bring fresh and tasty CBD vaping while 500 mg of the high-quality CBD offers a potent dosage to relieve a variety of symptoms, enhance energy, and improve mood.

What Strength Kanaco Products Should I Choose?

 alphagreen About Kanaco

There are a few things to consider before deciding which strength of CBD can be suitable for you. The time of first positive effects can be influenced by individual metabolism, current health condition, and bodyweight. If you are a strong rugby player, then you will need a product with a higher concentration, for instance, 25mg soft gel capsule or 1000mg/2000mg oil. At the same time, if you don't weigh much make sure to start with a 10mg capsule or 250mg/500mg oil.

In case you have never tried CBD products, then it's best to start lower and increase dosage gradually until you experience the desired effects. While CBD is non-toxic even at large doses, it's highly recommended not to consume more than a total of 200mg throughout the day. If you are pregnant or subjected to a serious illness, it's always best to consult your doctor or healthcare provider prior to using any CBD product.